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  1. That appears to be an Apistogramma Trifasciata. Also called the "three striped dwarf cichlid." The great difficulty is that what you order or buy online is almost always _not_ going to look like this photograph. These Apistos have a wide range of color variation. Only the males will really color up. It is a situation where, either you buy from a very reputable breeder who will send you very accurate photographs, or you buy out of a store that you can visit in person.
  2. Thanks! Agreed. Sent you a private note.
  3. Just in! Love, Love, LOVE these US Native fish: Notropis Chrosomus (Rainbow Shiners) Hat tips (1) to Cory, who, when he said on a stream I was listening to that he'd love to play with these beautiful fish someday, I confess to . . . immediately jumping out of the shower, dripping wet, and looking this species up on the phone 😅 (2) Fellow PVAS Club member, Bob Bock (Sonny's Fish Room) who gave an inspiring talk recently for our monthly Zoom club meetings on keeping cold water native minnows 🐟 and (3) The man, the myth, the legend over at White Cloud Dynasty who is an inspiring backyard tub breeder, and who, quite possibly, is going to someday entirely change how everyone thinks about the quality of White Cloud minnows . . . and anything else he decides to breed! 🐠
  4. Oh wow! Not even sure I know what this means, but that’s so sweet! Forum has been a fun place for a nerm to learm! 🐠🌱
  5. These are Rainbow Shiners Type A. Type B is a lot more red. These are young, and the males should substantially color up if properly cared for. They are quite attractive! They do prefer cooler water, thriving from 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit. We may need to invest in a chiller long term for them. They do very well in outdoor tubs, as long as temps are not too high and can be kept out of too much direct sunlight.
  6. Bloodfin Tetras spawning - these guys love a tank slightly "left to go wild" . . . some algae grows free. Two Honey Gourami, and one Bristlenose Pleco. Hygrophilia . . . little sword . . . Valisneria . . . some other plant (Ludwigia subspecies?). Enjoy!
  7. Looks like it sure would work. As you're seeing, lot's of fish keepers use it. We use Lexan lids on about 7 tanks . . . two 55 gals, a 20 long, three 5.5 gals, and a tiny fry 2.5 gal. It definitely warps under heat and pressure. For our purposes, it's not overly distressing. We built it to flip symmetrically, and just reverse the bend upside down. Annoying . . . a little bit . . . but it works. Easy to clean, and it lets plenty of light through. This material you're suggesting might be less prone to bending. Here's a few photos . . .
  8. Found a breeder who raises some batches each year, and reached out. Once they settle, some will be shared with other members of my fish club.
  9. So.... on some thread a little while ago, someone asked for “dream tank” setup... or dream fish.... can’t quite remember. ANYWAY— my answer was “Native North American Species tank featuring Rainbow Shiners + Rainbow Darters.” Today (drum roll....) the Rainbow Shiners arrived! We’ll see how they settle in long term. Here’s specs + a few photos: 29 gal. 63-degrees Fahrenheit. Emperor bio wheel 280 HOB filter + sponge filter. Mexican beach pebbles (large) plus smoothed landscaping stones. Small dried oak leaves added. Valisneria Americana. Bronze crypt. Hydor powerhead. Cheap LED filtered light + 1x blue coral fluorescent tube. Eco Complete substrate. Small aged piece of mopani wood. 35x Notropis chrosomus (Rainbow Shiners). 1x pair of Etheostoma caeruleum (Rainbow Darters).
  10. Pretty country out near Wheeling, WV. Yes, here are a few tips: Always check out Aqua Huna, since they are affiliated with Aquarium Co-Op: https://aquahuna.com Jonah’s Aquarium is good for native US fish: http://jonahsaquarium.com Greg Sage at Select Aquatics is awesome: http://selectaquatics.com
  11. Interesting! Looks beautiful. We do mini-tubs on back porch for guppies. Our LFS will buy them all once summer ends.
  12. We’re over near Cumberland MD. Not sure how far that us from you, but if climate questions come up, we’re glad to exchange info.
  13. Excited to follow this thread! White Cloud Dynasty has lots of experience. Watch his videos on YouTube. Very helpful. Most other good source videos online are in German!
  14. What gardenman describes may well be your situation. However, give it some time. Ours also had low fertility at first. Feed well... heavily... change water frequently... make sure there is enough flow in the tank... and if you haven’t already, check out this breeding report:
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