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  1. so my endler guppys (4) , that I have had for around 2 and a half months now still dont understand the concept of eating (bit exagerated, but itll do) . I put in some tropical pellets for them but they only get the food if its in their line of sight or if they see it they miss the food, so im wondering how to approach this, i put together 3 options: 1) feeding dish 2) floating tube (to place food in so it doesnt spread) or 3) the food that sticks to glass (o-nip or something) any other options or ideas?? also how many pellets should the guppys be eating? they usually catch around 2? sometimes 1..
  2. Hey there! I’m expecting an order from Twin Cities Guppies this week, and I have a few questions. I’ve had fish in the past, but I am new to buying fish online as well as using a quarantine tank + meds. My biggest question: is there anything I need to do differently when my fish are shipped? My concern is that the fish will have already gone without food for a few days and then a week without food during the med trio- isn’t that too long? When should I feed them? How long can they go without and be okay? Are guppies sensitive to meds at all? What day should I feed them after receiving and acclimating them? Should I hold off on the meds for a few days? thank you!! https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/quarantine-tank?_pos=1&_psq=quarantine&_ss=e&_v=1.0 I should add that these are the resources that I’ve been using to get my quarantine tank ready^^
  3. Feeding BBS every night to the fishroom was starting to get laborious using a pipette. The first thing I did to cut time was to stopping rinsing BBS after hatching and I've seen no difference in my tanks, never going back to rinsing haha. I wanted something that was one handed operation and didn't drip on the floor. I could use a small pitcher but I wanted more control and be able to feed quicker than pouring. I settled on trying these no-drip, bottom dispensing, squeeze bottles. I think these are what Subway uses for their dressing as well. I've been using them for a couple weeks now. I'm pretty happy with the performance. I fill the bottle directly from my Ziss Hatchery. I can open a lid with one hand, squeeze a good shot of BBS with the bottle and move right to the next tank. Cleaning is easy, I simply fill it with tap water, give it a good shake, squeeze some clean water through the tip and dump out the rest.
  4. In this topic we will try to track and record with precision the breeding of the Rhinogobius species! Fotos are very accepted!!
  5. So this has happened in my tank before and I just recently upgraded to a bigger tank. I have an electric blue crayfish and about a year ago I had this issues with white little worms all over the tank glass. Some people suggested it was just paragonimus and that it was normal for a crayfish but I had not had a problem before. After using some parasite cleaner and being very thorough with water changes they went away. this morning I fed my crayfish some blood worms and yesterday I cleaned her tank fresh so there was no other food in there until this morning and I noticed when I got home they are back and this is the first time this has happened in a year!!!! the last time this happened I was feeding her a lot more blood worms and now I only feed her them once in awhile. Could the blood worms be causing this? and if so what other sources of protein could I feed her to avoid parasites like this because I was planning on adding a snail into the tank to help with algae since she has had no issues with snails in the past.
  6. Hey, I have just recentley switched to pellets for my fish and my female swordtail will go for the pellet, and then spit it out and then go for it again? Will she start eating them normally? if not how do I fix this problem?
  7. Hi All! My pea puffers have suddenly gotten very picky. My wife usually feeds them and has the magic touch because they eat fine for her but she's out of town for several days and I cannot get the little guys to eat well for the life of me. We feed them frozen bloodworms, spirulina gut loaded brine shrimp, pieces of plankton and a variety of snails. Tank parameters are fine. What do I do to tempt them to eat better?
