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  1. I have a 45 gal freshwater with mollies, shrimp, snails, clown pleco, and endlers. I have one dwarf gourami and hate the endlers because of the millions of babies. I wanted the mollies to breed but no luck. I have tetras in other tanks. I wanted something fun to watch that will be great in the tank. Ideas? Thinking about focusing on more plants first. Hard water, neutral PH, cycled and planted aquarium.
  2. Hello!! Here’s my tank. I’m looking for some exciting stocking ideas that aren’t livebearers because I have those coming out my ears! Tank is a 29 gallon. Filtered by a medium sponge (thanks to the coop) and a Fluval 207 with two full trays of seachem matrix. The light on top is a fluval plant 3.0.
  3. I have just re-set up my 29 gallon aquarium after losing my Betta sorority. My new stocking ideas are a school of Orange Venezuelan Corydoras, a school of Cardinal tetras and a single Angelfish as the centerpiece. My question is how many cardinals and corydoras should I do? I will also be adding plants. Thanks!! Edit: I almost forgot I’d also like to add a bushy nose pleco if possible.
  4. I have a 15 gallon seasoned tropical tank with a large anubius. I want to get some new fish in soon but i'm not sure what I should go for. Any tips? I'm more than interested in adding plants to suit their needs as well. My only concern are fish that constantly breed as I am not in a situation where I can sell or rehome fry. I appreciate any suggestions!
  5. I’m looking for something long and snakey to go in my 90g. It has to be tough enough to stand up to CA cichlids, but not big enough to eat tiger barbs. So far the best idea I have is a Ropefish but I’ve heard it might not fair well with the cichlids.
  6. Hi guys so I have a new fluval flex 9 gallon that is going to be my apartment tank. I was wondering, what are some fish reccomendations, preferably not tetras I would even be fine with one center piece fish. List as many as you can and preferably fish that have long live 10 years plus if possible. The tank will be heavily planted. Thx
  7. I have a peaceful 20 gallon community tank which has a little room for something else. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for any small fish that don't need to be in big groups that like to occupy the top third section of the tank? Even better if it's a surface feeder. Hatchet fish need to be in groups right? My neon tetras and panda cories only use the bottom two thirds really and the top section always looks really empty.
  8. I am so excited for the next chapter in my fish keeping journey that I thought it would be fun to start a journal. I have butterflies as I get closer to picking it up this afternoon. Currently I have a 30 gallon so the day dreaming of what something 3 times the size will look like is fun. Making different tank set ups with different fish and plants. Doing lots of research to make an amazing community tank with fish that like to party together. I am leaning towards Angel fish or Rainbows as my star fish with some schooling fish. Stay tuned over the following months as a get it up and running. P.S. I will be asking lots of questions!!! 🙂
  9. I'm planning my new setup and would love your thoughts on species of fish. It'll be a 26 gallon (100 liters) 2,6 feet long (80 cm), hang on back filter, no lid and heavily planted! It'll have a lot of plants both submerged and emerged. I'd like species that can live in room temperature. I'll have a heater, but in case of a few hours blackout during winter I'd like them to be able to survive if I only can rely on the wood stove to keep the house warm. I also want the tank to eventually require low maintanance with just small water changes so I can water some house plants with the tank water but not much more than that, like an ecosystem tank. So I don't want to overstock. I've wanted to have Rainbow Shiners for a long time now, so I'm planning on keeping 10 of those. Are they shrimp safe (like cherry shrimp)? It's okay if they eat some baby shrimp to keep the population down but I don't want them to harass the adults. Do you think the shiners will jump out of the tank? I'd also love to have a wet pet, and was wondering if a vampire shrimp (the big blue ones) could be a good choice? 6 corydoras would also be fun. But here I'm starting to worry if it'll be overstocked if I want to have a low maintanance tank? If it's okay, is there something else I could have in the tank that you could recommend? I was at first planning on nano fish, but I can't resist the shiners so... 🙈 What are your thoughts? I'd really love some feedback! 🥰
  10. I am fairly new to the hobby and was thinking about doing a 50-100 gallon "pond" on my back patio. It gets hot during the summer here 100°f + for almost 2 months. winters are usually mid 30's at night. Any tips for fish that can handle the heat in the summer?
