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Let’s see some morphing! A pic challenge

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When observing our tanks a lot of the time we see a morphing of our inhabitants. (I know maybe not truly a morph but that’s what I’m calling it forever) seeing a fish swim into a different lighting and the sparkling or colorful changes that happen is absolutely one of the best feelings in this hobby IMO. Or seeing them from different angles they can look totally different in their coloration. But how often do you have the camera ready and catch that with pics. Not video single frames or same fish different times. Pics taken in close succession of one another even taken at slightly different angles.

i caught this this morning the lighting is just grow lights hung above pothos that come on a lot earlier than tank lights.IMG_6850.jpeg.c91c847707df88f187f471aa96127a26.jpeg



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I don’t see it as much just swimming through the tank. However as the sun comes through the window in the late afternoon it hits my GBR tank directly. If I’m sitting there I can see them go from just blue and magenta with speckle to vibrant metallic blues and magenta with glowing metallic blue speckles  This happens after the sun has been hitting the tank for about 10-15 minutes. Shortly after that the sun hits my sunset honey gourami tank. They earn their name. They go from yellow with a reddish orange back half and tail to looking like a flame. The yellow becomes bolder and the orange red deepens. 
I’ll try to get some progression pictures. No promises. 

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