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  1. Wondering if removing / replacing large, plants from the tank will affect the bio-load? My tank well established. It is lightly stocked so not too concerned, but curious. I have a couple Amazon Swords that have seen better days, and I plan to replace them. There were many months I couldn’t get my hands on root tabs, so they are looking pretty ratty. Rather buy a few new ones vs trying to bring these ones back I know from moving them in the past that the roots are covering the entire bottom of the tank. I’m sure those massive roots are playing a big part in managing the bio-load of the tank. If I remove them and replace them with new plants do you think I will likely see spikes in ammonia / nitrites? Tank Details Community Tank Size: 29g Tank age: 2.5yrs Filter: Tidal 55 and a sponge filter Substrate: Caribsea crystal river sand Parameters: Always great. The tank is loaded with plants. It’s so well balanced the only reason I even need to do water changes is Evaporation, and to get rid of some of the detritus. Lightly stocked: cardinal tetras, black neons, a single Angel, a few assassin snails, and a crazy hillstream loach. Everybody’s happy and healthy.
  2. My 40 gallon community tank was in desparte need of a re-scape. It was discusting! All the plants died because of a green water issue that wouldn't go away. But now that the green water issue has been resolved, its time for plants! I asked you guys, what should I do for plants? (see the thread below:) and you guys gave me so MANY suggestions. I decided that I wanted to go with... -Cryptacrone Wendetii in front of the wood -Amazon Swords to perimeter the inside of the tank -And then some rotala indica by the sponge filter ITS GOING TO LOOK GREAT!!! Since my lfs is more of a saltwater store they have a very limiting stock of plants. So I will have to get these plants overtime. But today I was able to pick up some cryptacorne wendetii red (see below) Now what is this community tank stocked with? -Angelfish x3 -Zebra Danios x6 (more coming soon) -Cardinal Tetras x5 (more coming soon) -Upside down catfish x2 -Bristlenose Pleco Heres the cryptacorne wendetii planted:
  3. Was looking for feedback on which plants to put in my summer tubs.i have plans for 3 - 20 gallons and 1 - 40 gallon ponds/tubs. I was going to pick up a 4 pack of water Lilly rhizomes, water sprite, hornwort, moss (mix of Christmas and Java), bacopa, and floating some water lettuce. We are in USDA zone 6. Won’t be ready usually for fish until May or June was just hoping to get them going cycling and be ready when nighttime temps hit the mark.
  4. These are my two tanks. My 20 gallon hex was just recently converted to a fully planted tank a few days ago. It houses a betta, named Creme Brulee, 9 neon tetras, an otocinclus, a guppy, two African dwarf frogs, and a ghost shrimp. They all seem to get along very well, even the shrimp that I thought I would kill immediately with the frogs or betta. I've been binge watching every video I can on aquascaping and aquariums in general. This is my first real attempt at aquatic plants. I feel like I've gotten pretty good at houseplants over this year due to the pandemic and this was my next step in the hobby since my husband said I couldn't get anymore plants since we will be moving soon (GA to the DC area) and he doesn't want to move them.I have had fish tanks since 2011 and worked at pet stores with fish for 4 years so I have the basics down but want to expand my knowledge and maybe someday have a room in my house just for my fish and plants. The 10 gallon tank is a tank I'm cycling for cherry shrimp or crystal shrimp. I have all the tests (TDS meter, Gh, Kh, freshwater master test kit) to see which species based on my water parameters. I have very soft water with a low TDS (under 100) so I'm leaning towards crystal red shrimp since they would require fewer adjustments. I'm hesitant to call it my first attempt at aquascaping but really that's what it is. Lol The plants on the right (Rotala indica) should grow nice and tall to hide the heated and filter nicely. They melted back pretty hard but the new growth I replanted makes me pretty confident that they will be just fine in a few months. I even have a crytocoryne wendtii green that completely melted and the roots seemed firm so I planted them in the tank and they seem to be regrowing new leaves as well! I'm really having some fun with it and I'm definitely getting the itch to get another tank. I'm trying to convince my husband to just let me upgrade the 20 gallon to a 75 but no luck until we move again.
