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  1. Ok so I have a small jade pothos cutting I bought for probably too much money to grow in my tank to help with filtration. It seems to be growing a bit strange so it's hard to work out how best to place it. Currently I have it sitting on top of my internal filter (out of the water) with the roots trailing in the water, however a small section of roots between the stem and the rest of the roots (this section of roots is above the water line) has gone all brown and shrivelled and I'm assuming the whole lot will come off at some point. I did an awful little sketch to show what I mean: The red arrow points to the dying section. Does the whole length of roots need to be underwater? As you can see the roots are growing in a weird place between the leaf offshoots so I can't get it all in the water without submerging some of the stem and leaves. Is there anyway to encourage roots to grow out of the cut end of the stem? Would make it a lot easier. Thanks in advance!
  2. Ok so I’m now several tanks deep and starting to have fun figuring out how to breed some blue velvet shrimp and albino red head koi guppy. Also growing out some angels as well. I enjoy the red head koi but I can’t decide on which other guppy to breed! I need some insight from you on other types. I can’t decide if I’m going with a strong line of either purple or green Moscow’s off of aquabid. I also like the dumbo mosaic dragon. I went down the rabbit hole and came across big dorsal red dragon ribbon. These look awesome. I have two young sons and we enjoy this together. I want only ONE more guppy line due to space and trying not to get more tanks. I want a beautiful show stopper. A unique guppy line! Which should I chose and from where? thanks I can’t wait to hear your ideas!!!
  3. So I'm a beginner to fish keeping and I would like to know how many plants I should buy? I have a single betta but I plan on getting one snail and I'm wondering how many plants can I get out of one pot? Maybe that isn't the right way to word it, but how do I know how big it'll be and if I need more? Is it better to get a few and start small then add on? Most of the plants I'm thinking of getting aren't really root plants (anubias, frogbit, java fern, etc) and I would like to know if I can plant them in substrate or should I get a different plant for that? I know anubias can be tied to rocks and java fern can be attached to drift wood that but I was also thinking of plants to put in the substrate (maybe water sprites and dwarf sagittaria). I would love to hear other suggestions because I can't seem to find much info online. The tank I have is 5 and a half gallons with gravel on the bottom and sand on the top for substrate. I'm not 100% sure where to get some of the plants because I plan to get most of them from aquarium co-op but they don't have all of the plants I'm looking for. I can get some plants from big chain and small pet stores (I went to check the small store selections and they didn't have much). Sorry for the long paragraph, hopefully that made sense :')
  4. Just added the Easy root tabs to my tank for the first time (I usually use seachem's) and now I have piles of white gunk in my tank. Should I be concerned?
  5. My name is Nathen (20yo). I’m currently living in Florida and have a pretty interesting occupation that some of y’all might not like. My family and I run a fish spa experience with Garra Rufa fish in 12 different tanks (about 44 gal. each). We opened up in November (2020) not knowing anything about aquariums, but have learned a lot since then and still are learning. I just have one issue i’m struggling with right now that needs attention. Whenever I add Pond Prime to my tanks the ph lowers a lot. I searched up to try and find something related to that but I found nothing. If y’all have any questions regarding the health of the fish let me know I’m an open book. We take great care of our fish and really treat them like our babies haha.
