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  1. Fresh vegetables seem to do wonders in breeding them; as you can see in the pic the fry are constantly on/around the zucchini, squash, spinach, and mulberry leaves I put out. It's a community tank, so the shrimp like them too. I noticed and got footage of the oto breeding dance on 3/15, so the fry in the attached pics are roughly two months old. I have seven surviving that I have counted concurrently, but there may be more hiding out.
  2. Anyone out there working these fish? I would love to see picture and hear all about it. This is my 3rd generation with me, still pretty young about 6 month. I want them to hold their fin out wider, they don't have to be any longer than this. After I get their body conformation right, I'll start working on their color.
  3. I was scooping out duckweed from my greenwater/sparkling gourami aquarium this week and I noticed every scoop had multiple sparkling gourami fry in it. This one was hunting a cyclops.
  4. Just peeked at Okefenokee Pygmy Sunfish tank where 2x fry showed up this week. I’ve been feeding BBS now daily. By the coloration of their pink bellies, I counted 6x. Four pictured below. There could be more... 10x would be BAP.
  5. Hey, I've bred bristlenose a few times in a 20L with swordtails and other things 2 or 3 times now in a community setting. I put a flashlight to the pleco cave and saw eggs, this time I moved the cave full of eggs to a bare bottom 10 gallon tank so I could check out the action! Now you guys can too. I'll continue to post updates, but this is what I could never really quite see without a dedicated tank. Meet some wigglers... Day 1 Day 2 And no my youtube is not monetized or anything, I just honestly find this cool and none of my friends do, haha. Today is day 3, and all of them are in the furthest back corner and I can't get a solid video or picture, I'll try tomorrow and look at the stache on this pleco. Wow I don't think I've made a forum post since back before you could even embed video. This is cool here's a quick vid of the 20L of the conception, got 3 female bristlenose and this one ugly male shown above, probably about 40-60 swordtails of varying generations, as well as 2 to 3 different generations of pleco cruising around the bottom. All run on a single co op sponge filter and at room temp/no heater.
  6. They grow like weeds! I saw one of the tiny new borns a week ago and now they're fairly sized and eating well! I went from like 6 to 60 real quick...
  7. So today I spotted a free-swimming fish fry in my tank with my son. I'm shocked, because I didn't think my tetras were mature enough to breed. But it's survived long enough to be about half an inch, I'd say? Maybe bigger? It's hiding now! I have some baby brine shrimp in a hatchery right now, but is there anything else I should do for the little guy? I had no idea it was even in there!
  8. Found MORE Xenotoca Doadrioi fry this evening. In the spirit of Mr. Ray, “Oooo!!! Gather ‘round explorers! Look at the umbilical-cord-like trophotaenia on these Goodeids!!!”
  9. Hi all, I have been trying ways to raise black ram fry. I am successful with hatching eggs, and transitioning the wrigglers to the free swimming stage. However I am having a hard time keeping the free swimmers alive. I have tried using the ziss breeder box and also raising them in a planted 15 gallon. Don't have much luck so far. I get only 20-30 survivors from two batch of eggs, with around 2 - 4 that are actually black. Rest are all gold. The massive die offs happen on day two or three of them being free swimmers. I know this from not seeing much fry at the surface of the water but not from seeing dead bodies. Not sure if it is because I don't have a bare bottom tank. I just have small populations of ramshorn and cherry shrimp in the 15 gallon. Could they be munching on the fry when they are sleeping? The nitrate level is around or less than 10ppm. No ammonia or nitrite. Water temp is around 82 and there is a sponge filter in there. Daily 30% water changes did not help with keeping the swimmers alive. I feed the fry at least four times a day, when the lights are on, with roughly two hours in between. I stopped feeding egg yolk since they rot easily. I do feed a mixture of first bites and sera micron. When the surviving fry gets bigger, I feed them BBS. I noticed that the free swimmers all love to stay near the water surface so at first I just dusted the food onto the surface. But now I am experimenting mixing the food in water and squirting it in. Does this makes a difference? What I may try next is to experiment raising them in a specimen box to see if the fry are dying off due to possible low food concentration in the 15 gallon. I heard that it may take two generations of fish to make them really successful in your own water. Is this what is happening here? Have you had issues raising ram fry from "1st" Gen parents? Any insight is much appreciated!
