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  1. Hello, i would like to ask if anyone knows what type of snail are in the pictures? I bought these from a local breeder. I asked her if she knows what they're called but she didn't know. I asked her if it eats aquarium plants she said they don't but i'm skeptical. They have algae growing on their shells which makes the shells green. Their shells are white but their insides are orange. They look like ivory snails but on google their bodies are white. The insides look like applesnails but the shells are white. Usually applesnails are black, orange, or golden brown. I'm not sure what these snails are. Can anyone ID these? Thanks so much in advance. Peace out!
  2. Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could help me with my pair of golden mystery snails. I got them as tankmates for my fantail goldfish in their 20 gallon long tank, and their behavior seems very off from any mystery snails I've had previously before. The tank is mature and cycled, with strict weekly water changes, extra filtration, live and fake plants and a heater set to 68. But these mystery snails never seem to move or get out of their shells. I've checked them multiple times thinking they were dead, they've even been hanging out of their shells at some points, but they're not dead. I've dropped an algae wafer in every other day because I didn't want them to starve, but it never really looks like they move to eat it. I saw one had moved in another spot of the tank over night, but as soon as I turned the lights on he dropped and stayed in his shell and has been in ever since. I've had them for over two weeks now, and am worried they're going to starve or slowly die, and just can't figure out what is wrong with them. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.
  3. My nerite snail looks weird, there seems to be something wrong with his skin that wasn’t there before. Anyone know what this might be ? (See picture)
  4. I've had my first planted tank setup for 3 weeks now. And was thinking about adding some nerite snails. Water is 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 20 nitrates. PH 7.8 and I have very hard water. Would this be a good thing? How many? Do you have any other snails to suggest? I will be adding fish after vacation which is in the first part of October. What do I need to do for snail while I'm gone a week? Thanks
  5. I was at Petco picking up a check valve and saw that they were selling rabbit snails so I picked one up, of course it's not in that great of shape and has some shell damage. What should I do to help prevent more damage to the shell? I already feed my snails tums and vegetables every other week.
  6. 2 of my 3 nerites have been at the top of the tank for the last 2 days I moved them to clean the tank and when one was going back up to the top I noticed some white growths on its side. I've been battling with this tank to give the snails the correct water conditions because one of the snails has bad shell erosion I've tried putting eggshells in but not sure if it's working I've dosed equilibrium in the past and have wonder shells as well but my water is pretty hard so I don't use those often. My GH is usually around 200-300ppm KH between 40-120ppm oh is 7.8 0 ammonia 0 nitrite and 40ppm nitrate everyone else in the tank is super happy my platys can't stop having babies and even my aenues corydoras are mating now so I'm quite frustrated at the trouble I'm having with these snails.
  7. I'm new to this forum so if I do something wrong I'm sry but I wanted to ask people on how to get rid of snails. I realized I would start having a problem with them today since they started showing up. I also realized how much algae was forming on my decorations and glass. I had gotten the snails from a plant I had bought from PetSmart without the knowledge that snail eggs were on them. I know snails are good for eating things in the tank but I don't like how they look and they creep me out. I wanted to know the best ways to remove them. I have a 20 gallon fish tank with 4 balloon mollies and 6 neon tetras.
  8. Hello all! I have been wanting to get a snail, but the petsmart in my area has stopped carrying both mystery and nerite snails. I am assuming they are no longer legal... I am curious if anyone know which snails are illegal in Arizona. I know there have been some issues with Apple snails but I can’t seem to find any information on which snails are no longer allowed and which are. :( I have no local fish stores besides pet smart either. Any input is much appreciated!
  9. I thought I only had rams horn and bladder snails and to my surprise a conical snail with a shell an inch long was cruising across a rock. Are there more snails with this shape? What do you think it is?
  10. Of course there are probably cycling threads, however, I have a specific question(s). I have been cycling an old (sanitized and cleaned) 20 gallon since about February 1st, so about 5 weeks. So far, I have a sponge filter, heater, sand substrate, a few rocks and some live plants from my well established 37gal. As far as water goes, I have only treated the water with conditioner / dechlorinator. I entertained the idea of quick start, but hadn't gotten around to adding it yet. The goal for this tank is fresh water community, with an emphasis on the snails that have recently hatched from my in house clutch. Ideally, I want to get fish to add and quarantine in that tank this week. Then after they q, add my snail babies. 🙂 Question: What else should I do to or for the water? Should I add the quick start? Add water from their existing home, my 37gal tank? I've also read about the fish food start and the fish in, do you recommend or have a different suggestion? How does water conditioner and quick start intereact: ok to add / have both? Thanks so much!
  11. Every time I plant a root tab into my substrate my mystery snail digs it up and eats it ... Any thoughts ??
  12. Hello everyone. I have an outbreak of bladder snails in my tank. I have 1 Nerite Snail which I’d like to keep. What are my options?
  13. My relatively new crypt lutea 4 weeks in the tank was pitch black , I thought it was melting. I sent a picture of it to the local store in NY where I bought it and they told me that this is not a melting plant but it is covered with algae and will die if not solved. They suggested to try to rub the algae off first with my fingers ... I tried but the algae did not move . Yesterday I added 3 ramshorn snails to the tank and already most of the crypt is green again !!!! What I though was a dead leaf was super green on the inside. I hope it's not a beginner mistake and my tank won't turn into a snail breeding tank but so far these snails are doing such a good job, moving constantly and already after one night cleaned so much algae and I love thier look. This picture the snail that cleaned the algae now eating a dead leaf
  14. So i was keeping one blader snail in my 10 G shrimp tank but now its started to reproduce. Usually i dont have a problem with them but im afraid both might compete for food and calcium. what should i do? Also just a side question but anyone know a good snail or shrimp mate that can deal with green spot algae?
