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  1. I just barely had a chance to read through this journal. I can totally see the amount of effort you put into this - it shows! Those killis look insanely cool! Everything about the tank is awesome. I know you’ve been complimented 100 times but it truly is incredible!
  2. Looks awesome! Nice scape and the plants look super healthy!
  3. I really like Pogo Octopus, Brazilian Pennywort, any Crypt variety (but wendtii has been the easiest in my experience), Val, water sprite (floating), and dwarf aquarium Lily (I recently got one and it is BOOMING!!)
  4. I have a tiny little notepad that I use whenever I water change. Basically I just test the water and write down all the results, plus how much I fertilized, if I’m dosing any meds and how much/what kind of algae is going on. I used to be pretty consistent but I kinda let it slip for the past couple weeks……..😂 That app sounds super cool!
  5. I’m team Cory too! Depending on your pleco variety, they may either get huge or you’ll pretty much never see them😂 And Kuhli loaches are awesome little noodles but they also can be very shy. Corys are always out and about in the town and I think they just add a lot of activity to the bottom of the tank! I vote Pandas or Julliis but it really comes down to personal preference.
  6. If you like the look of the Val folded over, there’s no problem keeping it in there. You can also trim it every so often to make sure it doesn’t block the light from the over plants!
  7. A 20g gives you plenty of options for tankmates. I don't foresee the Rosy Loaches causing any problems! You can have those as a bottom dweller crew, pick a midwater schooling fish for the middle of the tank, and the betta for the centerpiece. Kudos for thinking ahead about having a backup plan for your betta. You can increase your chances of it working out by adding the betta very last. And if possible and if you'll be buying it locally, you can try to hold the betta up to your stores other tanks to see how they react (if they flare like crazy, probably not the best choice lol). Also, bettas are pretty dang forgiving when it comes to water parameters. My pH is around 8.2-8.4 and my betta does quite well, so don't worry about your pH 🙂 The biofilm on the wood is a good sign. And plus, shrimp and snails love to eat that stuff. I don't see any problem not running a heater, too! Lucky you for having such nice water temperature all the time! Best of luck
  8. A 10g actually gives you quite a few options in terms of schooling fish. Most species that top out around 1”-1.5” do well (such as chili rasboras, ember tetras, CPD’s, clown killifish, etc). In a five gallon, you could still do chili rasboras or other tiny Rasboras from the same genus (strawberry, phoenix, least). Or if you are ok with feeding frozen or live foods every day, one pea puffer would be super fun. They have tons of personality, but, similar to bettas, can’t have any tankmates. Bettas can be super fun but it’s tricky to know if they’ll accept tankmates. You can up your chances by adding them to the tank very last and trying to see how they do near other fish in the store (aka if they’re in a cup, hold their cup up to another tank in the store and see if the betta flares like crazy). Good luck!
  9. @doktor zhivago That video is super helpful. Thanks!
  10. Some varieties, probably yes. I have Rotala Indica and it’s done well for me in pretty low light (and high pH)!
  11. I second @Tony s! My pH is around 8.4 and I still don’t have too much trouble growing stem plants. You should not have many problems with your pH being much lower than mine😂 I don’t think high pH affects plants as much as we think… it has an effect, but nothing very noticeable in my experience.
  12. Hi all - Im doing my best to eradicate the last bits of BGA (cyano) in my 10g betta tank. I did a big water change and manually removed as much as I could. I then ordered Fritz Slime Out which arrived today. My question is 1) is an air stone necessary? I believe the package says recommended but I’m unsure if I should throw one in there or not. I’ve got an Easy Flow going and it puts off pretty decent flow. and 2) one packet treats 25g. Anybody know the best way to essentially “split it in half” for the 10g? I’m assuming I’ll just eyeball it and call it good😂 And to those wondering - unsure how it got there, but it’s been getting less and less pronounced over the past few weeks bc I think I’m finally finding the balance between how much light and how much fertilizer I’m putting in! HALLELUJIAH!
  13. I never had any of the glass ones, but I do like the plastic ones. Except I’ve broken the kids off of two😂am I the only one? Ok, just me…😂😂
  14. The names for your hillstream loaches are absolutely genius! Dyson kills me😂😂
  15. No plant order is going to be completely snail free, but I’ve ordered many plants from the Co Op and have never run into a snail problem. They do a noticeably better job making sure there aren’t pests than most other sites I’ve ordered from! But if you want the peace of mind, you can use Reverse Respiration, a bleach dip or an alum dip 🙂
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