  8. So I have had two instances of feeding my white clouds and them dying and wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. When I first got my white clouds they were small (2-3 months old?) and i was feeding frozen brine shrimp (adults) along with flake. They started showing signs if distress and would die one by one. I stopped feeding frozen brine and they stopped dying. I have fed them and their 60+ offspring flake, bug bites, and baby brine (live and frozen) ever since and have had no issues. I heard others have had issues with WCMM's and adult brine. This weekend I bought small blood worms and fed them to 3 different tanks: The 45 has ~30 white clouds (3adult & rest juvenile) and 6 corys - It got one cube in the morning (no issue) and 1 cube in the evening (a few hours later issues). The 20 long with ~30 white clouds (juvenile) got a half cube (no issues). The 10 gal with 7 adults got a half cube(no issues). I noticed an adult female in the 45 resting on a leaf and distressed "breathing" (buccal pumping?) last night. This morning her and two juveniles were dead. Their abdomen was opened around their anus and the snails were doing their thing. I'm wondering what may have happened. Are blood worms too much for WCMM's? Are they gorging themselves and need less? Is it an internal parasite issue and the blood worms stopped them up? I haven't had issues before so I'll likely just stop feeding blood worms, but was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience with White Clouds that may shed light on this mystery.
  9. Hello, I'm relatively new to fishkeeping and just got a small school of Green Neon Tetras. I purchased these at the Aquarium Co-op store in Edmonds along with the Xtreme Nano (0.5mm pellets) to feed the fish. However when I put the food into the tank, the tetras go to try to eat the pellets, but can't fit it into their mouths. So it just bounces away and lands on the bottom of the tank. Is there a smaller food I should be trying to feed the tetras? Thanks, Joe
  10. I got a pack of frozen Rotifers as the shop was out of everything else. Just wondering if it’s ok for fresh water fish. I have rams and tetras, Khuli Loachs.
  11. Who loves repashy? Bristlenose, snails, shrimp, platy, and of coarse me! That’s who! Did a repashy feeding this morning and I have become a huge fan of this food. I made cubes using this tray I slice all of them down the center but not all the way through so I can feed big chunks to adults, half portions to juvenile, and easier to shreds after thawing for fry.Also made rods @Guppysnail showed me this.Placed all in the tanks what an amazing food. Will be ordering different verities next food order at ACO.
  12. Ok, so I just adopted my very first Golden Mystery Snail for my 14 gallon tank. His name is Cuzco, and he's a little cutie pie. My question is, what does everyone feed their mystery snails?? I've given him Hikari Algae Wafers, which he seems to really like. I've tried blanched spinach, but he doesn't seem too interested in it. I've tried Super Green, Soilent Green and Bottom Scratcher Repashy...all of which weren't touched. Lots of algae naturally growing on a piece of spider wood and on top of a little ceramic pleco cave. I know I need to get him something rich in calcium, too. He's only been in the tank for about a week, so it may be that he's still shy. My Amano shrimp like to run to anything I drop in the tank, too. So, any suggestions for some noms? What do your mystery snails enjoy? Cuzco on his algae wafer
  13. Hi everyone, Two nights ago I saw a weird worm like creature on my driftwood. I did some research and thought maybe it was planaria. The next day, knowing what characteristics to look for found several more and yes they are definitely planaria. 20 long planted tank and the water changes based on stable water chemistry, I do one about every 2 weeks. I don’t gravel vac much at all to leave the mulm for the plants. so, since I have breeding shrimp in the tank what should I do about the planaria? Thanks so much!
  14. Hello fish community my wife and I are currently in the process of moveing only across Stateline. so to assist my lovely wife's parents have offered to temporarily house our fish which is 2 10 gallon. 2 20 gallon 1 40 breeder 1 65 gallon Process is going great all but the 40, and 65 have been successful moved over. Only now her amazing parents are concerned that we have not been feeding enough and I come to you my fish friends to potentially help put their minds at ease. We try to keep them on a varied schedule with one fast day a week usually Friday. Feeding vibra bites, extreme nano for the little friends, brine shrimp and bloodworms at least once a week.
