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  1. I’m thinking of possibly creating a mini pond that will ideally stay on my porch all year long. I live in Seattle. The weather has been a bit unpredictable these past few years but usually, we rarely get temps below 40 degrees/above 80 degrees. Again, sometimes we have unusually cold or hot periods but overall, we tend to have pretty mild weather. I’m thinking of doing a Japanese style medaka pond (10 - 15 gallons). Has anyone done one without a filter or air stone? I have an outlet on my porch but I’m worried rain will get into it when it’s windy. During the summer months, I’m planning to move the pond towards the shady area of the porch or bring inside when it’s over 80 degrees. I heard medaka are quiet hardy when it comes to the cold. I’m not sure if the water will still be okay when the temp gets too cold for plants though. I feel like water hyacinth, water lily, pennywort, water lettuce, etc. wouldn’t do too well in the colder months...? And if that’s the only source of filtration, I wonder if that will cause a crash. I know the fish’s metabolism slows down when it’s colder anyway but not sure if potential plant loss would cause everything to crash.
  2. Curious, what would a red cap crossed with a platinum look like? Has anyone messed with different strains before? Is redcap recessive? Have about 4 red caps but a bunch of platinums
  3. Does anyone have Medaka rice fish for sale? I'm interested in starting an outdoor pond and would like some for it
  4. So today something wonderful happened. I got 100 rice fish for free. Yes, free!!!! I can’t believe my luck. One of the biology professors who studies zebrafish ended up getting a rice fish order by mistake. He was just looking to get rid of them without having to kill them. And now they’re mine!! I’m assuming these are what we would call the “wild type” in biology, but what does the hobby call this color of rice fish? White? Normal? Standard? 😄 Also, I’d love to breed them and sell them to my LFS. I think I’d like to select for the blueness of the eye, but other than that, what’s desirable in these fish? Less orange? (Some of them have a tint of orange, though I read that can be a mating color.) Plump body shape? Longer fins? I’ve already culled about 10 fish that had bent spines or some other deformity, and I’m sure I’ll have to cull a few more for the same reason once they grow up and I can get a better look at them. Sorry little fish. ❤️ They went peacefully with clove oil. I’m getting sadly good at clove oil euthanizations. I know they’re mop spawners, so I’ll have to work out where to grow out the fry. Any tips are greatly appreciated!
  5. Hello all! I'm having a bit of trouble with a batch of Japanese rice fish/medaka/Oryzias latipes, and I was wondering if anyone out there who's more knowledgeable than myself could give me a hand. I took a break from fishkeeping after moving cross country, and this is a bit of a disheartening foray back into the hobby. Parameters: 20 gal tank, about a year old, other occupants are 15+ RCS and a handful of snails, pretty well planted pH 7.2, ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates <5ppm Water temp is 76F The situation: Ordered a group of 8 "blue sparkle" medaka. Shipment arrived on time, but the bag was leaking and HOT when it arrived. The fish were shipped in a styrofoam container, but the interior was really warm. Still, all 8 fish were alive and active. One fish was missing an eye, but it didn't appear to be a new injury. Day 1: Drip acclimated the fish, kept them in a breeder net for 24hr to observe. They all seemed active, alert, and acclimating well. All of the fish were eating and swimming well through the end of Day 2. Tested water levels and did a small water change in the afternoon of Day 2. Day 3: One of the smallest fish seemed to be breathing quickly/swimming near the surface at the end of Day 2. It declined quickly overnight and was dead on the morning of Day 3. The next smallest fish followed a similar trajectory and was dead by the end of Day 3. Day 4: The largest fish, a female, got stuck in some algae near the back of the tank. I've had a bit of a hair algae problem in the past. Things have been much better, but I guess I missed a clump in the back. I gave the algae a bit of a nudge and she quickly swam free, but she's been hyperventilating ever since. She hasn't been eating, has been swimming near the surface, but also has bursts of energy where she swims around the tank. At the end of the day, I noticed a small red splotch on her back. The remaining 5 fish seem to be doing fine and are eating and swimming well. Tested water levels and did a small water change. Day 5: Today. Big girl seems to be struggling even more, the red splotch is bigger, and she's drifting nose-up. I gently scooped her into a breeder net (with some plants for cover) for closer observation. One of the other fish is still swimming normally, but he seems to have popeye in one of his eyes. Another fish is swimming near the top of the tank like the others were before they died. Three appear to be doing okay. What am I doing wrong here? Aside from ordering fish during the summer (which, really, I should've thought of beforehand), I can't pinpoint what's going wrong. Is it a delayed reaction to the shipping/acclimation? Am I missing something? Any input y'all have would be much appreciated, and I'm here to answer any questions. Thanks! --Plants, a frustrated fishkeeper
  6. This year is my first time summer tubbing. I live in an apartment in London, UK and I have a covered balcony as my outdoor space, so no chance of top ups from rainwater. My plan is to have lots of plants and do regular water change. I set up two 65 litres/17 US gallons tubs at the end of March when temperatures were pretty cold, ranging from 15C/60F during the day to 5C/40F at night. Temperatures have recently warmed up and are currently around 25C/77F during the day and 15C/60F at night. In one tub, I have Fibre optic plant Water mint Creeping jenny Dwarf water lily and various cuttings and floaters I raided from my indoor tanks The plants have grown well since March. Last week, I put in 6 CPDs and 7 red cherry shrimps. Both the fish and shrimps are always hidden, I have to look very carefully to be able to see them. In the second tub, I have Corkscrew rush Succisa pratensis (devil's-bit scabious 😄) Miniature bulrush Water chestnut and various cuttings and floaters The plants in this tub seem to be slower growing, this tub gets slightly less sun than the first tub. The good thing is that I see less of an algae issue. Last week, I put in 7 medaka ricefish and 7 snowball shrimps. The medakas are always out and about. The shrimps are harder to see but more visible than the red cherries in the other tub.
