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  1. I believe using a food grade large plastic bin would be best. Dosent have to be clear, just has to have room
  2. Thanks! Yep, I'm thinking valisernia and maybe an aquarium lilly
  3. I added some monte carlo and dwarf baby tear peices from my 20 gallon tank and also a pothos plant in the back and a little fossil!
  4. Yea, thanks. I didn't know much about them so I wanted to know if anyone else did @Whitecloud09 do you know if bamboo shrimp will eat any of the cherry shrimp or shrimplets?
  5. The shrimp have recently started getting berried and shedding more often
  6. I currently have 3 chili rasboras, 1 oto, and 11 velvet blue cherry shrimp
  7. I'm thinking about adding a bamboo shrimp. Any thoughts?
  8. Yep. I have the pump turned all the way down and I'm planning to put a sponge on the end to further slow down the flow Also, I've been working on the tank some more. I added java moss and some micro sword. I'm thinking dwarf sagittarius or vaisernaria to put in back and also some anubis nana petite
  9. Food wise, I unfortunately only have access to frozen brine shrimp and frozen blood worms from my stores. Bladder snails would be something I start breeding as a food source
  10. Ok, thanks, I'll make sure to set up ano tf he rdd tank for the snails!
  11. Thanks for the advice! I'm fine with it hiding, I'm planning bladder snails and to very heavily plant the tank. The bladders will most likely get a while to populate the tank before I get the puffer!
  12. Thanks, I've been doing alot of research to try to get better and more familiar with aquascaping and fish keeping in general
  13. I started this tank a few days ago I got it from a science teacher who's leaving my school. I recently put some sand, river rocks, and wood in and the tanks is also cycling! I'm hoping to plant with valisernia and some types of crypts and maybe anubis nana petite. For inhabitants, I'm planning a type of snail and a pea puffer
  14. Shrimp are starting to get berried, hoping for shrimplets soon!
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