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  1. Hi I am setting up my own co2 system soon and have a few questions! • How many bubbles per second for a 20 gallon and 7 gallon tank. • when should my co2 start after the lights are on my lights are 7 hours a day. • what is a ideal psi for 7 and 20 gall Thanks
  2. Hi I just purchased a new banana lilly, any tips on keeping this plant thriving and making lilly pads
  3. Just got a new banana plant from my LFS. How can I make thrive and start Lilly pads!
  4. Yes, I have used test strips and kits. I had ran out at the moment and had ordered a new test kit. But I do not have at the moment now I am waiting. I had my water test at a pet store and they said the water was not the issue and to give it a couple days. Now I have four platys that are acting completely fine along 2 otos and 2 corydoras in a 20 gallon tank. 2 platys out of 8 have died, and now 2 are acting weird and hanging out at the top of the surface. But the others are fine. What should I do now! If it’s a KH or GH problem how can I fix that? Thank you
  5. Yes sorry I thought you meant PH. I got my water tested and my water is fine. And is not causing the problem.
  6. Ok, thank you. Now I’m having trouble with my platys
  7. Ok but will easy green or root tabs cause any ammonia spikes
  8. I have easy green but it was a new planted tank and I want it to settle!
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