  7. I have 11 Gold White Cloud Mountain Minnows that have been in an outdoor tub for several months. I bought 5 Platinum Medaka Rice Fish about 2 weeks ago that are in a separate outdoor tub. I would like to maximize breeding of both. Can I safely put both species in a single large heavily planted tub without worrying about increased predation of one species adults against the other's Fry? In other words, do the fish recognize the other species fry as "foreign" and are more likely to eat the other species fry than their own? I know both species are pretty good about not eating their own fry given enough food and cover. Neither have shown any signs of spawning yet. Any other hints for breeding these 2 species? Thanks for your input and experience.
  8. When I was young, I briefly lived in Japan. I once saw plastic bags of small white fish being sold, and of course, bought a bag. I had no idea what they were, but they made me happy. With all the recent mentions of medaka rice fish, I just realized that must be what they were! It's been decades of not knowing. I'm so intrigued! ... and maybe, of course, I can get some. 🙂
  9. Do white clouds eat mosquito larvae? Also will they play nice with rice fish? My tub has got larvae faster than Iexpected.
  10. I just started a mini pond. I have two 17 gallon HDX tough bins from Home Depot in my kitchen. I got two to hopefully prevent bowing. I’m in Seattle so it’s been in the high 50s - mid-30s and rainy. I currently have cull neo shrimp, hitchhiker snails (ramshorn, bladder), and six medaka from the Co-op. I didn’t wanna shock them by putting them outside. I keep my house pretty cool but I leave the lid on overnight (just on top, not snapped on) to keep the heat in and prevent evaporation. I’m picking up some acrylic soon to use that instead of the lid. That way I can keep warmth in but let light through. I’ll keep a little crack of open space though to ensure some air flow. My plan is to bring the pond out on my porch when the air temp reaches at least 70 degrees high and 55 degrees low. I know the water volume isn’t that much but I’m hoping that the acrylic will help keep the heat from the sunshine in. Then from that point on, I’m hoping I can permanently leave the pond outside. It’s a Southern facing porch so lots of sunshine. I know medaka can survive pretty cold temps but I’m wondering if using a cold frame (like for gardening) on my porch would be helpful in the fall/winter. I have a raised porch (10 steps up if that matters) so it wouldn’t benefit from thermal heat from the ground. But I’m wondering if it would make a difference by helping to hold warmth from the sunshine and additional protection from the frost and occasional snow. The water in my tub is only 10 inches deep; the length is 27” and width is 18” so I’m not sure if that’s enough to prevent the ice from getting down to the fish. I saw that Ryo Watanabe recently posted a video showing one of his medaka ponds with an ice layer and it doesn’t look very deep but the fish were still moving. But I’m not sure how much below freezing the air temp was.
  11. I'm still having a hard time getting them to lay in the mop(I've given up) and I don't yet see anything in my water lettuce but I found a group of 5-6 eggs in my mop today (was just checking it over before I threw it in the garbage) and I found that 2 of them were fertile and the others were gross looking. I separated out the two good ones in a petri dish and moved them to my empty fry tub that I hide under my desk. If these two guys make it they'll be the most watched and pampered rice fish fry ever since they'll be my first babies. Anyway, I thought I'd share a photo of the eggs, with some thread stuck to them from the mop. It's hard to see from this angle, but face on you can both eye spots really well. From a random paper with photos I found I'm guessing these guys are about half way done before hatching.
