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About Me

  1. It's about time I started a journal. Thank you to @Streetwise for the help of starting this. Im gonna start this off with my favorite fish of all time: (Mini) Bob the spotted congo puffer Named after Mr. Bob Steenfott. From this point forward, Bob is the pufferfish and Mr. Steenfott is Mr. Steenfott. When I broke my leg, Mr. Steenfott and my friend/coach/teacher Hutch planned a day where we all went to the co-op for fun. At the end, Mr. Steenfott got me this fish under one condition, it had to be named Bob. This was in 2018. You might think it is weird that a teacher took me on this trip, but Hutch is more of a family member because my entire family has known him for a very long time even before this trip. In the photo of the yellow background is the very first time I saw Bob, I sent a picture to my family because this was my dream fish and had never seen one in person before. He was such a skinny lad. After a couple months from the start of the pandemic (June 2020) I upgraded him from an anubias only 20g with a hang on the back filter to a 40g with a canister filter, sand, multiple drift wood pieces, and a plethora of different plant species. On December 16, 2020 Hutch passed away unexpectedly which broke my community's hearts and still leaves a scar. But I have Bob to remind me of all the good times and one of the best days of my life. Today, Bob lives happily in the 40g where he gets to hunt guppies, shrimp, earthworms, bloodworms, snails, clams, and pogostemon stellatus stems.
  2. This journal is the beginning of another successful breeding project from a method I have created over the last couple of years. I have made this from the help of my brother and father, learning from my mistakes, as well as taking a few tips and tricks from videos from the internet a long time ago. Please note breeding bettas takes time and dedication as well as responsibility from you, you must have patience and determination in order to experience one of the best moments in fish keeping and in my opinion, the natural world. Some people may disagree with my methods but that's alright, everyone can have their own way of doing things
  3. Hi! When I was a kid my dad had an angelfish tank he loved and hooked me into the hobby. I had a guppy tank in my bedroom that I now know was horribly stocked (1 albino Cory and 1 pleco of some sort or another 😬). In high school I had my guppy population well maintained but when I went off to college my dad started feeding them much more and I came back to 3x as many fish at Christmas! I do not recall the ultimate demise of the tank but I’m going to assume moving away from home played a roll. Since then I’ve always wanted another tank but just haven’t ever done it. Recently a coworker decided we needed a shop “dog” and brought in a betta. I was rather horrified to see the tiny betta cube that was his new home. I never had bettas but I couldn’t understand how such big flow you fins could be comfortable in less than a 1/2 gallon of water. So I started doing research. And more research. And more research. Now our shop “dog” has a 3 gallon filtered and heated condo instead of a New York studio apartment! Does he need a bigger tank? Yes, but I have to also keep the bosses happy since he is technically unauthorized! Since Dawg’s arrival in my life I have also started cycling a 15 gallon planted tank, added a 5 gallon quarantine tank that is also the home to my own betta Phinneas, because I’m impatient and couldn’t wait to get a tank cycled before buying a betta. And because I mistakenly thought bottled bacteria would speed up the process and not be cruel to my poor fish. Hey, we’re all beginners, right?
  4. This is my first time with a sponge filter. I have a 5 gallon (tall) tank. I bought the nano sponge filter from aquarium co-op, the ziss air stone, and the nano air pump. I have the air stone tightened all the way. I think I saw that it was safe for a betta. It seems like a lot to me, but maybe he just needs to get used to it? Does anyone else use the nano sponge filter in a betta tank?
  5. I NEED HELP IDENTIFYING THIS edit #2: He died last night. :(((( hi y’all, I recently noticed my betta fish was very lethargic, only sticking to the bottom or the sides of his tank and wasn’t moving. He also hasn’t been eating recently which is why he looks so thin in the provided image. Upon further inspection I noticed a fair sized clump of what almost looks to be algae growing on his tail. I’ve searched the web but haven’t been able to find anything that seems accurate to his condition. He won’t eat anything, even when I offered him some frozen blood worms (something I only give him as a treat). He went longer than usual without a tank cleaning (school, life obligations and I was sick myself for a while) and therefore there was a fair amount of algae growing. He lives alone in a five gallon tank with one fair sized decoration (it has a natural stone look with lots of holes he can swim in and out of and places he can hide in) and one small live plant (I got it a long time ago and have since forgotten what kind it was, but I do know it was recommended to me by an aquarium co-op employee). I also have a heater (came with the tank in a kit) and an aquarium co-op sponge filter (meant for a 10g tank, but it’s an adequate amount of filtration and flow for my 5g). Does anyone know what this could be? I’m hoping to identify and cure it as soon as possible. I just cleaned his tank and gave him an around 80% water change. Thanks.
