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  1. Hello. I've been wanting to set up a new tank and have fell in love with dwarf cichlids. I've been trying to do some research over the past few days and haven't quite found the answers I'm looking for. I have a tank setup in mind I'm just not sure it would work and would rather get opinions on what others think before committing to it. I was thinking of doing a 40 gallon breeder with 3 German Blue Rams (1M 2F) and 3 Apistogramma Cacatuoides (1M 2F). I would want to also add some shrimp and some snails. Would something like this not work due to species compatibilities or perhaps too many fish? Maybe the opposite and I could add in a small school of tetras or corys? Thanks!
  2. I recently set up a CO2 system to my 55 gallon tank, and so far so good. I currently have a low/medium light set up, and will not be upgrading that for awhile. The CO2 has been running for three weeks now, and my current plants, all low tech ones, are growing faster. Even the Anbuias have been sending out new leaves quicker, and my Crypts had no melting either from the change, they are still happily spreading like they did before. It also obliterated the the Black Beard Algae I had in my tank, so very good thing there. I was wondering, does anyone have good plant suggestions for a tank with CO2 injection, but not the high powered lights? My current plants are the usual types for a low tech tank, and most were purchased from Aquarium Co-Op, but I am trying to find some more good candidates that that can take advantage of the new CO2 system that is in place, but don't need powerful lighting.
  3. Hello friends, My 75 currently houses a blood parrot cichlid (who is the Queen and High Potentate of everything), two male senegal bichirs (a big wild type and a little albino), and a small ctenopoma (bought as an adult and it never grew much bigger; I think it was turned in from a pervious owner at the store). Here's a video to show what kind of room I have going on. The tank is kept at 79-80F, so whatever I add needs to like it toasty. Because of the plant load, nitrates are never over 50, and I think they only get that high because I add Easy Green. Ph is 7.2. I feel like I want to add something that swims midwater. Obviously they have to be big enough to not be a snack - 3in is usually the recommended size to cohabitate with bichirs and ctenopoma. A school of congo tetras is an option. But what would YOU add? I'm open to ideas. I've been agonizing over this for 6 months to a year, lol! Edit: Forgot to mention that cichlids are probably out, since the blood parrot kept starting fights with my blue acara that was previously living in there.
  4. im getting the tank and i was wondering what would be some good stock ideas. im open for anything fresh water. im thinking about schooling fish or maybe a larger centerpiece fish.
  5. Hello, I am in the process of setting up a new 29-gallon freshwater tank. I would love for everyone to comment on the list of fish below, their numbers and anything that I can do to improve the mix before I head to my local fish store. I will be cycling the tank using the following: Tap water that starts out at 7.4 pH Fritz Complete FritzZyme 7 Fritz Fishless Fuel Here is the equipment I will be working with (unless someone sees an opportunity to improve) 29 Gallon Tank ( 30.6"L x 19.0"H x 13.25"W) Tidal 35 HOB Power Filter CaribSea Eco Complete - Black (mixed with some small natural colored substrate) I plan to use Purigen in the filter along with the the foam filter and Matrix Bio-Media (after the tank has cycled) Here are the fish that I am considering and where I really hope for comments and suggestions. I would like to see activity at all three levels of my tank (top, mid, bottom), a lot of activity, color, schooling and general interest. Silver Hatchet Fish - Top Level - Qty = 6 Zebra Danio - Top Level - Qty = 10 Neon Tetra - Middle Level - Qty = 10 Golden Mystery Snail - All Over - Qty = 3 Corydoras - Bottom - Qty = 6 (not sure what variety. suggestions?) I will also be buying all of my plants from AquariumCoOp. I will be asking for advice on the number and types of plants in another post. Is this a good mix of fish for a community tank? Is this generally a good number of each type of fish? Too many? Thanks you for your comments and suggestions! Joe
  6. My wife got me a Flex January 2020 right before the pandemic. I’d been out of the hobby for a decade and was itching to get back in. Fast forward- MTS has set in, we’re summer tubing, and I’ve had some bumps in the road but over all things have gone well with my hobby. Now she has asked me to move the Flex out of the kitchen area to the kids playroom and this presents an opportunity to do something different. At present the tank houses a trio of pseudomeugil luminatus and some Neocaridina culls. My plan is to rehome the blue eyes to my sons 20 long and start fresh. Was wanting to pick the brains of my fellow NERMS for stocking and design suggestions. For those not familiar this is a 15 gallon bowed front tank with internal filtration. I’ve successfully mastered the limitations of this tank and maximized the filtration with upgrades to the pump (eheim) and have used a host of sponges, biohome, filter floss etc etc to maximize its filtration ability. Always have 20-40 nitrates, never have ammonia, and only trouble I’ve had is the TDS and especially the GH tends to run high with the current setup. Think I could use an aquasoil substrate mixed in to soften things up a bit. I have eco-complete in there so perhaps the soil has reached it nutrient peak and can’t take more not sure. Think I’d like to do lava rock base, then mix the eco-complete and some Fluval stratum for the main substrate. Think I’ll slope the substrate stacking lava rock in the back to help the perspective of the tank. Anyway loads of ideas thanks for your help with stocking and design.
