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  1. Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone had any experience keeping dojo loaches and nerite snails in the same tank? For context, I am setting up a 60gal goldfish tank this weekend. Currently, I have 1 fancy goldfish, 5 white cloud minnows, 2 olive and 2 zebra nerite snails in my 20gal that are going to be moved to this 60gal. I have fallen in love with my nerite snails 🐌 they are so active and keep the tank pristine. But when I started planning for this 60gal, it was always my intention to get 1 or 2 dojo loaches. I just can't have a tank without some bottom feeders! But I quickly realized my mistake in buying these nerites, I'm not sure I want to risk them! I've seen some people online say they've kept them and the dojos leave their snails alone, but I was wondering if anyone here had any experience keeping the two species together. I'm debating just getting the dojos and chancing it, or buying a bunch more snails for a little army. Thank you in advance for any advice!
  2. Hey, so I just saw my nerite snail with this white spot on his flesh. It's on skin that's normally pulled up under his shell, but since he was feeding at a funny angle, I noticed it and took pictures right away. I don't know if this is something that's normal to be there or if he's got some kind of sickness/parasite/sore. Also, he does have that pit in his shell, but I will be picking up some calcium blocks for him this week. I just noticed the white spot and if I need to get something else to treat it I'd prefer to do it in one trip as it's a bit of a drive to the pet store.
  3. Hello everyone, I thought I'd share an incredible species of snail I personally own that is local to the country I currently live in (Israel). Meet Theodoxus jordani, this tiny snail is part of the Neritidae family. It behaves exactly like it's larger cousins, is voracious algae eater, looks amazing, and lays tiny little eggs everywhere. There are two main differences between it and a "regular" Nerite: Firstly, it's tiny! This snail reaches a maximum size of 1 cm but most commonly they reach the size of 0.5 cm. Secondly, they breed in freshwater. They lay tiny singular eggs in the aquarium that hatch after about 30 days depending on the temperature. This is what makes them incredible in my eyes. I have breeding groups of them in 4 out of my 6 aquariums. Breeding behavior Size comparison Horrible macro shot of an egg.
  4. I was wondering, is it ok to remove my snails (nerite and Malaysian trumpet snail) to allow them to feed on a piece of cuttlebone, instead of putting it in my tank? I have them and one betta. My ph is normally 7.5, I don't want to risk changing my water parameters too much for my betta, so I was thinking of taking the snails out to let them feed for a while on the cuttlebone, then put them back in the tank. Suggestions? and would that be ok?
  5. Does anybody have any experience with breeding Nerite snails? What is the “easiest” spiecis?
  6. My nerite snail looks weird, there seems to be something wrong with his skin that wasn’t there before. Anyone know what this might be ? (See picture)
  7. Sunday Fun Day😄 10g hospital/quarantine tank: Current home to 10-ish? ghost shrimp (the shrimp shenanigan's as they're starting to be known) that were gifted to me Friday as well as a mass of java moss. Oh! and a newly found bladder snail. 20% water change - parameters tested 0 ammonia/5 nitrates before change Filter is hob that came with the larger tank (marked whisper 20-40 on spill edge) that I fitted with a nylon to help keep out the java moss. Pruned back some of the devil's ivy (pothos) in the filter hopper and rinsed filter 'bag' in dirty tank water. Replaced the charcoal in filter bag as I kept the bag since the ivy has started root in it. [Note: will cut apart the bag material before replacing to keep some in tank and reposition to keep roots in place.] Brushed off java moss from nylon and moved some into 3d printed floating pot. Lastly, rock with moss on it to the spill edge to slow down flow. Added pvc tubes to add hide spots/exploration places for the shrimps. Tank Goals: -Move java moss to floating planter. Nylon is holding up better than anticipated. -Research ghost shrimp care and breeding. Pretty sure there are a couple females with eggs. -Research calcium supplements. We have r/o well water here so any such minerals will need to be added. -Put in fancy substrate? Did pick up Fluval Stratum but realize after some more videos that it might be more muss than its worth for the shrimps? -Add more plants. Will clip some water sprite and pennywort from large tank to move into this one. 39g Goldfish Community tank: Current home to one shubunkin (Shu), two fancy fantails (Pooh & Tail), red cap oranda (Baby) and one surprise koi (yet unnamed) gifted to me on Friday. (the koi was supposed to be another shubunkin - was a surprise when I saw the little whiskers😄) 10% water change - parameters tested 0 ammonia/5 nitrates before change Slight gravel vac done to get up excess food and poop. Reburied plants that had been disrupted during the week. Brushed moss off from filter intake and added to a floating pot. Starting to see some aggression from Shu (shubunkin) towards Baby (oranda). No tail or fin nipping as I was kind of expecting, instead Shu is nipping at Baby's face. I don't see any marks or wounds but am starting to see a bit of a red streak starting in Baby's tail. Seems to do it mostly around feeding time. All fish except koi are handfed pieces of Repashy super gold in addition to a larger chunk being dropped in the tank (all together it equals out to about .25tsp). May try moving to 3 feedings per day from current 2. Shu's color seems to have stabilized again though I'm still keeping tabs of spots that I think may be or have been ammonia burn. Baby's tail is still a bit bent from where it has started growing back in. Concerned about possible stress from Shu causing the red streak in tail Koi seems to be settling in fine. Kept overnight in 10g and then given a paraguard bath before moving to tank. Having koi and Shu has moved up pond plans for this year. Thankfully craigslist to the rescue and I have a couple messages out for larger tank and stock tank/pond. Originally I was hoping to set up the pond in a greenhouse to run it year 'round but that may have to wait. Tank Goals: -Move java moss to floating planter. -Keep monitoring Shu and Baby -Start work with koi in a couple weeks to get him comfortable with hands; point work -Track down larger tank/pond for Shu & koi -Research greenhouses; heating in particular
  8. Are there any businesses that sell male only nerite snails (No female nerites)? We know some people don't mind nerite snail eggs all over their aquariums, but we're not. Been there - Done that. 🙂
  9. He or she has been there for like 2 hours now and hasnt moved at all this happened a couple of months ago with another one of nerites but i presumed him dead
  10. Hi, I treated a tank for hydra 5months ago with fenbendazole (dog dewormer). I know it's lethal for nerite snails, so they've been living elsewhere for a while. Does anyone have any experiences of reintroducing nerites to a tank post fenbendazole and any advice on how long to give it before adding them and anything else I should do to the tank. Thanks!