  11. Hello there! Here is my labor of love!! This is my 1st (ever) planted community tank that I started back in January. It took quite a long time to plan out my tank, but I am really happy with how it turned out. 75 gallons Filtration: Fluvial 407 canister w/ a large coop sponge filter. Substrate: Bottom layer of eco complete, middle layer fluvial stratum, top layer eco complete. Plants: Drift wood, Jungle Val, Java Fern, Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green, Anubias petite (not loving the java fern think I want to replace all of them w/ Cryptocoryne Wendtii of some color. Livestock: 5 nerite snails, 10 amano shrimp, 6 otocinclus, 1 Bala Shark who may or may not get rehomed, 15 ember tetras just as soon as their quarantine is over, and 6 Molly fry growing out that will be moved into my sons tank. I have had SO many thoughts about the stock of this tank and I am sort of at a blank of what I want to add next. I have been doing a lot of reading on Rams but maybe I am mistaken, it seems that I can not keep them in a planted tank as they need such warm water? And also, are they even that great for community tanks. Any thoughts?? I've considered Angels, heavy in orange color...What kind of fish do you think would look really cool in my tank?
  12. Looking for some suggestions for stocking a 29 gallon tank. I have shrimp and guppies, swordtails, pea puffers and a community tank so looking for something different. Don’t really want cichlids except for maybe the dwarf varieties and prefer planted tanks.
  13. So I have my humble 55 gallon, which I have included a picture below, which I have had up since the end of May, so it is still pretty young. Managed to survive an Ich outbreak, and now that is under control, I am looking to the future for ideas for new things to add! My water parameters are 74 PH, with 10 hardness. My water quality is pretty good, thanks to the plants. Right now the tank just has four varitus platys, six black neon tetras and some snails, along with all the plants. Most plants are doing well, though I do need to trim off that one bad leaf on one of my java ferns. I do have a lot of frogbit, but I have begun to control that so it doesn't take things over. I currently have some lemon tetras and more black neon tetras in quarantine, and after they are done, will likely go with some Corydoras to populate the bottom. After that, I am trying to figure out what I should get next. I have plenty of room, and am thinking of treating it almost like a giant nano tank, as I really like a lot of the smaller community species that are very peaceful, but I also like having the room. I really enjoy tetras, would a another species school be okay? I got a lot of great advice on different types of tetras here a bit back. I was also looking at some of the more easy to keep rainbow fish and rasboras as other schooling options, but right now I am pretty open to anything that will be peaceful, get get along with with I already have, be beginner friendly, and also will not decimate my plants. This includes any other invertebrates, if they are okay to add without causing any issues.
  14. I reached out suggestions for a centerpiece fish. You all were so good at your recommendations, that I wanted to ask you again for suggestions for schooling fish.. The 20 gallon has 2 snails, 2 shrimp, 4 corydora cats, LOTS of guppies and I will be added 7 Otto's to help with plant algae. The issue is.. the center of the tank.. is well.. EMPTY.. I wanted to get some schooling fish that would be a good fit. I went to the LFS and saw some really pretty black neon tetra's that might look nice and not be too big. Thoughts for the 20 Gallon? The 40 Gallon, is REALLY lightly stocked right now (2 plecos, 6 panda corys and 5 Ottos ** will be adding more on the weekend too). Its the one that will eventually get the centerpiece fish, but I would like some schooling fish. The LFS had 2 I liked 1) rummy nose tetras and 2) Pearl Danio (NOT CPD) these were a bit larger with a beautiful color to them. I was thinking either a school of each or a LARGE school of just 1 breed? Thoughts on the 40 Gallon??
  15. I am looking for some unique ideas for stocking! This is a 16 gallon and I have 5 baby panda corys and 3 Otocinclus sp. I want to have a school of Celestial Pearl Danios in here as well. Any interesting ideas for 1 showpiece fish?
  16. My wife got me a Flex January 2020 right before the pandemic. I’d been out of the hobby for a decade and was itching to get back in. Fast forward- MTS has set in, we’re summer tubing, and I’ve had some bumps in the road but over all things have gone well with my hobby. Now she has asked me to move the Flex out of the kitchen area to the kids playroom and this presents an opportunity to do something different. At present the tank houses a trio of pseudomeugil luminatus and some Neocaridina culls. My plan is to rehome the blue eyes to my sons 20 long and start fresh. Was wanting to pick the brains of my fellow NERMS for stocking and design suggestions. For those not familiar this is a 15 gallon bowed front tank with internal filtration. I’ve successfully mastered the limitations of this tank and maximized the filtration with upgrades to the pump (eheim) and have used a host of sponges, biohome, filter floss etc etc to maximize its filtration ability. Always have 20-40 nitrates, never have ammonia, and only trouble I’ve had is the TDS and especially the GH tends to run high with the current setup. Think I could use an aquasoil substrate mixed in to soften things up a bit. I have eco-complete in there so perhaps the soil has reached it nutrient peak and can’t take more not sure. Think I’d like to do lava rock base, then mix the eco-complete and some Fluval stratum for the main substrate. Think I’ll slope the substrate stacking lava rock in the back to help the perspective of the tank. Anyway loads of ideas thanks for your help with stocking and design.
