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  1. I keep many small aquariums in my apartment, mostly Walstad-style, with organic soil from a local composting spot. I enjoy running really stable ecosystems. These photos don't show much of the fish and shrimp. I also keep some outdoor tubs here in Vermont. Cheers, Jason
  2. I'm currently cycling an aquarium that I plan on making into a planted tank. I've been cycling this aquarium for a long time now (over 2 months, due to some issues on my part) and am finally starting to get nitrates, so I'm a little paranoid about adding plants to the mix if they will be consuming the ammonia in the tank that is needed to cycle it. I might just be paranoid, but figured I'd ask. Is it okay to add plants in the aquarium even though it is still cycling? Would this mess with my parameter test results? Thanks!
  3. I quarantined two Amazon Swards and a Crypt a few months ago. I really don’t want snails. They are now in my display tank doing great. Never really had any die back and seemed to transition well! This second batch of plants is another story. I did as I did prior - put treated water (with Seachem Prime) and some aquarium water in a vented tote with an air stone. I had ordered some root tans from the co-op and pressed one in each of them a few days into quarantine. I have done a small water change on it also. This is how they look now. Kinda sad and almost slimy/mushy.. the one more than the other. What am I doing wrong? *Disclaimer, for about 4 days, the plants only had natural sunlight for around 5 hours a day from a window and ambient light in a room. Could this be a contributing factor? Is this the “if you see it die back don’t panic and throw it out, it will likely come back” scenario?
  4. Help! I am new to this hobby, so please be kind. I have a betta in a 10 gallon tank and he is doing well, but every plant I put in there dies. I want to give him some tank mates, but I can’t without more live plant hiding places. My tap water is soft and low pH. My tank water has 0 kH, so I add seachem equilibrium just to bring pH up to 6.8 ish and have a kH higher than 0. I also dose easy green to about 20. The only odd thing is that my water in my tank tests off the charts for hardness - like 300. I am only adding 1/4 tsp of equilibrium every week, so that shouldn’t do it. My nitrites are 0. What am I doing wrong? My betta started out in a 3.5 gallon tank with green water - as soon as I took out the plastic plants and put in live plants, the water cleared up and my new plants thrived. When I moved it all to the 10 gallon tank, the plants slowly started dying. I have added Brazilian pennywort, java fern, annubias nana, vallisneria, and two water sprites and it is all dying. Even my java moss is failing to thrive. I did change out the painted rock gravel to natural stone aquarium gravel from petco. Also, you can see the decorations in the tank - it’s my daughter’s fish and she picked those out. Please tell me what I am doing wrong!
  5. So this is my jungle tank. (Was) my jungle tank. I housed a dwarf water lily that completely took over my tank with its spaghetti like root system. Turns out they aren’t that dwarf! lol. I’ve also takin out and trimmed up some plants to open the space up and it didn’t turn out too bad. I’m no aquascaper but I’m learning🤘🏼 oh and a third generation of shrimplets were born acouple weeks ago😁 feel free to ask me questions if you have any!
  6. I just ordered java moss and was wondering what are the proper procedures to quarantine and treat this type of plant.
  7. So I'm looking to start planting my tank but I can't seem to find any info on the site here about water temperature requirements for these plants. I have an axolotl tank, so my requirements are cold water (tank is always between 60-62°F), and very low light. The axolotls do not like bright lights at all so I was hoping for something that could do okay with just the light that comes in through the window near the tank and not have to get a grow light and upset the axies. All suggestions and info appreciated. Thanks guys. Edit: It's a 40 gallon tank. I forgot to mention before.
  8. We got our new 10 gallon set up, with eco-complete, root tabs, an established sponge filter, etc. We ended up getting this mixed multi-pack of plants really cheap, but I have NO idea what they are. I could tell that the one we glued to the rock was annubias of some sort, and I think there's a sword in there but we are not good at identifying these! We could also use some advice on a good carpeting plant for this setup. We went with mopani for our wood choice. As a side note, the bulbs that came with the hood are dingy and weak, got some decent LED bulbs on the way.
  9. Just got my 2020 water report. For a high tech planted tank what do you think? I already use easy green and root tabs. No reported phosphate that I saw.
