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  1. If you mean the one on my hand it is just a 3 inch mystery snail. I had a clutch of them. His brother is just slightly smaller at just shy of 3 inches. The girls were smaller at 2.5 inches. He is a friendly nosey lad. He often comes out on the canister hose or just to the rim of the tank when the lid is off. He always eagerly crawls onto my hand (edit I always wash my hands with dawn and rinse thoroughly as well as wetting my hands with tank water. The oils naturally present in our skin are not good for them if there is a dry spot in the slime coat from venturing)always waits until I put my hand up. He has never ventured beyond the rim lid or canister hose. His 1 brother does not come above the water other than a puff up of air, his 1 sister took an extended walk to the other side of the room and up the leg of the tank she was in as a juvenile snail.
  2. I think you have made wise choices. The 60’s are not conducive to the plant direction you are moving in. At 5’2” I would need a ladder and snorkel to maintain them 🤣. I think the bamboo @Torrey suggested adds an element of interest that makes a curtain much more elegant and more intentional decorating vs just hiding something in an inexpensive manner.
  3. My pharmacist came for pleco babies. I gave her three, plus green beans and repashy on a stick and a thing of wafers so they could transition slowly to whatever she feeds. The entire time she was enchanted by my guppy boy babies that just got tiny hints of yellow orange and blue in the tail. I gave her 5 boys and a scoop of girls. I say scoop because even nets every guppy in the tank insists on going in. So I just dunked an old Lee’s specimen container in and dumped half the girls back in the tank. She should have 3 maybe 4 girls to each boy. 😁 I put 4 of the real small baby plecos in the diatom covered funny tank/cpd grow out. Lesson learned I should not have put 2 different batches in the same grow out. They were the same size when I put them in but a week later batch one had a huge growth spurt. LFS guy went somewhere else now I have a new guy to deal with. He put a Chinese algae eater mid size in with my snails. 😢. One empty one just killed and being eaten by it. Now I wish they would sell them before they are eaten. I’m at capacity so couldn’t bring them home 😭😭😭😭 Laying the spider wood over for the pandas did not work. The bottom of all that beautiful ludwiga was just to low. It weakened and my guppies shredded it now it’s floating at the top. so football Sunday I’m moving all stems out of that tank into shorter tanks and figuring out how to redo plants on spiderwood. the pleco babies 4 that I put in funny tank did this this afternoon they just went in this morning. I wish I had taken pics of the rocks first but who takes pics of rocks heavy coated in diatom? HAPPY ADVENTURES…TRY SOMETHING NEW
  4. Here are those same scarlet temple. They are sending side shoots. No fertz no co2 amazon hygger cheap light. The second pic is same tank tops are new growth super red ludwiga.
  5. Yeah. I never remember to do glass first and usually take pics vids right after I add food 🤣. My tanks that were meant to be fish tanks I usually do but that’s 3/7. The rest were forced tanks for excess baby fish. I have not done interior glass since august when the pleco babies were born. They are the only reason I can even see the fish 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. Yes. Ones born to you are a whole new ballgame. Instead of being fragile they are hardy. By third gen they will be your healthiest least concern fishes. 😁
  7. My Condolences. It’s hard to lose a friend.
  8. Hubby says I’ve turned his life into a musical because I sing out loud all day. I have a song to parody almost anything we are talking about. Even got him doing it about 2 years ago. Makes our life fun. He sang this to me when he got off night shift this morning 😍
  9. I use many flavors almost every day. I dip bamboo sticks in it then freeze it so it’s spread in a wider area so more critters can nom it at the same time. all my fish shrimp and snails love it. Fish eat it right from the stick.
  10. I know if it has knots it’s soft wood (I think) 🤷‍♀️
  11. Steer clear of soft wood go for hardwood. Pine will “burn” a reptile so I can’t picture it being safe in aquariums. Soft woods deteriorate very quickly as well. Dry dry dry. The older and dryer the better.
  12. He was an all time great they don’t make them like that anymore.
  13. I haven’t heard that in forever. I used to ride with Dad once a year in the truck. Still love old trucker songs and cb radios
  14. Now you have this stuck in my head talking about old jukeboxes…huge genre change 🤣
  15. If it were me wanting the scape to be focal point I would do a decent size group of celestial pearl danio and Pygmy cory with neocaridina and mystery snails as cleanup crew. Cpd and Pygmy play very well together and are small unobtrusive fish that are not attention grabbers until you watch them. Then they are endlessly fascinating as are neo shrimp and mystery snails. So best of both worlds 😁
  16. New arrivals only. Guppies born in my tanks are dynamos. Second generation stronger 3+ gens are tanks!
  17. You know the last real jukebox I played was at a backwoods bar we used to shoot pool at. The last juke box I seen 5 years ago I could not figure out how to make it play. You used your phone and credit card 🤪 or had to be a computer programmer…I left very disappointed to be so darn outdated
  18. I have seen local pickup only ads in Craigslist and eBay from folks trying to sell guppies. I do not know how successful they are but maybe worth a shot.
  19. Your tank is lovely. I am so jealous of your flowing frogbit roots. Your new friend will find you and love their new home 😊
  20. Quarantine without fish for 2-3 weeks will eliminate most bacteria/parasites. It will also reveal if you have snails. For snails alum dip works. For hydra hydrogen peroxide look up how long for each plant as h2o2 will harm the plant if left on too long. Elodea and a few others are very sensitive to alum. Copper based fish medications can also work for snails. Me personally I enjoy free pet snails. They are awesome gardeners so I’m not 100% sure on my suggestions for removal of snails I’ve never used them those are just what I have read.
  21. As far as I know and I could be very wrong Non glut means it’s not glutaraldehyde which is what many “carbons” for aquarium use are. I’m not a fertz girl so that’s all I can help with.
  22. Start with anubias, Asian water fern,Java fern and swords. Those the roots will work themselves into the substrate. Use a plant weight and just sit it on your pebbles. No need to even move your fish for it. Sit a few pebbles on the edge of the roots not the rhizome (harder thicker portion roots and leaves extend from). Betta love to rest on anubias leaves
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