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Found 5 results

  1. So, on another forum (different hobby) a thread I've always gotten a lot our of was one where people could share the music they are enjoying at the moment. It has lasted for years, and I was introduced to tunes I would never have otherwise known about. I don't think there is thread like that here yet, and so I thought I would take it upon myself to start one. So, please share the music you like currently. It'll probably change, so when it does, come back and let us know the latest thing you are enjoying (though it doesn't need to be the latest music by any means). I'll start us off. I've been getting a kick out of a recent song from one of my favorite pop-punk bands from the 2000's. Att the time, they had songs about making fun of the nostalgia adults feel and adolescent angst all which rang true for me in my youth. So, I greatly appreciate that they now have one about getting older, which rings as true. for me today as their songs did decades ago (yikes, the 2000's were decades ago 😬). But as long as "Bowling for Soup" continues to narrate the experiences of the different stages of my life, I think everything is going to be okay.
  2. so I play uh . . . a lot of games and some games have amazing music. what are your favorite songs(with or without words. please no songs with bad themes or language) some of my favorites are . paulas theme earthbound(no words) . twoson town also earthbound(no words) . waterfall undertale(no words) . actually all of undertales soundtrack(no words) . rude buster deltarune(no words) . VS. Susie deltarune(no words) . some of minecrafts music(no words) I feel like game music is underrated.
  3. Project band Amazonas is out with new album art, and special release of the smash hit single, “You Changed My Water” with the B-side “And Fed Me.”
  4. Hello Cory. Last night I was watching One of your live talks. And you mentioned you wanted some music for the Co-op. It's exactly what my husband does. I suggested one song he has on his website. "Earl Goes Fishing!" Doug's website is just being put together as we speak. You can check out the song by going to http://dougwestmusic.com scroll down to the tab near the bottom titled (Doug West TV 2) The person that Doug sent all the music to didn't know the proper titles for each song. So he made up the ones on the website. Doug will get that fixed later. Anyway the real title for the song is "Earl Goes Fishing." It has a nice happy vibe. Give it a quick listen and tell me what you think. Bye for now.... Dawn
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