  10. Welcome to my Fish Closet! This is where I store all the tools one acquires in the keeping of fish, culture zooplankton for my picky eaters and keep my only freshwater tank. Oh yeah and lots and lots of plants! I thought I would have to come to the true #nerms to get some appreciation and advice. It's by no means a finished project or very organized; but it's fully functional and I'm getting proud of it. I really attribute a lot of my fish knowledge to this community and even though I mostly keep marine tanks I wanted to share what I've been learning and enjoying. All in hopes you see how easy it is to start with live foods or diversity your live feeds. This year I took the time to design a system to simply culture some popular live feed organisms. I have found it to be easier than I thought and really rewarding to maintain. I plan on going into further detail on their maintenance but as a quick overview they are 1gallon jugs that are drilled for air, running off a few USB air pumps. They are all at 30 ppt salinity, fed phytoplankton daily, and harvested once or twice a week. I also use a ziss artemia blender to cook up brine every two days, extra brine also goes into a culture jug to be enriched and matured. I keep a colony of Blue Snake Endlers (Campoma no.31) in a heavily planted tank. The key feature being the spider wood moss island, adorned with houseplants. I really wanted to think outside the box and have been surprised at my success every step of the way. I plan to keep adding houseplant cuttings to the top and let the lilies, willow moss, and ludwigia go wild under the water. It's an easy set up that I can let get extremely overstocked and the plants just seem to do better. The last third is blanketed with bright indirect light which is perfect for houseplants, terrariums, and aquatic mosses. So I rotate propagations, rehabilitations, and transitioning plants here as needed. This is a brief overview of my fish closet. Please leave any questions or comments below . Plus, I'll have a species list eventually but if you really want to know what something is before then let me know that too! @Fragilenanotank
  11. For a tank with PH around 7 with cardinal tetras and a breeding group of L134
  12. I was just thinking that if there was a way to do a virtual tank on the computer to where customers could set up various plants that the coop sells and see what they would look like when grown, I bet it would help sell plants. Customers could play around with placement and types based on some standard tank sizes, and then when they get the look they like, they could add to cart and buy from aquarium coop... Is such a thing a crazy thought?
  13. Hi everyone! So... I went to my LFS, for some red root floaters annnnddd... I may have gotten some... Other stuff. I first of all got this beautiful piece of rock it's an about 3 pound bit of ohko/dragon stone with really good texture, and some darker colours that I personally think would go really well with a lush mass of plants. I also was passing by the tank with dwarf aquarium lily bulbs, and couldn't resist this really vibrant lily. I know these get really big, for a 5.5 gallon, but I just couldn't pass the opportunity up. I'll probably have to do a lot of trimming to keep it from shading other plants, although if it keeps even a fraction of the red it currently has I'll be more than happy for that tradeoff.
  14. Hey guys, I've been growing Wandering Jew (Tradescantia zebrina) as an emersed plant in some of my tanks for around a month now, and have had good success. It's a house plant that you can get at most department stores, but it'll do well in an emersed situation as well. In lower light, it'll be Anubias Nana green, and in higher light, it becomes almost bright purple/pink. It'll grow well in any lighting, though, IME, and it seems that fertilizer plays a bigger role in growth rate than lighting does. It's grown bright pink in my dwarf puffer tank - it's situated right underneath the light. But, that tank runs low on ferts most of the time, so I've only gotten 8-10 new leaves over the past month. In my 20 gallon, it's gone from 3-4 leaves to nearly 20, despite being dark green and not receiving much light. I've also found the plant to be relatively salt-tolerant, as it survived (and grew) during a salt treatment in the 20 gallon - I did 1 tbsp of salt per 2 gallons of water. Just thought I'd share, since I'm not sure if I'd seen this in an aquarium setting before!
