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About Me

  1. Anyone out there working these fish? I would love to see picture and hear all about it. This is my 3rd generation with me, still pretty young about 6 month. I want them to hold their fin out wider, they don't have to be any longer than this. After I get their body conformation right, I'll start working on their color.
  2. Version 1.0.0

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    Found these guys in my tank which house Goldfish , Hillstream loaches,and snails. Pretty sure they are Goldfish Fry , but maybe Hillstream?
  3. So my guppy is fairly pregnant, I think, I was wondering when she'll actually give birth, but am not sure if she's pregnant or just big, as she's always been fairly plump...
  4. Just a reversed-bottle-style fish catcher, sized down for multi fry... Hi all: Catching shell dweller fry can be a real challenge, unless a tank is set up with separating them in mind. But if you're like me, and you have a nicely planted and decorated tank with happy multies who are breeding like guppies, and just need to get them out to prevent massive overcrowding, it's pretty much impossible to catch the little buggers without decimating the tank. They don't run into their shells, they hide low to the ground, under the shells, behind plant roots, etc. And they can be pretty fast. So I wasn't sure an adaptation of the simple bottle fish catcher would work if scaled down...but it does! This was my process: First, I sourced the right size bottle. It needed to have an opening that was small enough to keep out most adult fish, and also not be too large for smaller tanks. I settled on this 8 oz squeeze water bottle from Crystal Geyser: After pulling off the pull-top cap, I removed the screw-top lid. It conveniently has a divider to filter for really small fry, if you want. I didn't need it that small, so I clipped it out with a small pair of snips: I then cut the top off with my bandsaw, although a pair of scissors would have been just fine: The top part needs a small slit cut in it, so that when it is reversed and jammed back into the bottle, the edges will overlap slightly and it won't buckle. The slit is about 1/4" long: Then, in order to promote good circulation, I punched small holes all over. Although you can melt some with a red-hot nail (heated over a candle), a narrow tip on a soldering iron or wood burner works much better. 🙂 The top jams tightly into the bottle. No sealing is necessary, making it easy to separate later. I added some micro-pellets as bait, and placed it in my tank. After 8 hours, I pulled the bottle out; it had caught 16 fry! Big success on the first day! Subsequent days I only caught 3 at a time, but I'll get them all eventually. Placement really matters. I ended up making two more traps, so I can catch them faster. Fun, quick project, useful for the breeder's toolbox! Enjoy! Bill
  5. Finally managed to snap a picture of one of my young fry venturing out of the java moss to see what there is to see! Usually the little ones never really leave the moss, but I managed to catch this one checking things out. He as born with about a half dozen brothers/sisters, though they are much more camera shy! This tank is a breeder for both platys and guppies so I'm not sure which species they are yet.
  6. Hi all! So I am a new homeowner that came with an 1100+ gal pond and water feature. The previous owner said there were 4 koi in the pond. Pretty sure that’s true. Two large cream and black. And a butterfly. And an orange one. There seems to be a large gray goldfish too that’s hard to see and previous owner over looked. I keep fish and take care of the pond naturally and mechanically remove algae. Today my wife, two year old and I discovered tons and tons of these little minnows. I can’t believe they would spawn In The pond.... the previous owner never mentioned the phenomenon but he also poured 25% hydro peroxide along the rim every week to kill algae, I suspect from over feeding and didn’t pull out detritus. The owner said he would drain the pond 2x a year.... long story short. Anyone have experience? 4 koi in a 1100 gal pond is plenty for that size I think. I should probably remove them right? Anyone have something similar happen? Maybe there is a trap I can use and give them away that way.
  7. Lots of people talk about the easiest fish to breed... guppies ect. But I am curious to know what fish is actually the easiest to raise from conception to its adult stage. It is my understanding that a lot of species will eat their eggs or young fry before they have a great chance at survival. Also do some fry have very specific care requirements as they are being raised? I'd love to hear from all of the master breeders (or newbie breeders!) out there and their own experiences.
  8. I will not state what I think it is because I do not want to influence you. It has to be a net or plant transfer because the tank they came from only had very different fish in it. That were moved 4-5 weeks ago. I moved my mystery snails a couple days ago from this 20G to a different 20G and during that process I noticed 5-6 tiny fry I thought they were danios (that’s the other breed) because from that tank when I moved the fish 4-5 weeks ago I found 6 danio fry in there and moved them to another tank. So I just scooped these guys up without even taking a good look at them and transferred them with the mystery snails. This morning I was feeding and this caught my eye…Their about a 1/2 long I seen 3 of them this morning. Previously in this tank were the danios, a single endler, and 6 guppies. I am very confident it’s none of these species and if it is blaaa.
  9. I was scooping out duckweed from my greenwater/sparkling gourami aquarium this week and I noticed every scoop had multiple sparkling gourami fry in it. This one was hunting a cyclops.
  10. Just wanted to share how the little guys are coming along. Yellow lab mom and orange zebra dad
  11. My young (less than one year old) bristlenose plecos laid a few eggs. The albino male guarded the eggs and when they hatched I took the cave out and poured the contents into a 20-gallon tank that is overrun with algae and has a few otos in it. There were only 12 to 15 fry. Now they are more than a week old, but they look black or dark gray. There are two females that could have laid the eggs - one albino and one super red. I suspect it was the red female that laid the eggs, but I'm not sure. Are week-old albino bristlenose fry supposed to look dark-colored?
  12. My 6yo daughter has a 10 gallon tank with a few ghost shrimp. I bought her 4 Platys to add to it, however they had multiplied out of control. I have at least 20 platys now in this 10 gallon and I need to control the population. Are there fish out there that I could add to the tank that would help control the fry population? I’m not sure what to do with all of these fish.