  7. Hello all, I have an empty 60 gallon sitting around and I am thinking of getting it set up into a Central American cichlid tank if possible. I currently have a 150g South American community, a 60g Asiatic community and a 30g Lake Tanganyika community (micros). I know CA Cichlids are known for their tenacious aggression and breeding, I have had some in the past including firemouths, Honduran red points, salvinis and of course convicts. I know a 60g is not a large tank and it has a rather small footprint being a "Tall" tank. Am I limited to only getting away with the CA cichlids I have kept in the past, or is there a possibility of making a larger CA cichlid work in a 60g tank such as a, Texas, Carpinits, Jack Dempsey, Cuban, or a Nicaraguan? If so would it be a solitary tank, or could I get away with a breeder pair? Is there an option for a decent sized CA cichlid in a 60g with other smaller CA cichlids I've kept in the past or livebearers? I greatly appreciate any and all responses and shared knowledge and experience on this matter or any other suggestions of stocking species, Thank You!
  8. First post on the forum for me! So my latest tank is a heavily planted, dirted, Fluval Flex 32.5 with a group of 13 rainbow shiners. My original idea was to include some other native species (I’m in south east Georgia) but I don’t really want to get into the live-food feeding that the Pygmy sunfish (elassoma) require. (My axolotl already requires a worm farm. He’s as complex in feeding as I’d like to get. Plus my wife isn’t a fish person and if she’s going to do any feeding if I happen to be sick or out of town, it needs to be pretty simple. But she’s a good sport and hasn’t minded the dozen tanks that suddenly appeared in our house when I took up the hobby during the pandemic, but she has drawn her line 🤣) The rainbow shiners prefer a cooler water. I’ve watched all the Co-Op vids listing the cold water fish. So far panda corys and hill stream loaches are on my short list. I’m really trying to figure out a “centerpiece” fish. I’d love to hear any ideas you have. Thanks, Julie
  9. Hi Everyone, I have a well planted 20 gallon tall tank and was wondering how many more fish I could add without throwing off my water parameters. I currently do a 25% weekly water change and ideally wouldn't deviate from this with the new fish. Here's my current fish/invertebrate list: - 1 very chill male betta - 6 harlequin rasboras - 6 red cherry shrimp - 4 amano shrimp - 1 gold inca snail - 4 nerite snails - a few bladder snails that hitched a ride that I keep in check I was thinking of adding 3 or 4 more harlequin rasboras or doing a small school (6ish) of another species (Neon tetras, chili rasboras, etc.). Do you all think that would increase the bioload too much? I know the rough 1 inch/gallon rule, but I figured that the invertebrates aren't impacting the bioload the same as fish do. I attached a picture of the current setup.
  10. Hello All, I recently acquired a 100 gallon rubbermaid stock tank and want to start up an aquaponics setup on my front porch. I'm searching for fish stocking ideas. I live in the Florida keys so overwintering is not a concern (average temperature at night in January is mid 60s). Thanks!