  15. Hello, I am looking to set up a 40 breeder for a river looking shrimp and goby tank. I went out and got some wild river rocks to make a rock wall hardscape and am trying to determine what to use for a matching substrate. I wanted to keep the substrate dark and kind or river looking. I have eco-complete in my work tank but am having some difficulty planting the tank with my amano shrimp playing gardener. I found this Caribsea Super Naturals- Blue Ridge that has good color, but it has a max particle size of 10mm which kind of seems big in my head. They do not have this product in my local stores to see directly, but in looking at what they do have it seems like standard gravel is around the 5mm mark. For planting purposes do you think this gravel would be too big for things like crypts and moneywort type plants to thrive? I was also going to try to look at the local gravel quarry to see if they have any coarse sand/ small gravel that would fit the bill, or just going to the river and sifting my own substrate which I am a little timid to do. The current plan is ~100 yellow cherry shrimp, 3 amano shrimp, 3 blue neon goby, 3 cobalt goby, 1 hillstream loach, some snails, and would be willing to take suggestions for the rest of what to put in for the top of the water. I was thinking possibly some CPD's or chili rasbora, otocinclus, or honey gourami. Thank you, Brad Caribsea Super Naturals- Blue Ridge
  16. Hi how are you can anyone recommend me plata that I can glue to rocks that don’t need to be plant in any way in sand or gravel, I have rocks and wood also my ligth is high ligth and not co2 thank you
  17. I have a planted 40 gallon breeder community tank which is going on 4 months old and currently includes: 12 Neon Tetra 6 Bronze Corys 5 Amano Shrimp *6 Dwarf Chain Loaches (just added two days ago after quarantine) Crypts - green and lucens Vallisneria Amazon Sword Anubias Java Fern Temp 76; pH has dropped a little below 7, it's around 6.8 and is probably due to the driftwood and I need to add a bit more crushed coral; Ammonia 0; Nitrites 0; Nitrates around 40ppm (can add GH/KH numbers if it will be helpful). I may be paranoid, but one of my Dwarf Chain Loaches has been kicking up the sand, and I noticed one of the corys rubbing on the sword leaves. I don't SEE any white ich spots or anything else at the moment, and no one else in the tank seems to be bothered. I've never had dwarf chain loaches before and have heard that they are prone to ich because they are scaleless, so maybe I'm just over-reacting and they're ok, just settling in as they've only been in the big tank for a few days... I have the med trio which I've used for quarantining (I also have three other tanks: 20 gal guppy tank, 10 gallon betta tank, 10 gallon pea puffer tank) However, if it does wind up being ich or something similar and I do need to treat the tank, will adding salt completely nuke my plants? I understand it dehydrates them, and if I really need to I could probably just pull them all and replant after treatment. Aside from using salt... is there anything for ich that works as well as Ich-X that won't stain the tank? Comments/suggestions/insights are greatly appreciated ❤️
  18. Hi All, I have a seasoned tank been set up about 3 years. planted well but my plants always get dirty , it’s just muck and mulm on the leaves and I can’t work out why. what can I do to help this that isn’t just wiping the leaves down with my fingers everyday! thanks All. sam from the UK
  19. Hello, I have an ongoing problem with my tank that I cannot figure out what to do with. I have read many online articles and did the things that were suggested but it does not seem to help. Let me give an idea of the latest "episode" I have had. I am hoping some of you can give me other suggestions that might help me fix this issue once and for all. I have a 40 odd gallon tank with a variety of fish, mostly small ones, and snails. All of the fishes are supposed to be beginner fishes such as tetras', cory catfish etc. I did have 3 ghost fishes but 2 of them died recently. I do have one plecostamus that has grown pretty big. I check my water regularly and change 10% every week most of the time, worst case I may land up skipping a week. The water quality is good with nitrate being sometimes on the borderline. The water I get in CA is acidic, so the pH tends to go low. I use neutral regulator once a week and it seems to maintain the pH right around 7. About 2 months back, after lots of frustrating year or so of fish deaths and plants dying off, I moved the surviving fish to a temporary tank, completely cleaned my tank, used bleach to kill off any spores (theory), put it out in the sun for a day or two, got new substrate, new equipment for the tank, got new plants from Aquarium Coop and started the tank again. I waited for a few days, tested the water, ensured it was all good and then reintroduced the fishes back. Everything was going great -- I even had couple of guppies give birth to little ones, plants were growing well and spreading (suggesting the lighting and water quality was good). Then two weeks back disaster hit again -- the fishes started dying off, and the plants started falling apart. The sick plants started getting a black coating (?) as if there is some fungus growing in the tank. I also see green "bearded" algae growing on some of the decorations in the tank. See the attached pictures. This is the same problem i have had for more than a year now. The two small guppies I moved over to my quarantine tank are doing great and growing rapidly so the issue seems to be with my large tank. I am completely at a loss on what to do...You guys are the experts...Please give me suggestions on how I can fix this problem.. Bala