  6. When I got my betta a few weeks ago, I started feeding him omega betta flakes. He liked it, but it was hard for me to measure a consistent amount each time. I was always cautious of overfeeding. But otherwise, he is relatively happy with it. Although this pollutes the water pretty quickly. To try something different, I got him Hikari Betta Bio-gold baby pellets. I remember someone saying give 5 pellets a day. So I usually give 3 in the morning, 2 at night. Although these things are so tiny that I may give him one or two more on accident. So my question... Because these are baby pellets, when should I upgrade to bigger ones, or increase the amount of the baby pellets? What signs of growth do I look for to make sure he's being fed? Or that he needs more daily? While I am cautious of overfeeding, I also don't want to leave him hungry every day.
  7. Have had this betta in a 6 gallon planted tank for a few months. The mark on his head is noticeable and has me worried. Water parameters are great and it doesn't share the tank with anything except a couple snails. It seems to be behaving normally and eating immediately when fed. Still flares just fine at a mirror which I only use every few days for a minute. Fins all look good. It's a giant betta. Only weirdness in the tank is a consistent hair algae problem that I'm working on. Thoughts? Treatments? Thanks so much
  8. So my betta jumped out of his tank ,thankfully I got to him quite quickly and back into the tank, but his fins are clamped and he seems to be struggling to breathe and go up to the surface, what do I do?, have used saltand tannins so far
  9. Edit 9/30/21: I decided to turn this into a general journal. Will hopefully give an update on the 55 SAP tank as well as introduce my other tanks and projects! A fellow forum member very kindly suggested that I could start a journal about this tank and my efforts to address constant glass surfing by my juvenile South American Puffers. Here is the other post/thread, if anyone is interested: (I admit, the title is a bit melodramatic). Basically, they glass surf constantly and - without getting into any conflict about the ethics or morals about what that means or whether we should keep wild-caught animals in captivity - I personally just do not find it enjoyable to watch animals do this. So I was considering giving them up, but decided to take the other good advice I received on that thread (really I am so grateful to this community) and will try to adjust the environment to see if I can reduce this behavior. Attached is a picture of the tank as it currently stands. It is a 55 gallon with half sand, half gravel substrate; planted with jungle val, java fern, java moss,subwassertang, and frogbit across the top; pH is a bit high (8, sometimes up to 8.4); nitrates are always pretty low in the tank (5-10 ppm at most). I change out 15 gallons about once a week - mostly trying to clean up the substrate. There are 6 south american puffers - at first I intended to only keep 3, but there was one in particular that was much more stressed than the others and avoiding food, and I know they prefer to be in groups so I got 3 more. The biggest group I felt I could manage in a tank this size. They are still young (about 1"-1.5"). I got them in Dec-Jan. They get 1 cube frozen blood worms once a day (I do occaisionally skip a few days when I see a lot of planaria in the tank), and 10-30 snails that I toss in throughout the day. I tend to drop the snails into the plants, so that the puffers have to find them. I tried live blackworms early on, but had a parasite scare (happy to elaborate later if anyone asks), so I've been gun shy on using those since even though the puffers loved them. I thought the blackworms were from California Black Worms, though I bought them through a local fish store (I live in Northern California), so I'll have to look into a direct source since I hear that company is a trusted brand. Here are some links to videos of the behavior I'm seeing: https://photos.app.goo.gl/u9p2Mno1Dhmp88Vk9 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fxbzbvVGKcgPPkCoRJWi7ESHf7WQF6JI/view?usp=sharing
  10. No ammonia or nitrites, nitrates 20-30ppm. Any idea what this could be or any treatment recommendations?
  11. Louie the Betta and his nerite companion have made the move into their new 10 gallon tank. All the new plants seem to be adjusting well. I would like to add something like pygmy cories or one of the other small varieties or corydoras. What is the best way to judge if your Betta can have tank mates? Louie completely ignores the nerite and only seems to flare at his reflection (when the light is on). What else should I be looking for in his behavior?
