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  1. Hello sweet people of the Aquarium Co-op community, My tap water has a high level of Silicon Dioxide (SIO2) and because of this i always had to fight Brown Diatom Algae. I did test this by doing less and less routine water changes. The Brown Diatom Algae would then dissapear (Yay! :]) but as the Brown Diatom Algae dissapeared i then faced Green Water Algae or phytoplankton. (Nay! :[ ) So i recently bought Silicate absorbing resin for in my HoB filter to remove the Silicon Dioxide from the water but apparently it will also remove Phosphate. Now i am wondering if this will lead to Phosphate deficiencies for my plants. (AAAAAAAAAH) Should i get an RODI machine instead, those seem expensive though. Help is very much appreciated.
  2. I really want to get a great planted tank but I can't seem to be able to feed my plans without feeding algae. I wouldn't mind the algae but it grows on the plans and suffocates them. My lights are on timers and I'm adding flourish liquid fertilizer and root tabs. I've been trying to keep NO3 around 20 to 30 ppm and I've been pretty successful. My lights are on a timer and go on and off so they're on 8 of 12 hours (two separate two hour breaks in the day) I started using some gluteraldrahyde (the ingredient in easy carbon) to stop the algae and it's slowly killing it back but I'm afraid 1) it's harming the thin leaf plants 2) as soon as I reduce the dose I'm going right back to growing more algae. What should my next steps be?
  3. I started this tank July 14, 2020. Check out how it fills in. If you have a series like this, put it here, I would love to see it! 7/14/20 7/16/2020 7/18/2020 8/12/2020 10/17/2020 Today, 11/28/2020
  4. House plants. Let’s see em! @Lizzie Block has a bunch but my favorite is this Alocasia Stingray.
  5. I’m really stressed right now because my plants were delivered at 11 am today and I didn’t see the email and I won’t be able to get them out of the mail till 12pm tommorow do you think they will die or survive?
  6. Greetings! I've been watching Cory's youtube videos for over a year now and running my 5 gallon for almost as long. Two weeks ago was the 1-Year mark for this five gallon. Looking back through some pictures it feels like I've been through a lot since then - mostly plants... The creatures have thankfully stayed the same - or have grown at least! We've got: - 7 white clouds - a mix of the bog-standard variety and a couple gold-ish ones - including one that is offspring of the original six - 1 sort of helpful amano shrimp named Tony-Tina (pre-schooler naming committee FTW!) - 1 very helpful nerite snail named Beatrice My main concern is plants! I've got through a fair number of diebacks - some with known causes - over enthusiastic pruning of taiwan moss; others remain a mystery - like the anubias I had that basically melted and died right away. A recent addition of some luwigia repens seemed to mark the start of a big die off of plants in the tank. The two images are about a month apart, with the sparser one from today. There had been lots of great java fern growth over time - hoping to get some of that back. I've got some plants on their way from Aquarium Coop as I type, as well as some root tabs. Hope some more consistent feeding will help in making a happier environment for the plants. Everyone else seems to be doing just fine. If you're really eagle-eyed, you can see all the denizens of the tank in the "cleaner" pic. Looking forward to being part of the community.
  7. These are my two tanks. My 20 gallon hex was just recently converted to a fully planted tank a few days ago. It houses a betta, named Creme Brulee, 9 neon tetras, an otocinclus, a guppy, two African dwarf frogs, and a ghost shrimp. They all seem to get along very well, even the shrimp that I thought I would kill immediately with the frogs or betta. I've been binge watching every video I can on aquascaping and aquariums in general. This is my first real attempt at aquatic plants. I feel like I've gotten pretty good at houseplants over this year due to the pandemic and this was my next step in the hobby since my husband said I couldn't get anymore plants since we will be moving soon (GA to the DC area) and he doesn't want to move them.I have had fish tanks since 2011 and worked at pet stores with fish for 4 years so I have the basics down but want to expand my knowledge and maybe someday have a room in my house just for my fish and plants. The 10 gallon tank is a tank I'm cycling for cherry shrimp or crystal shrimp. I have all the tests (TDS meter, Gh, Kh, freshwater master test kit) to see which species based on my water parameters. I have very soft water with a low TDS (under 100) so I'm leaning towards crystal red shrimp since they would require fewer adjustments. I'm hesitant to call it my first attempt at aquascaping but really that's what it is. Lol The plants on the right (Rotala indica) should grow nice and tall to hide the heated and filter nicely. They melted back pretty hard but the new growth I replanted makes me pretty confident that they will be just fine in a few months. I even have a crytocoryne wendtii green that completely melted and the roots seemed firm so I planted them in the tank and they seem to be regrowing new leaves as well! I'm really having some fun with it and I'm definitely getting the itch to get another tank. I'm trying to convince my husband to just let me upgrade the 20 gallon to a 75 but no luck until we move again.