  6. Ok so I know algae problems etc have been done to death but I can't wrap my head around it or figure out my best solution for my 20 gallon community tank. I am playing around with adding more fertilizer and more plants etc in the hope I can get the tank nice and balanced. My light is on quite a while but it's only the starter light that comes with the tetra starter line so I doubt it's very strong? I've added a pothos in the hope of getting nitrates down as my tap water is quite high in nitrates. However I'm pretty sure a lot of the 'algae' I'm getting is cyanobacteria which I'm just reading tonight happens when there isn't enough nitrates? So now I'm confused. Also low flow but I thought my tank had pretty good flow, is there a way to move more water around gently, without a powerhead etc? Already have an internal power filter and two air stones (running on one USB air pump so not that strong) and don't want it to be too strong for my neon tetras etc. In the meantime I'm trying to figure out an algae cleaning crew. Part of my problem is I'm struggling to identify what algae types I have. I have some diatom and green spot but I actually don't mind those and everything seems to eat it anyway. I have only a small amount of BBA which I can remove manually so far. There is a lot of what I think is some sort of hair algae though? It's not really hairy or stringy (though I do have a small amount of string algae too) it's more like a soft almost smooth spongy texture that keeps growing on leaves and driftwood mostly. There is also a lot of (I think) blue green algae and a bit what looks like the blue green algae but red coloured. However the soft algae and the blue green coloured stuff is kind of growing amongst or on top of each other so I'm not really sure what I'm looking at really it might not even be two different algaes maybe it just looks different colour depending on what's behind it? My main issue is keeping the leaves of plants clean, not too worried about the glass and hard scape. I've heard otocinclus are good for that however I've also read they don't eat hair algae? I don't like amano shrimp as I've heard some horror stories that put me off plus I think they are kind of creepy. Cherry shrimp would be ok if they would help but don't know if they would eat the hair algae or cyano? Also don't want them to overpopulate. I don't want any snails that will overpopulate either so I'm considering nerites but don't want those ugly eggs everywhere so I'm unsure. Do they even eat hair algae? I don't mind the diatoms and green spot they are easy to clean and a little on the hardscape looks kind of nice. Any ideas? Oh and an aside question while I'm here, if Alternanthera reineckii mini melts completely - leaves and stems - do I assume it's dead or can it regrow from the roots? It did well for a month or two grew loads of leaves but then started melting. Thanks for anyone who reads all of that! Hope it makes sense, halfway through my second night shift here and my brain is a little fried.
  7. Hi, first time poster here. Up until now I have just been doing relentless research and watching the YouTube channel but now I don’t know what to do. I have a new tank. 75 gallon tank with 3 small goldfish and 1 plecto that was set up on Saturday and fish added on Sunday. I checked my tank Thursday and had an ammonia reading of 3.0 ppm, oh was 7.8-8.0, and nitrite and nitrates were both at a 0. Due to the high ammonia we did a 50% water change Thursday. Friday we checked levels again, everything was the same but ammonia was still just below 3.0 ppm. Did another 50-75% water change. I noticed that night my smallest goldfish was sitting at the bottom and was until Saturday morning. He is back to normal self. Friday we dosed prime and stability by seachem and have been light feeding once a day to try and keep ammonia levels down. Left tank alone all day Saturday to not stress fish. Today it’s Sunday and I just checked levels which I will upload now. PH is highest it’s ever been and ammonia is not zero but lower. What should I do now is my question. I don’t want to stress my fish but I don’t want to hurt them further. Fish show no signs of distress or burnings, spots, marks ect. Aside from the one sitting at bottom for the night they have not showed any changes aside from hunger due to limited feeding now. I have prime, I have stability, I have another tetra water conditioner. I don’t have anything else and couldn’t get anything else until Tuesday, payday. Please help me I appreciate any advice. I understand now my tank is not cycled and I’m dealing with new tank syndrome. I just need some help to get me through it. I don’t want my fish harmed. Thank you for your time. ♥️
  8. Hello again, I asked about some critters I took photos and videos of the other day. I got very useful help (thank you so much). Well I bought a microscope and took some more video because while I’m not concerned about the copepods we found, I have also discovered some type of worm. I’ve tried doing some research… I do not think it’s a detritus worm because it hangs out on the glass. I’m obviously most anxious about it being planaria. Based on this video I took my hypothesis is: Rhabdocoela worms but I’d like to rule out planaria because I’m paranoid about my future shrimps. Thank you for taking the time to read and view, it means a lot!
  9. Has anyone heard of/have experience with Biotoecus Opercularis? I found it whilst browsing randomly on a wholesalers website, never heard of it before but looks awesome and suitable for small tanks apparently, don't know why I've never heard it mentioned/suggested before! The wholesaler gave it's common name as fairy cichlid but when I Google fairy cichlid it comes up as something completely different so no idea what it's common name is otherwise. Maybe dwarf fairy cichlid?
  10. My emerald cories just laid a bunch of eggs this morning! Heard some splashing last night and didn’t think too much of it. Anyways, how do I keep them from not fungusing over? I don’t have methylene blue what other products will help to prevent eggs from rotting? Also how should I collect them? I want to hatch as many as possible to give some back to the friend that gave me the cories. Any other tips like where should I keep them and such would help. I’ve seen people use jars and place the jars in the tank until the eggs hatch. I’m planning to put the fry in my shrimp tank until they grow old enough to go back into the 55!
