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About Me

  1. I’ve decided to keep a journal of breeding German Blue Rams this summer. Simply put, here is why: Just took this snap of our young male GBR. It’s not hard to argue that this is one of the most beautiful small freshwater fish. In addition, they have an intelligent personality. People are quite divided on how easy / hard they are to keep. When we first wanted to buy some, one LFS owner swore he’d never order them again. “They die, and require an advanced level of care. If I order them, you pick them up the day they arrive from our shipper here, and I can offer no returns or refunds whatsoever if they die on you.” We were newbies to the hobby — my oldest boy and I — so we left there discouraged. We stopped in at another LFS, just to see if there were any interesting fish. While there, we asked the other owner about keeping Rams. “They’re great!” he said, “I’ve got a bunch right there,” pointing to a 20 gal. tank. We bought a pair, and the rest is history. We’ve bred hundreds of them now — nothing on the scale of Dean, or other breeding specialists — but we’re confident in a certain approach. In this journal, my hope is to share everything in great detail, offer answers to questions (though hopefully others with even better answers will chime in) and above all to _learn new things_. At the end, I hope to wrap up the journal with a tank full of beautiful breeding age Rams that I’ve bred and raised from scratch, all documented here on the Forum. First off, I bought a female. She’s probably _not_ a pure color strain. It seems like she’s probably got Electric blue Ram color genetics in her heritage. This would bother a serious breeder, but it doesn’t get under my skin. She’s not a “hybrid,” just a slightly mixed color morph. I bought her a month ago or so at the Ram-friendly LFS mentioned above. She’s been hanging out in our Discus tank for awhile. Temperature is up around 84° F. That’s a key: Rams like temperatures above 80°. More recently, I bought a young male German Blue Ram (photographed above). I set him up in a 20 gal. long with a school of tiny Glowlight Pygmy Barbs as tank mates. Rams can be bred alone, 1:1 — some breeders stress this. But if they’re not stressed, they’ll breed in a community tank as well. There seemed to be a hint of Ich. I hit his tank hard with Ich-X, water changed, boosted temp... and it seems good. Tonight, I’ve added the female. First suspending her in a specimen container. It was so neat to see him turn up the interest. Once I added her, the romance really began in earnest. I’ve left the light on to see what happens. Here’s how their first “date-night” started off: Just a couple minor notes: (1) the rattling sound in several videos above is just an old impeller in a HOB. It’s an unnecessary piece. I’ve left it for flow. (2) But don’t Rams prefer _less flow_ you may ask? Yes. But I don’t care. If they’re interested, they’ll find a place to spawn. (3) If they spawn, I’m going to try to pull the eggs and hatch in an isolated space. If I can get fry over the 2-week threshold, I plan to break the internet by moving this breeding pair out to a mini pond, and trying to get them to breed and raise a batch of fry outside on the back porch over the summer. Stay tuned!
  2. Can I feed newly free swimming Gbr fry live baby brine? I have always feed paramecium first, micro worms and the baby brine shrimp because they are so small at the beginning. But I have seen some people recently who feed brine right away but I don’t know if they are successful by feeding brine right away.
  3. Hey all, I’ve been meaning to ask a question about one of my rams in the trio I have in a community 4ft planted tank. I have 2 who are dominant, have bold colours and territories within the tank that they spar over. I have another who I suspect may be a female, as there is little aggression from the other 2 towards this fish. Firstly, are there any good ways to sex rams? secondly, it has a pinkish tummy so I’m wondering if that’s got anything to do with anything. thirdly, I’ve noticed a bit of a spot on its head. It doesn’t look like ich but I’m not sure what it is,does anyone have any guesses? I freaked when something like his happened to my beta but it was just colour development in the scales so I’m guessing it could be this but I’m pretty new to the hobby so any advice would be appreciated :)) I tried to take a photo where you can see it.
  4. I am setting up a new tank and would like to get a pair of German Blue Rams. Does their color look best on light or dark substrate?
  5. Well I ust noticed this and I have no idea what to do next.
  6. DebD

