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  1. 9/24/22 as of today, The Lieutenant is no longer a chubby little lady. I woke up to bid her a good morning and congratulations on her babies- however, instead the Lieutenant and I had a long debate about cannibalism and how it is frowned upon in most societies. The Lieutenant did not seem to care. In good news however, our mysterious colony of Mystery Snails have been breeding happily! Look at this very large clutch I saw the snail depositing! a rare picture indeed friends! While I mourn the loss of the fry, I mostly shrug it off. I had a feeling that she would eat them in her stress of being a single mother. We live and learn, and thank a generous friend here on the forums for sending me their mutt guppies to help give the Lieutenant her army once more! 😅 Well, at least there's the snails!
  2. thank you very much for the idea about the paper and the chart! I wrote it down on a sticky note and put it in my test kit for next time! and yeah- I normally use a flashlight when I read the tests on my own, Honestly I don't know why I didn't think to just grab my flashlight to take the pictures too haha. I think I've gotten used to the convince of technology. I definitely do make my artwork (and my tech) more accessible for me to use. Like, I will spend hours color mixing skin tones for my art and still not be happy with it because I can't end up seeing the highlight shades 😅 thankfully when I do my abstract art, it doesn't matter when I just throw neons and rainbows on a pallette!
  3. Thank you so much! I still have a bunch of silk/plastic plants (I bought this like big bulk box on sale- and I bought it for one type of plant)
  4. I used to ace all those online color tests, and then I went into the eye doctor this year... I got absolutely bamboozled by similar shades of color, it drove me bonkers! I do art for a living- I can't not see different shades, you know?? Hearing the nice doctor lady tell me that "No, this is in fact green, and the other is blue" made me re-evaluate everything a little 🤣
  5. Thank you again for the advice @Guppysnail! I was looking at the plants on ACO but they're out of the java moss (since that seems to be what a lot of breeders use for the fry) I have my fake silk plants in there, but obviously live is better. Since ACO is out of java moss, would something like their Octopus or Amazon Sword work? Or do I need to go to my LFS to specifically get java moss?
  6. I'm looking between the net breeder and the Ziss Breeder box. Obviously aside from the jump in price- is there any difference in quality / QoL for the fry? Because if it's worth the money for the Ziss, I don't mind dropping the money, but I also want to be sure that it's worth it, you know? My only experience with breeding is my accidental breeding of mystery snails- So I just want to be sure I give the lieutenant and her babies the best. If my calculations are right- since I got her on the 3rd of Sept, that means she's been preggo for 19 days (oops on my part- thankfully, I only found the tiny spoon last monday, after I fed her) To all the people who breed fish, do you have any reccomendations on the Ziss vs the net breeder?
  7. That's a smart idea! I'll give that a shot, thank you so much!
  8. Also- @Guppysnail can I get your advice on if my guppy is just a chubby little lady, or if she's pregnant? She's a single guppy, due to the loss of the group when I bought them from my LFS- and she was the only survivor. But I've only been feeding her about once or twice a week with this tiny brine shrimp spoon I got (i got it from a "hatch your sea dragon kit!" that was a bust haha, but the spoons been useful!) I use one spoonful when I feed her- and she's been pooping, but I don't see her tummy ever shrinking. she's just been getting more... chubby. I've added a few pictures since she moves around a lot- so I hope these help
  9. Yeah I've been tackling the ammonia levels with 50% water changes every day. I think what happened was, when the HOB on my old tank made us think it leaked (because further testing has proven no leaks) even when I tried to save some of the old water- it ended up having to restart the cycle. 😮‍💨 Live and learn, you know? Now I'm just tackling ammonia burns as I lower the levels and get things back on track. that's why I'm doing the tests as often as I am, so I can keep a record.
  10. I think my Mystery snails laid eggs! It cant be the lieutenant, because guppies are live bearers- so they're like.... tiny fish- Ironically, I don't think I've ever seen the mystery snails ever lay a clutch 😂 more just appear!
  11. I have these like... flat marble things from the dollar store that I bought because they were bigger than their mouth, and all night I can just hear the *clink, clink, clink* of them moving around the marbles 🤣 Part of me is tempted just to buy a pack of ping pong balls, just to see what happens. But yeah, I ended up moving the pot when they started wiggling around it and it was shifting. Also- I don't know why I didn't think of this- but clearly my logic failed me. Basil plants don't like Aquarium salt- who knew 🤷‍♀️ ( /j )
  12. This is the Goldfish tank, Yeah. throughout the water changes during the week we've been adding more water to get back up to the top ( mainly just to watch the HOB to see if it's gonna overflow on us again haha) after today's water change, we finally got the water to about 3/4ths-ish full to the top. I would say there's a good... maybe two and a half inches of air from the lid. I did steep some almond leaves in my dechlorinated water and throw that in, to help lower the ph- since I know that 8 is getting too high for goldfish. I didn't put in the actual leaves- mostly because I was kinda worried they'd eat the leaves- they already tried to eat the basil plant.
  13. I didn't even think about adding the chart! Of course- The top one is with the flash, and the bottom without. I've tried it with the grayscale, and sadly even then still trying to compare them isn't helpful for me haha. I might need to my actual editing stuff instead of just my phone- so I'll try that instead. anyway! Here's the picture of the chart! Chart w/ Flash Chart w/o Flash:
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