  11. Hi hope this is the right place for this, as I'm hopeful it's not disease related! But is fish health related if not disease. I have just added 8 neon tetras to my tank almost a week ago, so far they all seem to be doing alright. They aren't shy, swimming about, great colour on them etc. One thing I notice about them though is that all of them have bulging bellies to one extent or another after feeding them, is this a bad sign? Illness? Feeding too much? I'm pretty sure it subsides over time as I never notice it unless I just fed them (though keep forgetting to have a closer look before I feed). If it's the most obvious issue, that I'm feeding too much, how do I feed them less when it's a community tank? My Endlers don't seem as voracious and my corydoras just graze all day so I want to make sure everyone eats as much as they need. It's still all eaten pretty quickly (except maybe the cories sinking pellets which take a little while to soften and then get eaten, or when I feed repashy all the inhabitants finish it off over a longer period). I won't answer all the usual water parameter stuff as don't think it's relevant in this case but I can test the water tomorrow and post it all if anyone thinks it is!
  12. Ok so I bought this stem plant from my local aquarium store and the owner keeps calling it a spider plant. But when I try to research more about it online it doesn’t come up. Can someone help me? It doesn’t have roots and can grow just floating in the water, it’s very hard to kill.
  13. About a month ago I got my first Nana, I attached it to a rock, put it in a 5 gallon tank and I dosed it weekly. However, this week they've been slowing dying, I didn't know they needed shade so just today I moved them under some and I have my snails there to clean up the decay. Can someone help analyze what else could've been the problem and How can I help them recover? I'm using Aquarium all in one fertilizer and I have a plant led light for about 8 hours a day.
  14. Day 15 of my fishless cycle, and my tank had turned into a swamp. The water is approaching opaque, and my frogbit is getting fried. There is a brown film on the glass, filter, and heater. Ammonia is still pretty high. Is this something I should let run it’s course, or should I clean it and start the cycle over? I’ve never had a tank look like this while cycling. Any input/advice is appreciated. This is going to be my bettas new home when it’s ready.
  15. I lost one of my bettas and am so sad. I'm hoping to figure out the cause so I do not have a repeat. I suspect she/he ate some of the snail algae wafer and got constipated but I could be wrong. She has never had any issues and lives in a 10G heated with two zebra snails. I first noticed 4 days ago that she was acting strange. She wasn't coming for food or moving as much as usual and looked slightly swollen. I figured it was maybe constipation so I didn't feed her and kept an eye. All water parameters came back safe/normal. She gradually got bigger. I tried to give her peas but she wouldn't eat them and kept getting bigger. She never did pine cone so I assume it wasn't dropsy but maybe it just didn't have time to get there. As she wasn't eating peas I moved her into a smaller cycled quarantine tank with epsom salt last night as a last ditch effort following 1tsp/5 gallon ratio. This morning she died. I've attached a pic and you can see where her swelling was as it is white although now that she is dead it is harder to see. Any insight is greatly appreciated. I love my fish and am so sad I couldn't save her. Her diet consisted of Hakari gold pellets, another brand of pellet, Hakari daphnia, fluval bug bites and the occasional blood worm or brine shrimp. She got a bit of food two times a day.
  16. Me again, asking for more opinions regarding 7.5G tanks (I have four of them waiting to be set up). The next one I was hoping to do was some clown killies, again I'm not sure of the right number. How many could I have? Would a male/female pair work? Or one male two females? Or do they need a bigger group therefore 7.5G would be too small? Or would a single fish be ok even? (pretty sure that's a no right). Would be a planted and species only tank. Thanks for the pointers everyone!
  17. I've heard about plants melting when they are first planted due to being grown emerged and things but not sure if that's the case with mine. I planted it (along with some s. repens, dwarf sag, monte carlo, java fern, anubias nana petite, something else I can't remember the name of and some floating salvinia) about two months or more ago. For a while it seemed to be doing really well, was putting out new leaves, was a nice reddish brown on top and a beautiful bright almost pink colour on the underside, was getting taller and I'm pretty sure had some new stalks coming up etc. Anyway so maybe a couple weeks ago I notice it's not doing so well and started melting and most of its leaves have now gone, including I think the new ones. Everything else seems to be doing really well so I don't understand what's going wrong? It seems to have stabilised I think now with its remaining leaves as it hasn't melted even more but I also haven't seen anything growing back yet. I'd love some advice!