  15. Hey! I’m not new to fish keeping, but I’m relatively new to bettas, and as simple as they’re supposed to be, I haven’t had much success so far. My first betta passed away after getting ill with dropsy about 6 months ago, and I’ve finally worked up the guts to get a male and female with the hopes of breeding them (in seperate tanks of course). The male is doing well, but the female (while still being a healthy, wonderful, lively and interactive fish) has been giving me trouble with her eating. She barely eats anything I give her, and can clearly see the food, watching it as it falls to the bottom, and then swimming up to look at me like ‘GIVE ME SOME REAL FOOD!’ Well, I’ve given her real food! Frozen, live, tropical pellets, betta pellets, tropical flake, and soon I’ll try a pea just for the sake of being thorough. And I fasted her for a few days as well, which didn’t totally work. She ate the day her fast finished, but hasn’t properly eaten since. Anyways, I’m awfully confused, so I’m putting this out to you all to see if anyone else has an idea of what’ll work. I posted this in my introduction page and was told to ask the breeder about what food he uses, but he told me he just uses a generic pellet he buys in bulk for all his fish. He’s also about 45 minutes away from me, so I’d prefer not to drive to get food from him, without even knowing if it would work. The only other option I’m thinking of is getting some endlers or guppies to go with her, so there’s no chance of over feeding, but they may act as a dither fish in a sense. She did however attack my single endler that I put with her initially, although I believe that was because she was the only other fish in the tank. How does this sound as an option? Cheers!
  16. I was wondering what kind of fry you breed and most importantly what you feed them (the fry). I was scouring the forum looking for White Cloud FRY feeding recommendations and thought that consolidating this type information into one post would be useful for us who are new to breeding (if there is already one please feel free to tag it).
  17. I'm looking for some help from tetra experts on what I might be doing wrong, if anything. My Green Fire Tetras are extremely shy and not eating as enthusiastically as they used to. In early March I received a shipment from an aquabid sale for what were supposed to be 6 kubotai rasboras. Instead they sent me 9 Green Fire Tetras, aka 'Rathbun's Bloodfin Tetras' aka Red-flanked Bloodfin Tetras. They get to be 2" long and these were a little smaller than neon tetras at the time so they were juveniles, I consulted some folks from a well-regarded fb group who even said they were so young they couldnt accurately identify at first. These guys ate *ok* while in quarantine, they were in a 5gallon sterilite tub for well over a month because I had to get a bigger aquarium (since these were not the kubotai rasboras I ordered). I fed them mostly flake foods as they ignored my ground-up pellets. They got Extreme Krill Flake & Spirulina Flake, baby brine shrimp, and egg yolk most of the time. They went through QT with levamisole, maracyn 2, and sulfaplex for 1 week each (but they were in QT for longer overall). No signs of illness. I ended up putting them in a lowboy/riparium style setup in early/mid April. I took a 40 gallon and cut it in half. Specs: Size: 20 Gal (more like 17g because of hardscape and since I don't fill it all the way) Filtration: 2x sponge filters rated for 15 gallons, with directed return flow above the water to create surface agitation. I've also included an airstone for more aeration Substrate: White sand with lava rock in the back for BB growth (and hydroton clay pellets for the riparium plants) Hardscape: Cypress driftwood, seiryu stone Tankmates: 6 pygmy corydoras, a handful of malaysian trumpet snails Lighting: 2x Hygger Planted 24/7 suspended 12" above the water surface, on a 24 hr daylight simulation cycle. Moderately planted with salvinia floaters for cover (i say moderately because all the underwater creeping jenny I had melted as soon as it started to emerse so I'll be adding more). Riparium plants were mostly purchased bare root or otherwise washed REALLY WELL and transitioned to emersed growing in a separate jar to mitigate fouling of the tank water. I have antherium, maidenhair fern, english ivy, stonecrop sedum, creeping jenny, philodendron, purple waffle, polkadot plant, and sweet potato vine) I test this tank more frequently than my others, thinking I was having a chemistry issue, but it seems consistent: ph 7.2 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 10 temp: 78 KH: 5 (API test #drops) GH: 15 (API test #drops) These guys do nothing but hide behind/inside/UNDER the hardscape. They sometimes come out if they see food drifting down but often end