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  1. Hi everyone, I was shopping for a mystery snail to go with my goldfish, and I really wanted one for community tank as well. However, I have a pair of golden zebra loaches in my community tank. Do you think they would eat something as big as a mystery snail? Does anyone have experience successfully keeping the two species together/ Thank you in advance! 💙🐌
  2. Hi, so I am wondering the grow time for mystery snails. I have two big ones, but I received them when they were already big. Is it the feeding regimen? Or is it something else?
  3. Entry #1 | Entry #2 Because of the prices and overall welfare of the fish in my city I decided to order my first additions from AquaHuna 🙂 I was SO impressed with their communication with me and the adjustments (two ivory mystery snails rather than golden) made for me before shipment. My 6 albino corydoras and 2 mystery snails were shipped Monday(3/28) and arrived TODAY (3/30) 😃 Below is a video of my, way over excitement, introduction of the fish to their quarantine tank 😜 So, the little guys will stay in the tank for 24 hrs to become acclimated to the new water parameters and then I will apply the med trio once, wait two weeks, and then insert them in my 29-gallon. I will put the snails in the tank sooner, but I need to maintain "0" ammonia and nitrites for 24 hours first. I just got in Fritz Zyme from Aquarium Co-Op and applied it to the 29-gallon. My 10 new plants arrive tomorrow, which I am thrilled about! This is all so new and experimental for me but I am currently enjoying the ride (except for maybe the patience part 😆) and my family still loves me despite my new obsession/hobby ☺️ Entry #3 Summary Corydoras & snails arrived today from AquaHuna Acclimation seems to be going well, will quarantine for two weeks 29-gallon still has 0.5 ammonia and 5 nitrite readings 😡 New plants arrive tomorrow Questions I Have What do your mystery snails prefer to eat, and if you blanch foods can you tell me how... If you have any other recommendations for "cycling" my 29-gallon please share. Keep in mind that I am new to the hobby so I do not have other cycled filters or media. UPDATE :: My plants arrived and I have them placed in my 29-gallon now! Below are pictures of the plants and their placement around the ones I already had in my tank. Also, what in blue blazes is happening here!! 😧 All the critters were doing fine and then I applied the med trio around 10:00 AM and come 3:30 PM they scare me half to death by pretending to be dead themselves! I poked them and they frantically swam back to the bottom and acted normal for a few minutes before they sam their way back to the top. I read that they can play "dead" if they are stressed or feel threatened... I know meds can stress fish so am I correct in placing my blame on the meds? Do you think they will be Ok 😥
  4. So I've been trying to figure out what the typical lifespan is for a mystery snail. I lost two out of the three I had. The first one was large when I purchased him (so I'm assuming had some months behind him), and the second I had for about 6 months before he passed. I still have one left that's totally fine. Is it normal for mystery snails to only stick around for six months? I've been making sure to feed them and their shells were healthy and strong. For both snails that passed, they would hang on the glass in the same spot for about 4 days straight, then eventually fall down and never move again. Is it just luck? I'm thinking about trying some different larger snails, if anyone has any recommendations for snails that live 1 year or longer I'd love it.