  12. Just curious for those with Male bettas - how often does your betta blow a bubble nest and act like he is ready to be a papa? I've got two that are about 6-7 months old. One has never blown a nest in the two months I have had them, while the other makes one almost every day/every other day (my avatar is the bubbler). Still pretty new to bettas and wondering how my boys compare. They are both really nice looking and I think would produce good fry with the right female. Folks in my area only see the occasional sad bettas in tiny cups, and would love to convince the local pet store to try some nice plakats in their community tanks. The owners are primarily about reptiles but I think open to getting better about their fish care/availability.
  13. My new betta has been in his 10 gallons for 10 days. When I received him, I fed him for two days. He was eating but seemed not very coordinated to grab his food. Took him forever. Then I started the trio med. I fed him with thongs on the 5th days but accidentally a bit too much I think. Didn’t feed him anymore Now it’s the 8th day. I just arrived home and tried to feed him. He didn’t get anything in his mouth but I saw him flare, open his gill really wide (looks like he was yawning) but then he would keep him mouth open/gag, as if he was choking, trying to spit something out. Then he would once again try to get the food very uncoordinated and then keep his mouth open. He choked/gagged a couple more times, but nothing came out. Could he be constipated? Could I have injured him when trying to feed him with the thong? Now he looks at the pellets (Hikari betta bio gold and Omega one betta pellets) and won’t ever try to eat them. He just stares at them. He did try to eat the fluval betta bug bites - he would chew chew chew (pieces would even flow threw his gills) but spit it out. I squished a snail - he would attack it, chew chew and spit… I tried the powdered food I give my other fish - same. Chew chew and spit. Sometimes he grabs the food and swim around with it… He is still active. I am about to do a WC because I know It’s only supposed to be 7 days in med trio. I have seen him poop only once. I am not sure what is wrong and what to do? Is he choking? Is it normal behavior? why won’t he eat now?
  14. Hey everybody, So, I swear the black pigment on my Betta is ?speading? Does that happen? Or is something wrong? Picture with less black is the day I brough Inigo home, the darker is today. His top fin seems more ragged and he appears to have white dots only on his tail (but as he is white, its hard to tell if he has them elsewhere.
  15. I'm not sure what to do about this growth on his fin. I bought him 6 months ago and it just slowly keeps getting bigger. His appetite is fine and he swims around actively. My main question is, is it actually a tumor and is there anything I can do about it? I just worry if it gets to a size where it might affect his swimming and long term health. He is a chain store betta so I know he probably doesn't have the best genetics and I've heard bettas get tumors often. He lives with a nerite snail in a 5 gallon with a sponge filter and plants. His name is Strahd. I've only been keeping fish for about a year. Ph: 7.2 Nitrates: 0 Gh: 300 Nitrite: 0 Kh: 80 Temp: 78 f
  16. I have a small addiction to bettas. Whole currently I only own one tank, I have three others on standby that are "someday betta tanks". My parents, however, are not keen ok fish tanks. So, show off your favorite bettas so I can live vicariously through you! Heres mine!
  17. I decided that I hated the colored gravel in my beta sorority tank, and now that my fiancé has her glow tank and her angelfish beach (I know, I know) tank, it is time to lose the colored gravel. so this is the piece of wood I am starting with. I have to reshape it a bit, so it’s hatchet time.
  18. I have been in the process of building a 150 gallon outdoor pond. My Upper Management (aka wife) has not been overly thrilled about the idea and even less about the associated cost. My efforts to get her interested in it have all but failed ….that was until…. I got an idea to build her a tank of her own. She had once talked about long ago she had a beta in a bowl on her desk with plants in it and she loved it. So this is the start of me building her a upscale version that she will call hers. This is the tank….it’s a Landen 45cm Cube 21 gallon AIO tank
  19. To be fair, he was nearly white and super skinny and sickly in the cup. I put him in one of our plant bays at work and fed him frozen mysis, bloodworms, and baby brine for a week and now he’s gorgeous! I haven’t had a betta that wasn’t a rescue or surrender since I was a child, but I’m now remembering why they’re such incredible fish. I put him in the 11 gallon aio cube because we were having trouble sourcing a pea puffer for it, so now I’ll have to create a new scape for our future pea puffer ohhh noooooo 😂 Anyway, here’s Jack Frost, he’s a stunner even though he’s just a veiltail. Here’s a short video that shows off the beautiful icy blue shimmer over his golden fins. I had just fed him some white worms in the above photo, so he’s got a nice full belly. I’m a firm believer in bettas having full bellies, it’s what gives them the strength to haul around their large finnage. Anyway, I’m really proud of the progress this little dude has made and I look forward to seeing how he grows and changes over time. He has such great personality! Who else has a betta that had a gorgeous transformation? I’d love to see. I wish I had before photos of Jack, but I didn’t think I’d get so attached to him, so I didn’t bother 🤦‍♀️ Silly me.
