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  1. Lets say you had a empty 5-10 gallon, what would you do with it? Explain what kind of scape you would want and what kind of fish you would stock it with.
  2. I am diving into fish keeping and I am starting small. I have a 10 gallon tall tank which will fit on my desk at home. My plan is to use gravel as my substrate and have a piece of driftwood and live plants. I have been watching a reading all the "beginner" topics and there is a lot to take in. Using the Easy Green products I am hoping the live plants work out. I plan to buy a variety to see which works best for my tank water conditions. Since my tank is tall, about 19 inches I would like to pair fish that spend the majority of their time at the top, with those in the middle and something that hangs out at the bottom. I read the article on the "10 Best Top Dwelling" and they all appear to be schooling fish and the recommendation is to by a half dozen. For a 10 gallon tank and wanting to have fish that cover all three regions of the tank, I have to watch the quantity of the fish I have in each. Are there choices for each region of a tank that don't require as large of a schooling group? If you had a 10 gallon tall tank how would you populate your tank. I wish I had a bigger tank but this is what I have to start and I want to be successful. Eventually I want to have a much larger tank but I have to start somewhere. Can you shine a light on a path I could take to achieve my goal?
  3. Just daydreaming about my next tank, as one does. I'm so in love with my heavily planted 36g Love Tank full of endlers, platy and snails of all kinds. There's so much activity and funny goings-on, and they all have great appetites for algae and any kind of food I put in there. So I'm going to enjoy that for quite awhile, but of course I'm already thinking about what else I'd like to try that won't fit in this tank (especially since there are babies everywhere). I have pretty soft, neutral water that I've been chucking handfuls of crushed coral into for my livebearer tank, but it looks like a lot of the larger, colorful fish would prefer that softness. But it also seems like a number of the larger, colorful fish (angels, gourami, discus) are kind of slow, shy, or otherwise a little boring. Any exceptions to that rule? How would you stock a well-planted 75g for a lot of action and color so that your zones are all covered, no one's actively predating or bullying each other, and they like the same sorts of water parameters?
  4. Hi!! I'm new to this hobby and i would like to get so e help for my 10 galon tank. My tank just a couple days ago cycled so i decided to add fish to it. I had inside since the first day my beta fish and i planted about 10 plants as well. I add yesterday 4 neon tetras and a dario myanmar. My betta is in a seperate tank for now and i will introduce to the tank today. Can i add 2 more neon tetras and 4 panda corydoras to it ?? Thank you very much for the help and concern. Fernando
  5. I want a variety of fish and I’m kinda new. Please help lol. I have a corydora a rainbow shark 2 gourami a dojo and a black ghost knife fish. I want to know what I might be able to add to spice up the tank and give it a little more color without compromising my fish that I love. Any advice would help
  6. I just got a new 20 gallon long from the dollar per gallon sale at Petco and I don't know what to put in it. One of the fish that I know is going to be in it are corydoras. I really don't know what other fish would go great in it. This is my first time making a community tank. The only time I've kept fish were bettas lol. I hope anyone here could help me out.
  7. Hello dear fish friends. Yesterday, I watched an old aquarium co-op video (RFT) from 3 tears ago on koi with Zak from koi.com. At some point of the video, the topic of keeping koi in aquariums was discussed. I am interested in knowing the current consensus and minimum water volume etc.
  8. I am so excited for the next chapter in my fish keeping journey that I thought it would be fun to start a journal. I have butterflies as I get closer to picking it up this afternoon. Currently I have a 30 gallon so the day dreaming of what something 3 times the size will look like is fun. Making different tank set ups with different fish and plants. Doing lots of research to make an amazing community tank with fish that like to party together. I am leaning towards Angel fish or Rainbows as my star fish with some schooling fish. Stay tuned over the following months as a get it up and running. P.S. I will be asking lots of questions!!! 🙂
  9. Hello everybody, After breeding and raising 3 gens of endlers in my 15g tank, I decided to move everything in my 33g tank and do sth different. I was thinking of having a group of 6-10 corys. The catch is that this aquarium is unheated and the room temp of the place where it is located ranges from 65 to 70 during winter (after March the minimum temp rises to 70). Is there any type of cory that would realistically cope with these temps at least until the end of winter?