  8. Hi, I just received some plants that I ordered online for my aquarium (Cryptocoryne Lucens UNS Tissue Culture, Anubias Nana Petite, Mini Bolbitis (Baby Leaf), & Christmas Moss). I tried to time it just right. I am rescaping my aquarium this weekend hopefully, but the plants are here now. I can't redo the tank until Sunday at the earliest. I don't want to leave them in their packaging. Any suggestions on what I can do with them until I can rescape to keep them alive and healthy? Can I put them in a bucket of declorinated water? Would they need a heater or bubbler? Any advice will be appreciated! ~Jennifer
  9. Greetings A week ago, I bought 6 adults and 1 tiny guppies at my LFS for my species only 10g tank (well, and 1 nerite snail). Aqueon quietflow 10 filter, pH 7.6, 0/0/20. 75f. Half live plants/half plastic. One guppy was much more frail, and was always constipated. He started having issue swimming, his belly sank in and yesterday I put him in a hospital container when his fins started clamping together. Treated him with salt but the next day he was even more miserable so I euthanized him. SIP. After I put him in the hospital container, I did a 10% WC in my 10 g. I noticed one fish started rubbing on plants, filter, rocks and substrate rather often, several times in a row. Then 2 other started but much less often. I tested my water (pH 7.6, 0/0/20. 75f.). Did yet another 10% WC. Used Seachem Prime and Seachem Stability. The fish that was doing the flashing the most is still doing it, but less frequently- maybe once every 15-30 minutes. I haven’t seen the other 2 do it. They all eat and seem to poop just fine. There is no white dots so I do not think it’s ich but I read it could be gill fluke? I live in Canada so I only have access to salt. Should I treat my tank or wait and see? Will the salt affect the fry? How much flashing is too much flashing? If I treat the tank with salt, will it kill my plants (marino moss ball, anubia barteri var nana, Bacopa Caroliniana & cryptocoryne tropica)? If I move the fish to a hospital tank - I do not have one that is cycled right now... or should I just remove the plants and put them in a temporary container with the led lights while I treat the main tank? Is it dangerous if I use the same syphon hose/scaping tool for my 20g? Karen
  10. Greetings! Just found out about this forum from the podcast. I'm thrilled to be in the community and plan to share an intro later, but I'm trying to get an answer to a question so I can finish up a plant order! Between the Easy Root Tabs and Easy Green, which would be best for a five gallon tank? I'm planning on planning some vals and possibly amazon sword. Some simple stuff that can provide some cover for the fish and be nice to look at. Can I get away with just root tabs? If Easy Green is geared to be 1 pump for 10 gals, can you get half a pump? The tank has been running for about a year. I've had some mixed luck with plants thus far. No additional ferts beyond the bio-load from 6 white clouds, a nerite, and one happy amano shrimp. I had some taiwan moss that went crazy, I trimmed back and then it died. Live and learn! Thanks all!
  11. So I almost have everything together for my 20 gallon. I'm looking for some suggestions though. I've used Eco Complete and it's good. I'm thinking about trying something different though. What does everyone like the best? I don't want dirt but I'm interested in capping something like more Eco or Flourite with sand maybe? I'm using a Finnex Stingray 24 inch. (No co2. Yet.) I'll be moving some vallisneria into this tank. But I want some more colors and shapes. I like the look of pogostemon stellaris. Will this grow ok in my setup? Some websites seem to recommend more medium light for it. What about some reddish plants? It's my first time using a Finnex so I'm just not sure what will do well yet. Maybe a dwarf aquarium lily? I'm skeptical about adding something like rotala or scarlet temple. Hit me with all your thoughts and suggestions!