  12. I got some medaka ricefish in September and they started breeding like crazy after just a few weeks. By my estimation, the oldest fry I have right now are about 3-4 months, and I am anxious to sell them to my LFS. However, they are only about 0.75", which seems a little on the small side for selling. I have been feeding a variety of high protein foods such as live baby brine, frozen brine shrimp, Xtreme krill flakes, and rotating in a smattering of Xtreme nano and bug bites for variety (I have a fish food problem lol) Mainly I am wondering if others find this to be a normal growth rate or if there is something I could do to (safely) ramp things up? I know that guppies can appear "chesty" if you push it too much, and I wasn't sure if I might see a similar issue here. I see that a few stray fry in my heated tanks (80*F) are bigger than in my fry growout (69*F). Do you guys think I should add a heater? Could overcrowding be an issue? (I am happy with the water quality, but it is quite overcrowded... I'd rather not admit to a number 😅) Just looking for some input from others. Thanks!
  13. Hey all, having a bit of a tank change round, and my 110L (about 30gallons) tank is going to be becoming a medaka (rice fish) tank, it also has numerous Malaysian trumpet snails, x2 nerite snails, x3 Amano Shrimp, and some cherry shrimp. I just wondered what people’s thought were as to what the perfect temperature for the tank would be? I know I could get away with no heater, but there’s a good heater in there, so I may as well use it if in means creating the best possible environment for the inhabitant. Thanks in advance for any input!
  14. I've got 7rice fish and one of them is making 3ish eggs a day. when this started looked up what to do and threw in a mop because there wasn't any plants (this is a temporary tank until it warms up outside). After 10 days i inspected the mop and found 0 eggs but threw it in a tub with an airstone just incase. I also made a second mop and put that in with the fish. It's been 12 more days and no hatches, and I don't see any eggs in the new mop either. I'm assuming she's dropping them on the substrate but they'd be impossible to spot there because of the mixed color gravel. Are there other mop designs or some other way i could go about this?
  15. So yesterday I went with my parents to run some errands in the Seattle area and I was able to stop by the Co-op (btw you're most likely going to wait to get in so don't wear shorts when it's windy and raining 😅) but I ended up grabbing 5 of these Platnium Medaka Rice Fish! I don't know who bred them, but they did a dang great job. They're more blue with pink / orange mixed in, and I believe they're a "Miyuki" variety meaning they have a shiny back, im keeping them inside right now but plan to move them out when it gets warmer here. Here's a couple pics
  16. I was reading about raising medaka fry and it said they need a light and that increases survival. Generally do fish need the light to be above? The storage tote that I got that was the size I wanted only came with a black lid, but clear sides. Can I just put a lamp on the floor and shine light in the side? Is there any fish that this bothers?
  17. I woke up this morning and looked into my quarantine tank and one of my medaka had two eggs stuck to her butt. Does this only happen when they're fertilized and will hatch? Should I do something? Will they eat their fry? I gave them a mop when I got them since I heard they liked plants to swim around in and I didn't have anything real ready.
  18. Spotted my first red cap medaka fry today in my indoor tanks. So tiny! I want to breed some over the colder months and get them into outdoor tubs come spring.
  19. Wondering if anyone out there has a tip for sexing ricefish. Obviously if I see one carrying eggs, we have a female. Several sources online refer to males having "bigger" anal fins, but the issue with that is you need to have both sexes in order to compare... and if I knew that I had both sexes, I would not need to know! Haha Does anyone know a better way to sex them, especially ones that do not rely on comparisons with the opposite sex?
  20. My not quite 3 months old ricefish has started laying eggs. I thought she was just fat at first, as she's alway eating. Should the eggs be trailing like a chain? She's the largest of 4 that I raised from eggs I bought from internet. Unfortunately, I don't think any of the other 3 are mature enough to fertilise the eggs, they are almost half the size, and I'm not even sure any of them are male.
  21. @Dean’s Fishroom64 oz over 6 hours. Water is also exchanging with the 250 gallon so the fry tray doesn’t become rancid. testing it with rice fish first. Then on to the T. schoutedeni fry! on a side note: my ricefish mixing has been fruitful. Many of my orange color fry juveniles are starting to get black patches. Hard to get on camera.
  22. Rice, rice, baby! Just saw that my gold medaka ricefish eggs have hatched!!! 10 days exactly since they were laid! I'm very excited and just wanted to share my happiness! This is the first egg laying fish that I have intentionally spawned. I am excited to grow them out and spread them into the hobby! They are SO tiny! I should be seeing more in the coming days as they have been spawning every day for the past 10 days. That's so many eggs! 😊😊😊
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