up ignoring it. They're not really growing much and not 'filling out,' I feel like even if they're longer theyre proportionally thinner than when I moved them from quarantine to the new tank. The only food they really LOVE and consistently eat is the baby brine shrimp. I was toying with the idea of removing the floaters and moving the filters all to one side to create flow, but if they're timid then maybe they'll feel more exposed. Do these guys eat better at certain times of day? Is this just how tetras are in general, and I have picky eaters on top of it? (in the pic the white spot on the far right tetra's flank is a falling crumb of egg yolk, it was one of 3 pics i took in rapid succession and it's not in the 2 other pictures)
  18. So I'm going on a trip for a week in a few months and just thought about my fish. I know I can get a automatic feeder but I do have some picky fish like my puffers that only eat frozen blood worms and snails. Any ideas? Don't have anyone to come feed them
  19. 20 gallons Population : 1 honey gourami, 10 chili rasboras, 14 green neon tetras, 7 false julii corydoras and 4 nerita snails. pH 7.6. Temps about 75 F, 0/0/20, gh 8, kh 4 My green neon tetras used to eat everything. Now, the only food they will eat is frozen food (blood worm, daphnia, brine shrimp). Any other food, they won’t even take it in their mouth and spit it - at best they push it with their nose... 😲 They won’t even eat bug bites from Fluval. I feed my fish a variety of food (flake, pellets, frozen, freeze dried) and each of these at least 2-3 different kind (like I have 3-4 kind of pellets, etc). I used to give frozen food only once or twice a week but now I give some max every 2 days, not wanting them to starve. But do you have any suggestions how I can get them to eat dry food again? Thank you!
  20. Okay for those that follow this 10 gallon tank was my first tank it also started MTS with me, but in the beginning it has the trio of guppies which had 2 sets of fry about a year ago, they got moved into a 20gL, which left this tank partially drained for a month or two which somehow became a cyclops tank all by itself which I tried to Nuke with periclens cuz I thought they were parasites lol, before someone here told me what they, which for the longest I used it as a "death tank" just a tank full of Cyclops and snails that Id put all the dead fish, all the dead plants, everything I didn't want in any other tanks into it and just let it rot away, no filter, no Air, then one day I decide you know what let's do that, I add a 150w led (23w) and a 10g sponge, and boom green water, I add a hang on the back and some hornwort trying to clear it up, but nope, but water parameters were good so I added four silver Molly males now my question is do I still feed them as normal because Molly's are algae eaters too a point and it's a giant tank of algae, so do I still need to feed them as regular or do I need to change something here, cuz personally tamales are doing absolutely amazing and I kind of grown fond of the green color almost it's just different than all the others cuz it's my only green one
  21. I have what I have been told is a rubber nose/rubber lip pleco. Since it was my understanding they were vegetarian I purchased algea pellets for him. He ignores the algea pellets (even crawling over them) to get to the Cordy's food (ground feeding fish food) and eats that instead. Is that ok?
  22. I've been battling high nitrates even with ~50 percent water changes every week, so I'm thinking I have an ammonia issue, which leads me to how much I'm feeding my little puffs. I have six juveniles in my 10g right now and hand feed them a combination of frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp twice a day until each one has a round belly, then immediately remove any leftovers and debris. This might be a hard question to answer, but am I going overboard?
  23. Hi everybody! I got repashy super green for my otocinclus but it seems like my zebra danios are scarfing it all down. I even fed them before and I waited until the light was off for bed time to put it in. Does anyone have any tips on how to get some food to my otos without my danios sniffing it out like it’s the last time they’ll ever eat? 😂 thank you!
  24. I have 4 Ember Tetras I got about 2 weeks ago. I actually got 6 but 2 were super tiny and didn’t make it. The ones I have left don’t seem like they’re eating. It looks like they want to but they eat the food then spit it back out. I’ve tried 3 different flakes, xtreme Nano pellets (that I crush even more because they’re too big), frozen daphnia and frozen baby brine shrimp. It’s the same with everything. They suck it in, maybe give it a chomp or 2 then spit it out. Any ideas? Thanks!
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