  11. I have a 45 gal freshwater with mollies, shrimp, snails, clown pleco, and endlers. I have one dwarf gourami and hate the endlers because of the millions of babies. I wanted the mollies to breed but no luck. I have tetras in other tanks. I wanted something fun to watch that will be great in the tank. Ideas? Thinking about focusing on more plants first. Hard water, neutral PH, cycled and planted aquarium.
  12. Hello!! Here’s my tank. I’m looking for some exciting stocking ideas that aren’t livebearers because I have those coming out my ears! Tank is a 29 gallon. Filtered by a medium sponge (thanks to the coop) and a Fluval 207 with two full trays of seachem matrix. The light on top is a fluval plant 3.0.
  13. I have just re-set up my 29 gallon aquarium after losing my Betta sorority. My new stocking ideas are a school of Orange Venezuelan Corydoras, a school of Cardinal tetras and a single Angelfish as the centerpiece. My question is how many cardinals and corydoras should I do? I will also be adding plants. Thanks!! Edit: I almost forgot I’d also like to add a bushy nose pleco if possible.
  14. I have a 15 gallon seasoned tropical tank with a large anubius. I want to get some new fish in soon but i'm not sure what I should go for. Any tips? I'm more than interested in adding plants to suit their needs as well. My only concern are fish that constantly breed as I am not in a situation where I can sell or rehome fry. I appreciate any suggestions!
  15. I’m looking for something long and snakey to go in my 90g. It has to be tough enough to stand up to CA cichlids, but not big enough to eat tiger barbs. So far the best idea I have is a Ropefish but I’ve heard it might not fair well with the cichlids.
  16. Hi guys so I have a new fluval flex 9 gallon that is going to be my apartment tank. I was wondering, what are some fish reccomendations, preferably not tetras I would even be fine with one center piece fish. List as many as you can and preferably fish that have long live 10 years plus if possible. The tank will be heavily planted. Thx
  17. I have a peaceful 20 gallon community tank which has a little room for something else. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for any small fish that don't need to be in big groups that like to occupy the top third section of the tank? Even better if it's a surface feeder. Hatchet fish need to be in groups right? My neon tetras and panda cories only use the bottom two thirds really and the top section always looks really empty.
  18. I am so excited for the next chapter in my fish keeping journey that I thought it would be fun to start a journal. I have butterflies as I get closer to picking it up this afternoon. Currently I have a 30 gallon so the day dreaming of what something 3 times the size will look like is fun. Making different tank set ups with different fish and plants. Doing lots of research to make an amazing community tank with fish that like to party together. I am leaning towards Angel fish or Rainbows as my star fish with some schooling fish. Stay tuned over the following months as a get it up and running. P.S. I will be asking lots of questions!!! 🙂
  19. I'm planning my new setup and would love your thoughts on species of fish. It'll be a 26 gallon (100 liters) 2,6 feet long (80 cm), hang on back filter, no lid and heavily planted! It'll have a lot of plants both submerged and emerged. I'd like species that can live in room temperature. I'll have a heater, but in case of a few hours blackout during winter I'd like them to be able to survive if I only can rely on the wood stove to keep the house warm. I also want the tank to eventually require low maintanance with just small water changes so I can water some house plants with the tank water but not much more than that, like an ecosystem tank. So I don't want to overstock. I've wanted to have Rainbow Shiners for a long time now, so I'm planning on keeping 10 of those. Are they shrimp safe (like cherry shrimp)? It's okay if they eat some baby shrimp to keep the population down but I don't want them to harass the adults. Do you think the shiners will jump out of the tank? I'd also love to have a wet pet, and was wondering if a vampire shrimp (the big blue ones) could be a good choice? 6 corydoras would also be fun. But here I'm starting to worry if it'll be overstocked if I want to have a low maintanance tank? If it's okay, is there something else I could have in the tank that you could recommend? I was at first planning on nano fish, but I can't resist the shiners so... 🙈 What are your thoughts? I'd really love some feedback! 🥰
  20. I am fairly new to the hobby and was thinking about doing a 50-100 gallon "pond" on my back patio. It gets hot during the summer here 100°f + for almost 2 months. winters are usually mid 30's at night. Any tips for fish that can handle the heat in the summer?
