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  1. Three of the fry have started to move around a bit more. I'm feeding them Hikari First Bites and spirulina powder. I'm not sure how many are left - only counted 5 today but they are still so hard to see. Didn't see any in the aquarium today but there are lots of hiding spots. I guess I'll be real lucky if even one makes it.
  2. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am curious if it is worth it to try and move some of the fry for the Dwarf pike or just let the parents do their thing for a while. I'm assuming they are similar to other cichlids with parental care and they are pretty attentive so far. This pair formed in summer 2019 and relentlessly attacked the subdominant pair until I removed them. After a month of regular runs of COOP BBS for the fish room this is the first time they have produced. My plan would be to use a few ziss breeder boxes for easier observation and feeding of bbs etc. Seems like a decent size group for a first time pair but I am a pike rookie.
  3. I was scooping out duckweed from my greenwater/sparkling gourami aquarium this week and I noticed every scoop had multiple sparkling gourami fry in it. This one was hunting a cyclops.
  4. Hi, I'm new here. Came across some of Cory's helpful YouTube videos as I was setting up a 5g cherry shrimp-only tank. I'm interested in buying an Aquarium Coop Small Sponge filter for the tank and was wondering if anyone here would know if it's safe for shrimp fry OR if the pores may too be big since the sponge filter is purposely made to be coarse? Thanks in advance.
  5. Spotted my first red cap medaka fry today in my indoor tanks. So tiny! I want to breed some over the colder months and get them into outdoor tubs come spring.
  6. Curious if anyone has any thoughts or experience to share on this. I definitely have noticed the C. Regani fry occasionally giving a nibble the parents side over the first 10 days or so outside of the cave. They also seems to enjoy hydra, green algae, scavenging off the bottom, baby brine shrimp, bloodworms, cyclops, and krill flake. The skin nibbling is not like what I've seen videos of discus doing but it happens enough that it is noticeable. Both parents seem to allow it and not have any problem with it so far. The fry are getting pretty close to moving to a 20 gallon grow out and or possibly the 2 Ziss breeder boxes in the parents tank. I have them for such a surprise fry appearance. We are now 14 days in and about 1/2 inch long x 80 or so fry. Half way to submitting my first ever breeding report to the Colorado Aquarium Society 🙂. Hopefully we get there learning each day either way though.
  7. hey all! been super busy with work and haven’t had much of a chance to get on here the last couple months. i have some bristlenose plecos in my goldfish tank that breed pretty regularly. the eggs/fry never survive cause of all the other catfish and goldies. my super red male has been fanning the last week or so and when i just checked, there were wigglers that somehow survived at a decent size. im worried they may be too big to siphon out with a standard baster but removing the cave isnt really an option since it is buried video dad keeps blocking the cave so i cant get a good photo. id appreciate any advice! the babies are large enough to show color, id say 1/8-1/6 of an inch in range it’s hard to gauge from the small glimpses i get.
  8. Doing big water change on my 55 gal mbuna tank today, and found a baby pleco. Then another. And another. And the male ancistrus would not leave the conch shell. So I moved him in the shell out into a little plastic tote using water from the tank. Pretty soon a bunch of baby Plecos started scooting all around. So I lightly boiled some zucchini slices (which helps them sink in aquarium water), added a couple to the bin. Later added heater and sponge filter to the bin. And... having extra zucchini slices... I shared with my discus & rams, corys, Goodeids, and guppies.
  9. Our first CARES species fry! Xenotoca doadrioi. Started with breeding group of 8x. Fry has interesting umbilical-like appendage. Pretty big, but kind of clumsy at first.
  10. Just fed my Channoides fry some micro worms when I noticed one of them kept doing barrel rolls... I've seen ricefish fry do some interesting acrobatics but something seems wrong here. on API test strips I'm reading GH 120, KH 40, pH 6.5 to 7, and nitrate and nitrite both 0, temp is about 78, tank is a bare bottom 5 gallon with some floaters and other plants waiting for their final homes. I'm feeding once to twice a day, co-op fry food, bbs, micro worms, first bites, and micron (not so much those last two now, they're a few week old and can handle bigger food) I've been changing about 2 liters of water a week with RO water. The tank also has a couple sponge filters Out of about 20 fry I've only seen one doing this, and this is the first time I've seen it Hoping that even if nobody has experience with Channoides than maybe they've seen it in other kinds of bettas or other families of fish and can shed some light on this Here's a brief video of the fry Edit: Since posting I've lost track of the fry in question, so it either stopped doing it or moved to cover... Not sure if it could be a swim bladder issue? Each roll started and ended with the betta oriented correctly, my experience with swim bladder issues has normally been more erratic than that
  11. i was thinking about using mollys can anyone give me idea for the strain to pick up and maybe some plants for babys to hide in
  12. Hello all. I would appreciate it if someone would be willing to post some photos of their Blue-eyed Livebearer (Priapella compressa) fry. I have a community jungle tank with some of them along with a few wild-type swordtails. I am in the grueling process of removing the swords but want to be sure I do not catch the Blue-eye fry. When I received my fry from Aquabid they had blue eyes at 1/2" long. Do the younger fry have blue eyes too? Thank you!