    Bumps on GBR

    I have 2 males have been fighting despite plenty of hides. Noticed these bumps today over this guys eye. Can't identify it. They are raised bumps. Ideas treatment etc appreciated 6.6 pH 0 Nitrates 20 Hardness 0 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 20 KH/Buffer 80F
  7. Love this fella guarding his spawn outside the specimen container. (He’d eat them otherwise)
  8. Hey guys! I've had a heck of a time trying to get a male and female GBR. I bought four, wanting them to pair off naturally so I could see the other two - all 4 ended up being female. So I sold the other 3 back to the store, and picked out what I'm positive is a male - it's got some pretty ridiculously long streamers on the 2nd ray of its' dorsal fin and on it's pelvic fins. After introducing the male into the tank with what I'm pretty sure is a female, I'm seeing more aggression than i was expecting. No contact, but the male will chase the female into the corner, and keep her pinned there. He does turn sideways towards her, but I don't see him "flare" very much like what I've read online. This behavior seems different than what I'd describe as "indiscriminate aggression" since there's no damage being done, but it'd make me feel better to know if this is definitely a female or not. Thoughts?
  9. Like a handful of eager starters with pond season in the US, we suffered from the cold snap a couple weeks back. Lost a number of adult guppies. Only young seem to have managed through in 2 out of 3 mini ponds. I am curious what input the forum would offer on breeding German Blue Rams over the summer? Our ponds do get pretty warm - 70s-90s. Guppies make it through the temp cycle, but it’s warm for them. With the soft rain water, and lots of micro life, the Rams idea has begun to percolate. I know Apistogrammas are reasonably common to do in ponds. What about Rams?
  10. My ultimate dream one day is to visit and talk with@Dean’s Fishroom and ask a few questions. BUT I feel positive there are many others out there who can assist. 😉
  11. I was interested in some german blue rams but I'm not really sure what they can be kept with. I have a 20 gallon long with some corys and was wondering if I could maybe keep them with my venezulan corydoras. Is it possible to keep a breeding pair with corys? Its a planted tank with a good amount of cover. Also, does anyone have any tips on how to keep them and to breed them? Thanks.
  12. Hello! I purchased 6 GBR from an aquarium shop here in Indy. I had plans of having a tank with a few GBR because i fell in love with them once i saw them and aspired to breed them. Over the past month each one had died about 3-4 days after the other. Today the final one died and they all died in the exact same way. I read that it could be because of bad breeding because a week before i got the batch of 6 i bought 2 GBR at the same shop and those two are still alive and show no signs of stress or sickness. I also keep a pleco, pictus catfish, 3 guppies and one betta in the tank. The tank is 55g . Iv done everything i can. I keep my tank at 84 degree. Do water changes every 3 days. Ammonia stays at 0 nitrite stays at 0 and nitrate somewhere between 20-40ppm. I doubt its anything to do with water as they all die one after the other even after water changes in between. Iv medicated the whole tank just in case and still the batch of 6 all died. They breath heavy and stay still and slowly die. They dont exactly lose color but instead almost light up even more but with a grayish look to them. I couldn’t figure out how to post a picture on here otherwise i would have. Any ideas on what happened? I currently have 6 new GBR in a quarantined tank and am adding paraguard, general cure and maracyn. I plan on keeping these in there for about 2 weeks before i add them to the same tank the others were in but i want to get advice before adding them to my show tank. Please help thank you!
  13. I have a ten gallon planted tank that i have been cycling and i was wondering if i could keep a pair of rams and 5 cherry shrimp in the tank?
  14. Hard to tell from picture, but they had babies within 2 weeks or less since introducing them. I didn’t know they had eggs so I’m not as prepared. I have Hikari first bites, are those small enough to feed if I let them dissolve in a syringe and water? I had a whole set up coming to take eggs out when that time comes but they hid them.
  15. This is the third time they've done this. Ignored the flat stone and flower pot spawning sites and went for the easy planter in the middle. At this point I should just be planning on it
  16. Hi All! I'm looking for some opinions. What do you think makes an ideal german blue ram specimen? I've been growing out two spawns and as I watch them develop and show colors and features more clearly, I'm starting to consider which I might keep as future breeders. What I don't want to do is select for my favorite traits and neglect others that are valuable. I'm considering body shape, vivid colors, and tall dorsal fin rays. What would you add to my list? Thanks in advance!
  17. Yesterday I impulsively bought 2 German Blue Rams from my mom and pop fish store. They looked healthy, this morning I noticed they had ick… yes I did the no no and put them in my community tank without quarantine. I then noticed a bunch of eggs, to confirm are these Ram eggs? I assume turn the temp up slowly to 86? I have paraguard also. My other fish are Rasboras, Honeys, rainbow fish so I know it’s not them, duh. But still wanted to confirm. I also was not ready for eggs, I do have a small container I can try to put them in and hatch them, but not sure what to feed the new born? I will do my research also, but wanted to ask straight from you good peeps! thanks!
  18. Hello I currently have 3 gbrs in a 30 gallon flex heavily planted with a mixture of florite sand and flourish. These 3 are very active and the male can't seem to make up his mind who he wants to breed with the females have thier breeding tube extended and have cleaned every rock and dug pits all over the tank. But when it comes down to the buesness the two females start going at it for what I'm assuming is breeding rights. I do have line of sight blocks for them but they never really breed after the bickering starts with the femals. Would it be better if I take one female out so they could complete the task or just let them be?
  19. Hello everyone I have a male German Blue Ram named Franklin. I’ve had him for 8 months now in a 15 gallon Fluval flex. His tank mates are 4 Otocinclus and 4 harlequin rasboras and 2 male endlers that I don’t have anywhere else to put 😂 Anyways I decided to re scape one of my other tanks a few weeks ago and I pulled a bunch of shrimp out of that tank! I wanted to thin out the herd a bit so I figured I’d put some in Franklins tank and give him a nice live meal.... Bad idea!!! Franklin was very persistent on finding and eating every last shrimp to the point he was ramming his face into the rocks trying to get them hiding in cracks! I noticed a mark under his chin one day and it looked a little red at the tip. I was going to treat him but the next day the red went away and now it’s a white bump. Hopefully you can see in the photos or are able to zoom in and see! I have an arrow pointing to it in one photo. Wondering if it’s something I need to treat or if it’s just something that will always be there. I don’t want to treat unless necessary any help is greatly appreciated!!
  20. Can german blue ram survive if ph lowers to 7.6?
  21. My rams laid eggs last night. I pulled them and they are now in a little specimen container with some methylene blue and an air stone. They are hanging inside the aquarium so they stay the same temp as where they were laid. They usually eat the eggs so this is the first spawn I have pulled. I don’t know what I am doing. Thank you!
  22. I currently have 2 German Blue rams in a 20 gallon male and female. I want to add 3 albino corys. Would this hurt my chances at breeding the GBR?
  23. Hello I've recently got some great specimens of German blue rams 1 male and 3 females. The tank is perfect for them in every way planted really well good substrate, good filtration, botanicals, driftwood,and almond leaves. Well my thing is they started making pits to start laying eggs after feeding the tank with live baby brineshrimp for two days ( thanks Dean and Cory) but now I'm paranoid because I have a unnumberable amount of Malaysian trumpet snails living in the substrate and they come out in droves when food is in the tank. So will they eat my GBRS eggs before they can hatch? The rams eat at them all the time but I'm thinking thier is just too many for them to not be overwhelmed. So is this a genuine concern or not? Thanks for all the help
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