  21. Hello there! Here is my labor of love!! This is my 1st (ever) planted community tank that I started back in January. It took quite a long time to plan out my tank, but I am really happy with how it turned out. 75 gallons Filtration: Fluvial 407 canister w/ a large coop sponge filter. Substrate: Bottom layer of eco complete, middle layer fluvial stratum, top layer eco complete. Plants: Drift wood, Jungle Val, Java Fern, Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green, Anubias petite (not loving the java fern think I want to replace all of them w/ Cryptocoryne Wendtii of some color. Livestock: 5 nerite snails, 10 amano shrimp, 6 otocinclus, 1 Bala Shark who may or may not get rehomed, 15 ember tetras just as soon as their quarantine is over, and 6 Molly fry growing out that will be moved into my sons tank. I have had SO many thoughts about the stock of this tank and I am sort of at a blank of what I want to add next. I have been doing a lot of reading on Rams but maybe I am mistaken, it seems that I can not keep them in a planted tank as they need such warm water? And also, are they even that great for community tanks. Any thoughts?? I've considered Angels, heavy in orange color...What kind of fish do you think would look really cool in my tank?
  22. Looking for some suggestions for stocking a 29 gallon tank. I have shrimp and guppies, swordtails, pea puffers and a community tank so looking for something different. Don’t really want cichlids except for maybe the dwarf varieties and prefer planted tanks.
  23. So I have my humble 55 gallon, which I have included a picture below, which I have had up since the end of May, so it is still pretty young. Managed to survive an Ich outbreak, and now that is under control, I am looking to the future for ideas for new things to add! My water parameters are 74 PH, with 10 hardness. My water quality is pretty good, thanks to the plants. Right now the tank just has four varitus platys, six black neon tetras and some snails, along with all the plants. Most plants are doing well, though I do need to trim off that one bad leaf on one of my java ferns. I do have a lot of frogbit, but I have begun to control that so it doesn't take things over. I currently have some lemon tetras and more black neon tetras in quarantine, and after they are done, will likely go with some Corydoras to populate the bottom. After that, I am trying to figure out what I should get next. I have plenty of room, and am thinking of treating it almost like a giant nano tank, as I really like a lot of the smaller community species that are very peaceful, but I also like having the room. I really enjoy tetras, would a another species school be okay? I got a lot of great advice on different types of tetras here a bit back. I was also looking at some of the more easy to keep rainbow fish and rasboras as other schooling options, but right now I am pretty open to anything that will be peaceful, get get along with with I already have, be beginner friendly, and also will not decimate my plants. This includes any other invertebrates, if they are okay to add without causing any issues.
  24. I reached out suggestions for a centerpiece fish. You all were so good at your recommendations, that I wanted to ask you again for suggestions for schooling fish.. The 20 gallon has 2 snails, 2 shrimp, 4 corydora cats, LOTS of guppies and I will be added 7 Otto's to help with plant algae. The issue is.. the center of the tank.. is well.. EMPTY.. I wanted to get some schooling fish that would be a good fit. I went to the LFS and saw some really pretty black neon tetra's that might look nice and not be too big. Thoughts for the 20 Gallon? The 40 Gallon, is REALLY lightly stocked right now (2 plecos, 6 panda corys and 5 Ottos ** will be adding more on the weekend too). Its the one that will eventually get the centerpiece fish, but I would like some schooling fish. The LFS had 2 I liked 1) rummy nose tetras and 2) Pearl Danio (NOT CPD) these were a bit larger with a beautiful color to them. I was thinking either a school of each or a LARGE school of just 1 breed? Thoughts on the 40 Gallon??
  25. I am looking for some unique ideas for stocking! This is a 16 gallon and I have 5 baby panda corys and 3 Otocinclus sp. I want to have a school of Celestial Pearl Danios in here as well. Any interesting ideas for 1 showpiece fish?
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