  13. This seems like an ideal place to log the changes in my tanks, and get opinions on issues I'm struggling with. You'll notice a trend in most of my aquariums -- collectoritis. I'm at the stage of fishkeeping right now where I can't fathom a species-only tank. My schooling fish are all in sufficient numbers, but I still love the variety. I think I have an even bigger problem with plants. Over the past year I've just been buying all the plants to find out which ones grow (it's a secret, no one knows). I'll post each tank in order of acquisition. 1. Living room display, 40 breeder, initially set up August 2019. Below is what the tank looked like back in October. Started it out as a super-artificial scape, and then I realized how much I liked live aquatic plants and began adding them in droves. After some experience with subsequent tanks, I went back to this one for an overhaul. This is what it looks like today (changing the substrate was a B-and-a-half): The tiny sword plant you see in the lower left corner of the first pic has grown into the giant sword plant in the second pic. The floating moss ball was a recent addition from the Co-op, and while it arrived in great condition, I am cursed when it comes to growing moss. I just can't figure it out. Stocking: Angels, rosy tetras, maccullochi rainbows, australian rainbows, otos, powder blue dwarf gourami, and emerald corydoras. 2. Dining Room, 20 tall, initially set up September 2019 I wanted to breed bristlenose plecos. It didn't take long before I saw baby bristlenose all over the glass, at least 30 of them. Unfortunately, they dwindled one by one over a period of two weeks - no idea why. There was one survivor, which has grown 2+ inches. But since that initial spawn, I've only seen white eggs that the male pushes out of the cave. Any tips to get this back on track? In addition to the plecos, it's housing my wife's platys from her classroom tank (she's a teacher) which are breeding, as well as breeding endlers and cherry shrimp. Stocking: Male and female adult and one juvenile bristlenose pleco, platies, endlers, cherry shrimp. 3. Daughter's tank, 20 tall, set up October 2019 My daughter (8 years old) wanted a tank for her room. Trying to move her away from the artificial plants but she likes them too much. So I just have to keep doing bleach dips every month or so until I can get the lighting balanced (upgraded her light recently). The lighting upgrade seems to have negatively affected her live water sprite, though. Used to be lush and green and now seems to be falling apart. Stocking: Platies, platy fry, green fire tetra, sunset honey gourami, pygmy corys, and guppies from my wife's classroom tank 4. Son's tank, 20 tall, set up November 2019 My son (6 years old) loves dinosaurs, so we went with sort of a prehistoric jungle theme. Stocking: Zebra loaches, panda corys, cherry barbs, purple harlequin rasboras, and one platy (offspring from my daughter's tank) 5. The livebearer tank, 40 breeder, set up in February 2020. In the dining room next to the pleco fail tank, I have guppies, platys, and cherry shrimp breeding up a storm. I started with just guppies in the 20 tall in October, trying to breed the fancy strains from my LFS. I could never keep a single one alive for more than a couple weeks. I had purchased some already-pregnant females, which gave birth and died. I raised the fry and let them breed as well, and it looked like I was getting some strong stock out of them, so I set up this 40 breeder to let the guppies do their thing. Simultaneously, my daughter's platy was having babies, which I also added to this tank. Because of how much feeding I was doing, I added panda corys and cherry shrimp to the mix. But then in March/April, there was an outbreak of some horrid bacterial disease. My corys were happy, my shrimp were breeding, and the platys were thriving. But for several weeks the guppies died one by one, then two by two, then five by five, etc. I probably lost 75% of my guppy stock. Maracyn didn't touch it, nor did . What ended up working was kanaplex, though it crashed the cycle. Should've quarantined... I didn't lose any corys or platys during all this drama, though. I decided not to buy anymore guppies and just let my surviving endlers and guppies breed. Things are doing better, so much so that I've been able to grow out enough stock to trade in at my LFS. Also trying to grow java moss glued to foam (removed from my bonsai tree because nothing was growing). Stocking: Guppies, endlers, endler/guppy hybrids, platys, panda corys, cherry shrimp, and amano shrimp Note: The background in the above tank, as well as the cave, were DIYs that were intended for tank number 6. However, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the result and found a better DIY method online. Still, didn't want the first background to go to waste. 