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3D printed bottom to DIY box filter


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As part of my new 3D printing hobby I have decided to design and print a bottom to my DIY box (yogurt tub?) filter.  This is intended to allow for a more even flow through the media then just putting the pipe into the filter and then dumping media around it. 

The printed green piece is out of PLA.  

It has plastic canvas #7 cut into a donut shaped silhouette on top of it to hold the biological media up.


There is a single stainless steel screw to connect the bottom piece to a 3/4” pvc pipe.

Then I have used both lava rock or ceramic as the biological filter media with filter floss on top. 


An airline with an air stone goes into the bottom of the pipe to draw water through the filter media and then up the pipe. 

I know this isn’t too new or interesting, but just sharing what I designed and made to get any feedback on PLA in an aquarium or other ideas on 3D printing projects for aquarium. 

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