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  1. Hello. I have noticed a white clumpy spot on one of the skirt tetra fins about a year ago and weirdly enough, it didnt spread until recently and only to the other fish of the same species. It doesn't look fussy and only on fins. I have been treating them with Maracyn in combination with IchX and got no result from it. Now I have been doing salt bath with 1Tbsp per gallon for about 2 weeks and still no result. Some of the white clumps did go away but they leave behind red patches on the tetra fins. I would love to get some idea on what this is and how can I treat it. Below I've attached a link to the video. Link to Video
  2. Please help. Let me start off with tank info. 10 gallon aqueon regular rectangle tank. Relatively new tank. Started around 12/30/2020. But I believe it is cycled. Parameters are (as of today 2/4/2021) 0 ammonia 0 Nitrite and generally between 5-10ppm Nitrate. Water tested with API master test kit. Water temp usually hovers around 76 degrees. PH is 7.5, GH 120 KH is 80. I used the API test strips for GH and KH because that’s all I have to test those parameters. I usually do a 15-20% water change with tap water treated with Seachem Prime the night before it’s put back into the tank. Substrate is eco complete. Filtration is Aqueon quietflow 10 with Fluval sponges and fluval bio rings. I also have the aquarium co op intake sponge on the intake. Lighting is Fluval nano 3.0. Tank is planted generously but I wouldn’t say heavily as most of the plants are new to me and still growing. I have 10 cherry shrimp in this tank that are absolutely thriving. They have been in there for about a month now. I have kept fish before many years ago as a younger person and never really had any issues. Just getting back into the hobby. My problem: I recently tried to add 8 celestial Pearl danios that I purchased from the LFS. I acclimated them with bag in tank. Waited 30 mins and added approximately 8 oz of my tank water to their bag. I repeated this process 4 times for a total acclimation time of around 2 hours. I then netted the CPDs and added them to the tank. In 3 days all but one have died. Most of the CPDs seemed on the small side to me even for nano fish. I’m just wondering if perhaps I got a bad batch from the LFS or if I’m doing something wrong. I have heard these fish are quite hardy and can tolerate relatively wide range of parameters as long as they are steady. From what I’ve researched, my parameters and tank set up should be adequate, perhaps not absolutely ideal, to support these fish. Just wondering if anyone with more CPD experience can chime in with some advice or anything. I’ll do my best to respond to questions or responses in a timely manner. Thanks in advance. frustrated and confused
  3. I've been seeing more and more people post terrible news about their pets freezing to death due to major power outages. I thought the community here could offer some of their best tips to help our fellow hobbyists and keepers get through this super scary time. I've seen people using car batteries although I wouldn't know exactly how to set that up. Also those portable car jumper/battery things seem like a good option. I'm lucky enough to have power up here in Washington but my family in Texas isn't so lucky. (They don't keep fish or aquaria though).
  4. When I started my 29 Gallon tank at the end of the summer I got a Cryptocoryne Wendtii red. It really became one of my favorite plants, my Pygmy Corydoras love resting in it’s leaves and my Kuhli Loaches also rest near the bottom of it, hiding in the plant. I have small rounded river stones over some special plant eco complete substrate. Recently I made a few changes in my aquarium and suddenly the Crypt started melting like crazy. It’s been depressing to see how bad it has suddenly gotten compared to how vibrant and lush it used to be, Note it’s a red Wendettii but is mostly green, that’s because I don’t dose Easy Iron, just Easy Green. I had decided it wasn’t worth adding iron for just that plant, and my understanding was that the plant would be fine it would just be mainly green instead of red if it didn’t get enough iron. -Past parameters (About 3 weeks ago): Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 0 PH: 7 KH: 40 GH: 60 -Current parameters (Today): Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 0 PH: 7 KH: 0 GH: 30 The attached pictures show the progression: 1. After first planting in the end of the summer of 2020, 2. Two to three months later 3. Sometime after I added a sandbed near it and it started to melt, 4. Today after I removed all the leaves that melted off. That’s some Val grass on the right of it. I have had an algae problem for a while and I’m finally getting some Easy Carbon to add once the shipment arrives. (Half dosage so as to not kill the Val) NOW - Why is my Crypt melting? I think it’s because of the addition of some sand substrate but here are some possible culprits: -I recently dosed Fritz Paracleanse in the tank then did a 25% water change afterwards. None of the fish looked or seemed sick, I just did it as a precaution. -Fish overuse it. I have pygmy corydoras and kuhli loaches, a huge mystery snail that is always getting on it and pushing the leaves down with its weight. The Kuhli loaches may sometimes disrupt the top parts of the roots. -I haven’t added any new Easy Root Tabs in over 4 months. Now the main culprit and probably only culprit is the new sand substrate, my KH is 0, down from 40. The Ph is still 7 though. I got some Habrosus Corydoras a few weeks back and felt they would prefer some sand substrate to rummage for food in, and they do sure love it! I only added a small patch. I would have added it in the corner where the Crypt is but I didn’t want to disturb it! So I added it just by it in a small flat area that was clear of plants.. The sand I got is “CaribSea Super Naturals Moonlight Freshwater Sand” I see now that it said on the bag that this sand was a “Perfect way to detoxify metals” I’m wondering if that is what lead to the drop in the KH? Any plant experts would have any guesses or think that is definitely what happened? Will it ever recover? Should I add crushed coral or wondershell now so i don’t get a sudden PH drop?