  17. The tank came with a 3x3 square sponge pad for bio media I'm adding a few layers of 9x9 coarse pads for extra media to put behind the false backing along with a 25w heater hiding everything..I also got a fluval plant 3.0 led nano to replace the stock lighting. Ive read to cut diamond shape holes in the tubing to allow extra flow behind the wall so the warm water gets less stagnant. I'm planning on doing that or a whole different idea being take the false wall completely out and get a nano hang on back filter..cant decide yet any suggestions? Whats going in the tank so far is 1x micro sword,Vallisneria,amazon sword and down the road when its cycled a beta and afew small undecided little guys I'm currently looking up in forums and doing some research but if anyone has any links or just ideas that might help I'd appreciate it thanks
  18. Hey guys! this is my first Aquascape that i really took seriously with the planning and didn’t rush into. it’s an AquaJapan AJ-60 115L (30 gallon) aquarium that i’m doing a South American/Amazonian biotope in. planted in there right now are 3 Red Flame Swords, 5 Valisnerias, 2 Staurogyne Repens (All of these are from the Co-op), some dwarf saggitaria i propagated from my Endler tank, and a “Sparkling Sword” from my LFS (looks like an ozelot sword except white speckling instead of red). There is also a Pothos cutting i stole from one of my sisters plants that is dipping into the water and running up my Mangrove root. Because of the built in Sump system in this tank, i was able to hide my heater and my thermometer in the back of the tank, as to not interrupt my aquascape (even though i have 2 Fluval passive C02 systems there in the back by the filter outlet.) other than showing off this aquascape (waiting for the plants to grow in a little more/for the tank to season a little better before i add fish), i had 3 main questions… 1.) my LFS has a Gold Nugget Pleco in a display tank that no one has bought yet, and i wanted to make sure it would be a good choice for this tank. I think size wise it would do well, but my main concern is if it would eat the mulm that has accumulated on my wood and some of my plants. I know that it will eat the green string algae and the brown diatomaceous stuff that has started to grow, but i want to make sure it’ll eat the ugly bits that i’m really worried about with this aquascape (will be pictured). question #2: stocking ideas? I was thinking 3-4 bolivian rams, 13-15 ember tetras, and the gold nugget pleco. I was debating on apistos instead of the rams, but i would want to have 2 separate caves for them and i really only have room for the 1 drift wood cave pictured. I love hearing other ideas about stocking ideas Water Parameters: PH 7.2-7.5 GH about 120-150 according to API test strips KH about 80-120 according to API strips i’m mid cycle so ammonia just started going down, nitrates have shown up but still spiked nitrites (no fish at the moment) question #3 what do you think about the aquascape? I love constructive criticism and would appreciate plant ideas, hardscape ideas, or any overall ego boosting about this tank xD sorry for writing so much, don’t post on here often but i want to start becoming more active on here, and hopefully become a member soon! here are some pictures!
  19. Last spring I found a juvenile northeastern gray tree frog in my bag on soil. My patio was a jungle of plants so I set her up with a fountain and let her live there. 96 degree day I found her under my bearded dragons outdoor enclosure starved and dehydrated. Brought her in set up temp quarters rehabbed he got her her own terrarium. It is her 1 year anniversary inside coming up. I am thinking of upgrading her to a paludarium. I have the design setup but there is not readily available info on tree frog aquatic life cohabitation. things I’m looking for in aquatic life doesn’t need to be a fish but can’t be able to harm her must be cheap she does bathe and swim occasionally so might get eaten temp 70-75 I need the heat and humidity for her hard water dweller 7.4-7.6 ph very small as enclosure will hold 3-5 gallons of water in the bottom not sure which enclosure I’m going to use yet very hardy since frog will toilet in her pool at night(yes will have a filter and be safe but the randomness of her excrement times may mean overnight with the aquatic creature. Possibly something that can get out of the water or just pond snail tough....small snails not optional she will swallow them and not be able to digest properly. must do well with natural light only no sun or lamp so fake plants and Pothos growing out of paludarium for added filtration of water. And large daily water changes. Yes I could go with just the heated pond but who can see water in a glass box and not Jones to put an aquatic creature in? Not me lol thanks in advance for your input
  20. Hey everyone, returning aquarist looking to stock my tank once my cycling is complete. My main concern at this point, is the idea of stocking and stocking levels kind of baffles me. Everyone on the internet always seems to say something different regarding what are and aren't acceptable stocking levels, so I honestly figured I would just ask the community to get a better idea. My current plan is to stock with 6 oto's, 6 pygmy cory's, and some cherry shrimp. Forgoing a typical centerpiece fish for some more smaller catfish. While Aqadvisor says its fine (image included of stocking levels from them) it just seems like a lot to have in a small tank. Since it would be setup for catfish, I have some driftwood and caves setup, and plan to add lots of plants to add cover and a more realistic environment for them. If all ends up working, I plan to add the shrimp first to help build the beneficial bacteria, then the cory cats, then the oto's. I will have a separate algae growing environment to add alage covered rocks to the aquarium as a food source so the shrimp and oto's hopefully don't go hungry. I would love feedback and opinions on this, since ultimately the health and quality of life comes first for the little guys. Thank you all for taking the time to read, and have a wonderful day!