  5. Sunday Fun Day😄 10g hospital/quarantine tank: Current home to 10-ish? ghost shrimp (the shrimp shenanigan's as they're starting to be known) that were gifted to me Friday as well as a mass of java moss. Oh! and a newly found bladder snail. 20% water change - parameters tested 0 ammonia/5 nitrates before change Filter is hob that came with the larger tank (marked whisper 20-40 on spill edge) that I fitted with a nylon to help keep out the java moss. Pruned back some of the devil's ivy (pothos) in the filter hopper and rinsed filter 'bag' in dirty tank water. Replaced the charcoal in filter bag as I kept the bag since the ivy has started root in it. [Note: will cut apart the bag material before replacing to keep some in tank and reposition to keep roots in place.] Brushed off java moss from nylon and moved some into 3d printed floating pot. Lastly, rock with moss on it to the spill edge to slow down flow. Added pvc tubes to add hide spots/exploration places for the shrimps. Tank Goals: -Move java moss to floating planter. Nylon is holding up better than anticipated. -Research ghost shrimp care and breeding. Pretty sure there are a couple females with eggs. -Research calcium supplements. We have r/o well water here so any such minerals will need to be added. -Put in fancy substrate? Did pick up Fluval Stratum but realize after some more videos that it might be more muss than its worth for the shrimps? -Add more plants. Will clip some water sprite and pennywort from large tank to move into this one. 39g Goldfish Community tank: Current home to one shubunkin (Shu), two fancy fantails (Pooh & Tail), red cap oranda (Baby) and one surprise koi (yet unnamed) gifted to me on Friday. (the koi was supposed to be another shubunkin - was a surprise when I saw the little whiskers😄) 10% water change - parameters tested 0 ammonia/5 nitrates before change Slight gravel vac done to get up excess food and poop. Reburied plants that had been disrupted during the week. Brushed moss off from filter intake and added to a floating pot. Starting to see some aggression from Shu (shubunkin) towards Baby (oranda). No tail or fin nipping as I was kind of expecting, instead Shu is nipping at Baby's face. I don't see any marks or wounds but am starting to see a bit of a red streak starting in Baby's tail. Seems to do it mostly around feeding time. All fish except koi are handfed pieces of Repashy super gold in addition to a larger chunk being dropped in the tank (all together it equals out to about .25tsp). May try moving to 3 feedings per day from current 2. Shu's color seems to have stabilized again though I'm still keeping tabs of spots that I think may be or have been ammonia burn. Baby's tail is still a bit bent from where it has started growing back in. Concerned about possible stress from Shu causing the red streak in tail Koi seems to be settling in fine. Kept overnight in 10g and then given a paraguard bath before moving to tank. Having koi and Shu has moved up pond plans for this year. Thankfully craigslist to the rescue and I have a couple messages out for larger tank and stock tank/pond. Originally I was hoping to set up the pond in a greenhouse to run it year 'round but that may have to wait. Tank Goals: -Move java moss to floating planter. -Keep monitoring Shu and Baby -Start work with koi in a couple weeks to get him comfortable with hands; point work -Track down larger tank/pond for Shu & koi -Research greenhouses; heating in particular
  6. Guys! I have been a terrible fish mom. They get fed, the water gets changed as infrequently as possible. I've been in a holding pattern, dealing with work, life, and the new house. I finally did a big water change, and suddenly 2 giant clutches of mystery snail eggs dropped into the tank! I had given up on these guys, as they never seemed to do anything and one died in the move. I fished out the clutches immediately, and discovered a third up under the rim. I dropped the water level a little, put the 2 knocked off clutches in a floating container with a paper towel, and have not decided whether I should do the same with this one that is still attached? That one is pink the other two are gray and white? Advice from snail gurus sought! Thanks! (Pics in the morning, it is late here)
  7. My mystery snail has developed, something, a parasite perhaps. They appear as clear hairlike protrusions that are attached around the edge of it’s operculum. When I touched the protrusions the snail made a gasp like sound, so I think it was painful. The operculum appears to be eroding where these things are. Please help if you have any idea what this is.
  8. First time we've caught him extending it like this, freaked out Czarista for sure!
  9. Our golden mystery snail hasn't been very active lately; she's* lying down a lot, with her foot mostly or 100% closed. I don't recall ever seeing her do this before, and we've had her about 8 months. I did a 40% water change to see if that would do anything, and she is still lying down most of the time. She does move, but rarely, and not too far. Water test before water change just showed some slightly elevated Nitrates. Water test 24 hrs after change cleared that up -- nothing else out of the ordinary. We have very hard water, so pH is very high as the norm, but it's never been an issue. Blue fantail goldfish, African dwarf frog, and 2nd snail are all seemingly doing fine. The only other abnormality is a small breakout of black beard algae on one of our moneywort plants. Could that be making our mystery snail sick or something? *I'm not actually sure if this is a male or female snail -- we've just always referred to it as "she" 🙂 : Shelly.
  10. I passed by my main tank and observed a mystery snail floating with the circulation of the water. The snail was as mostly inside the shell but a little on the outside. I have seen my snails sleep this way but never as they are floating around. I went to retrieve my phone for a photo but by the time I got back to the tank the snail was on the floor of the tank. Is this a symptom of illness or even death?