  10. Hi Need some help. I have about 30 pleco fry (a week since I removed from their dad and cave) in a Ziss EZ Breeder Box BL-3 (purchased from COOP). Love it. Unfortunately EZ Breeder is not in tank I want to use to raise fry. I tried to transfer them with a net but they are attached to walls on breeder and won't cooperate. Any ideas? I watched a video on YouTube that suggested using a turkey baster (also purchased from COOP and useful for cleanup). Afraid I'd hurt fry using baster. Frustrated. Vince
  11. Any suggestions on a breeder box. I have some snail eggs that are due to hatch soon and wanted to use this idea instead of seeing up another tank. I will also us it for fry when the time comes
  12. Hello all, Had a nice surprise and discovered my plecos had bred and had babies that are now free swimming without me knowing about it. Question for the group. There are still some in the cave. Should I try to relocate those to a breeding box within the tank to target feed or let them to be free and munch on a very established tank that I will heavy feed. Tank mates include: bristlenose parents and an albino, pair of kribs and 10 day old fry, 5 red venezuelan cory cats, some cardinal tetras, a female apisto, and amano shrimp. Any help appreciated.
  13. After picking a bunch of Scheeli eggs from a mop, and waiting a couple weeks...
  14. Not only am I new to the hobby, but my female had babies! I was finally able to see her deliver a few it was really cool! Not so cool was watching some get eaten 😞. I cut some water sprite from my 40G and floated it in the 20G for them to hide in. QUESTION: She is the ONLY female in there, I have 3 in the QT tank (that came from Mikes Fish Room).The male guppies are just chasing her NON STOP. I am super worried that she will get too stressed. What do I do? Put in my females from the QT tank? (They are 7 days post last dose of Para-cleanse. I have not seen any signs of disease as of yet). Would this make matters worse? Do I remove her? My tank is heavily planted, so getting her out will be VERY challenging (a lot of places to hide)
  15. Good morning, I have endler fry and for now and wanting more. There aren’t too many now, but I have heard about livebearers quickly outgrowing their tanks. They are in a 20L with a single BN Pleco. I am not running a heater on the tank and I don’t want to have to run a heater if I can get away with it. Are there any fish that can help control the fry population but also don’t require a heater? I can’t think of any. I have thought of Apistos, Angels Bettas. All require heaters. Any help is appreciated.
  16. Got a starter group of 8x Redtail Goodeids (Xenotoca Doadrioi) from a Goodeid specialist in our Fish club last December. 6x fry dropped within a month or two. Just recently, another batch of ca. 11x fry have dropped. Colony is starting to groove! These guys are CARES species, endangered in the wild. They’re cold water Livebearers. Most food we feed consists of plant matter (Bug Bites Spirulina flakes, Omega One Kelp flakes). But with fry, we add baby brine shrimp to their diet every few days. Definitely not a “show tank” — we throw random cuttings in here — but these are some happy Goodeids!
  17. Iv'e got a pair of turquoise that have raised 1 group of about 50 fry. Dad did most of grazing the work. That batch of fry are doing fine in a grow out tank. The next spawn was partially fungus-ed with a few wigglers. They moved the wigglers but they were gone the next day. Now here's the question. On the next spawn, the current spawn, they got mostly wigglers, about a hundred. Then the fry were grazing mostly on dad for a day or so BUT MOM STARTED TO GET VERY VIOLENT WITH DAD... ramming lip locks causing the fry to scatter.. the fry would find their way back ... mostly to dad cause mom would shake them off.... now today the fry are gone.
  18. So I would like to reproduce my Clown killifish. I put them in a tub, lots of hiding places, spawning mop - so far I see nothing but maybe the eggs are too small? Meanwhile in my main tank, I found a teeny tiny fry and 2 baby shrimps. I moved the shrimps together in a container but one died. The fry is in another container but I have so many uncertainties - I need a heater because I live in canada but will it burn itself? How much things (moss, floating plants, etc) should I put in? I am afraid all the debris will pollute the water. Must I have a air stone? Or just a little airtube? Water change? I was wondering if you all could share with me - tips, tricks, advices, installation...