  5. I was looking at my crayfish because she has eggs and just wondering how they are dying and i noticed there are some small worms on her mouth then u noticed two on the glass I need to know what kind they are what to do!!
  6. Looking for some suggestions on what I could stock this tank with? I've been leaning towards brackish with a figure 8 puffer and maybe a goby or two, but I'm really liking these plants and I'm not sure if they will survive the acclimation. So I am curious what kind of sorta exotic freshwater hardwater fish y'all have in mind, I have guppies and mollies in other tanks (obviously not "exotic") so I am not looking down the livebearer path. There are some awesome nook and crannies in here for caves, so maybe some Rams or Badis maybe? Thank you for any and all advice or stocking ideas!
  7. Hey all. I have 1 20 gallon tall tank that has been cycled with plants and has excellent new growth and water parameters. Now it just needs some livestock! The plan is to add 8-10 guppies (males), 2 nerite snails, and 3-6 neocaridina shrimps. Because they are all going into 1 tank that doesn't have anything but plants and hardscape at the moment, I wanted to know what kind of quarantining to do. Should I put the guppies in the main tank, and quarantine the snails and shrimps separately? Can I put the shrimps and guppies in the tank and quarantine the snails? Should I hold off on ANYTHING in the main tank until all have been properly quarantined? Help! Sincerely, New to the hobby and doesn't want to kill too much!
  8. I have a 5gal tank and it has a false back. the filter pump is back there. there is a filter sponge that could be tighter on this shelf with the holes. i could have put a another piece there to make the sponge up next the hole but i didn't want it to get clog. the pump is on very low like 2 of 10. my shrimp can get in and out of the back part of the tank. I got emerald jades but one looks really blue and its the biggest. i saw this blue one go in and later come out of the back where the filter is. is this an issue or it is it a just another element of their tank. there is java moss, hairgrass and micro sword. i had just the plants in the tank for 20days and cycled it. algae started to grow after a week. the shrimp are eating it. they hide alot and sometimes i will see like three of them at most eating or see them in cave with flashlight.
  9. So I was down with a fever for a couple days but just before that I put in a beautiful piece of wood to make my tank pretty, in doing so I must have knocked the thermostat out of the tank and over the couple days I was out of commission and didn’t worry about my tank, it went up to 120° so I literally cooked my fish...... what now? I mean I know to get all the fish death out but how much of a functional ecosystem do I need to disrupt
  10. The crayfish is approximately a 4.5” Australian Red Claw crayfish. I got him recently, and he was shipped to me while he was nearing the beginning of molting. This seems to have stressed him out, and he seems to be struggling to molt. He never has eaten since getting him (this month the 21st). the 22nd or 23rd, he started being less active, waving his legs around above his head, and laying somewhat lopsided on the ground. Fast-forward to the 24th til currently, and he’s been falling onto his side and waving his legs and claws around periodically. Occasionally, he gets up to walk around, and does so very clumsily, while some of his legs remain completely outstretched. Tonight, I finally got a better glimpse at him (as he’s now doing the behavior in front of me every now and again), and some of his legs are looking twisted up. I have iodine in the tank that was added a few days ago (maybe two). But I want to know if there’s anything else I can do. Should the molting process be taking this long, and is it normal to not see any progress so far? I’ve heard of people intervening, and I’m curious if that would be on the table if no progress is made by the time the molting should be done. Though I wouldn’t want to risk it, if it seemed far too dangerous or stressful compared to just leaving him be (as getting involved usually makes things worse). Here’s how he’s been looking, if that will aid in any advice. Him when he’s laying on his side (often what he’s been doing: Him when he was walking a little today:
  11. So originally I posted about my crawfish having molted and one of her claws having been stuck I was told to let her chill and get it off herself but now she picked off some of it and her meat or flesh or whatever is showing!!! Should I continue to leave her be?? I tried to help her in the beginning BUT she was WAYYYYYY to stressed to let me near her I feel I will for sure stress her to death if I even attempt to help her remove this.... First photo is hours after her molt second is today!