  20. I was wondering how bettas have become very fragile lately, and likely due to breeding practices, and whether or not the "hardy betta" still exists? What would be the closest to wild splendin one can get?
  21. Hi, I think my betta fish has a mild case of fin rot and I was wondering if the aquarium co-op method of using a single dose of ich-x and maracyn is effective. I added my betta a couple months ago into an established (about 9 months old) 10g tank with 3 zebra danios, a red minor tetra, and a snail. About 3 weeks ago I decided to add 3 more zebra danios because one was killed by the other 2. About 2 weeks ago I noticed my betta's fins were getting clearer and more ragged around the edges. I suspect that adding the extra zebras may have stressed my betta and started the fin rot. I tested my water and it had 0ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrites, and 20ppm nitrates. I moved my betta into a hospital bowl and treated him for over a week with aquarium salt and daily water changes, gradually increasing the dose to 3tsp per gallon. This seemed to slow down the sickness but it looked like it was still getting worse. My betta seems to be acting healthy minus the look of his fins but I didn't want to take any chances so I decided to go with a stronger treatment. I watched the aquarium co-op video on how to treat fin rot and decided to try this method. Here are a few current pics of him sorry for the bad quality. To me it seems like his fins are slowly losing color and receding. Its more noticeable on his top fin. I'm still not 100% sure this is fin rot because his fins are not completely deteriorating but they do seem like they have gotten worse over the past 2 weeks. Do you guys think this is fin rot and I should keep treating it? I have just moved my betta to a hospital 10g with a heater and bubbler and added 1 packet of Maracyn and 1 tsp of Ich-X. I guess my question is will a single dose of each med be enough for a week of treatment? I'm asking this because both medicines say to dose daily throughout the treatment and I haven't found much information online of whether the aquarium co-op approach works. I want to be able to treat my betta within this week because I will be going out of town soon and it will be a little harder to have someone else treat him when I'm gone. Thank you for any help or advice.
  22. Hey everyone I hope you're doing good! Can I keep a betta with a rainbow shark and platies/mollies in a 20 tall tank? Thanks
  23. Hello all! I need some assistance figuring out what has developed near my betta gill plates. Any and all advice would be appreciated so I can follow through researching any possibilities. Behaviorally, there is nothing out of the norm for my dragon plakat betta, and as such the ID I've gotten elsewhere as gill hyperplasia does not seem to fit the bill. Water parameters are dialed in and maintained well in the planted community. For reference, I now test with the coop strips. Tank is stable and has been running for six ish months, pH is ~8, Nitrates are <10ppm, GH is ~150, KH is ~120, and water temp is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Thank you!
  24. I have a 20G long planted tank with 5 pygmy cory, 6 albino neon tetras and 1 mystery snail. The intention was this will be a community tank for my Betta who was in a 3 gallon cube tank. He is a vail tail standard boy I have had about 6 months. The other fish have been in the tank for a few weeks. I just introduced Adolin (Betta) 30 minutes ago. I first floated him in his cup for 45-60 minutes to acclimate him to the tank and also get everyone used to each other. So far its not going great, he is chasing everything. I did have a nirite snail in his other tank just to see how he reacted to other living things and they did well. I know not all Betta's can work in this type of community. How long do I give it before giving up? I am sure he is a bit frighted with the new surroundings and could settle - but also hate to be stressing the others! I have got him to come up and take a couple pellets from me so he can know he is still getting fed. Anyone else go through this and have any suggestions? If this does not work out I will probably look into getting another 5 gallon to give him more space.
  25. Hi, I noticed earlier today that my betta seems to have injured his left eye again. It's swelled up and cloudy. It was injured once in January when netting him out of the aquarium. He injured himself again a few months later in a way I don't know the cause of. (I came home and noticed his left eye was cloudy and swelled up). Then I've noticed the same thing again today. I'm starting to wonder if there's something in his tank causing it. I've noticed him sleeping close to the heater so I'm wondering if that could be the cause, although I don't have anything definite so any other ideas are welcome. Thanks!
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