  21. Wanted to get recommendations for pond fish. I have a ~100 gallon barrel, about 3.5-4' in diameter. that's housing fantail goldfish and white clouds currently. It's got a very well-established lily system going. The bottom two inches of barrel are a mass of roots and hair algae that won't come apart without tearing at it. I live in Southern CA by the beach with a low temperature of about 40F and high of low 90s, and that lasts about 3 days tops typically. I could always water change to reset water temperatures, since ground water is 60F year round, but I'd prefer just to let things go naturally for the most part. I like goldfish and white clouds because they aren't skittish when I come up to the barrel. I had mosquito fish in the past and they would hide as soon as I got near. What else would work in this barrel? Rice fish (skittish?). Dojo loach (too cold?). Thanks for any ideas.
  22. So I've sadly lost both my betta and my cory bronzes. I plan to get my tank cycled properly before another purchase (I've been discussing this saga/tragedy in the "Ongoing fish & tank issues" thread in Diseases) I have a snail, 3 black neon tetras and one orange tetra. The pet store told me it didn't matter if they were different colours/types as they school together anyway. Based on personal observation this isn't true. (I hope to get more orange ones and maybe a couple more black neons to keep everyone in the tank happy.) I do want another betta, but I don't know what to get for bottom/algy feeders. I only have a 30 litre tank (6.5 gallon). I am concerned about overloading the tank but I want a touch more variety than just the tetras and betta. Each time I went to the pet store they recommended the wrong fish. First they gave me bristlenose catfish which they told me wouldn't grow too large and then they recommended the bronze corys which "didn't need to be in schools" (incorrect, based on what the internet tells me) and were the right size. I'm looking for a common, easy-to-care-for fish that will happily live out its life in my small tank and are compatible with betta fish. Does anyone have any recommendations or input they can give?
  23. Set up the last piece of our little fishroom here this week: a 33 gal long. Also (hat trick for MTS) have 2x 5.5 gal tanks tucked in the cabinet underneath. It’s got 3x sponge filters, a small mini pond pump to move water across the long space. It is planted right now with Ludwigia Repens, rotalla indica, and Java moss. Eco complete substrate. 3x bristlenose Plecos. I can’t decide how to stock it. I like breeding fish a whole lot! There’s already golden white clouds in one of the 5.5 gals underneath. I’d feel fine running this warm or cool. But I’m not terribly into mere display / community tanks.... everything always leans toward breeding. Im already breeding Redtail Goodeids (Xenotoca Doadrioi) and Emerald killifish (Fundulopanchax Scheeli) — and could imagine the tank utterly swarming with either species as a colony. Someday... I’d like to try a huge Apistogramma Cacatuoides super red colony in here, but everything is wrong for that just now. My favorite sorts of fish include (1) Dwarf Cichlids (2) Hydrophlox Shiners (3) Discus. I’m already loaded with Electric Blue Acaras, doing a separate project with German Blue Rams, and worn out with Dwarf Gouramis, Angelfish, and Corydoras. I’ve done a lot of tetras... not terribly excited about them right now. Tried and failed a few times recently with Bettas, so they’re out. Alright. I’m going to mow my cicadas / lawn and do some outside work now. What say you? How should I stock this tank??
  24. I’m looking for some more pond fish and I’m trying to find some that can survive winter temperatures and ice on the surface, I already know about goldfish, rosy red minnows, rainbow shiners, red bellied dace, Medaka, etc.... are there any rare cold water fish that anyone knows about? I’d be fine with shrimp or snails, or dwarf crayfish too.
  25. Hey guys I have been wanting some ideas for a five gallon aquarium. All my stuff is arriving tomorrow so I will be able to start cycling. I would be looking for some bottom feeders and middle or top fish. Thanks
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