  19. This seems like an ideal place to log the changes in my tanks, and get opinions on issues I'm struggling with. You'll notice a trend in most of my aquariums -- collectoritis. I'm at the stage of fishkeeping right now where I can't fathom a species-only tank. My schooling fish are all in sufficient numbers, but I still love the variety. I think I have an even bigger problem with plants. Over the past year I've just been buying all the plants to find out which ones grow (it's a secret, no one knows). I'll post each tank in order of acquisition. 1. Living room display, 40 breeder, initially set up August 2019. Below is what the tank looked like back in October. Started it out as a super-artificial scape, and then I realized how much I liked live aquatic plants and began adding them in droves. After some experience with subsequent tanks, I went back to this one for an overhaul. This is what it looks like today (changing the substrate was a B-and-a-half): YouTube video on this tank: The tiny sword plant you see in the lower left corner of the first pic has grown into the giant sword plant in the second pic. The floating moss ball was a recent addition from the Co-op, and while it arrived in great condition, I am cursed when it comes to growing moss. I just can't figure it out. Stocking: Angels, rosy tetras, maccullochi rainbows, australian rainbows, otos, powder blue dwarf gourami, and emerald corydoras. Update 4/10/21: I've been messing around with backlighting on this tank. See video below. 2. Dining Room, 20 tall, initially set up September 2019 I wanted to breed bristlenose plecos. It didn't take long before I saw baby bristlenose all over the glass, at least 30 of them. Unfortunately, they dwindled one by one over a period of two weeks - no idea why. There was one survivor, which has grown 2+ inches. But since that initial spawn, I've only seen white eggs that the male pushes out of the cave. Any tips to get this back on track? In addition to the plecos, it's housing my wife's platys from her classroom tank (she's a teacher) which are breeding, as well as breeding endlers and cherry shrimp. Stocking: Male and female adult and one juvenile bristlenose pleco, platies, endlers, cherry shrimp. 3. Daughter's tank, 20 tall, set up October 2019 My daughter (8 years old) wanted a tank for her room. Trying to move her away from the artificial plants but she likes them too much. So I just have to keep doing bleach dips every month or so until I can get the lighting balanced (upgraded her light recently). The lighting upgrade seems to have negatively affected her live water sprite, though. Used to be lush and green and now seems to be falling apart. Stocking: Platies, platy fry, green fire tetra, sunset honey gourami, pygmy corys, and guppies from my wife's classroom tank 4. Son's tank, 20 tall, set up November 2019 My son (6 years old) loves dinosaurs, so we went with sort of a prehistoric jungle theme. Stocking: Zebra loaches, panda corys, cherry barbs, purple harlequin rasboras, and one platy (offspring from my daughter's tank) YouTube Video on my Kids' Tanks: 5. The livebearer tank, 40 breeder, set up in February 2020. In the dining room next to the pleco fail tank, I have guppies, platys, and cherry shrimp breeding up a storm. I started with just guppies in the 20 tall in October, trying to breed the fancy strains from my LFS. I could never keep a single one alive for more than a couple weeks. I had purchased some already-pregnant females, which gave birth and died. I raised the fry and let them breed as well, and it looked like I was getting some strong stock out of them, so I set up this 40 breeder to let the guppies do their thing. Simultaneously, my daughter's platy was having babies, which I also added to this tank. Because of how much feeding I was doing, I added panda corys and cherry shrimp to the mix. But then in March/April, there was an outbreak of some horrid bacterial disease. My corys were happy, my shrimp were breeding, and the platys were thriving. But for several weeks the guppies died one by one, then two by two, then five by five, etc. I probably lost 75% of my guppy stock. Maracyn didn't touch it, nor did . What ended up working was kanaplex, though it crashed the cycle. Should've quarantined... I didn't lose any corys or platys during all this drama, though. I decided not to buy anymore guppies and just let my surviving endlers and guppies breed. Things are doing better, so much so that I've been able to grow out enough stock to trade in at my LFS. Also trying to grow java moss glued to foam (removed from my bonsai tree because nothing was growing). Stocking: Guppies, endlers, endler/guppy hybrids, platys, panda corys, cherry shrimp, and amano shrimp Note: The background in the above tank, as well as the cave, were DIYs that were intended for tank number 6. However, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the result and found a better DIY method online. Still, didn't want the first background to go to waste. EDIT (April 30, 2021): The amazon sword has really taken over since that above pic. I finally finished my video on this tank: 6. The Bedroom Display, 90 gallon, set up February 2020 Sometime in December, I dove into a large DIY project. I had 1/2 inch glass cut to custom dimensions so it could fit in a particular space in my bedroom, and I siliconed it all myself. Tank dimensions are 55"L x 17"W x 24"H. I also built the cabinet/stand and created the foam rock background . The tree used to have the moss I mentioned above, but recently changed it out for subwassertang. I plan to buy more of it soon. Every plant in here is exploding. I've had trouble keeping cardinal tetras alive. Can't tell you how many I've purchased, but the 15 or so left in here are doing well now. I've lost far fewer rummynose. This tank is just so much fun to look at. The rainbows and corys are always spawning, the forktails play in the spraybar current, the rummynose stay together and swim back and forth, the amano shrimp are big enough to stay visible and crawl all over the rock wall, and the gourami patrols the tank like it's his job and eats from my hand. The cardinal tetra just sort of exist and look pretty. It's the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning. Stocking: Cardinal tetra, rummynose tetra, boesemani rainbows, forktail rainbows, pearl gourami, otos, julii corys, and amano shrimp. 7. Betta in the bedroom, 16G fluval spec, set up June 2020 My wife wanted a betta tank, so we got one, tank number 2 in the bedroom. She made all the aquascaping and stocking decisions. New tank so still sorting out the algae, fert/light balance. Another christmas moss floater, doing better in this tank for some odd reason, but still don't have high hopes. Stocking: pygmy corys, white cloud mountain minnows, and betta BONUS: Quarantine bin Learned my lesson with those guppies, so I'm quarantining now. I'm trying to add a few more cardinal tetra to my 90G. I've had great success with aqua huna fish, except for their cardinal tetras. This time around, I ordered 20 and put them in this 10G sterilite container. I lost 9 of them over 48 hours, but the remaining 11 have been alive for the past 6 days. Still don't look great, though.
