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  1. It’s unleaded glass, not crystal. It’s marketed for fish keepers so not sure what else to do there. I’ll update once I get the polyfilter.
  2. @BenAshouldn’t be a problem. Any sand will make them happy. Good Cory keeping.
  3. @CalmedByFishcertainly some ricefish give you that almost koi look. Agree on the platys. Those yellow fins with with red and greys - rad!
  4. @GuppysnailThanks so much for following and your suggestions. The worst is going to be if there are heavy metals in there how did they get in there and not sure poly-filter will pull them all out. I’m dreading taking it apart. I’ll put it on my Amazon list.
  5. The mouth brooders are so cool. Can’t wait to see the reds on your male. What have you fed them so far? What’s been surprising so far about their behavior or care?
  6. @WhitecloudDynastythey are fantastic! Would love some pairs of these some day!
  7. @GameCzar and @TheCzaristaSo fun! Congratulations to u on your guppy babies!
  8. @mountaintoppufferkeeperthanks for the reply. I think I’ve seen the Aquabidder you speak of - loads of cool wild bettas. I’ll look again. I think having a stable of wild males and a mix of wild and fancy females could be cool. May need to a lot for 4 females instead of 2. I was basing number on what Gianne had recommended to start.
  9. @mountaintoppufferkeepersome cichlids are similar, my festivum follows me around as I do tank maintenance. I’ve seen him watching me plant them rip the plant out like it’s a game, he will take food from tweezer and is always watching as actions going on around him. He likes to antagonize our puppy swimming along the bottom and she will chase- I find paw and nose prints occasionally.
  10. I know Gianne’s talk has led to lots of us either internally or on the forum having conversations and thinking about breeding setups for bettas. I’ve been contemplating what my breeding setup will be as even before her talk my wife and I had been looking at different types of bettas and thinking about which types interested us. I already have two 3 gallon tall acrylic tanks I’m thinking of using as permanent homes for female bettas. I am contemplating a 2.5 gallon display in our bedroom heavily planted for a male betta, I’d then get a another male and put him in a 3-5 g to be purchased as part of the fish wall expansion. I’d use plastic sterilite shoe boxes and half filled 17 g totes for breeding similar to setups that I’ve seen Gianne doing and KeepingFishSimple on YouTube. The Bettas I’m looking for more are the crosses done with wild types, not straight fancy types: aliens, copper, imbelis and Smaragdina crosses. I’ve been perusing eBay, Aquabid, Coast Gem and Wild Betta farm. Would love feedback on 1) breeding setup plastic totes vs glass tanks primarily is my question 2)betta types and breeding stock should I throw some fancy betta dna in or just stick with these “wild” types 3)sources of quality bettas.
  11. You could recreate the pot they are spawning in and replace one for the other when you plan to take the eggs/spawn/fry. Some fish don’t know the difference but some cichlids I’ve had in the past do know the difference. That can be less distressing to them then just taking it. @mountaintoppufferkeeper I sure live following this journal. Thanks for sharing!
  12. First, I am sorry this is happening to you. I know how distressing this can be when online sales go sideways. The red spots are hemorrhages, can be due to ammonia poisoning, viral hemorrhagic septicemia, severe stress or trauma. In terms of the guppies quality those are 24 kt gold guppies. Are they the best I’ve ever seen? No but they are what you paid for. I can’t say there aren’t other stories like this online about eBay sellers. If you’re looking for quality guppies GT guppies on Facebook has been mentioned in the past by @Coryand they are old school- you call them and tell them what you want. RedFishBlueFish sells @Bentley PascoeBlue Hawaiian guppies and some other really nice strains. You can always go with an Aquabid seller with anyone of good reviews and feedback.
  13. @Patrick_G I have a same day yeasted dough recipe I use all the time as a pizza dough recipe. If it makes good bread there’s a great chance it’ll make good pizza dough.
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