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  1. Springtail seems to be the common response so far. I'm assuming they are common and thus not harmful to my tanks then?
  2. I was doing a water change and cleaning one of my beta aquariums and afterwards saw these little tiny red bugs walking the walls of the glass just above the water line. I'm not familiar with these and was hoping someone could help me identify them. The three attached pictures show the bug under 7x zoom from my phone (I don't have a microscope) and at 2x while looking at the side of the tank, the bug is circled in red. I did a bit of research and found that water mites are common in freshwater systems, but I'm not certain that's what these are and even if they are, I have no idea how they got into my tank, this tank has no live plants other than some duckweed and all the decorations are fake.
  3. One of my Dwarf Neon Rainbow Tetras has a lesion on his side, not sure what it is and was hoping the bright minds here you help identify it and advise how to treat. I have already moved him to a quarantine setup.
  4. In Cory's newest fish room video, he shows off his new Long Fin Neon Tetras (https://youtu.be/EifJu5xMWnI?t=14m51s) Peter at Eurofish has some and is trying to breed them. My wife and I are wanting to get some for one of our show tanks, but Aqua Huna doesn't deliver to Washington State. Is Co-Op going to be stocking these, or can I special order some through the store?
  5. Late response, but there is definitely a lid on the tank 🙂 So far the Snail, who has been named Hoover by my wife, because he sucks up every drop of food he sees, and Phoenix, the betta, are doing amazing 🙂
  6. I tell you, this little blue alien is absolutely thriving in the Betta tank!! He's gotten so big!
  7. The Mystery Snail is doing great so far. His shell is continuing to grow, he has gotten so much bigger than when we got him. We are struggling to keep KH up but GH and PH have stabilized and we are using Wonder Shells and feeding him Crab Cuisine and Algae wafers to supplement his diet.
  8. Stitch sounds like a great name for a blue alien snail 🐌 lol. Within about 30 seconds or so of taking those pictures he was on the glass lol, but I will keep that in mind.
  9. My wife and I picked this little guy (and some Fritz Complete) up from Eurofish Aquatics in Tukwila, Wa! They are a new Aquarium Co-Op Retail Partner. What should I name my little Blue Mystery Snail?
  10. Well... Kinda... 😂 My wife got me this awesome suspended/floating submarine for our 29gallon tank! And while no, it isn't a yellow submarine, it's still freaking cool and I absolutely love it! I can't wait to see my guppies or neons swimming in it! What do you think?
  11. I watched a girl build a fishless pond in the snow out of an oil drain pan, I'm pretty sure your build will be exciting enough 😂
  12. Yeah, Kent WA 😆 Thank you, we wanted to start doing a planted tank but wanted the freedom of being able to re-arrange if we wanted or needed to, so didn't want to have too many things permanently anchored. What is GSAS? We've had him for a while, love him!
  13. We have TopFin Black Aquarium Sand as the primary substrate and the plants (except the grass) are planted in Fluval Bio Stratum (there is also a bit of Bio Stratum that spilled out in one of the pictures) The tank is "mostly" established, we've had the pleco holding down the fort but didn't have anything else in the tank. We've slowly been adding stock starting with the Neon Tetras about a month ago now. I'll see if we can trim back some of the growth on the plants affected though it's only a few plants that have the "fuzz" on them. The others are doing pretty good. One of Cory's video's that we recently watched indicated that some algae's can be a result of too much fertilizer. We are new to planted tanks, so we are still learning how to balance taking care of the fish and the plants.
  14. Hi Everyone! I'm new to the community so I wanted to introduce myself! My name is Billy, and my wife and I have been in the aquarium hobby for the past couple of years. We really enjoy the hobby but are definitely still green! I'm hoping to really learn from the community and grow as aquarist and aspiring fish keeper! Currently, we have 3 tanks, our primary show tank has a growing number of live plants (we are just now getting into live plants) with a school of Neon Tetras, Six Male "Fancy" Guppies, a Clown Pleco (that is 3 years old now), an Oto and three Kuhli Loaches! (The Oto and Kuhli loaches were recent acquisitions from Aquarium Co-Op). (Oh, we also have a recently discovered pest snail in that tank too lol). We have a secondary tank that currently has a school of Neon Rainbowfish that we are getting ready to add to our main tank and we are getting ready to maintain that tank as a planted oasis. The third tank is my wife's recent 6 gallon Betta tank with a very beautiful Double tail male Betta! Anyways, thanks for having me, and have a great day!
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