  12. I was wondering if it's possible to crush 'crushed coral' into a powder to increase surface area when trying to raise KH? I've had crushed coral in my tanks for a bit now and I can't seem to get my KH higher than a 2. Has anyone tried to do this before and if so, what was the result? Also I assume that the dosing would be much smaller? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, -BisScottie
  13. I'm setting up a pea puffer tank, and I really want to set it up as close to native habitat as possible. Does anyone know if there are any plants in the hobby that come from the same region of India as Pea Puffers?
  14. Always have had a soft spot for GBR's but scared to try with having ph lvls at around 8 living in Wisconsin. Am I just wasting money if I get them? If not would they ever breed? I keep my tank at 79 degrees.
  15. To state for the record, this is about a platy (or possibly swordtail) that actually belongs to one of my good friends, and who, although has many many more years than I do of experience in fishkeeping, has been like the luckiest hobbyist I know, for the fact that she has really not ever had to deal with any sort of illnesses in her tanks! Tank size- 30g Cycled approx 5 weeks (used filter media, plants and substrate from long established 55g tank) Temp- 75-77°F pH- 8 Ammonia- 0 Nitrite- 0 Nitrate- 20-40 Also using crushed coral as kh/buffer And there are only 2 other fish (both are swordtails) in the tank with the one I'm posting about (so 3 fish total) I have on hand (and am giving her) Maracyn 2 for the medication aspect of treatment - however, of the 3 levels of aquarium salt treatment, I am unsure as to which to recommend?? The platys/swordtails tail, over the course of 2 weeks, is now gone. Dorsal fin seems to be now also deteriorating, from what I could see in the video she sent me. Pics aren't the greatest - apologies - the last 3 are screenshots taken from the video. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi all! I’m trying to identify this tiny baby snail that hitch hiked into my tank, I do have nerites laying eggs and have yet to see any hatch but I’m almost certain this isn’t a nerite based on the foot and it appeared just after adding salvinia minima. Anyways, since the photo is a little hard to make out, it’s mostly transparent with brown speckled from the tip of the spiral which does protrude out not in like a ramshorn.. I’m guessing and hoping it’s a mystery snail but also just have no idea. I want to properly care for it not eradicate it but if it’s a pesty type of snail I do have assassin snails too to keep a population under control. https://ibb.co/HrczqJD https://ibb.co/swsdpZg https://ibb.co/tzqYNvb https://ibb.co/0q6FJLp https://ibb.co/6v2L9GY thanks for any help!