6. The Bedroom Display, 90 gallon, set up February 2020 Sometime in December, I dove into a large DIY project. I had 1/2 inch glass cut to custom dimensions so it could fit in a particular space in my bedroom, and I siliconed it all myself. Tank dimensions are 55"L x 17"W x 24"H. I also built the cabinet/stand and created the foam rock background . The tree used to have the moss I mentioned above, but recently changed it out for subwassertang. I plan to buy more of it soon. Every plant in here is exploding. I've had trouble keeping cardinal tetras alive. Can't tell you how many I've purchased, but the 15 or so left in here are doing well now. I've lost far fewer rummynose. This tank is just so much fun to look at. The rainbows and corys are always spawning, the forktails play in the spraybar current, the rummynose stay together and swim back and forth, the amano shrimp are big enough to stay visible and crawl all over the rock wall, and the gourami patrols the tank like it's his job and eats from my hand. The cardinal tetra just sort of exist and look pretty. It's the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning. Stocking: Cardinal tetra, rummynose tetra, boesemani rainbows, forktail rainbows, pearl gourami, otos, julii corys, and amano shrimp. 7. Betta in the bedroom, 16G fluval spec, set up June 2020 My wife wanted a betta tank, so we got one, tank number 2 in the bedroom. She made all the aquascaping and stocking decisions. New tank so still sorting out the algae, fert/light balance. Another christmas moss floater, doing better in this tank for some odd reason, but still don't have high hopes. Stocking: pygmy corys, white cloud mountain minnows, and betta BONUS: Quarantine bin Learned my lesson with those guppies, so I'm quarantining now. I'm trying to add a few more cardinal tetra to my 90G. I've had great success with aqua huna fish, except for their cardinal tetras. This time around, I ordered 20 and put them in this 10G sterilite container. I lost 9 of them over 48 hours, but the remaining 11 have been alive for the past 6 days. Still don't look great, though.
  14. One of my Albino Blue Topaz guppy females delivered fry yesterday. I just received the breeding pairs on Dec 2. One of the females seemed to possibly be pregnant - or she was just wide. A couple of days ago I thought I saw some tiny glowing circles in her belly (albino eyes?), so I was keeping an eye on her. She still wasn't all that big, but she gave birth yesterday. I managed to save four fry that had dug themselves into the substrate. I could only find two fry that were lost to the parents. I had ordered guppy grass a month ago for fry to hide in, but it hasn't arrived yet because of current shipping delays. The gupplets are in their newly cycled tank and doing well so far. In my research (which I stupidly did after ordering them), I learned that Albino Blue Topaz guppies specifically are more difficult to breed than regular black-eyed guppies. It seemed like the problem most often mentioned was the fry were more likely to be eaten by their parents. Does anyone know if that's the difficult part, or are they just more difficult to raise? If the latter, any advice on how to do it successfully? Or is there a problem getting them to breed to begin with? Or maybe they don't breed true? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Three days ago baby Hemichromis exsul, Jewel Cichlid appeared! This is a 75g community tank. The parents are very protective. So far no bloodshed but only because isn't overstocked and most of the other fish are fast. The first day I put in some of the co-ops fry food I had and then I just started grinding up flake. Normally I would have had bbs for them but I had hatchery problems. I got that straightened out and fed baby brine shrimp this morning. Can anyone tell me if they are old enough to eat bbs? They are managing to eat something or they wouldn't have made it the last 3 days.
  16. Just a quick question, i want to use my shrimp tank as a growing tank for fry's.I was planning on putting some guppy fry in a fry box so they don't go disturb the shrimp too much. But the thing is my shrimp tank is high PH now i know that's really good for guppies but the thing is if i raise them in that water will they just die if i put them back in a other less high PH tank later? To be fair i think most of my tanks are at the 7 PH range its just the shrimp one as substrate that makes it high.
  17. Had my chocolate/standard bristlenose and Albino bristlenose meet each other a few weeks ago and disappear almost immeadiately. Shortly thereafter noticed about 50 baby plecos (in both colors) all over the tank. The tank is cycled and about 9 months old. Water changes every 2 weeks. Everything was uneventful until a few days ago when I noticed a dozen or so dead baby pleco bodies on the bottom each day. Water parameters are solid, pH hasn’t moved from 6.8, temp has been consistent around 75°, no ammonia, metals, or nitrite. Nitrate around 8. I’m wondering if there wasn’t enough biofilm and organic matter for them to continue growing. There’s maybe 4-5 left. Sad to lose so many. The rest of the tank is chugging along (yellow shrimp and endlers/guppies). Question 1: how much would you increase food in the tank for 50 baby plecos? Question 2: theories on the mass deaths?