  10. A buddy of mine has a 30 gallon and wants to put this in a pair of clown killies, 7 cpds, 7 odessa barbs and 1 apistogramma agassizii as the center piece fish. Is there any problem with any of her choices? Oh and it is going to be a planted tank.
  11. Good evening everyone :) I've recently bought back into the hobby after round 13 years absence and duper excited. I've bought this 80 gallon cylinder tank around 65cm at the base and 1m high and would love any advice i could have re setting it up as a community tank and natural decoration and planting. Cleaning is also a worry since ice onky ever had rectangular tanks. Currently my idea is to use vertical natural wood at an angle with Java fern and anubias towards the top to create lights and shadows. Then once cycled 6-8 angels/discus, 40 rummy nose tetras, 10 corys and some algae eating fish. Thoughts
  12. So I have done mostly all cichlid tanks and want to change one of my tanks over to a community tank. It’s a 75 that’s pretty heavily planted. I have numerous snails and a couple bristlenose plecos in there already and some Cory’s I will add from another tank. I want to try shrimp but beyond that I’m at a lose for what to choose. I like colorful schooling fish so I was looking for suggestions so I can look them up. Thank you
  13. Hi there! I'm opening this thread to talk about the restocking of my 44g long tank after a series of deaths that have massacred half of the stock. This was the stocking 1 month ago: 2 Honey Gourami (m+f) 5 Sparkling Gourami (3m+2f) 10 Peppered Cory 8 Cardinal tetra 8 Glowlight tetra 12 Cherry Barb (4m+8f) 4 Otocinclus 6 Amano Shrimp The barbs were the last to arrive and finished the community stocking. Before them, the tank was quite chilling and everyone was pretty clam. After them, everything scaled up with their chasing and territory defense. Tetras packed in one group, Honeys started to be always on one side, Sparklings started to ram between them and with the barbs and corys dispersed on tank. 2 weeks ago, deaths started, +3 every day. First 2 sparkling gouramis without symptoms, then the cherry barbs and some tetras started to be quickly bloated and died. Also some barbs, tetras and 1 sparkling appeared dead without any symptoms. PH and GH didn't change, 0 ammonia, 0 no2, 5-10 no3, same 20+20% weekly WC, same quantity of food and type (hikari, azoo, NLS) no fungus, no wounds, no fin rot, no quick breaths.. They just suddenly died (apart from bloated barbs and tetras). With that situation and no clue, 10 days ago upped temp 3C° and treated the whole tank with Dajana Multicure, a full spectre medication (green malachite, methylene blue..). After 2 days, deaths slowed down to 1 fish per day. Today is the second day without loses, tomorrow will start to clean the water with carbon, extra big WC and low temperature as normal. No ammonia or no2 appeared, so seems like medication didn't kill beneficial bacteria. I don't know what the **** happened. Maybe the barbs stressed the fish and weakened them? Maybe too crowded? Maybe they came with something? I don't know, the strange thing is that no Honey gouramis, otos, corydoras and amano died during these weeks (including the hard medication). The 2*7g aquariums with shrimps+5 cpd and shrimps+8 chili rasboras have been not affected. Said that, the plan is to wait some weeks, rehome tetras (5) and barbs(4) left and restock progressively with hardy, more water parameters compatible and friendly fish (Honeys/corys attitude) to avoid that happening again. Also want to start breeding fish (just bought sponge filter and heater for 2*4g acrylic cubes). Grown fish will be rehomed. Tank parameters and picture: Ph 8, GH 6, KH 11, temp 25 up to 29 C° in summer, 130*38*35 cm. Fishes I'll keep: 2 honey gourami 2 sparkling gourami 10 peppered cory 4 otocinclus Amanos are difficult to find all, seen 4 together his night. Thought about upping gouramis and adding live bearers, something like: A) honeys to 6, sparkling to 8, peppered cory to 14 and add 12 endlers. B) honeys and sparkling to 3, peppered cory to 12, add 10 endlers and 8 platys. What do you think? Someone has experience with big groups of honeys/sparkling gouramis? Experiences mixing gouramis and livebearers? Thought about forktails, but they seem quite hiperactive. Rams are beautiful but maybe too much breeding-aggressive fish. Rummynose are nice but didn't match parameters, silvertip tetras are aggressive sometimes.. Other ideas/proposals are much appreciated!! Thanks!!
