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  1. I feel you @AtitagainIt’s weird here I have this aquarium and fish hoarding gene yet the idea of kind of shedding them and starting over smaller leaner and meaner makes me excited. For now I’ll live vicariously through you but depending on my recent luck I may end up just calling some of my breeding projects a day and cutting my losses. Would love to see your puffer tank, those round little belly’s make me smile!
  2. Everyone looks great - a plethora of platys! For the plecos ive had success with getting them to switch caves by putting something yummy in it like a wafer or slice of cucumber or zucchini. I think it’s almost Pavlovian. Congratulations on getting the transition to fall completed. This weekend I’ll finish my last tub preparation.
  3. Things have been coming at me hot and heavy since Fishtoberfest- be careful what you wish for when you’re suddenly spinning so many plates. 1 Cory was found with what looks to be a traumatic wound but could be parasites. I posted in the disease part of the forum already. All the others are happily consuming some leftover edamame and playing having a good old time. My son (4) and the little girl (8) from across the street were playing with the shell dwellers tank and dropped a light into the tank (cheap stoplight) well that fried the arc breaker for all the boys and guest bedrooms on the second floor. Yikes, came home to a wife on a mission. The breaker required replacement I think that socket is toast and we’ve all moved on. Busy night. My flex 15 appears to have recovered from all the weirdness with the nitrite and platy death. I think I’m going to grab some frogs tomorrow if I can find them. I’m a glutton for punishment I guess. The fish in the hospital bucket are doing well, added some Fritz ACCR to make sure we get no ammonia spikes. I’m planning to sterilize the guppy tub and put them in it eventually maybe after a couple rounds of expel-p. The half black purple guppy fry are doing well. Looking forward to the this weekend when I can water change and feed them some BBS. On a very happy note The Sad Bowl continues it redemption arc and we’ve had some nice molts of the shrimps, loads of activity and happy happy guppies and platys. Also the monster green gecko crypt Wendtii is threatening to take over the tank and I love it!
  4. I came home to find one of the smaller of my 15 Cory cats with what looks like almost a gash from the gill plate to the belly. I don’t want to miss a potential infection. I recently had a mass die off in the guppy tank next to my corys so I don’t want to miss something. Ita a bare bottom sterilite tub, 30 g, an aqua clear 70, a ac sponge and a home made slow bubble filter with lava rock media and crushed coral for filtration. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 10 nitrate, kh 120, gh 200. I may just pull the plants and use the trio but maybe I’m just paranoid ow.
  5. @OnlyGenusCapsits fascinating when nature has something to teach us despite our priorities. Glad the pupfish are having fun and I’m sure whether it’s this or another algae tank this feels like a rewarding process. Thanks for a fun journal to cruise through.
  6. @BlueLineAquaticsSCyep I’d consider moving the FM - not exactly an apex predator compared to the rest of your fish.
  7. Grabbed this from an old post I’d remembered from tropical fish forum.
  8. It’s always an investment to plant heavy but I find you get great returns. I like the choices and the risks you took - they are reasoned and high reward if they come out. Beautiful start!
  9. After the shock of finding floating guppies I finally took stock of the tank 2 guppies were alive - 1 male 1 female. Crazy. I was so upset and disgusted I should have gotten them out an hour before but what can you do? They are now in the medicated bucket swimming with the Platys as of this AM. Hopefully I can salvage this breeding project it’ll just take a lot longer. I e been doing this off and on for 35 years and I’m still learning and still beating myself up about mistakes that lead to casualties.
  10. I’m devastated - came home to find all my full red albino guppies dead - 2 m 6 f juvies. I’ve changed water every other day. Feeding quality foods - fresh bbs, frozen brine, worms and good flake. 30 g tote, 75 degrees, ph 7, gh 300, kh 140, crushed coral, added a little salt, sponge filter. None of the equipment was used with the sick platys. They came from such a good source that I didn’t medicate them - damn I should have trioed them guppies/livebearers are so prone to parasites 🦠 what was I thinking?! Fudge!!!!
  11. I think if you’re getting them from a trusted source - a local breeder, a local fish store that does quarantine and meds, a buddy whose trading out fish - you certainly can watch them for a couple weeks and if they are looking healthy you can acclimate them and put them in. Sometimes I just put a bit of aquarium salt in and see what they do. If you have any questions I’d treat them.
  12. @lmhicks101it just depends some tetras are indestructible and others are fragile like porcelain. Hard to say. In general you want as little fluctuations as you can have if they are stressed and prone to illness. You could age your water in a bucket - put an airstone in and cover the top (evaporative cooling can lead to up to 9 degree difference between ambient room temp and an open bucket) and let it come down a bit ph so it’s 6.8 instead of 7-7.2. You’ve done a lot of things right here and there may be factors we aren’t taking into account. The kuhlis illness is interesting but they’ve gotten over it but doesn’t mean the tetras didn’t take a hit. Unlike other pets you can’t alway see all their scars.
  13. What is your pH, gh and kh? If you’re water is liquid rock it may just be the oldest fish can’t adapt to the environment. Younger healthier ones have a better chance. I would add some tannins - Indian almond leaves or other leaf litter would help them and the corys they like a lower pH if they are wild caught. They also interfere with bacteria and parasites - like antioxidants for fish. Otherwise from the picture I see that looks like good schooling behavior. They are hanging out between the two largest plants in the tank with the most cover, that’s fairly natural behavior. I’d work to get the ammonia level undetectable as they are fragile as everyone has indicated. The other issue is potential bugs - were they properly qt’d? Did they get the med trio? If you’ve had them 3 weeks, they weren’t quarantined came from the local store and went right into the tank you may have a parasite/bacterium, if they had bugs now is when they’d show up. You may need to get some pics of the fish and keep an eye out for anything on the gills, white stringy poop, or flashing - they dive into a plant and shimmy against it to try to get the parasite off. If any of that shows up post in the disease part of the forum.
  14. @Solstice_LacerIf you can get hornwort to grow you rarely have livestock issues. Yours looks great. Beautiful tank and cherries.
  15. Always thicker is better unless it is too cost prohibitive. I’ve always been fascinated by the 50 g low boy from ZooMed. You can also look for frag tanks if you don’t want to DIY.
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