  18. Good evening forum viewers. I have 6 new baby goldfish in my 90 gallon tank with 6 adults. I am not sure who the parents are but I am excited to raise them up! I come with a question the largest one does not appear to have an anal fin. Is there anything I should monitor besides tank parameters and a healthy varied diet to make sure it lives a good life? What variety do you think i should call it? In the tank is a ryukin, lionhead, ranchu, 2 black telescope, and a fantail. Photos available here imgur.com IMGUR.COM Imgur: The magic of the Internet Thank you!
  19. Hello First time fry parent here. My 8 weeks old HG fry keep dying. Have had 2 deaths in a week. Water changed twice so far. The first one dead was the smallest one. I thought he was weak and didn’t develop his labyrinth organ properly. The tank has a plastic cover for humidity build up. Today one of the biggest one died. A sponge filter, a small LED, a heater set to 78. Ammonia is not 0 as I feed them quite a few times but change water every 2 days. I have a HOB, is it safe to move them in my main tank? The biggest one is 0.5 inch. I have Corys, Otos, and their HG parent. If it is water quality issue, moving them to main tank is my only option. Will they survive Nitrate of 30ppm? Help appreciated. Thanks.
  20. I have a 20 long with 3 pairs of Lamprologus Brevis "Sunspot". One pair is pumping out fry, one pair is definitely shacked up together, and the third pair hangs together but is younger and not yet breeding. I have vision breaks so they all have their own little territories, though they often mingle especially at feeding time. After the first 3 sets of fry from the first pair slowly disappeared from the tank (eaten by their daddy I believe, but cannot prove 😛 ), I decided to catch out ten babies and grow them out separately. Question: how big should the fry be before I return them to the colony? I do not want this to be a "death tornado" as Cory would term it! Too small, and they get eaten; too large, and there could be issues of aggression/territory (as I understand it). There are plenty of shells to go around for everyone. I've read that Brevis are not supposed to eat their own babies, and will allow more than one generation to co-exist, but that was not happening with this colony. I'm hoping that once I get these other small fish into the colony, then future fry will also be safer. Thanks!
  21. Turns out my 4 mollies are not males after all. I knew my two black mollies were male due to their pointed gonopodia's. My two Dalmation mollies don't have pointed gonopodia's but appear to have more rounded anal fins. One is definitely bigger and rounder, so I had suspected she was a she, but has been in the tank for almost 4 months and no babies. I just noticed babies in the tank a tonight. They are very cute. I changed two things recently. First was giving my fish (4 mollies and 20 neon tetras) live baby brine shrimp once or twice a week. The second was putting some floating plants in the tank. The babies are hiding in the floating plants. I have not gotten a count yet, but there are more than seven. I crushed some flake food and they ate it, so that's good. I fired up the BBS maker so I can feed them tomorrow night. Since I had no plans to have babies, I will just let nature take it's course. If they make it and grow up, I will have to find homes for the little ones. Any advice would be appreciated. What an amazing day.
  22. One of my baby mollies got brave and went to bottom of tank.
  23. Dads doing a good job keeping them safe 🙂
  24. Hello everyone! I purchased my first 20gal tank a few months back and stocked it with 8 guppies and snails/shrimp. My ultimate goal for the tank was to simply have a thriving planted ecosystem and after binge watching co-op video’s I was excited for the challenge. I’ve surprised myself with how well the tank has come along, 3 weeks ago I discovered fry in the tank which seems to be the ultimate indication that you have a happy/healthy tank! I happily purchased a 5gal for the 20ish fry because I read that other females may eat them. No big deal, right? Well, 2 days ago I had 2 more batches of fry and now have 40 to 50 fry in the main tank and about 20 in the secondary tank. After realizing I have 5 females and some quick math there seems to be many more fish in the future if I continue the trend. Any suggestions on what to do with the fry? I’m also wondering if separating the fry is part of the issue. Should I have a “survival of the fittest” approach and let some get eaten? Feed less often?
  25. A betta pair of mine has just laid eggs. They will be hatching right around the time I am going out of town for 4 days. Will newly hatched betta fry be ok in a well established, heavily planted tank for 4 days without feeding? Also, what is y’alls favorite food to feed betta fry? I intend to feed microworms. Thanks!
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