  11. Just wondered if anyone knew of a good food to feed nerite snails? Algae is all gone and I’m worried they’re going hungry... Thanks for any info! ✌️
  12. All the sudden I have nerite snail eggs all over. The snails have been in there nearly a year without laying eggs that I have noticed. If I move the female to another tank will she continue to lay eggs without the male in the same tank? I'd like to determine who is who.
  13. my snail seems to be missing, small tank. I haven't seen her for couple of days. No signs. Could she be dead or hiding?
  14. Let’s start a thread about funny things our beloved fish, shrimps or snails do.
  15. Hi all, my nerite snail was missing for 1-2 days and I couldn't find him. I got nervous as there was a big gap in my lid. I was cleaning my tank and saw him on the counter, I put him in the tank, he hasn't moved and doesn't smell though I am worried. Will he survive? How long can they stay out of water? Thank you in advance.
  16. So here is the situation. A few days ago my Nerite snails(of which I have two) were doing their thing and cleaning the glass when I went to bed. The next morning I found them on their backs on the sand at the bottom of the tank. Their feet did come out but they didn't do anything to flip over or right themselves. I got concerned so I moved them to a more open space to monitor them but they haven't moved from where I placed them and one of them has flipped on it's side. I just rescaped their tank but the shrimp I have in there with them are doing fine. I'm starting to get worried. Are they okay?
  17. Greeting! 2 of my nerite snail tip of their shell is white. Is it normal or a sign of a deficiency? 20 gallons high, temp between 76 & 77. 0/0/30 ph : 7.4, kh 4 and gh 8 I put a piece of cuttlebone in the hob filter for calcium purpose.
  18. Hi all! I’m trying to identify this tiny baby snail that hitch hiked into my tank, I do have nerites laying eggs and have yet to see any hatch but I’m almost certain this isn’t a nerite based on the foot and it appeared just after adding salvinia minima. Anyways, since the photo is a little hard to make out, it’s mostly transparent with brown speckled from the tip of the spiral which does protrude out not in like a ramshorn.. I’m guessing and hoping it’s a mystery snail but also just have no idea. I want to properly care for it not eradicate it but if it’s a pesty type of snail I do have assassin snails too to keep a population under control. https://ibb.co/HrczqJD https://ibb.co/swsdpZg https://ibb.co/tzqYNvb https://ibb.co/0q6FJLp https://ibb.co/6v2L9GY thanks for any help!
  19. So I have successfully kept multiple mystery snails in my 20g for over a year now with no issues. My dream though has been to get some Nerite snails to work on some green spot algae and just because I like them. However, I've NEVER been able to keep them alive! They inevitably die a couple days after getting them into the tank, even after acclimating them which seems a bit over the top for snails. No predators in the tank. Have tried getting them from multiple sources, reputable LFS's etc. My water is liquid rock, basically. kH of 22 (!!!) and gH of 8. I have softened well water. pH of 8.3 but I have co2 running so it fluctuates down to 7.6ish through the day/night cycle. I don't know much else about my water's chemistry other than that it does have a lot of iron. Do you think my extreme carbonate hardness could be the issue? Extremes make for trouble in aquariums as I have learned. I know nerites like harder water though so it is confusing to me.
  20. Hello everyone, My friend has a 5 gallon aquarium with a male betta, a nerite snail, and a mystery snail. They have had this tank for around 4-6 months now. Both nerite snails they have kept in the tank so far seem to like to escape out of the tank often. The first nerite snail escaped the tank and was found dead a few weeks later under the aquarium stand. The second snail has escaped several times, but they always put it back in the tank. Now, the tank is sealed shut so that the snail doesn't escape. The snail still seems to prefer staying above the water line than in the water, and will sometimes rest in the filter of the tank. Is there a problem with the water that should be changed, or is this a common behavior in nerite snails? Thanks.
  21. Sorry to start another thread seconds after my last. Apparently my two Nerite snails were indeed "flirting!" I have a baby! It's freshwater. I had fed bbs to the tank, leaving the saltwater with it. I don't know if there are more babies, but is it possible it's just brackish enough with that salt addition? Now my question: should I move it to another tank so that 1) the guppies don't eat it and 2) it has truly brackish water? What are my odds of it surviving? Sorry I know the picture is tough to see.. it's tiny!
  22. Just an excuse to show off our Nerite snails! Mine is bicolor... but also very camera shy!
  23. So I bought 3 Nerite snails and 6 Amano shrimp to help with diatom algae... and I’ve bought some crab cuisine and algae wafers for when the algae runs out... and well... it’s running out! They’ve done an amazing job. But now I’m concerned my snails aren’t getting enough food. I definitely see the shrimp go after the crab cuisine. I tried a blanched zucchini and no snails were interested. I haven’t tried the algae wafers yet but I’m concerned because of course the bag says to only feed what they’ll eat in a few minutes... but like... they’re snails. Lol it’ll take them forever to find the food. Should I just leave it in the tank and let it dissolve?
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