  12. Thanks in advance for any help! Apologies for the length but hopefully this provides enough background. What kind of deficiency is this? Photos are of Brazilian pennywort and Phoenix moss in a 10 gallon tank with pothos, water sprite, green myrio, marimo, Java moss, Japanese dwarf pennywort, water spangles. I’ve tried rubbing off the brown stuff on the Brazilian Pennywort leaves but nothing comes off. I have very light bioload in my tank (just three Amano, 10 blue velvet, 1 nerite). This tank has been running for a little over a month and the nitrates have been around 5 ppm. I had 0.25 ammonia in the beginning but reached 0 after day 7. I’ve never had any nitrites. I have very soft water so I use NilocG Regen for GH and NilocG Rekharb for KH. I tried using crushed coral but for some reason, it would only affect my KH and some pH, not GH. I also tried Salty Shrimp GH/KH+ but it wouldn’t affect my KH and the amount of dGH it would raise would vary. I’ve found the liquid additives with the pump heads to be much more accurate and easier to dose. My GH is around 9 and my KH is around 5. I was planning on giving the Phoenix moss a haircut so that it can start fresh. The new growth on the Brazilian Pennywort looks nice and green. I was planning on cutting off and planting the tops but if it’s a nutrient deficiency, I want to get that in control. I’ve been using two squirts of NilocG (the shrimp safe formula) three times a week. My light is on for 10 hours a day on a timer. Should I increase the dosage...? I read that the shrimp safe version is meant so that the nitrates don’t build up as much as the regular formula so you don’t have to do any many water changes so it doesn’t stress the shrimp out as much. I was wondering if I should add some extra food to the tank but I’m worried that’s just gonna make a dirty mess and might feed algae more than the pennywort and the Phoenix moss. The other plants aren’t having issues so maybe they’re hogging nutrients...?
  13. Hi, I bought some plants the other week along with some new fish because I decided to dive into the world of live plants rather then fake. I had a list of easy plants I wanted, but thanks to the pandemic deliveries to my local pet shop have been a bit all over the place, so I asked out of the plants he had which would be easiest to care for. And I left with Java moss, and 2 other species I’ve forgotten the names of. But I’ll post photos to help try and identify them. My issue is that one of the plants is turning brown, then kinda see through, and then the leaf falls off, but a new leaf then regrows in its place. Whilst the other planes are growing just fine, but have this brown algae growing on some of their leaves. I also have a problem with algae growing quite quickly on the glass. But the algae on the glass isn’t brown. I use a liquid fertiliser as last time I tried live plants my issue was they wouldn’t grow, and other then that i don’t really use anything else, and my lights are on roughly 7-9 hours a day. From around midday to late evening. Thanks in advance for your advice x
  14. In the UK, we’ve recently entered into our second lockdown, so what better thing to do to past the time than to start a new planted tank. This is a 30 litre/7.9 gallons heated tank, with double sponge filter. I like the double sponges as I can swap out a sponge from an existing tank for near instant cycling, without impacting the existing tank too much. Plants used are: Lilaeopsis brasiliensis Lobelia cardinalis Anubis nana bonzai Sagittaria subulata Limnophilia sessiliflora Cryptocoryne beckettii Bacopa caroliniana Java fern
  15. I’m proposing a “contest.” No winners or losers, just for fun - If you were asked to set up a tank for, say a pediatrician’s office, describe what you would set up. - what size tank? - what substrate? - what filter? - plants and decorations? - lights? - how would you stock it? Pictures encouraged but not required once you have provided your answer you can assess other people’s input using the following criteria 1. Ease of maintenance 30pts this is for someone else to maintain after all. 2. livestock hardiness. 30pts dead fish just are not appealing 3. aesthetics. 20pts capture the imagination, captivate the attention, draw people in 4. cost. 15pts Let’s keep it real 5 flair! 5pts that little extra this is just for fun, but try to keep your solutions realistic
  16. Some women have children. I have discus. 😉 Though I'd start a journal for my planted discus tank. It's been running a few years now, and these fish are my babies. The tank sits next to my desk, and I work full time from home. We all spend a lot of time together. Photo from Spring 2020 (and the best photo I've gotten of this tank!) Here's the tank in Dec 2019, a few weeks after planting The layout for the tank was inspired by an ADA tank I saw in a youtube video, this tank: (this photo is a screenshot from a youtube video of the ADA gallery in Japan. It is not my tank) Stocking in the tank is currently 10 discus, 5 Sterbai Cories, 4 oto cats, 10 Amano Shrimp, and some random guppies who snuck in on a net as fry and grew up in the tank. I had 12 discus, but decided to re-home two who were pairing off and picking fights a few months ago. I hear some people say discus are skittish. That is not my experience. They are nosy, always up in my business when I'm trying to do maintenance. I end up pushing them away so I can see what I'm doing.. lol! Thanks for reading! I'll keep updating as the tank evolves.