  11. One of my mystery snails has developed dark spots on the underside of his foot. (Sorry, I don't have a way to post a photo.) For the past week, I've been giving him air baths by placing him on a damp paper towel for 20 minutes, three times a day. On the one hand, I've seen some improvement in that he is moving around the tank more than he was earlier in the week, and his appetite has returned. On the other hand, he's still moving very slowly, he hesitates before starting to climb a wall, and when I look at his foot, the spots still look about the same. My questions are: If you've had experience treating this condition and your snail recovered, about how long did the healing process take? (I know every case is different, but I'm just wondering.) And is there any other treatment you found helpful? Since I've seen some improvement, I plan to continue with the air baths, but I'd just like to hear from anyone else who's dealt with this. Thanks!
  12. I have a love/hate relationship witth duckweed...I want it in some tanks but it gets everywhere, and is sometimes fairly impossible to eradicate without resorting to a near scorched earth policy. I envied Cory his goldfish solution, but my tanks are too small. A few months ago I bought 3 mystery snails. I had heard they were not as great at eating algae, and I have tons of other kinds of snails, so I thought why bother paying for them? But then I saw @Kirsten's magenta snails, and I needed them. They were small when I got them, but they grew really fast. I was worried my tank didn't have enough algae, as it has nerites, pest snails, and otocinclus. But boy, did they grow... And then I realized suddenly my duckweed kept disappearing...weird. I thought it couldn't be...I put a cup full of duckweed in from another tank in order to get this pic. The snails made a beeline to the surface as soon as the duckweed hit the water. Who knew?!
  13. My first mystery snail and the mama of the 50 or so I have now died today. She was just a bit over a year old.
  14. I received my latest order from Aquarium Co-op. My shrimp have been loving their Xtreme Shrimpee Sticks. My duck weed happily joined in to welcome the new test strips. And this bad boy was put on the fish journal! Yep...pretty good day!!! 😄 Alesha
  15. This is by NO means a show tank. I have background plants up front. Swords stuck all over. I just like it to look like a jungle. It's recently trimmed so it's not so jungly. The pic of the small orange platy by the Ludwig is the fish fish ever born in my tank. Im keeping that one for the long haul. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics. The stem and roots in the back left corner are a jade plant I have growing out of the top of the aquarium. Thanks for taking a look.
  16. ... takes a turn around the tank then lands at a nice spot by the filter. Asks the aquarist for an aglea - neat and makes themself at home." In all seriousness though, here's the situation. My golf ball-sized golden mystery snail, Asuma, was about a quarter of the size she is now when I got her has now laid a sizeable clutch of eggs. It has been almost 4 months since I purchased my mystery snail from my LFS. I was excited and baffled to find a clutch at the waterline of my 37gal community tank. Keeping in mind Asuma is a solo snail in that tank. So, I frantically started researching; how did this happen, how do they reproduce, etc. I read that mystery snails can hold onto a fertile clutch for months before deciding to lay them and that they could have become fertilelzed in the LFS before I brought her home. We decided to let the clutch run its course. I didn't want to risk injuring or loosing the babies, so I decided to leave them be. It wasn't until too late that I saw that you could remove clutches. Now, were at week 3 after discovering the clutch and I have confirmed 7 babies of varying sizes; the smallest the size of quinoa & the biggest a pea. My plan is to move the babies to a 20 gal I started cycling at the time of discovery. Once they're old enough to be seen and safely removed they will be transported to that tank. Couple questions and suggestions needed: a) How long until the clutch will be done having hatchlings? b) Since I am building this renewed tank around the snails, suggestions on substrate, enviornment and decor and tank mates please? c) Shells: Are they squishy or pretty hardened after hatching? d) Will "mom" eat them? Will their tank mates eat them? (they are with 6 guppies, 6 corys, and a hillstream loach) I welcome any advice or constructive critique. I am new to snails and learning as I go. I am super stoked on these babies though. Baby and Asuma ("mom") Baby Quinoa Sized Feb 26th-ish One of the bigger babies, today, approx. pea sized
  17. I've been looking to get some mystery snails for my tanks and was surprised to find many people on e-Bay selling the egg cases. Has anyone bought the egg cases and raised the snails from them? What's the procedure like? I'm waiting for the weather to moderate a bit before placing an order but I'm intrigued by the idea of ordering the egg cases and raising them myself.