  20. First a picture of this gorgeous endler line which I am lucky enough to have in my possession. I purchased these fish in the beginning of February from a breeder about 100 miles south of me. After driving to pick them up, I quarantined them for one month. I treated once with kanaplex as one fish developed a fin infection but otherwise had no issues. They have since been in a 29 gallon tank with some least killifish. The adults have been doing well and get a varied diet. A female dropped their first clutch about 2.5 weeks ago. I counted 10 surviving fry 24 hours later. They have been growing quickly due to heavy brine shrimp feedings. However, I am now down to 4 fry. I frequently observe the fry in the open water without being harassed so I don’t believe the issue is fry predation. I’ve seen two fish develop consistent symptoms which makes me believe the issue is disease. Their body shape distorts, they have trouble swimming, they spend most of their time near the surface, they appear to lose proper buoyancy and always swim with their head above their tail. By the time, I notice these symptoms they quickly perish. This disease is not yet effecting the thriving population of least killifish in the tank. Just hoping someone has run into this before and can give me some guidance. Thank you!
  21. Three of the fry have started to move around a bit more. I'm feeding them Hikari First Bites and spirulina powder. I'm not sure how many are left - only counted 5 today but they are still so hard to see. Didn't see any in the aquarium today but there are lots of hiding spots. I guess I'll be real lucky if even one makes it.
  22. I have a quarantine tank set up with plants that I am going to put into my big tank. I am almost finished hardscaping the tank and then I can add the plants and water. I purchased 3 platys for my son's tank and put them in the quarantine tank w/ my plants and ran them through an ick treatment. During that time one of them had babies so now there are fry in the tank too. Towards the end of the treatment I noticed they started getting fin rot. So, I started a med trio cycle last Thursday afternoon. Yesterday I was confident in my suspicions that all 3 platys have columnaris. 😑. This morning one the platys died and the other 2 are starting to display the same hiding sick behavior. Questions: Do I euthanize the remaining 2 fish or continue on with the treatment. They don't look too happy or healthy. What do I do w/ the fry? Do you automatically assume they have columnaris too? One of them is floating at the surface about ready to die. What about the plants? Are they now contaminated and is it a terrible idea to use them in my 75gal? I am just so worried about messing up my big tank that I have been working on for so long. Thank you for your insight and help.
  23. After transferring my Cherry Barbs to bigger tank they decided it was mating season. I was watching the tank and was surprised to see a little fry swimming around in the shelter of some wood. Wow, it’s so cool! I’ve had baby guppies before and even some Cichlids, but these are my first egg scatterers. The fam is having such a good time playing spot the fry!
  24. I bought 3 platys the other day and added them to my cycled hospital tank. The next night one of them had babies, so I have about 13 fry in the tank too. I need to run the fish through the med trio before I add them to my established community tank. Can I do that now that I have fry or will the meds hurt the fry? Do I need to set up another hospital tank and move 3 of them over there and run them through the trio? Thank you!
  25. I have free swimming EBR fry in a 20 gallon long tank with parents. The parents have what I believe may be fin rot/ ich. I have been treating the adults with melafix and ich x. Would it be better to pull the fry or the parents? I have a 10 gallon running. The parents have done such a wonderful job so far! This is their first spawn and they are very protective. When is it a good time to seperate the fry from the parents? Also is there something else I should be doing to treat the parents? This has been going on for a week and 1/2 . I do daily water changes to keep up with meds. thank you for all your help!!
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