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  1. Looking at pics it does look a bit like them, only a bit more stream lined. Also it's hard to tell in my rubbish photo but the bottom half of its eye is blue. It has some orange on its caudal fin and I think some blue on the other fins. Maybe some sort of pseudomugil?
  2. Good idea with the pile of rocks I might try that, or maybe small pieces of driftwood or a bit of both. In fact I know just where to put it in my community tank, I have a slow flow corner with a couple small anubias tied to small bits of slate, I could make the rock pile there and incorporate the anubias. Thanks! Now I just need to find some crustaceans haha! I sometimes feed repashy soilent green and small bits of it often break off and end up all the round the tank anyway until they get cleaned up by the cories or sucked into the filter and I'm guessing that would probably feed them. Yay new project!
  3. No idea! Could be, does look a bit like one
  4. @CalmedByFish all my micro crustaceans seemed to disappear once I had fish in there, I'd love to keep a healthy population as part of the ecosystem plus occasional snacks for the fish but not sure how to manage it. I don't know any details but maybe look into which type of algae likes which micro nutrients and then switch your fertilizer based on which algae you want? Not sure it's feasible without doing your own fertilizer from scratch but I guess it's technically possible right?
  5. So on one of @Irene's videos on YouTube, specifically "5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Growing Rooted Aquarium Plants" there's a little fish that's pretty much centre screen around the 0:50 mark, and I wondered what it is? It's so cute, not even sure if maybe it's a juvenile of something I would recognise or something completely new to me! Sorry about the awful blurry picture, it's taken on my phone of the screen on my tablet as I couldn't figure out an easy way to get a good pic of it. Any help appreciated!
  6. Good question I find myself attracted towards the 'natural' methods of tank maintenance so will be following the thread! Only thing I can think to add is enough lighting I guess? For the plants to grow and therefore clean the water but also for some algae etc to grow to feed the shrimp and fry (and in turn feed the bigger fish right?). Fertilizer/nutrients too for that matter. Not that you wouldn't have thought of lighting etc already but imo it's important enough to make the list haha. How do you get the micro crustaceans/keep them going?
  7. @MH1 well that's kind of what I thought after listening to @Cory on the subject and looking at some articles etc but then as I couldn't figure out why my fish died I started to wonder if there's more to it, it's a pretty prevalent opinion on the internet for some reason.
  8. I think you can do a pair of apistogramma in a 10 gallon and they apparently live 5-10 years
  9. Not sure I have the space for them, but didn't know they liked the top of the tank, thanks! Actually I've got just a few male endlers and though they are great they don't hang out at the top much (actually they mostly hang out with the neon tetras lol) Would they be aggressive to the neons? Probably a no go if that's the case though they are lovely. They do look awesome might have to check if they are compatible with my parameters and tank mates, didn't know they stayed up top! I'm in the UK so aquahuna is probably just for the US right? Yep they are beautiful! How much do yours stay at the top? Are they peaceful?
  10. @Guppysnail thanks! What on earth is aquarium silicone lubricant? I'm not too worried about small scratches etc as they won't be display tanks really more breeding projects etc and I think I have a roll of bubble wrap somewhere anyway so mostly worried about the seals, will look into aquarium silicone lubricant!
  11. @Biotope Biologist looking at them now, kinda cool though I was hoping for something even smaller but it's a definite contender. Can they be kept solo? Also would it matter about flow rate and cover? Only a smallish section of my tank has floating plants (I section them off to allow light to the rest of the plants)
  12. I know basically nothing about halfbeaks except hearing them mentioned once or twice on videos, brb looking them up 😄
  13. I plan to do a pair of peacock Gudgeons in one of my tanks, I think they are beautiful and a fun pair to watch etc, supposedly breeds quite easily, do well in smaller tanks, pretty peaceful etc. Not sure about 10+ year lifespans but apparently it's 5+ so a bit better (than Bettas)
  14. I have a peaceful 20 gallon community tank which has a little room for something else. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for any small fish that don't need to be in big groups that like to occupy the top third section of the tank? Even better if it's a surface feeder. Hatchet fish need to be in groups right? My neon tetras and panda cories only use the bottom two thirds really and the top section always looks really empty.
  15. So I have been collecting second hand tanks for cheap or free from marketplace. I currently have three 15 gallon, four 7.5 gallon and two 5 gallon tanks all empty and waiting for me to buy a new shed to become my fish room. As I'm not sure when I'm going to be getting it I was wondering if there's any particular way of storing dry tanks that protects the seals etc? Like can the silicone dry out? Is it better to store them with water inside? Should I wrap them in something? Does anyone have any experience with storing empty tanks? Thanks in advance!
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