  17. Hello all! I am a newbie to planted tanks and recently (about two weeks ago) set up a five gallon nano aquarium with anubias nana petite, Java fern, Java moss, and ludwigia repens, and (the reason I’m posting) red root floaters. I planted the tank about four days ago. The tank has some pre-cycled media (from a 1 gallon I actually got through the nitrogen cycle but did not stock at all). I set it all up and even put a sponge on my filter outflow because there was more surface agitation than I was comfortable with (red root floaters don’t like that). Despite this, some of my red root floaters are partially submerged and the submerged leaves are starting to melt (while the ones at aren’t are doing very well) . . . Even though they’re not being knocked around by my filter. I dosed the recommended dosage of API Leaf Zone (which contains both potassium and iron, which I read that floaters need) I have my aquarium LED on the brightest setting for eight hours of consistent light every day. My new tank isn’t fully cycled but it’s getting there (we’re already through the worst of the ammonia spike) here are the current parameters: gh 60 kh 180 ph between 7 and 7.5 nitrate 20 nitrite 0 slightly above 0 ammonia I was contemplating dosing the recommended fertilizer dose twice a week instead of once (so double the amount of fertilizer) because I read that nutrient deficiency will cause the red root floaters to sink and melt. I was also contemplating increasing the light time (I had read somewhere that a newly planted aquarium should only receive about 8 hours of light to fend off algae but I also know red root floaters need a lot of light) If there’s anything else I could try, I would be extremely grateful to hear it. I really love my red root floaters and would be very sad if they all melted away. . . I attached a photo so y’all can see what I’m talking about. Thanks in advance!
  18. Made a mistake at the pet shop and accidentally got aragonite sand instead of normal sand. Is this sand safe for pea puffers and anacharis?
  19. So my crayfish molted and her claw is very much stuck I have read lots of different opinions to help them get it off or leave them but this is really stuck i tried to slightly tug it to see and it isnt budging so what should I do? Any time I try to help her a bit she gets very stressed and flips over I don't want to stress her and kill her that way! I am so worried 😞 She is still trying to get it off and watching her struggle is breaking my heart
  20. So starting like 5 months ago I had a medium plant load in the aquarium using an old florescent tank light and the marineland advanced LED light on my 40 breeder, and both were on a timer. I was dosing 4 pumps as directed of easy green a week and weekly water changes. I started noticing black spots on the hardscape and didn't think much of it. fast forwarding 4 months BBA and BGA have now infested my tank and my tank is also heavily planted. Now after christmas this year I got a fluval 3.0 and set it to the day cycle as provided by Bently Pascoe, and my marine land goes on for 4 hours when the fluval is at it's peak of strongest light for my Montecarlo and pearlweed. I know that with the consistent dosing and lighting there really is one variable which is the plant growth itself, causing deficiency on nutrients in the water column. I've been trying to bomb the tank with nutrients the last two days with 10 pumps of easy green. I still can't even get to 5ppm of N. I don't know what to do and I am getting tired of fighting algae Plants: Monte Carlo, over a dozen crypts, Red pearl Amazon sword, mult. stems of pearlweed, Italian and leopard Val, Bolbitis, 4 bunches of Anubias nana petite, 2 Normal anubias nana, 2 fist fulls of Golden Loydellia, Dwarf Sag. and finally one smaller clump of Java Fern. Fish: 7 inch Poly teug. (will be moving to 210 once the tank is set up) 4 inch Poly Ornate (will be moving to 210 once the tank is set up) 2x 3 Inch Angels (breeding pair) 1 SAE and a mating pair of Kribensis
  21. I’m new to guppies as I just wanted a fun fish in my 7.5 gal planted tank with shrimp. I got a male and female pair from the Co op and after a couple days they started hiding in a cave.. I had people tell me to get a second female in the mix because they might be stressed.. so I did, but when I got back from the store I found both guppies dead with their tail fins ripped apart.. the next day I got another female and a male because the new (and alone) guppy seemed skittish and I figured company would help. And it did. Until a few days later she was randomly dead. I did multiple water tests and changes through this process and my parameters were always good. I cycled for 2 weeks with old media and My tank temp is 78 degrees. I currently have a male and female and don’t want them to kill eachother like the last pair. So I’m at the crossroads of deciding whether to rehome the guppies or just getting another female and hoping it works. are these types of hiccups typical in guppies? If so I might keep trying, or am I seriously screwing up here? Should I separate the male and female? Thanks guys. I attached an image of my tank( with the first pair) and of my newest trio of gups, the yellow female is the one that passed randomly.