  13. So I have a yellow lab that's holding and wanted to get her own tank setup so maybe I can get a few fry out of the deal.. found a 20 gallon for 30 bucks , stand without the top for 20. Used substrate, 50% water from original tank, sword In moss ball, vallisneria, small crypt, two struggling anubias and coco hut from the old tank. Dosed some ammonia fix, a little easy green and iron. Fluval nano 7000k light ( had to build a custom stand for it ,being made for a rimless tank it didn't fit on mine ) . An old hob filter ( being replaced or used along with a new ACO medium sponge filter ) Drilled 1/4 " holes in fake decor to give the fry some spots to hide. Now... let's see if I can get momma transfered in a few days and get some babies
  14. I got a batch from one of my young Black rams pair. They are free swimming now and this is my first black ram spawn since I have only breed the other regular types. Some of them look like the have a little black line that makes them appear darker than other fry that look clear. I think the darker ones are black rams and the others gold. I this correct?
  15. my saulosi has been holding for 21 days. 1 fry made it out of her mouth and is hiding from her i saw her chasing the fry trying to put him back in her mouth i guess. Should i lift the cave so she can pick him up or leave it alone? its my first time breeding mbuna and not sure what i should do.
  16. I realize that I may be pathfinding a bit on the puffer breeding of the Pao puffers but we have a few well versed in the habits of cave spawners of other species cichlids especially seem applicable. The Mekong Puffer adult pair have been in his former bachelor pad and in breeding coloration for 4 days now. Its killing me to not check but also do not want to frighten either and risk them eating fry. Talk me down .... its the right thing to just wait for tiny puffer fry to emerge vs letting my curiosity kill the puffer fry and burn the spawning site ? This is this morning the male returning from a patrol of the area and displaying to the female inside along with a few photos of the female in her spawning colors
  17. My pseudotropheus saulosi has been holding for 18 days in a 10 gallon by herself. My lights on all my aquariums come on at 4pm and go off at 12am. My question is should i feed the fry at 4pm and 11pm like i do all the rest of my fish? Or do i need to feed them in the morning, noon, then night. Basically is it okay to fast them for 16 hours or do i need to feed them in the actual morning time. Also is it okay to feed mbuna fry baby brine shrimp for the first 2 to 3 weeks. I ask because baby brine shrimp is high in protein and i dont want to bloat them. Thanks for any help.
  18. My bumblebee goby tank is going crazy with spawning and I've had 3 batches hatch. Has anyone successfully breed bumblebee gobies?
  19. I noticed that my yellow electric was holding last week so I separated from the rest of the tank and put her in a 20 gallon by herself. I spent the night away from home and when I came home I saw that she had started to spit the fry. The fry that I see scooting around the bottom of the tank still seem to have the egg sacs attached to them. Is that normal? Some of them look dead. Did she spit early?
  20. Fresh vegetables seem to do wonders in breeding them; as you can see in the pic the fry are constantly on/around the zucchini, squash, spinach, and mulberry leaves I put out. It's a community tank, so the shrimp like them too. I noticed and got footage of the oto breeding dance on 3/15, so the fry in the attached pics are roughly two months old. I have seven surviving that I have counted concurrently, but there may be more hiding out.
  21. Hello all, I've got a batch of pseudomugil luminatus fry that I am currently raising up. I noticed very shortly after they hatched that some of them displayed the shining blue eyes and even a blue sheen to their bodies while others were the a normal dull brown. I have attached pics so you can see them. It isn't the way the light is hitting them or anything. I am wondering if it is just the males being more colorful even from birth or what? Anyone have any idea? Thanks!
  22. Hi there everyone! I had my first Australian rainbow fry hatch yesterday and have a few questions about feeding them, and fry grow out in general. I have the fry floating on ziplock containers in my 55 to keep the temp, and was wondering what everyone has the best luck feeding them? I have sera micron that I have been feeding 3 times daily (that's what works with my work schedule, I know more would be great) but I can't tell if they are actually eating it or not. Also I took a bit of java moss out of a platy breeding tank, and upon putting it in the container with the fry, a bunch of small black things which I assume are insects came rushing out of it. They are about the size of the head part of the rainbow fry, and from a bit of research online, I think they may be seed shrimp? I just was shocked that with the stocking level and number of fry in that tank that a small creature like that would be able to survive and not be eaten! I'll try to upload a photo tonight, my photos I have are apparently too large of file size. I was wondering if these will eat or hurt my fry, and if they won't, are they a decent food source for the fry? Update: here is a link to the video of my fry and the small insects, any help would be appreciated! https://photos.app.goo.gl/mnfEiSucvTzYoA7ZA Thank you in advance! Ben
  23. The Pao palustris fry , which are going strong are still just living in a Ziss breeder box in the colony tank 75 gallons. Photo is day 9, this morning, eating live bby brine the orange flecks are brine shrimp for size perspective. What is everyones view on when is the right time to move them from the Ziss breeder box to a grow out tank in the rack system? Once they start getting territorial ? Once i find more fry? ....?
  24. Has anyone used the coarse filter pad inside a filter intake chamber to keep fry out of the filter? Are fry still able to get inside through the larger pores? Need a solution for a Fluval mega flex…I’ve seen some filter covers for them out there, but hear those reduce filter flow rates.
  25. I have glolight tetra fry that is 6 weeks old. I am going on vacation and don’t have anyone to feed them. There are maybe 20 in a 10 gallon. Been feeding brine shrimp daily. I know all my other fish will be fine for the week but I’m worried about the fry tank i have plants and magnolia leaves in the tank and I plan on doing a water change before I leave and adding a bunch of infusoria/small little white critters that are in one of my other tanks. Will they be okay for the week?
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