  5. Hi all, so- Something that's fascinated me from the very start of my fish journey, is how aquarium plants can have immersed vs emmersed growth. I've successfully grown Pothos completely underwater, and before that, I attempted (but failed) to grow terrestrial moss underwater. I'm wondering if there's any techniques to identify which plants would do best submerged! I know that probably hardy plants that like a lot of water would be best candidates, and plants that can be found growing near water, and maaaaybe plants that grow via cuttings or runners? It would be a safe bet to check out what grows in the local ponds and rivers, but I'm Wary of taking anything from there, yknow? I don't want to get in trouble, after all. I'm also wondering, how would you help acclimate something TO being submerged?
  6. I keep many small aquariums in my apartment, mostly Walstad-style, with organic soil from a local composting spot. I enjoy running really stable ecosystems. These photos don't show much of the fish and shrimp. I also keep some outdoor tubs here in Vermont. Cheers, Jason
  7. Hello! I've got some voracious Red Eye Tetras that just nibble on EVERYTHING. Any small leafed plant - gone in a matter days. Countless micro swords, small crypts, and wisteria gone. My poor anubias can't grow new leaves because they eat the darn thing before it can even grow. The only thing they don't seem to touch are my lilies, larger, established crypts, and java fern. They chew on my amazon sword but it seems to grow too fast for them to make a sizeable dent. What are some of your recommendations other than those as to "non-edible" for the future? I've tried feeding a ton to slow them down, tried feeding boiled spinach regularly, no stopping them. Crazy buggers.
  8. Got a nice 60 gallon tank planted up with some good ol aquarium co-op plants all ready to grow... Until my wife DEMANDED turtles... They have uprooted my Scarlett temple, eaten one Valisnaria and toppled a rock on the other, uprooted a sprig of Pogostemon and ate my dwarf baby tears. They nipped a piece of my water sprite as well but didn't eat it and have left the amazon sword, crypt, and Anubias alone. Sprite and Anubias are in easy planters. Are there any other good plants I can put in with these aho... I mean turtles. Something fast growing that will stay ahead of their appetite (they won't eat when we try feeding them) that will thrive in high ph 8.2-8.4 hard water 300ppm.
  9. So I planted a pot of tissue cultured Pogostemon Deccanensis and now all has melted away think there is any hope for it to come back? The culture itself looked immaculate and I know it was in its immersed form. I just want to make sure I just didn't waste more money lol.
  10. Today I went to my LFS to pick up some Otos to help with the algae in this tank . While there, this plant caught my eye. It is attached to the piece of driftwood underneath it. It was the only in the tank and the girl at the store didn’t know what kind of plant it was. At first I was thinking maybe a Buce? After getting it home and checking it out, it appears it isn’t glued on. Rather there is a whole in the wood that has the plant tucked in along with some white filter fiber. Can anyone help me out so I know how to take care of it? Should it been planted into the substrate or is it fine on the driftwood? Also the green is very pale compared to my other plants. Is this normal for this type of plant or does it look like it has some type of deficiency?
  11. Hello! I’ve done lots of research but really want to be successful so I thought I’d ask my fellow aquarium hobbiests! I am starting up another tank. It’s a 40 gallon breeder and I would like to do some live, beginner friendly, plants. I plan to stock this tank with corys so I’d like to do sand (I love watching them dig!) but I’ve heard about the challenges that come with sand & plants. I do plan to use root tabs. I’ve been looking for a more course sand for two reasons, one being plants & two because it’s a little easier to siphon then very fine sand. I’m unsure if I need to put a base of some type of nutrient rich substrate .. or maybe primarily where the plants will go and then top it with sand.. I’m not sure. Has anyone tried Caribsea’s Torpedo Beach? What is generally beat practice for sand & plants?
  12. I have noticed several plant leaves with holes in them. Are there adjustments to my tank I can make for healthier plan leaves? Below are some water parameters along with a couple of pictures. Nitrates - 25 Hardness - 120 Alkalinity - 120 Carbonate - 180 Ph - 8.5 Easy green applied each week (3 shots) 29 gallon tank
  13. Nobody around me understands how excited I am about the progress and plant growth in my tank so I thought I would share with you wonderful, fine folks. I'm a plant newbie as this is my first tank with live plants. I've added more plants since March 18, so yes there is more green for that reason, but also because of growth! The wisteria in particular has really taken off. March 18 vs March 29
  14. I recently received an order from Aquarium Co-Op of Anubias Golden and Anubias Nana. Inside one of the pots were little round objects. They look a little like salmon eggs but orange in color. Is it possible they are seeds that haven’t grown? Or perhaps some fertilizer?
