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  1. I’m looking for some more pond fish and I’m trying to find some that can survive winter temperatures and ice on the surface, I already know about goldfish, rosy red minnows, rainbow shiners, red bellied dace, Medaka, etc.... are there any rare cold water fish that anyone knows about? I’d be fine with shrimp or snails, or dwarf crayfish too.
  2. Hey guys I have been wanting some ideas for a five gallon aquarium. All my stuff is arriving tomorrow so I will be able to start cycling. I would be looking for some bottom feeders and middle or top fish. Thanks
  3. TLDR: looking for stocking suggestions for a 75 gal. planted tank. We recently had a 36 gallon start leaking. I took everything out and put the fish in buckets with aquarium water and sponge filters from the aquarium. I got a 75 gallon that day (why not upgrade). Some of the fish died during the transition that day. I now only have 1 zebra danio and 2 celestial pearl danios and 6 Corys. I’ve thought about moving them to the guppy tank, but don’t won’t them fin nipping. I was able to move all of the plants over. For the 75 we’re want a community tank and thinking about the following. Would any of these not work together? rainbow fish: do they all need to be the same kind? Denison barb Some kind of other barb? Kribs Apistogramma tetras - cardinal? Rummy nose?
  4. So hi my name is logan I’m 16 and I live in Queens, New York and I have one 55 gallon tank now but after the summer I’m upgrading to a 90 gallon tank and I wanted some feedback on my stocking ideas Blue pinoy angelfish Pearlscale Red koi angelfish German rams Apistogramas Cory cats Black neons Cherry barbs Bristle nose pleco Khuli loach Rummy nose tetra Emperor tetra
  5. Hit me with your favorites! SA/CA only. I'm not looking to set up a biospecific tank, but I do want to keep fish from the same overall area.
  6. I am so excited for the next chapter in my fish keeping journey that I thought it would be fun to start a journal. I have butterflies as I get closer to picking it up this afternoon. Currently I have a 30 gallon so the day dreaming of what something 3 times the size will look like is fun. Making different tank set ups with different fish and plants. Doing lots of research to make an amazing community tank with fish that like to party together. I am leaning towards Angel fish or Rainbows as my star fish with some schooling fish. Stay tuned over the following months as a get it up and running. P.S. I will be asking lots of questions!!! 🙂
  7. My wife got me a Flex January 2020 right before the pandemic. I’d been out of the hobby for a decade and was itching to get back in. Fast forward- MTS has set in, we’re summer tubing, and I’ve had some bumps in the road but over all things have gone well with my hobby. Now she has asked me to move the Flex out of the kitchen area to the kids playroom and this presents an opportunity to do something different. At present the tank houses a trio of pseudomeugil luminatus and some Neocaridina culls. My plan is to rehome the blue eyes to my sons 20 long and start fresh. Was wanting to pick the brains of my fellow NERMS for stocking and design suggestions. For those not familiar this is a 15 gallon bowed front tank with internal filtration. I’ve successfully mastered the limitations of this tank and maximized the filtration with upgrades to the pump (eheim) and have used a host of sponges, biohome, filter floss etc etc to maximize its filtration ability. Always have 20-40 nitrates, never have ammonia, and only trouble I’ve had is the TDS and especially the GH tends to run high with the current setup. Think I could use an aquasoil substrate mixed in to soften things up a bit. I have eco-complete in there so perhaps the soil has reached it nutrient peak and can’t take more not sure. Think I’d like to do lava rock base, then mix the eco-complete and some Fluval stratum for the main substrate. Think I’ll slope the substrate stacking lava rock in the back to help the perspective of the tank. Anyway loads of ideas thanks for your help with stocking and design.
  8. I know I want 8 Rosaline sharks, a blue acara, a keyhole cichlid, some species of rainbows, and probably a rainbow shark, but I'm not sure what else might be good for this tank. I know I at the very least need a bottom dweller(s). I've given some thought to dwarf petricola (but I've heard there could be water chemistry compatibility issues plus they are very expensive), huge group bronze cories, raphael catfish, and even a senegal bichir. If you have any good ideas or recommendations for this tank please let me know! I've put a lot of time and money into this and being my dream tank since i joined the hobby 5 years ago, I want to make it the best it can be! Thanks so much for your time and help!
