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  1. If your budget can allow it, the co op light truly lives up to the hype. You’ll pretty much have it forever and it’s grown everything I throw in the tank! Adjustable and fits a variety of tanks if you ever wish to upgrade or something. 🙂
  2. The Aqueon pellets are a little on the bigger side for betta pellets, so it could just be a preference issue. Some bettas will snarf down anything, some are picky. If he continues to not eat, you could try a new kind of pellet (I like Xtreme Betta Pellets, they’re fairly small and bettas seem to love them)!
  3. I wonder if this is my problem. I feel like I’m doing it pretty accurately but it must not be for the readings to be sooo off from the test strips. The strips may not be precise but I feel like they’re closer to the truth than the api kit may be at the moment😂
  4. A little hard to tell what the ones in the back are. The ones in the front look like dwarf Sagittaria or dwarf chain sword. Could you get a closer picture?
  5. That would make sense. The API test obviously seems more precise I just can’t believe there’s such a huge difference lol. Would the API test be reading high for some reason or is the test likely accurate? Now I feel like I can’t use the test strips😂the stress! Haha
  6. I still can’t figure this out. I’ve recently been using the test strips to test water because it’s so much quicker and more convenient. But today I decided to pull out the liquid kit to test nitrate. Test strips said nitrate was nearly 0 (take note this was right after a water change) and what the heck, the API kit says nitrate is anywhere between 40-80. Like everyone suggested, I followed that thing to the best of my abilities shook the poo out of bottle #2. To me it’s just confusing bc the first time I did this (at the top of this thread) the co op strips were reading way higher than the test kit, and now I’ve got the opposite readings going on. And I don’t know how on earth my nitrate could be 40-80 after a 20% water change. I hadn’t dosed any ferts or anything, and this tanks bioload is extremely small (one betta and one nerite). I guess it’s possible, but how, I have no idea. I’m still not sure which test to trust! Ugh! here’s a picture of the tank so you can see what we’re dealing with. It’s got Anubias, an amazon sword, crypts, Val in the back, and a few straggling dwarf water lettuce floating on the top (and one dying stem of Pogo Stellatus that we don’t talk about😂)
  7. Great idea. I’ve seen people do this and it works quite well bc most floaters don’t like to be blown around or splashed by the filter!
  8. Mollies aren’t any more aggressive than platys, just a tad larger. You’ll see the same sparring between males for a female as you would with your platys 🙂
  9. They are such darling little things😍 If I had the time to feed frozen every day I would have a pea puffer tank in a heartbeat!
  10. I’ve never actually tried betta flakes anyways. They’re just kind of a mess and less convenient honestly😂
  11. The best thing you can do for your betta is variety. You can for sure have your staple pellets/flakes but try to have a couple foods on hand to mix it up! I like Xtreme Betta Pellets. My betta likes them a lot and they’re small enough for pretty much any size betta. I’ll also rotate through Hikari Vibra Bites and Hikari Freeze Dried bloodworms (sparingly, not to be fed every day). I’ve also heard that Fluval Bug Bites can be a hit with bettas, and they’re a great protein source. If you’re feeling adventurous you could try feeding frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp once a week or so too!
  12. Same here, from what I can tell they look to be chilis
  13. I had no idea those even existed! Quite genius though😂
  14. Keep us updated how the temple plant does. I’m eager to try that one of these days! Have heard it’s pretty easy to get going.
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