  22. Hey there everyone. So this question is about a juvenile (male) Marble Molly of mine. (he is about 9.5 months old right now).. So - backstory and what I am 99.999% sure was the cause of this (if indeed it is prolapse) - He was born the end of March / beginning of April last year. At about 1 to 1.5 months old, I was netting out my then molly fry (there were 7 in total), from the floating breeder box their were hanging out in, because the box had so much algae growth, I literally couldn't see into it..AT ALL.. Anyway, this is when/how this happened/started to the best of my knowledge - during all the commotion while removing the moss and then the fry, one of the fry got 'pinned'/pinched btwn the net and the inside of the box. Now..I have 6 tanks, have kept mostly only livebearing fish, and the temporary removal or transferring of fry is absolutely not a new thing for me. And I honestly didn't notice anything to be wrong during all of this, and I ended up just putting all 7 molly fry into the fry tank (with a TON of moss both floating and on wood), that already had about 20-30 platy and guppy fry growing out. Again, I REALLY wasn't aware anything had happened / was wrong. Cut to July, and I had taken out the platy and guppy fry, so the Molly fry were then in there on their own. During a water change, I noticed that one of the little guys, had a bump/lump on it's belly. This particular one was removed from that tank, and then placed into my then just finished cycling 5 gallon tank, on it's own {{the first two pics were taken August 10th}} This was now his home. And tbh, I didn't actually think it would live as terrible as that sounds..but, if it DID live, and if it ended up being female, I absolutely did not want to take the chance of it becoming pregnant, and even still - I did not want it to be bullied to death! So. A bit before Christmas, it finally matured and lo-and-behold, NOT female! (lol) Anyhow - he has been doing GREAT! Eats like a champ, gets water changes in the (same planted tank I initially isolated him in - but has 3 (1m 2f) H. Formosa in with him (and obviously fry -- third and fourth pics are him today) Sooo IS this an intestinal prolapse? Or is this instead a tumor? Have I done the right thing in NOT euthanizing? (last pic is his tank/home!)
  23. Hi I have a group of six Pygmy Cories and I have been seeing these eggs around the tank are these from the Pygmy Cories??
  24. To start off: PH: 7.4 Nitrates: 0ppm (the live plants have always kept the amount very low to showing up as nonexistent lately) Hardness: Unable to test for Nitrite: 0ppm Ammonia: 0ppm KH/Buffer: Unable to test for Water Temperature: 79F Here is a photo of my betta that I took yesterday; nothing external seems out of the ordinary. I also ran a flashlight over him today and saw nothing as well. Some background information to possibly help: I got Samphan on December 18th from a breeder, that is when he arrived. He was placed in a quarantine tank with botanicals, tannins, and salt. I saw no signs of illness and no strange behavior at any point (I am always home, so I’m always consistently observing him). The only thing I ever found slightly odd was how he turns, but that was never concerning, as nothing else showed up in conjunction. Two days ago, I upgraded him to a seven gallon holding tank (he’s going to be transferred into a 20 gallon all to himself once it’s complete) that has been fully cycled since December 22nd. The only thing different about this setup would be the type of bin it is, and that it has many live plants and a light. I test this tank every few days, and tested many days in a row prior to adding Samphan to assure all was well with water parameters. He was drip acclimated to this tank, even though the parameters appeared to be the same. Yesterday, I saw nothing concerning. Today, I woke up maybe a few hours ago at most, and noticed he will occasionally do fast jerky movements, so much so that he even almost threw himself out of the water. He seems to have a voracious appetite today, as he’s been continuously nibbling at plants (though this could be completely normal, especially since this is a new tank for him to experience). There’s NO rubbing/flashing occurring, NO lethargy, nothing externally wrong looking (even with a flashlight). I have a few theories, but I’m curious on what the consensus of others may be. My theories are: Could it be a reflection the bin is producing (as this is a new bin with a thicker plastic)? Perhaps a very early sign of velvet (maybe the plants were still contaminated after they were cleaned long ago)? Maybe even gill flukes I’m unable to see? My last theory is a neurological issue, since he’s always turned a little odd as well. But I don’t think that one would be nearly as probable as the others. What do you all think? Edit: The biological media is in a new filter (it was transferred from the original so the flow was safe for a betta). This filter originally was very loud and sounded broken, even after it was troubleshooted for a few hours. I let it run and it’s improved significantly, making a little noise every now and then. I reached out to the third party seller, but haven’t been responded to. My mom made a comment asking if that could be it, though I’m admittedly not sure. Could this somehow be electrical, perhaps it’s shorting out or malfunctioning and bothering the fish?
  25. I was wondering if it would be alright if I rescaped my tank with some Pygmy Cories and amano Shrimp in the tank?
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