  9. So I got a phone call yesterday from a small local fish store asking me if I want a 350L ( somewhere around 90 gallons) juwel corner aquarium for free. It has to go out asap from a waiting room in doctor's office. And I said of course I want it since it's 3 times bigger them my biggest tank at the moment. So I need inspiration what could I keep inside, my daughter and wife would like a bigger fish since biggest one we keep now is siamese algae eater. What we have at the moment : -panda and juli corridoras - few hundred or maybe thousands different strains of guppies (20 tanks in basement set up for breeding) -kuhli and brown loaches ( think they are called brown, same as kuhli just no stripes) - some bristlenose plecos - agassizii double red (1male, 2 females, trying to breed them but no success for now) - neon tetras - few hundred cherry shrimp - Amano shrimp We are interested in some maybe bigger fish that could comfortably live in that size thank but I was mostly focused on guppies so know little or nothing about other fish. Maybe something that could potentionally be breed for fun and getting little return from hobby since I have fish store where I can unload fish. Not sure should we go with community tank or species only tank ? Maybe something that could occasionally snack a 1-2 months old guppie culs ? ( I'm not talking about the ones that are not right color or shape those are exchanged for some fish food in store and he is selling them for cheaper, talking about the ones that have genetic deformities and their quality of life wouldn't be the best ) Counting on some ideas from long time tank keepers since there are hundreds of fish Thanks
  10. I find that as my 29 comes together my stocking "plan" is changing. My driftwood still isn't waterlogged and a few videos I have watched mention that driftwood can lower pH. My current situation is that I need to raise my pH so a Bristlenose Pleco is off of my list because from what I understand is that it's best for them to have driftwood in the tank. Still up in the air on a Reticulated Hillstream Loach but for sure I want 10 Cardinal Tetras, 6 Sterbai Corydoras and 4 Kuhli Loaches. Currently I have one Angelfish and one Bronze Corydora. Not interested in goldfish, guppies or any other live bearers. Love to have a Satanoperca Jurupari but my substrate precludes that. Any ideas for other community members?
  11. Looking to set up a small 5 gallon. Wondering what i can put on there. Thinking maybe a betta and some shrimp, Pea puffer, Or maybe breeding mystery snails. Any thoughts?
  12. Here is a video tour of the tank. (no sound) my stocking idea is: 5 cherry shrimp 6 neon tetras If you have any ideas on how it can change for the better please let me know.
  13. I am in the process of building an outdoor pond and am not sure what to stock it with. I live in Indiana and do not have a place to bring the fish in over the winter, so they would need to be cold water tolerate. I have a 145 gallon pond. I've seen before where people will build a DIY "greenhouse" to go over top of thr pond to help warm it during the winter. So, does anyone have stocking ideas or have a similar situation?
  14. Cycling my new 29 long. Im loving me one big school of Rummynose tetra. or celestial pearl danios. Whats the max # of those you would put in a 29? i know one inch per gallon blah blah...😏 any exception to that rule with more frequent water changes, planted tank? Other species ideas? One big fish? One tetra school, cichlids, discus? Talk to me
  15. My MTS continues! Just got a great deal on Craigslist for two 30 gallon tanks with mesh critter lids (I think they were used for reptiles before) and a 16g. 16g is going to be my first kili tank, once I find a lid for it. One 30g I think is going up in my partner's office, where it's always nice and warm. Going to do the classic apistos+tetras+hatchet fish there where they'll enjoy the heat and get to watch us watch movies in the evening. But the other 30 I'm thinking about putting in the dining room, which is more like my hobby room these days. It has big sliding glass doors out onto the deck and back yard, so it gets pretty cold in the winter (64-ish) and warm in the summer (78-ish). And while I use it as a hobby room, it's more like a gardening staging room and where I take zoom classes. Not a room for relaxing for long periods while watching my fish. So what 30g idea would work best for this transitional room, mostly seen in passing and from afar, with a lot of temperature fluctuations? I could try Cory's "unheated" idea for longfin rosy barbs and paleatus cories, but since cories don't like it THAT cold, I'd probably still stick in a heater to keep it at like 74. Or I could try Cory's idea for a single mating pair of angels (heated, of course, especially in the winter). Stuffed with tall plants and pretty low maintenance, and would look nice from afar. Or should I go for my unheated North American tank idea with maybe a school of rainbow shiners? Something else? Has anyone tried one of these and have tips or warnings?
  16. Howdy fellow Nerms, I am looking for some new ideas for stock for summer tubs. So let’s turn to the forum to see what gets recommended. I don’t want to limit suggestions but please keep in mind I live in the northeast and my window really runs from June to October so I am limited. Yet this discussion isn’t just for me please allow it to run the gamut for all readers sake. many thanks, Tedrock
  17. Hi, I own 3 smaller 5 gallon tanks since 6 months and bought a fourth one just now - a 45 Gallon. I binge watched a ton of informative vids in the last couple of months, but I'd like to have an opionion from you guys with way more experience regarding my stocking ideas. 1 Betta 3 Kuhli loaches 2 Hillstream loaches 6 Corys 8 Celestial Pearl danio ~30 Shrimp A Feedback would be much appreciated (too many? Other problems?) Greetings, Tim
  18. Curious what other species you can breed in stock tank ponds. I have some platinum medaka rice fish and white clouds in (2) 100 gallon tanks. What other species aside from guppies can survive the summer or even year round?
