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  1. That's fascinating. I've probably mixed these up for awhile. I always thought his body looked odd -- a bit too long -- and that his face looked different than Honey Gourami I've kept before.
  2. Oh wow! I was unaware of that distinction. Someone just gave him to me, and I never bothered to really look up any distinctions. He got along fine with the Dwarf Gouramis, and even built a bubble nest in there.
  3. I just sold all my Gouramis. I had 1x male Dwarf, 4x mature females, 1x young female fry that survived (after eating _All_ of her siblings), and 1x male Honey Gourami all enjoying life together peacefully in a 30 gal. long aquarium. Here’s the Honey male… Here he is with the male Dwarf… Heres the gang… And here’s the baby girl, just about all grown up… Kept them in a 20 long…
  4. Also so so-called a “man o’ war” the Magnificent Frigatebird has only been seen in our State 5x before today. These are not our photos, but offer better looks…
  5. I’ll update on the babies soon. They’re doing well. I have some ideas of where pathogens _might_ have come from. I did feed them several times from live mosquito larvae brought in from outside. It’s possible that was a cause. Another possibility is that the Discus tank isn’t as hospitable an environment as I wanted it to be. The fact that both died pretty close to one another, but with differing symptoms suggests that there’s something awry in the Discus tank. The big round fellas all seem alright, but sometimes larger fish don’t display their struggles as quickly as smaller ones.
  6. I added a small powerhead with air to prepare for Darters. I like how this works!
  7. I dilute. Not same as washing, but lowers salt level. Basically, I siphon shrimp from hatchery into specimen container with tank water.
  8. I use a 1-liter DIY hatchery. I use 3x tbsp of API Aquarium Salt to 1x tbsp of CoOp BBS eggs.
  9. Maybe… the dark bottle was most available plastic… and the new pump head was selected to match? 😂 Official: we need input from @Cory
  10. Interesting question. What would being “light sensitive” entail and imply? It may be that development found the black bottles just match the pump head. My guess would be that Easy Green is no more affected by light than other plant fertilizers marketed in white bottles.
  11. Raise heat. Vacuum substrate. Ich tomites live in substrate. Heat speeds up their life cycle.
  12. Great video from Jason! I use tap / city water. I run 2x sponges in most tanks, and alternate weeks cleaning out one side / then the other just to be on the safe side. If you have substrate and hardscape, I suspect that enough bacteria colonizes there to keep a tank from crashing even if a lot of bacteria is lost down a drain when cleaning a sponge. As always, if your bio load is really heavy, you need to filter accordingly.
  13. Lots of good advice here. Thank you! I enjoy “breeding fish.” But I think you’re really helpful pointing out character qualities of a good “fish breeder.”
  14. I learned to use it from another master aquarist. For all I know, some other teas might also work.
  15. Sorry… I was driving. Let’s see… This one is Etheostoma blennoides (Greenside Darter) And this one is Etheostoma zonale (Banded Darter) They always look gorgeous “in situ” — in nature. But they get dull in a home tank unless you care for them right: (1) Feed them good live foods (2) Keep strong flow going in the tank (3) Keep several pairs, so that males will color up at one another Interestingly, the Banded Darter may prove to be the more green of the two. Here’s an inspiring looking one in a university tank…
  16. Sorry for the “loud” text. 😂 I was driving… asked SIRI for help… so yeah… that happened. Hmm… well, I don’t fuss too much with water temperature. This is in my heated basement, so it stays around 68-72° F year-round. I _will_ however perform COLD water changes, and adjust light / photo period to correspond to the shorter winter / longer summer hours.
  17. One of them is the green sided garter and I think that the other is the banded darter
  18. And… I believe I’ll hold out for a school of Southern Redbelly Dace…
  19. I’m thinking about Darters. Can’t shake it. I’m liking cool water tanks. I may try some Dace too. Or… some new Hydrophlox shiners. I added more creek rocks, totally cleaned, and long used in other tanks. More bronze crypt with root tabs… a bunch of Catappa leaves… new (grumpy) Java moss… I think I’ll plan on a little powerhead like I just set up in my Rainbow Shiner tank… Now… I’m trying to choose a Darter species… Im leaning towards one of these two:
  20. I do use 100% pure Rooibos tea bags for on-the-spot tannin boost. I’ve used this to battle fungus in Killifish hatching jugs… And to slightly bump up tannins for selected tanks… I usually add 2x Rooibos Tea bags for a 40-55 gal tank after a water change. I let them float for about 24 hrs. You can certainly do more if you like. The effect is more pronounced with smaller tanks. You’ll want to be sure there’s no carbon in the filter though. New mopani wood will release a lot of tannins, as will Catappa leaves and Alder cones. Beware: their breakdown builds up humic acid which will _lower_ your pH over time.
  21. Caught my Notropis chrosomus spawning this morning. Thought I’d shoot some video and show how I prepare the rock tray for collecting eggs. Also, this may help anyone trying to sex M / F shiners. Also enjoying the new powerhead, my rarely seen Rainbow Darters. Here’s Mrs. “Rainy.” Mr. “Bow” only appears when the dinner bell rings… The Trio of Xenotoca Doadrioi (Redtail Goodeids) get along perfectly well with the shiners and Darters, though I’ve not seen any fry.
  22. A few years ago, we jammed a few bunches of Pothos into 2x HOB filters. Now, years later, without any changing of the filters… just growth of the Pothos… 😎 🌱 🐠
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