  18. I have been battling staghorn in my 29g for months and now it's in my newly set up 75g. I have a theory that it may be my tap water from my sink that I use to fill both tanks. I have used excel to kill the staghorn before but now it isn't working as well to kill it may have to pull plants out and spray with hydrogen peroxide this time. I'm also on the hunt for amano shrimp and some Florida flagfish to help keep it under control. What other steps should I take to help combat staghorn. Also my other 2 tanks both 10g don't have staghorn but I fill them with water that's on a water softener should I try using that water in the tanks that have staghorn? And lastly like the title says can tap water have enough iron in it to grow staghorn I only use ez green and foot tabs to fertilize.
  19. My tank was has been setup for over 6 months. I did have 7 albino and 2 pepper and 6 sterba Corys with 5 white cloud, 7 Rasboras, 1 clown pleco and about 6 super red pleco babies. This is a 36 bow front. All live plants in bdb I fed them this morning...not thinking and then did my water testing. Parameters: pH- 8.0-8.2, Ammonia- 0ppm, Nitrate- 80ppm, nitrite 0ppm.... This tank has been getting water changes about every 2 weeks 10 to 15 gallons. We did miss 1 recently. We had a death in the family and we're dealing with that. The Corydoras that died were doing really well prior. I have since added a seasoned sponge filter in addition to the HOB. I also have a UV sterilizer in this tank.
  20. So I recently rescued one of these rock catfish from another hobbyist that was overwhelmed with their semi aggressive tank. I am not sure what this thing likes to eat.... Please help!
  21. 2 of my 3 nerites have been at the top of the tank for the last 2 days I moved them to clean the tank and when one was going back up to the top I noticed some white growths on its side. I've been battling with this tank to give the snails the correct water conditions because one of the snails has bad shell erosion I've tried putting eggshells in but not sure if it's working I've dosed equilibrium in the past and have wonder shells as well but my water is pretty hard so I don't use those often. My GH is usually around 200-300ppm KH between 40-120ppm oh is 7.8 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and 40ppm nitrate everyone else in the tank is super happy my platys can't stop having babies and even my aenues corydoras are mating now so I'm quite frustrated at the trouble I'm having with these snails.
  22. Hello. As you can probably tell this is urgent and I need help. The other night I turned off the water flow to my Eheim canister filter because I was feeding microworms. I was going to turn back on the water flow that night but I forgot. I didn’t remember about it running and not have water flow until the next night. By then it was very hot and smelled burnt. I turned it off and waited for it to cool down. I then plugged it back in since it only slightly smells like burnt rubber. I hope someone can tell me if my fish will be alright and if I can still use the filter. Thank You
  23. So, I have a 5.5 gallon tank with 5 pygmy corydoras and one veiltail betta fish. And the corydoras cannot eat enough food, because Aurora, my betta, steals their food. I give Aurora enough betta pellets, but he still eats the sinking wafers that were meanth for the corydoras. The poor corys are slowly starving and they are not moving often. What should I do??? Help! I give one hikari sinking wafer a day, and two Xtreme Aquatic Foods Semi-Floating Betta Pellets for Aurora. Thanks!
  24. I have 2 Honey Gourami's quarantining with my red wag platy fry currently I have treated them with the med trio in a 10g tank. So far they haven't been eating very much food I've tried Xtreme krill flake, bug bites spirulina and tropical flakes, rapashy Soilent green, frozen and freeze dried blood worms and frozen brine shrimp they may take bites but will usually spit the food out they seem to like the ez fry food but that's about it. Any foods I should try? Any go to bulletproof no way they won't eat this foods?
  25. Hello, as you can probably tell I need help breeding Pygmy Cories. They are super fat and happy but I can’t get any eggs from them. It is a heavily planted 10 gallon with Pygmy Cories and Amano Shrimp. I have 6 Cories and I definitely know that I have at least one female in the group. I hope someone has some advice. Thank You for reading!
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