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Found 3 results

  1. Well hello again- You all may not remember me- but many many moons ago (aka, 9 months ago) I had a betta fish named Ponyo. Sadly, Ponyo didn't make it. And well, life got in the way after that. I won't bore you with how I went through the ghost feeding process of redoing my tank, or the months afterward where life really did just kick me in the teeth. We'll just get into the exciting (and aggravating) last twelve hours of my life. And I just want to put a disclaimer on here, that I don't blame the big box store for this. Sometimes, fish just die. But yesterday- after a long and hard winter, and a summer from h-e-c-c, I finally got to drive about an hour away to the Big box store for my big decision on new fishy friends. and I was very nervous. I won't lie to you all- it was crowded in the store, and I have major anxiety. Sadly, those two mix together about as well as oil and water. So... I had to ask my friend to talk to the worker. But! I got my fish. and with my fish in hand, and the guppy food acquired, we made it back home. thankfully, I already knew I wanted guppies. I had been waiting nine months. (and yes, I could have shipped them- but honestly, the winter was far to cold, and summer was WAY too hot- I wasn't going to risk it.) So acclimating the guppies to my fish tank took no time at all. I waited the time- watching them swim happily in the plastic baggy. then, after I ate dinner- I dropped them into the water. No big deal! They swam around with the lights off, so it was less stressful. things were great. or so I thought. You see, I sat down to watch a movie after dinner, and about halfway through the movie, what do my poor little eyes see??? The Death Roll. That's right friends! One of the guppies was doing a death roll like it was a miniature Gator clamping down on it's meal! and I watched in horror as it rolled and rolled- before stopping- hanging in the water. I leapt to my feet- already preparing the hospital tank- (having learned my lesson from Ponyo, I keep lots of water under my bed and in my closet.) I threw in the salt, the Maracyn, the stress coat, the almond leaves- and then scooped up the guppy and tossed her into the tank! (also yes, the heater was on and the water was at tropical temp- I keep my room warm) It was alive!! I felt like Doctor Frankenstein- watching this fish wiggle to life and swim in the hospital tank. and with a sigh of relief, I hesitantly went back to my movie. This was my first mistake. I go to sleep after watching the movie- the fish still swimming around. and the other five perfectly healthy looking in the main tank. I wake up the next morning... and tragedy hath stricken my home. Not only did the sick guppy die during the night, but four of it's companions did too, and one more died a few hours after that. So the Guppy Platoon is now a One Man Army. Again- I can't blame the Big Box Store. Am I upset at the dead fish, and losing the $20 worth of pets? Sure, of course I am. but things happen. So, now we get into Todays Adventure. And wow- if all of that wasn't enough of a rollercoaster for you, then strap in friends, because this is about to be a wild ride. So, I have cleaned the tank. The One Man Army has been moved into the QT tank with some stuff to make their final moments a bit less stressful (should it die). and now I am perusing the internet because my family has now sworn off the big Box Store. but... well- let's just say the belt needs to be a little tight right now. As I said- Life got in the way for the past nine months- and this past week was no exception. So the expensive shipping for live animals... well- it was putting a damper on everything. Until I went onto a handy dandy social media site, and spoke to a nice old man who calls himself "Catfish" and well- it also has his government name- and for the sake of privacy, I won't be putting it in here. And against every alarm bell that rang in my head from being born and raised in Florida- I drove to a strangers house on the hopes and dreams of buying fish. This is how I bought two goldfish for a dollar from a catfish, and then got invited to his family's barbeque. I just have to say- The midwest is really weird sometimes. I love it- but it's so weird. My life is now on a bit of a rush order, buying filters and bigger tanks- and a heavy enough thing to hold said tank- But hey, Crabbe and Goyle are pretty much thriving right now. and it could've been worse- They coulda been the bait they were labeled as.
  2. I thought it would be fun to have a thread for sharing interesting things that are not aquarium related, but don’t need a thread of their own. Here is one. In Corvus Oscen’s livestream today, he was talking about some of the electrical work he was doing at the Co-Op, and there was some chat about other electrical topics. I was reminded about something I saw on TV, when ESPN was doing their annual ESPN 8 ‘The Ocho’ day, where they showcase niche sports and competitions, like lawnmower racing, cornhole, dodgeball, etc. The highlight was the IDEAL Electrician’s National Championship. The competitors work in identical framed structures with no walls, so you can see everything they are doing. It was really cool to watch.
  3. This is your page for all your random thoughts or statements. I got click baited by the podcast app. I had a 5 hour flight and now I don’t know what to do with three hours of it 😞
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