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  1. Well I pulled the trigger and bought from LR Bretz and will post pics when they arrive!
  2. I’ve kept all those except the parrots but my cousin had 4-6 in a setup so I know a bit about them. I think it could work if you start with true juvenile fish well less than a year old. I’d say the green terror is the one I’d worry the most about. Severum or Uaru might be a better choice for peaceful coexistence for awhile. I’ve always found Jack Dempseys to be too unpredictable but that’s my personal experience. I knew people who kept firemouths in a similar setup as well but not a pair. I think you’ll be happy with it regardless the question is how often you’ll have to swap fish at the LFS and will they take them back if the s hits the fan.
  3. Tolstoy appreciate the response yep I’m leaning that way more and more. My patience with my Bloody Mary group is finally paying off. I’m thinking about getting some orange “pumpkin” neocaridina as a breeding group like 10-15.
  4. Ben I agree I have a Bloody Mary line that is spectacular and another cherry line that’s just blah. Thanks for that nudge.
  5. So I’ve just finished cycling my Walstad bowl. It’s about 8 gallons and I’m really proud of it. My water is pretty hard here in the Eastern side of the Cascades so I’ve take some steps with botanicals and with my substrate to buffer it to get it neutral at or just below 7. Well now comes the time for livestock and although I love my LFS their prices for shrimp are let’s just say out of line with the market forces I see on the web. Now I’ve narrowed it down to one of a couple breeders on Aquabid where I can get a large quantity of shrimp per reviews of fair quality or I can go through a breeder with stricter standards and get fewer livestock but of purportedly better genetics. What day you people of the forum? * I’m not a neophyte full disclosure I’ve bought from web sources and my lfs many times over the years and I’ve had mostly excellent experiences with both but I’m really torn on this one.
  6. Just lost the apisto. Sad day. If anyone has thoughts postmortem I’d appreciate it for learning sake. Always sad when you have a dream - in this case getting another pair to form a trio - and you can’t pull it off.
  7. I had been dealing with some Columnaris like infection- treated with Med trio then Maracyn for 5 days - with my Apisto cacactoides and one of my older bronze Cory cats. The Cory looks great active and feeding well. Unfortunately I found my apisto out in front of the tank breathing hard and now all the white flat spots are gone and her left gill had a white pebble like mass. I had tried to fish her out yesterday before the white pebble showed up but she swam off - didn’t look right. Today she was more lethargic and easy to grab. I’ve got her in a breeder box with an air stone. I’ve put some drops of methylene blue in, 1/8 tsp of salt and a quarter packet of Maracyn. She is looking better breathing has slowed she ate some freeze dried crushed blood worm (not a usual food for her just wanted to tempt her to eat). Now im wondering if I should drop some paracleanse in as well. My neighbor has the Seachem abx - KanaPlex and Polyguard. I could try those as well. Thanks in advance for this community so helpful. Cheers.
  8. Jacques Cousteau specials got me hooked on underwater environments. I was given his books for a couple Christmas’ and I was hooked. My first tank was a turtle tank and a lack of research led that tank (turtle went back to the shop) becoming a fancy goldfish tank - 55g it was gorgeous and I remember going to a fancy goldfish purveyor and seeing vat after vat of fish and just was mesmerized. I kept koi for awhile in ponds and grow out tanks - sold them for a fortune to me at the time and then used that money to get into cichlids SAs, CAs then Malawi’s through high school. Then college came and I got out until my late 20s. I did my biggest and best Malawi biotope had a gorgeous rainbow tank and man I had fun. Then early 30s and some moves and marriage I was out again. I talked a lot about the impact it had on me as a stabilizing and centering thing so my wife got me a 15 g Flex for my birthday last year and now I have MTS and 6 more tanks.
  9. What about Buenos Aires Tetras? They are beautiful and tough as nails. They are voracious plant eaters is the thing but skirts, diamonds, bleeding hearts and phantoms are all great. Good choices all. May I ask why you’re ditching the Congo’s?
  10. I used the Med trio x 1 then waited 5 days, perhaps I read the instructions wrong on their use in combination. So it would be 6 days of Maracyn. the Apistogramma is looking much improved barely any white patches, the white around the mouth and eyes seems to have resolved. The Cory some improvement but I don’t see the shimmying I saw previous- more normal Corydoras eating behavior in the substrate, going to the top for a gulp of air. I guess the question now is should I run the Maracyn another couple days or stop at day 5 as per package directions? I’ve attached an updated pic to see if that helps.
  11. Thanks Jessica- I think I need to give this more time at least finish this course of meds and see what comes over the next week before bombing it again with another antibiotic. I treated x 1 for the Med trio and am on day 5 of the Maracyn so not quite 9 days of therapy. I’m going to give the last dose of Maracyn today, do a 30% water change, Continue salt daily, load up some carbon to clean out the water and put some Fritz 7 in and maybe do 2 water changes this week. If I don’t see continued healing then I’ll pull the trigger on the API or Seachem products. Do you have a preference between the 2? Does this seem reasonable?
  12. pH 6.8 ammonia 0 nitrate and nitrite 0 TDS 120 kh 2 gh 4 temp 78 light period finnex 24/7 setting with an additional marine land led currently off during treatment. One of my bronze corys has struggled last few months. I think he got into It with a female beta over a sinking wafer. Since that time I have dosed the tank with salt to allow his wounds and fins to heal and he was looking better. Then about 3 months into this tank I introduced some panda corys after a 3 week quarantine (from Aqua Huna). One died within an hour of placing in the Quarantine tank, another died a day later but the other 4 started to eat and looked good, small 3/8”-1/2”. Fast forward 3 months and suddenly another panda Cory dies, a female betta dies and a flame tetra on consecutive days. I discovered my heater had died and temp dropped from 78 to 68 and the heaters replaced and working properly. A couple fish were looking listless - my female apisto and the bronze Cory. I treated the whole tank with the medication trio and within days the Cory and a female Apistogramma cacutoides broke out in white blotches - I’ve attached a pic of this Cory white on his nose, sides and back and the apisto on her lips, eyelid and along the dorsal into the side scale. Not fuzzy and sticking out like ich it was right along the Skin of the The fish. I waited 5 days After Med trio and am now on day 4 of another 5 days of Maracyn Along with fritz aquarium salt 2 teaspoons twice daily. I’ve placed an extra air stone in the tank and my hydor korralia mini goes off 4 times a day for 30 minutes to move waste to the Eheim 2217 intake. I also have a Ziss bubbler on there. Am I on the right track? Would you do anything differently? @Cory
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