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Found 12 results

  1. I told myself I’d never use them again but this tank is gonna have my Oscar in it and I don’t like plain rocks/ driftwood only tanks. So if he uproots I’ll just replant or remove as needed. I made the substrate extra thick and only used decor that have good weights on them and buried them as deep as possible. If he wants to he will still be able to pull them out but atleast his normal swimming and dancing won’t dislodge them. He picks leaves off Anubias tied to logs, pulls val up (wasn’t rooted very well), and eats any floating plants I’ve tried. I’m gonna be planting Amazon swords in movable pots and when they get nice strong roots try to use them in here. Question is do any of you have real plants with these bigger type of fish that are known to uproot and damage them? How and what type? Pics plz if possible. and @Guppysnail it took me a couple extra minutes but I made sure the pictus had his whiskers on full display 🙂
  2. Has anyone ever harvested wood from the wild for their aquariums? I found a fantastic piece that I plan on going back for later once I have my saw with me. I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to prep this monstrosity. I know I’m going to take it to a car wash and pressure wash it, then it’s probably going to sit in a 55 gallon trashcan full of salt water with the lid attached for two months so that it stays underwater. After that, I will pressure wash it and soak it in freshwater water. The first picture is the entire root mass, but the second picture is closer to how I plan on trimming it. The third picture is a second tree that I plan on going back for later tonight. Does this sound reasonable, or does anyone else have recommendations?
  3. Got a Cookie Monster centerpiece… this is how I legitimize my fish tank obsession with my wife 😂
  4. Now, I don't know if this is something that has every been discussed on this forum before, but yes, I did put Lego in my fish tank (a 20 gallon hexagon). It was an experiment to see how it would go and it has since been removed. If anybody is interested, I can provide more details, but for now, I thought this was just a cool photo you fine people might enjoy.
  5. I have a castle in my fish tank that is hollow. The castle has hollow spires that go up and are closed at the top. There are two holes in the shell that have access to the aquarium. The two holes make a pass through from the front to the back of the center section. I assume these spires are both filled with some air and water from when it was placed. Especially in the side spires this air and water will effectively never move. It's that anything to worry about? I had a nerite go into the center of the castle two days ago. When he comes back out I was thinking of filling the center section some so that if he goes in again he can't get to the side spires and be trapped.
  6. My decorations have stewed to grow brown algea and are being taken over. I have three otto's but they are still small and can't keep up. I have to do a water change today. I was wondering. Can i scrub the brown algea of the decor in old tank water in a bucket with my scrub brush? Also will I lose bb if I do? Tia
  7. One of my Harlequin Rasboras got stuck in a fake plant yesterday. He died before I noticed. Very upsetting. I don't like the fake plants but I was using it in my quarantine tank in case I needed to use salt. I will be making some changes but the issue got me worried about the new tank I am preparing. I am using driftwood and one of the pieces has some very neat holes that are basically small tunnels. Now I am worried fish may get stuck. Any recommendations on what I should do?
  8. I have an apisto cave covered in algae and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Can I dip it in peroxide or vinegar? It’s harmless but it’s an eyesore
  9. My son being the creative kid he is took my box my sponge filter came in and cut out Murphy and added a hook and now Murphy is an ornament!!
  10. Any specifics i need to do if i want to put a branch in my shrimp tank? Want to put something one of my java moss could cling on to. Do I need to boil it for a bit? Do i need to put something on it ect.
  11. Starting off with, hey! I just joined because I thought this place might be able to help. I tried Google and FB to try and find this out to not much avail. But would real bird feathers work as aquarium decor? Plastic ornaments always make me nervous because they can be pretty sharp at times. I know feathers are part of the debris of aquatic nature and if they would be safe as more... homemade aquarium decor ideas. Obviously after enough inspection for things like mites and such. Thanks for any insight on this. :)
  12. How does everyone incorporate the hobby into their holiday decorating? Since moving to our house last year, we still haven't picked out a tree topper. This year I decided Murphy would be a great way to top the tree for the time being.
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