  14. Hi! I have a 50gallon tank with 9 adult tiger barbs, 4 small gold barbs, 6 small checkered barbs, 2 male kribs that keep to themselves, 1 small red tail shark and 1 large yoyo loach that I took from a friend a while back that chills with the larger krib. ive been wanting to add a new single fish into this tank. does anyone have some suggestions to what I could add that is semi-aggressive and could stand its own ground as well as have some personality? thanks! (It’s week planted and I’m filtering the tank 5times it’s capacity.)
  15. I have one Oscar (Astronotus ocellatus) and 5 bumblebee oscars / fat Oscars (Astronotus crassipinnis) some clown loaches that are young and will be going to bigger tank later some feather finned squeakers (Synodontis eupterus) a red finned shark some Chinese algae eaters a young green Phantom pleco and a few yoyo loaches I'm looking for a detherfish to help the bumblebee Oscars it's 120 long
  16. Hey guys and gals I'm less than a month away from having my fish room up and running. I'm starting to think about stocking ,I want a single fish with personality that can thrive in a 40 breeder. Was thinking about a flower horn but worried that will get to big long term. What fish would y'all suggest?
  17. Working on filling out my 56G planted tank. I currently have a school of 15 or so of harliquin rasbora and am wanting to either find a centerpiece fish or a couple other schools to add to the tank over time but am not sure what would be some good options.
  18. Hello everyone! I got an 8 gallon biorb aquarium and I was wondering if anyone has any stocking ideas?
  19. Greetings! So I am limited to the number of aquarium I can have. I currently have a 20 gallons high that I need to stock. It currently houses 8 false cory and 3 nerita snails. I had fun on aquadvisor to create the perfect stocking... ...do I fall in the pick & mix syndrome? What is your opinion on such a stocking? I know many people advice not to keep a single honey gourami but I am afraid of agression.
  20. Here is yet another, "what should I put in my tank?" thread. I've read a bunch and I've watched ALL of Cory's videos on the subject. I'd love to read others' ideas, as well as others' experiences and opinions on some of the more challenging fish that might match my conditions (chocolate/licorice gouramis come to mind). My tank: 17-gallon (60P size, so 24" x 12" x 14"h roughly), Eheim 2217 filter, pressurized CO2 1-3 bps My water conditions: pH 6.0-6.4, alkalinity 20 ppm, general hardness 30 ppm. I'm flexible on temperature, but temps in the low-to-mid 70's might be ideal for the plants The fish should be ok up to 80 degrees because my house reaches 78 max in summer. There's a fair amount of current in the front of the tank, but the driftwood and rocks break it up quite a bit so at the sides and back there is a lot less current I don't mind feeding live foods (mosquito larvae are plentiful here through summer and I may end up breeding brine shrimp). It would be nice to not be beholden to live foods though. I also already have Hikari frozen bloodworms in the fridge, as well as Xtreme Nano and Sinking Wafers. Some ideas I have: Pseudomugils or threadfin rainbows, chocolate or licorice gouramis, apistos, kribensis, CPDs, emperor tetras (though I think my tank is too small for them...but some smaller variety of tetra), a slightly less-common corydoras. Picture of the tank so far is below. It's only been running for a month; it will get "greener." I'd like to let the plants grow in a bit more before I add fish (and definitely no bottom feeders until the carpet is established, or until I give up on it...)
