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  1. Here’s a YouTube video from Michael’s fish room about replacing the trim on his aquarium. Hopefully it helps. Good luck
  2. Sorry to hear that the male passed. I’d second @Jovius ‘s comment on making a yarn mop. I had several of the pool noodle/scrubber pad mops and a single yarn mop in my tank and most of my eggs were in the yarn mop. In fact when I had let string algae get a little out of hand, the handful of string algae had the more eggs in it then either of the other two options.
  3. Very cool setup. Are you picking the eggs off of the mop to hatch or just moving mops? I have a much smaller setup and picked eggs off of a mop for my first batch of fry. For a small second batch I just made more mops and rotated them out of the adult tanks to a grow out tank. Picking eggs seemed more effective, but rotating mops was so much easier. I have quickly gotten more eggs than I my grow out tub can handle (my setup is much smaller than yours). I’m currently waiting for the first and second batch of fry to get big enough to get out of my grow out tubs so I have room for a third batch of fry! The extra adult rice fish that I don’t plan on getting eggs from live in my 100 gallon tub with Mosquito Fish. The Mosquito Fish seem to be taking care of any Rice Fish eggs or fry in that setup. I do see some Mosquito Fish fry though. The adult Mosquito Fish and Rice Fish school together which was unexpected. Good luck with your setup. Please provide updates as you have them.
  4. @Matt B I definitely agree that Mosquito Fish are super hardy. I have had them under inches of ice, up to almost 90* water temperature. I have also had luck with Rice Fish outside. One of my tubs has both Rice Fish and Mosquito Fish in them. The two species school together which I thought was interesting. I do not see any baby Rice Fish in the tub but do see some baby Mosquito Fish. It is a 100 gallon stock tank that is half underground. I keep the filter on low speed to minimize mixing the water which helps the water stratify into layers. Even when it’s in the upper 90s outside the water at the bottom is 10-15 degrees F cooler than the surface water. Finally I have a tub of guppies in the shade that is doing well and community breeding. I have considered adding them to the 100 gallon tub with the Mosquito Fish and Rice Fish, but know the winter would get too cold for them so I would have to try to net them out in the fall.
  5. For guppies I have had great success making a mesh cage like Cory shows in this video. I made mine in the shape of an open top cube, using yarn to sew the edges together. Then it floats in a tank. I let the pregnant moms be in the cage for a week then they go back into the adult tank. The babies swim away from their Mom, through the mesh and are in the tank where I can net them out or let them grow up.
  6. They’re also referred to as bladder snails. They’re hermaphroditic so if you have 2 you’ll soon have more! I have a ton in tanks and they cause no real problems for me.
  7. Guppies + kids are the best! Their face when the first batch of fry show up is priceless!!!!
  8. I have kept scuds for a few months so I’m no expert but will answer any questions that I can! They’re amazing creatures.
  9. Good luck. I have had the best luck with buying fry (still doing med trio and quarantining) from US breeders (shorter shipping). The fry adapt quickly to new water parameters but you have to wait a few months to see if they’re good representatives of their breed.
  10. What works great for me is I move my 3 or 4 super pregnant female guppies into a plastic canvas cage similar to the one that this video shows… It is in a 10 gallon tank. Once a week I move the females that have given birth back to the main guppy tank and move the new fry to a fry grow out tank for 1-2 weeks to make sure they are too big to eat, before they go back to the community tank. Good luck!
  11. Good luck with your rice fish @anodyne99 ! I started my rice fish journey in January. It has been a blast. I have two aquariums and two outdoor tubs already with an unlimited number of eggs and fry already.
  12. I use a drip every few seconds for my fry (I designed a 3D printed airlift system). It seems like a small power head would provide plenty of flow. Maybe drip water from your sink into a measuring cup for a minute and do the math on how many gph it is and how many trays you are going to use?
  13. Watch any of the “Snello” videos on YouTube to see how to make your own snail food. If you enjoy cooking at all it’s a cheap and fun way to make months worth of food for about what a bag of algae wafers cost.
  14. What are you trying to accomplish? If you’re trying to keep a lot of guppies and are willing to do a lot of maintenance then you could keep 30-40 in a 10 gallon as @Rezeki stated above. If you want a low maintenance tank then keep 10 or so. But they’re live bearers so you if you mix males and females (or females that have been kept with males as adults) you will have more than 40 in no time! As live bearers though if you want 30-40 then only buy 1-2 males and 2-4 females and in a month or less you’ll have 30-40.
  15. Completely agree. I had a salt water aquarium 15 years ago that I transitioned guppies over 10 days to live in. They did great in salt water. If one wants to be really careful with new guppies that you think were raised in brackish water then I would get a hydrometer and measure the salinity of the water they were shipped in and match that in the quarantine tank for a week or so and then over 5-10 days do water changes to ween them to your local water.
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