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  1. Or you can just pick fish you like. Cleaner fish don’t really clean anything. BN Plecos can help with algae control but they have a huge bio load. Otos similarly will eat algae. Snails eat most organic material but poop a lot. SAEs seem to be excellent algae eaters but don’t do anything about milk. Just get the fish you like. The idea of fish cleaning things is a little absurd. Many inverts fo a good job of keeping things spiffy looking.
  2. Is first bites the same as the coop fry food?
  3. Hey all, I just hatched my first small batch of medaka rice fish. I am hatching bbs, but it will be a little bit before they can eat that. I also have the aquarium coop fry food. Will this work for them or do I need something different. I really can’t afford to mess up, I don’t have any more.
  4. I just got the ziss bbs hatchery. I saw on the coops video that Cory doesn’t strain his bbs, he just puts the salt ammonia shrimp water straight in the tank. I think Dean strains his. What do you all do?
  5. I agree. It’s great listening to people who love fish talk about fish! I am listening through them sequentially, but also listening to every new one that come out.
  6. Same thing happened to mine. Didn’t come back
  7. Picked up 6 of these today. Might be my new favorite fish. Beautiful!
  8. I have some berries amano females. I actually really like this shrimp and am going to attempt to make more. I have set up a 10 gallon with salt water filled half way and one of my berried females I na jar. When the larva hatch, I will move them to the salt water side. As they start to convert, I will fill the tank the rest of the day and then do frequent water changes over the next few days to get the salt out. Right now just waiting.
  9. If it’s a pair, livebearers will drop their fry on the ground. Check for babies.
  10. Good morning, Inam setting up a tank with some larger species of fish. I’m thinking some large corydoras would be good to add. What varieties of Cory cat are on the bigger side?
  11. Hello, I just bought this stem plant. I totally forgot what it was called. Can anyone ID it for me. Sorry for the cloudy water, stirred up some stuff before planting.
  12. Endlers have a pretty wide range of temp tolerance, and Variatus platys, not as wide as a rice fish or white cloud though.
  13. Going to get some African Dwarf frogs for some fry control. Do you guys QT? I know many don’t QT inverts but wasn’t sure on frogs.
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