  18. One of my two smaller adult mystery snails was found upside down at the bottom of the tank this morning with ramshorns crawling on her, moving slightly but not making a strong effort to right herself. Not a good sign. I tried dropping a sinking wafer near her, which the platies and other mystery snails raced towards, no response from her. So I did an emergency rescue and put her in my new, fully cycled aquarium all by herself with a whole big algae wafer and this has been the last 30 minutes: Not looking good, Jim. Only thing I can think of is that I did about a 30% water change on Saturday, added Easy Green, more crushed coral and a half dose of equilibrium to supplement my soft, soft water. Also dosed the tank with Prazipro on Sunday to help combat some stubborn gill flukes in my livebearers (it's Monday today, if you're reading this far in the future). Both tanks are holding steady at 78F, pH of about 7.4, ammonia & nitrites at 0, nitrates at 10-20ppm, GH at about 100ppm, KH at about 20ppm (yes, even after equilibrium and coral, it's crazy, but I don't seem to get pH swings, either, so whatcha gonna do). Any tips or ideas what could be wrong?
  19. Hi Everybody, I thought I had this one covered on my own, but the problem only seems to get worse and so I am reaching out for any experts opinions. I use well water that I have had tested and it comes back high in pH naturally as well as iron otherwise it is lower in minerals but not with in normal range. I keep up with my testing (pH, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, ect) ensuring the water stays within proper parameters and copper isn't ever an issue. However, about four months ago I noticed my Mystery snail suddenly having some shell issues that I linked to a calcium deficiency. I have tried adding cuddle fish bones, boiled egg shells and bottom feeder pellets from a couple brands (Bug Bites and Hikari Algae Wafers) but instead of stopping the issue, she only seems to be getting worse while my bladder snail population is booming. I haven't been able to buy Repashy at any of my local pet stores, I know it's what is recommended through the forum. But at this point I am wondering if there is something more going on with her. She lays eggs like crazy and eats plenty. Anyone have any idea if I'm barking up the wrong tree? I have attached a picture for clarification. Thank you for your help, Lisa
  20. There, you see the white tube (penis) coming out of the purple snail being inserted into another male mystery snail i believe... while trying to breath air through its breathing tube that it's extended and pointing up.
  21. Hi, a little more than a month ago my mystery snail died, they had been showing signs of being unhappy for a while and had been floating, it really stings since it had been showing its unhappiness, and I hadn't killed anything before it. I'm not quite sure what caused their death since there were several possible factors, and it was soon after being brought back form the LFS. My question is what a white fuzz around it might've been, I'm not sure how long it had been dead, although when I pulled it out of the tank the trapdoor and pieces of flesh came off. I'm guessing it might be stress slime, but I haven't been able to find any pictures of what it would look like online? Thanks
  22. My magenta mystery snail seems to be growing very rapidly and not coloring in, or something is wrong with his shell. He (I think) is our first snail. He is acting normally, moving around a lot and eating. I have a wonder shell in the aquarium, moderately hard to hard water, ph 7.4, kh around 20-40. No nitrites or nitrates, ammonia is between 0 and .25, but I’m finishing a maracyn treatment and I don’t want to change the water. I have today and tomorrow left for the treatment. Unfortunately the fish I was treating passed this morning 😞 Any advice? Is this normal growth or should I be concerned?
  23. I have never owned mystery snails in the past. Infact I have always tried to stay away from snails (except nirites) because of how often they breed. Well... I decided I would pick up 1 mystery snail from my lfs to help with the algae problem in my betta tank. All the mystery snail has done is be ANOYING. He decided to dig up my monte carlo, hasn't even ate a spec of algae. I'm thinking of moving him to community tank because the plants in there have bigger roots, so it would be harder to dig up. I was wondering what your thought of mystery snails are? I mean I find them cute, but just really annoying.
  24. My male mystery snail and my female rabbit snail definitely mated and I wondered if that's okay? I know I can't do anything about it of course, but should I do anything, like move the male, or lower the tank water, and/or raise water temperature? They enjoy hanging out on the heater.
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