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  1. We don't want that! Sounds like you need more fish.
  2. I'm not a guppy fanatic, so take this with a grain of salt. There seemed to be a lot of tanks with guppies though. And they were different colors. So more than other places...? I think the owner is breeding them in another stall somewhere in the mall. His water is pretty hard too, which should make acclimation easier for those of us on a well around here. Not as helpful of an answer as you had hoped, I imagine. But that's all I've got. Sorry. I'm sure I'll be back for supplies though, so I could do a more thorough check.
  3. I swung by Twin Cities Guppies for the first time today (I think I can link them here as they link to Aquarium Coop for supplies). They are in the Maplewood Mall, which is... How to put this tactfully...? A dump. That said, the shop itself is quite nice! If you are in the east Metro, they have blackworms and daphnia as starter cultures. For me it's a great find so I don't have to drive so far.
  4. Sure looks like an Audouinella species. 55 gallons is a lot to treat, and I'll second @Colu's advice to spot treat it, but I'd use H2O2 instead. It doesn't stick around. Less chance of it becoming dangerous to your fish. And it's so very satisfying to see the algae bubble away and die. 😈
  5. Welcome, from someone who is very jealous of where you live! I loved my time in WA. There was a Dome near Cicerello's in Mandurah that I could have sat at forever. Well, not forever. I don't think it's there any more. But I loved everything about WA. My wife fears I'll visit again, which would mean she'd have to come join me, because I don't think I'd ever come back. 😎 This is a great forum and a wonderful community. You'll love it here!
  6. Truer words have never been spoken! The funny thing is, if you look back at the videos I linked, I thought I was looking to nature as a guide. The natural systems these fish are found in are coated in algae. I guess that might take poorer water quality and being under the desert sun. Things I didn't think about. 🤣 Oh well, the fish are awesome! I suspect I'll migrate the conversation off this thread next week and hold this one until I can try a round two in another tank with other fish.
  7. Wow, that is amazing! I have colleague that works in the sub-Antarctic forests in southern Chile. There are spots there where there is so much rain and mist that the predominant ground cover in the forests is algae (eat your heart out Olympic Rainforests of Washington!). Your photo of the algae climbing up the woody vegetation reminds me of a sunnier version of that nearly alien landscape from a world away. Thanks for sharing that!!! Also, see my latest post about the pupfish and algae. The combination might not be working out. ☹️
  8. Quick update. After the initial setbacks the pupfish have settled in nicely. They are chasing each other and generally harassing one and other constantly. Two of the males have set up territories and are defending them with the vigor of guard dogs. They chase each other so much they make mbuna look chill. I love it! They are lively. One thing I could never have predicted in advance is that they have nearly cleared out the native algae I brought in. Sure it wasn't doing well, but their grazing on it, in preference to anything except amphipods, is quite striking. They love algae so much, they have already gone through about half of the green beard algae I put in there too! One of the pieces of Brazilian pennywort (Hydrocotyle leucocephala) that was smothered in the stuff when I got it, has been picked clean and is growing quite nicely now, thank you. The thing is, I like this algae. I might have to save it from them to keep it in my systems. The down side of this, is it is becoming rapidly clear that these fish might not be right for an "algae ecosystem" in the home aquarium. They are just too good at eating algae! We'll see how it goes, but I might have to rename the tank they are in and pick up this thread once I have a suitable setup for my algae dreams. I'm going to pull some GBA tomorrow to preserve it, and I suspect I'll know in about a week if this is going to become a val, moss, and lettuce tank. The algae ecosystem idea is fun, and I want to explore that. But for now these very rare fish take priority. More in a week or so.
  9. Sort of. So, I grew up in the Bay Area, and when I was little the San Jose Sharks came into being and the whole area near me when mad for hockey. But I had relatives in Michigan, so I knew about hockey and had an unspecified connection via that to the Red Wings. It put me at odds with the local team, and crystalized my support for the opposition. I've never been bothered being the contrarian. 😎 But, i don't really follow it any more. Or any sports for that matter. Just kind of lost interest in pro sports, Something about getting emotionally wrapped up in the outcome of a game played by millionaires that couldn't hold my attention as I grew older. I got to see the All Blacks play in Wellington from the box. It was awesome! Mainly all the great food there and the free booze. But also rugby was interesting. I reminded me of "blurnsball" in Futurama - just close enough to a sport you know about (football) to give you the sense you understand what's going on, until something completely unexpected happens, like when they all hug, and then you realize "no, nope, I'm lost again!" 🤣
  10. Love it! Please don't stop sharing when you get them to bloom. That's a plant I would like to do well with, but for the time being I'm enjoying your success.
  11. Excellent question! I hadn't really though of that. I've read somewhere that rabbit snails can/do dig, but I haven't seen evidence of that in this tank. Maybe they just can't in the 100% aragonite substrate I have in that tank? Not sure, but I don't think that is how these odd crash landings are made.
  12. For some inexplicable reason the snails have stopped making their Zen garden trails of late. About two weeks ago this was what I started seeing: It's like they have all crash landed reentering from low-Earth orbit. There is no trail leading up to it, and it's happening at night because they have become completely nocturnal (probably pestered by the cichlids in the day) so I don't know what is going on exactly. Each day now, I wake up to what looks like a smattering of crash landed alien snails.
  13. I loved these little French hard candies that came in round tins. I can't even remember what they were called. When sitting though my sisters' ballet practice was particularly excruciating, but I held it together well, I could end up with one of these tins. One of my favorite flavors was violet. Yes, like the flower. It's such a unique flavor that if you haven't had it, it can be hard to describe. It's like trying to explain what pineapple tastes like to someone who has not tasted it. There are still violet flavoured candies around, and I'll pick them up when I stumble across them. Mostly, I've seen these in the past few years.
  14. With all of that fog, can you grow Anubias emersed? How about Buce? I mean that's how they grow in nature (largely). Or would the crabs eat them? It would be an interesting experiment. I enjoy both of your journals because they are both such interesting "concepts" as tanks, and such different designs. I've decided I really like tanks that have themes, that create little unique worlds. Both of yours in your journals do that expertly!
  15. 👅🦀 A West Coast treat I miss dearly. Maryland can keep their blue crabs (I lived there for years), and the spindly legs of king and snow crabs can't compare. Dungeness is perfection in my book!
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