  17. Today I did something I have never done before. After talking to my LFS I decided it was time to experiment with harvesting some of my baby swords on the runners. I had previously Ordered rockwool and baskets. I then took my lids off for easy access to the runners. I selected the runner with the largest growths on it. I then snipped the runners and took the plant lings and placed them in the rockwool and then into the baskets. I have now taken the finished product to the LFS and left 10 of them with them. We are gonna see how well they sell before I collect more. I was able to get 20 viable plants off this runner and took the 10 best to the shop. The rest are now in a separate tank waiting to see if they take off. I would be interested in hearing any feedback on this if anyone has a better way to go about this. I spent 20 dollars on 55 rockwool and basket setups. Do you all think this is a nice touch or not worth the money?
  18. I have a 20gal high tank that I am wanting to turn into a planted shrimp tank. Is CO2 essential in a planted tank?
  19. Hello! I'm Jessica, from New England. I love planted tanks and all sorts of fish. I'm currently keeping 8 or so tanks, with discus, guppies, CPDs, lots of different shrimp, and more. My newest addition is a school of wild caught Altums, which I'm doing my best to acclimate to my water and eventually move into a planted tank. I'll be starting a journal thread about the Altums to track their (hopeful) growth into adults. Here are a few of my tanks & fish-
  20. I’ve noticed some pinholes in my java fern that I believe are indicated of a (potassium) deficiency? Currently, I’m doing a 25% water change once a week and dosing 3 mLs of easy green. The tank is a 29 gallon guppy breeding setup. Would this be an indication that I should increase the easy green dosage or should I consider dosing the specific nutrient that is in deficiency?
  21. These came with some other plants and I planted them just to see if they'll grow. It looks like they're doing well, growing roots and even new stems, so I'm wondering what they are.
  22. Hey all. So I have this one plant ("El Nino fern" / Bolbitis Heteroclita (I think I spelled that right!)) and some of the bigger leaves have been looking worse and worse! I have done absolutely nothing different until 2 days ago when I added a full spec light to the tank so I know that's not what did it. I've had the plant, in the same spot, for a year now. I dose with Easy Green weekly (just today started dosing with Easy Carbon). It is a 60 gallon planted tank The temp has stayed the same, and the pH is the same. What did I do / am I doing wrong?
  23. My C. Nurii var. Rosen Maiden flowered underwater today! Love this plant.
  24. I've got some Vallisneria flowering like crazy. Thought I'd share. I wonder if anyone knows why Val flowers? I've never had it do this before. It's sending up dozens of little blooms. The tank is an a greenhouse. Maybe the shorter days are triggering it? Temp ranges between 75-65. It's gonna be time to break this tank down for the winter soon, and I will miss the val. I started with 5 plants in the tank in May. The flowers sprout up in these long curls, then bloom when they hit the surface. (Forgive the reflections. There's not I can do to take photos in the greenhouse without getting them.)
  25. I know not the best photos but any helpful hints on these plants?? They will look great then stop. Aquenon LED light is on 12hours. Zero algae and some plants are two weeks old so they are trying to get established. I’m not good with plant names. I know the potted plants are not new and the bananas aren’t either. I have eco complete substrate, use easy green maybe once every few weeks, and have iron rich well water. I can never tell what I am missing, even though I heavily research it. Seems like I am missing something or maybe I am just impatient??
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