  19. So, I just recently watched the Tazawa Tanks YT vid on his DIY office pond (I think I can mention him here - Zenzo is apparently sponsored by AqCOOP). It was really inspiring! And it seems like an easy build. I can handle picking out an interesting emergent plant that won't take over easily. But, it got me thinking about the fish selection. Zenzo used guppies, but you can't really appreciate their tails very well from above. In general, the fish that are selected for, and bred in, the hobby are selected for how they look from the side. The expectation being we'll look at them in glass boxes. But the mini indoor pond, you can really only appreciate them from above, and with the exception of koi, that's not really how we normally select fish. So, I pose to you knowledgeable CARE community, what fish do you think would be a good choice for a similar setup where you can really only enjoy your fish from above? There are some restrictions. The most restrictive is probably size - this is a mini pond, so no koi , goldfish, or rift lake cichlids. A setup like this will likely always be unheated - so perhaps a wide temperature tolerance as it goes from being warmed by the sun in the day to night temperatures in a house. Probably, it will need to be fairly tolerant fish species in general, as careful individual health checks are not going to be practical. Also, because it will necessarily be open from above, they shouldn't be jumpers, which can remove a bunch of the killifish as options. Lastly, for long-term maintenance of the fish, I'm guessing some capacity to breed successfully would make things easier - though this might not be a hard rule. I'd love to hear ideas! What would you recommend?
  20. I nabbed one of those DeepBlue 2.3 gallon 'betta' tanks like the Coop has in their store. I know that display had (as of the last video featuring it) a betta mixed with some other fish and shrimp, and it looked great. I'm puzzling over what I'd like to put it in, and I'm curious what other people would try. These are some of my different stocking ideas (all planted, of course): 1 dwarf pea puffer (Cory suggested this in one of their videos) 2-3 dwarf frogs 3-6 least killifish (heterandea formosa) 6 celestial pearl danios 6 medaka rice fish Any thoughts or suggestions? Other ideas? Filtration/lighting you'd experiment with? What would you do?
  21. So I've moved almost all of my existing fish from the 55 to the 120, and... its so empty. 😂. Not a bad problem to have, I realize. The only fish I have left to move are the 4 angels, but I'm not sure 4 angels are going to add the activity level back to the tank. I also think the fish are a little scared... which is partially because of the new house, and maybe also partially because it's so much more empty space?? It's been a few days, and they are starting to slowly warm up to their new surroundings, and they are eating fine. I know it will take time for the plants to grow/fill in, but I also think after the angels are moved, I'd like to QT some new fish for the community. As a refresher, we have currently: 4 full grown angels 7 Panda corys 7 Buenos Aries Tetras (not nipping) 1 large and docile pleco 4 mystery snails I'd like it to be a more active tank... I am considering adding, rams, or rainbow fish, or maybe a large school of a different kind of tetra?? Is anyone else keeping a big planted jungle tank, with a lot of activity? And if so, what do you have in it that you love to watch?
  22. So, my second betta fish is circling the drain and I'm feeling a little burned out on betta. Just as the tank was finally coming into its own as a betta paradise with jungle val, duckweed, all sorts of niceness. So he's in quarantine, again, with his floating log, and we'll see if he pulls through. But if not, what should I do with the tank? Currently home to 2 nerite snails, a bunch of ramshorns, and 4-5 pygmy cories who I'm thinking about moving to a larger gourami tank to give it a little more action (along with some more friends). As you can see, it's got lots of hiding places, particularly up top, and only has a sponge filter, so it'd be great for another labyrinth fish or for fry to hide. I have 2 heaters in it to keep it at 78, since my house is usually around 65 in the winter, but it's getting on toward summer and I don't have central air, so a fish that can take up to 78 would be preferable. What would you do? - 2 to 3 dwarf gourami in a species only tank - Apistogramma breeding pair (not a lot of floor space though) - Golden lyretail killifish (SO hard to find online, though!) - Pygmy cory species-only tank - Another betta! Third time's the charm. - Shrimp tank time! - Don't you have a billion and a half endlers? Put your males in there, dummy! - Something else? (I'd love to do a sparkling gourami species-only tank, but guides seem to put them at 20g minimum)
  23. Hi all just looking for some fun breeding options preferably something I can just colonize up in there was thinking of some corydoras or a new pleco to try other than bristlenose. I thought I may be able to try a nano fish above like clown killis to let breed in there as well I have some spare tanks to seperate fry, bu trust curious on some ideas that I could get rid of fry easily if I were to get a lot of breeding.
  24. I have a planted 29 gallon and this week I lost a betta, 10 CPD’s, & 10 cardinal tetras within 4 days. The only abnormality I noticed was a tetra had developed a single white dot on its side that looked like a pimple. No loss of appetite and was very active along with the others. I still have 1 pintail red wagtail platt, 6 cory’s and 8 amano shrimps. They seem normal. I’ve found most dead except for one tetra that I saw. It was just floating, trying to keep itself upright. The day before most died I happened to over feed them. Slip of the hand. Could that have caused this? I do weekly water changes and water has been stable for years. I keep the temperature at 78. I know if I’ll lose more fish, but I’m not sure how to proceed. Should I do anything to the fish tank in case it was a disease or wait a few weeks and see how it all plays out? My water parameters have been as follows: nitrate: 20 nitrite: 0 gh: 200 chlorine: 0 kh: 80 ph: 7.2
  25. I'm planning to set up a new 6', 125 gallon aquarium predominately with American Cichlids such as Severums, Firemouth, Convict, Blue Acara, and one or two of the smaller Geophagus, in addition to a couple of Ancistrus, and some Blue Columbian Tetras or Giant Danios as dither fish. As far as the catfish go can I put Adolphi Corydoras in with this mix or can someone suggest catfish to use.
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