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  1. I think you should figure out how to contact Johnathan Butkus. He spoke at our Fish Club via Zoom this past year (click link, scroll down). I _think_ maybe . . . he's an Orchid devotee. If I recall, he was talking awhile with Devon (Peru Amazon tour guide) about orchid on another Zoom call. He's really brilliant with aquatics.
  2. Correct, I’ve not pulled these eggs. And yes, _one_ of my LFS prefers BNPs _small_ / _young_ while another LFS prefers them more mature. The first store likes them small because they’re easier to “move” to buyers looking for a tank-cleaner-boost. The second store finds that small ones just die in their water, but larger ones do well.
  3. I’ve sold dozens of EBAs already.
  4. BAP submissions finally moving forward at my fish club. Here’s a final video for Bristlenose Pleco submission…
  5. This is an excellent point! Thanks for sharing. I’ve often kept fish with birth defects for a full and enjoyable lifetime. It would be nice to see a store consider this too.
  6. I know how hard it can be to both nurture life and cull / prune. The psychological issue is anthropomorphism of our fish. In other words, we tend to grant them rights that we grant people. For example, I would never dream of depriving a person a full and meaningful life on account of some genetically deleterious trait. And, the thinking can go, likewise fish should have the same respect and honor. But there is a major problem here: if we really respect fish, we wouldn’t take them out of nature and cage them in glass boxes for our pleasure in the first place. Plus, in the wild, the weak just do not survive. So, I think it is right to keep weak, damaged, and sick fish from stores. Animals should be treated with care and respect, but they are not people. And though we are akin biologically, people should not be treated like mere animals.
  7. @James Black what's your handle on the YouTube Channel? Are you chatting live?
  8. Anyone carry on chat here during livestream?
  9. Discus nibbling away at Sera-O-Nip tabs. A chance to watch them all out front. Big attitudes come out at feeding time…
  10. This might be helpful… For me, I’d just deal with it by letting plants absorb what Phosphate is made available in tap. Every once in a while, dose E.M. Erythromycin lightly to crush incipient Cyanobacteria.
  11. It may be that you can buy fish raised in captivity. Check with California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The actual State law governing this is California Fish and Game Code, Division 3, Section 2, Article 1, Number 2118. You can peruse that here.
  12. You're absolutely spot on to select a quality Guppy that you personally love. And you need to get a few males and twice as many females if you want to be serious. I bought a few low-end males, and ended up with just this one after others died off, but he's enjoying being the only "stud" in the tank for now with a bunch of females. Eventually, some of his genes will push through. Not a world-class Guppy, but pretty in his own right...
  13. I'll play. I prefer the fancy fan-tail male (choice #1). But if I were really going to geek out, and if I had an LFS or active fish club that would pay top dollar for top quality, I'd breed something like these: This fish is for sale online auction right now, with a female. But you'll pay minimum $35.00 for them, plus shipping. For high quality Guppies, you're easily looking at $100+ for a starter pack of 6x or so.
  14. We've kept a 55 gal with various mbunas before. They reach an age that's kind of like "high school" where fights break out behind the bleachers, behind the gym, etc. Eventually one Cichlid will become dominant and regulate everyone else. What kinds of mbunas are you keeping? We bred Auratus. They're insanely aggressive, and will mess with any other con-specific mbuna. Are any of the the males bearding yet? (color-changing due to spawning readiness)
  15. Ok. Personally, I think that you can find a ton of satisfaction with just doing one or the other. My son and I fell in love with the German Blue Ram, and its various color morphs. Here's a couple videos just "fan boy-ing" up the GBRs. We have bred all of these. Rams, various color morphs . . . Gold Rams . . . Rams spawning and growing out . . .
  16. Alrighty then. This is an unnecessary, overly-indulgent, 13+ min unscripted rambling about an empty (future darter) tank. There’s probably something random here that one person on this forum needs to hear. And a thousand uninteresting and boring things everyone else doesn’t care about. To that one person, I say “Cheers NERM!” For everyone else… watch this at your own risk!! 😂 🌱
  17. This is a fair caution. I agree, don’t let sterile hybrids into the hobby if at all possible. I’m curious: have you experienced keeping either species much before?
  18. Sure, it’s possible. How many pairs were you thinking? They occupy the same region of a tank, and may be a bit scrappy. Typically, there will be a dominance bout until one dwarf Cichlid is acknowledged “tank boss.”
  19. I could be wrong, but it looks to me like you've got some females. I can make out the ovipositor on the two. Is there a third Ram?
  20. Added! As Cory has said before, nurses make excellent fish keepers.
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