  15. Hi, I don't know if others on here just share stuff, but I thought I'd give it a go. Here's some Scarlet Temple and Anubias Barteri I added almost 2 weeks ago. I think they're coming along. I had both Anubias in the pots at first, but one died back pretty hard so I super-glued it to a piece of slate. The rhizome seems (to me) to be in good shape. Then, I have the two Scarlet's. One melted back about the way I expected it to from watching the videos. The other one I'm not so sure what to make of. I have a BeamsWork, but it's an EA, not a DA like I should have gotten. The tank right now is 83 degrees, with a hardness that baffles me (28), pH of 7.8, and 40/ppm of nitrate. I'm hoping adding more plants will help some of those numbers. I also plan on running CO2. I already have a pressurized bottle, solenoid/regulator, etc, but I tore that setup down when I moved my living room (fish room) around. I am using Trace and Flourish in small amounts (half of recommended doses) just to make sure I'm not missing anything. The last picture is my new to me 125. I ordered the wrong size sponge for my FX4 and so decided to wedge it in to the driftwood. I'm not sure what plant to put on it yet, but the tank is only 7 days new, so I have time. I am putting in some of the muck when I wring out my other tanks filters. Thanks for reading. I welcome your thoughts.
  16. I have a 20 gallon tank that is heavily planted. Do I still need to vacuum the gravel? Right now I try to do it every time I do a water change which is about every week, sometimes two weeks apart. It's getting harder and harder to do so as the plants fill in more and more of the space, and I add new plants that are not yet established and would be uprooted by vacuuming. I have rock in the center where my corys spend a great deal of their time. Now I mainly just remove the rocks and vacuum where they were sitting.
  17. @Cory I can’t thank you enough for this amazing product. It’s really made my plant hobby fun for me. Rock on plant keepers!🪴🌱
  18. Soon to have a new generation of Sakura red cherry shrimp🦐 There is one blue dream in the mix of them so maybe someone can spot him in one of the pictures although you might not see him bc he hides a lot lol
  19. Happy Tuesday Everyone! I just finished planting my new 5g shrimp/snail tank and am so excited I had to share. Mostly coop plants -- java fern, various anubias. Also my first Buce, Christmas moss and susswassertang. Side note: the plants arrived four days late -- not coop's fault -- and still look beautiful. Thank you coop! Side note 2: I managed to kill some susswassertang in the process. 🙄 Cory once said he's never seen that happen. Let's hope the rest do well! Think the shrimp will be happy?
  20. House plants. Let’s see em! @Lizzie Block has a bunch but my favorite is this Alocasia Stingray.
  21. First, I understand plants shouldn't touch the heater in an aquarium. My question is: are some plants happier further away from the heat and maybe some like to be closer? Fish have their preferences and being a gardener I know some plants don't like heat and some starve for it. I know, which plants are you talking about? Ok, if ACO sells it I am looking at those as I intend to try as many as possible. If I missed a video on this a link would be great or just any suggestions from experience would be greatly appreciated.
  22. This is my madagascar lace plant its one of my favorites had it for a long time and in the last few months it has finally taken off.
  23. My crypt was doing really well and didn't even melt when I got it about six weeks ago. I just added a root tab and it is now shriveled up and looking awful. Did I overfertilize? Should I pull it and start again? Should I get rid of the leaves and leave the roots to see if it grows back? I feel like this helicopter WERM just killed a nice plant because I did too much.
  24. Hello! I'm pretty new to keeping aquatic plants and I've had these two plants in my tank for about 4 months now and the water wisteria always seem to have tiny brown holes on the older leaves and Browning on a couple of the rosette leaves as if its disintegrating. I'm also confused as to why my wisteria hasn't grown much sooner I've gotten it considering it's considered a very fast Grower and low maintenance. I'm not sure what to add to the tank or what I'm doing wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do to help the plants out? Thanks in advance!!
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