  21. Hey everyone, I found out about this hobby from a random YouTube video and since then I’ve gotten really interested. I’ve been doing research for like 2 months now and as soon as my lease is up (don’t want to get a tank going then have to move immediately lol) I’m planning on starting a planted tank. Based on what I’ve seen I would really like a 20 gallon long tank to scape. I’d love a betta and some smaller tank mates with it like rummy nose tetras and harlequin rasboras and cherry shrimp (for cleanup). I’m just not sure how many I can do of each. Now I know the betta might eat some of the shrimp but after looking into it, it seems like the shrimp should be ok if they’re the first in the tank, are allowed to grow, the betta was in a community tank already at the pet store, the other fish are fed enough and the shrimp have hiding places. So that aside, would 6-7 shrimp, 7-10 tetras, 7-10 rasboras, and a betta be ok in a tank like that? I want a lot of fish and variety but I don’t want to overstock it and make them miserable. Also I know this is a lot for a new person, it’s not going to all be at once but it is my end goal for my first tank. Any thoughts/constructive criticism are welcome and appreciated 🙂
  22. Hi everyone! I would like some advice for stocking my 29 gallon. At the moment I have a male betta, 17 ember tetra and 2 nerite snails. I plan to add a few amano shrimp in the future if my male betta allows it. I was wondering however if I should keep the stocking that I have or if I can add another school of fish? I was thinking pygmy cories or galaxy rasboras. Though I am worried it might be overstocked with another school of fish. My tank has a 55 seachem tidal filter, temp of 79F, pH around 7.2-7.4, hardness of around 100ppm. Its also a planted tank.
  23. I have a moderately planted 20 long. If you saw my other post, I had a tank of guppies that were wiped out by Ich. I’m down to four male guppies, some cherry shrimp, and a mystery snail. While I’m treating the ich, I’m planning/researching what I want to put back in the tank. First off, I want the most colorful fish possible. I love guppies, but I want fancy guppies (cobra, leopard, lace, etc...) which are really hard to find around here, and I don’t want females, which makes it hard to buy online since they are typically sold in trios. I was reading about German rams, but they are not shrimp safe, and neither are bettas. My lfs is mostly saltwater and has very few freshwater offerings, so I’ll probably have to buy online unless I go with guppies again. I don’t really want tetras or need to deal with fry, as I’d have no options to deal with them. Any suggestions or pictures of what you’ve done? I’ve already watched corys 20gallon idea video, but nothing really appealed to me, but I have trouble kind of visualizing it also.
  24. Good morning all. I recently got back into the hobby when a teacher my brother works with had a Jack Dempsey she needed to rehome. I reset up my 75 gal and then restocked my 55 gal. I have since rehomed the Jack and have added two more nano tanks. My issue is I have been running into problems with a couple tanks and lost 2 bettas and have already started getting stressed and over whelmed. I am going to be down sizing to a 46 bowfront tank I had set up a few years ago and will be using sand substrate and adding in various plants and driftwood from the other 2 tanks. I would like to move some of the fish I have to it then rehome the rest. Here is the list of fish I have and my thoughts. Please let me know what you think. In the 75 I have 5 medium size Angels, about 26 black neon tetras, 11 pepper corys, 3 otocinclus cats, 3 clown loaches (still under 2") 1 Siamese algae eater and 1 male PK Betta. In the 55 I have 5 pearl gouramis, 2 otocinclus cats (all the oto's are around 1") 9 San Juan corys and 1 mystery cory (was given to me by accident as a San Juan lol) 1 male Betta. Out of all these I'd like to keep the neon's, the algae eater and loaches, move one group of corys to the 46 and split some up between a 10 and 6.5 gal. The one of the Betta's is going to the 10 gal and one will be going to the 46. Not married to the gouramis or angels. And would all the Oto's be ok in the 46? Thanks in advance for your help!
  25. Hey there! I have a planted 20 gallon long cycling right now, and wanted to stock it with panda corys and white tuxedo guppies. I know corys like to be in groups of 6+, but for example if I do 6 of them, how many guppies would be best? I obviously don’t want to overstock, would 6 corys and 6 guppies be okay?
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