  20. So I have dwarf hair grass in 3 tanks--I love the stuff, when it works. Here it is planted in a dirted tank with a fine white sand cap. It is going CRAZY. I planted in larger clumps, because I happened to score a petsmart pot of it that was cheap and ridiculously healthy. When I planted it the roots were healthy and robust. This tank is barely 2 months old. I don't even bother to dose with easy green here, since all the plants are root feeders, and the soil is giving them plenty of nutrients. There is shockingly little algae in this tank. In my other tanks, with a mix of Eco-complete and ADA amazonia, it is struggling BADLY. Poor growth, lots of melt, infested with algae. The original plants came in as bunches, bare root. They looked pretty rough to begin with, and I spread them out in smaller clumps. These tanks are about 3-4 months old. They get easy green, but I am not using root tabs. I did give them some passive CO2 to start, for a month or two. I am ready to give up on them here. I would like to give my next attempt at growing a carpet a better shot. Options are: Start fresh with new dwarf hair grass plants Add root tabs Abandon hope with this substrate and choose a different plant for this space Some additional option I haven't thought of yet?
  21. SO excited to share the progress of my first aquarium! Just put in some stem plants in the back (Ludwigia palustris "Super Red" and Ludwigia repens "Rubin") along with Alternathera reineckii "Mini", Alternanthera rosanervig, Cryptocoryne "Green Gecko", Echinodorus reni, Hygrophila balsamica, and Eriocaulon vietnam. Cannot WAIT for everything to grow in! Very happy with my first time.
  22. So I'm quite the newb to plants still, bt I have a decent amount. I have probably only a handful I know the name of, the rest, I have no clue. Any recommendation on getting an id on a whole bunch of different plants? My plan is to label them on the tanks lol. Most of what I have are clippings from others that have grown good, or are from tanks I've purchased from others.
  23. I would love any advice as I think I'm at a breaking point with my tank and I don't want it to...well, tank. (har har). Context: Set up is almost 2 months old. 5gal fluval with stock light, 10 hours of light per day on timer. The back and sides of the tank have black window film, so there is very minimal ambient light. Live stock: 1 betta, 5 harlequin rasboras, a handful of shrimp and snails. Parameters: temp 80F, nitrites 0/ammonia 0/nitrate 0-20/phosphate 0-0.5/pH 7.2-7.4. I dose easy green and easy iron once weekly. I do a 20-30%water change every 7-10 days pending my life schedule. I do not have an air stone, but the flow from the filter is pretty strong. Plants: redroot floaters (about 40% water surface coverage), vallisneria, anubias nana, crypts, christmas moss, and a big ol' pile of loma fern (new as of a few days ago). What I have noticed is that initially the plants were thriving and growing new leaves, lengthening, etc. The floaters were growing new leaves, but there were many holes in the bigger leaves and the floaters over all don't look very healthy. However, as of the last week, I'm noticing the anubias leaves yellowing, the moss is 80% brown, the val is turning a yellowish color and growing hair algae and the leaves are ripping, and the crypts leaves seem to be dying off one by one. The fish, however, seem to be happy and thriving. The photo attached is pre-sad plants. I can attach some more of the sad plants when I get home. My thought is that I need more fertilizer and/or light, but I'm so scared of an algae bloom. I just do not know how to decide when it's time to dose more fertilizer and tbh I don't have the time or resources to get much more"advanced" with this tank in terms of fertilizing. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hey all! I'm looking for an easy to keep plant that would provide a bit of color to my tank as all my plants are green. I've got a crypto green, so I was trying to stay away from a crypto red. All of my plants are low light beginner plants (amazon sword, windelov, dwarf hairgrass, aponogeton, crypto lutea). I tried my hand at a scarlet temple but that ended... poorly. I'm open to floating plants as well! Any suggestions? Martin
  25. No question this time..... Just needed to remind myself 🥴🥴🥴 gotta stop adding fish to my plant storage tanks. This is the second attempt! No more tanks Ranada! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
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