  15. Hello Everyone, I just have a quick question: In my new tank there's been a boom of snails lately, I don't mind them being there since there seems to be a consensus that they are beneficial to the ecosystem, however I'm just a little bit concerned regarding my 3 otocinclus, if the snails get out of control is there a chance they might out-compete the otos for food? If so, what can I do to ensure my otos don't starve.
  16. I recently got a leak in my 55g that I have been treating for ich that I was treating for a bad ich outbreak I got from 2 upside down catfish I bought off a new store. I had to rush to set up a 100g acrylic was waiting to set up, after a about two days of string the left over gravel looking for my little “pest” snails, so I could throw them back into the 90, I wash the gravel out with hot water and got it 112 degrees in the water. I later started seeing a couple more snail in there moving around. I didn’t think they would take the temp but would I be safe moving them into my live breeder tank, where I’ve been wanting to breed them in there, without transferring ich ?
  17. Has anyone seen this before? None of my other snails have a mouth this red. I know snails don’t really have blood the way we do, so the red is odd. If the snail is in pain and can’t eat I’d rather euthanize it than let it suffer.
  18. I recently set up my first tank. With the plants I used there came a few hitch hikers with them. Can someone tell me what kind of snail these are and if it's a good idea to keep a few of them in the tank? I intended to add some rams or narite snails anyway but since I got some "free" snails... Just want to be sure that these aren't some kind of massive hassle down the ro ad.
  19. Hello, I have the aquarium co op sponge filters, and so far they have been great. However, I did notice that my baby mystery snails and baby cherry shrimp like to go inside the sponge (I’m sure there’s lots of yummy morsels in there), and I’m concerned about them growing and then getting stuck inside there. The shrimp are slender so they could probably wriggle their way out, but the snails might not be so lucky... Any advice on what I should do so that my sponge filters don’t get clogged up with a bunch of dead snails?
  20. Hello all, I have a 10 gallon shrimp and snail planted tank that is doing really well. Because of this my ramshorn and some hitchhiker bladder snails have laid a lot of eggs and now there are baby snails everywhere. I remember watching a Co Op video about this where Cory talks about their population fluctuating with available food, now if that is true, then what happens if they cannot feed and all these small snails begin to die? Is this going to mess up my water parameters? Will my other snails and shrimp just scavenge the carcasses? Is this something to be worried about? Any information would be awesome!
  21. Omg this was the coolest thing, so I was watching my guppy fry and just observing their behaviors when i saw this snail fall down from the surface of the water while holding onto an air balloon, and then I saw it trying to pull in the air bubble and it got me curious so I sat there for 20 minutes just watching this snail struggle to upright itself while holding onto this air bubble, then another snail comes and walks over the snail and steals its air bubble, and somehow makes a balloon out of it and the air buble was just floating there right above him. I took two pics from different angles to prove it wasnt on the terrace cottage or anything it was like the coolest thing ever tho even tho it's not that cool, it was.
  22. Hello, I'm new to the hobby and I have a question about snails. I would like to add a Mystery Snail to my aquarium. Any ideas on how I can provide the fish and the snail in particular a safe and healthy home. I'm concerned about the very low pH in the tank. Here's some background information. After reading articles and watching videos I purchased a 15 gallon Fluval Flex aquarium and stand from a locally owned pet store back in April. Prior to setting up the tank I called our local water authority and talked to their chemist about which disinfectant they use which is only chlorine. I set up the aquarium and removed the chlorine with API tap water conditioner. The substrate is Seachem black flourite sand with a top dressing of standard black aquarium gravel. I placed two small rocks and one small piece of driftwood in the center. The plants I choose are one Java Fern wedged into the driftwood, one Anubias (which has a narrow pointed leaf shape similar to the Java Fern) wedged between the two rocks, Cryptocorynes (added root tabs), Dwarf Chain Sword (added root tabs), Water Sprite (Aqruarium Co-Op) and Java Moss (Aquarium Co-Op). I dose the aquarium twice a week with easy green, easy carbon and easy iron. The light source, white leds only, is low power so it's on a twelve hour cycle. Weekly maintenance is a 6 gallon water change, a light scrubbing for any algae on the glass and a water test (API 5 in 1) - GH between 30 & 60, KH between 40 & 80, pH between 6.0 & 6.5, Nitrite between 0 & 0.5, Nitrate between 0 & 20. Every two weeks I prune the Water Sprite as it grows very rapidly. The filter compartment is filled with sponge with a bag of bio beads. I purchased extra sponge for the filter compartment. The heater, 50 watts, is placed in the filter compartment and is set to 78 degrees. After one month I purchased two neon tetras. Afterwards I added two fish every two weeks until the current population of eight neon tetras and four glo tetras. I feed once a day a varied diet of frozen, freeze-dried and flake foods only enough that the fish can consume in one minute. The plants and fish are healthy. I currently have no plans to add more fish. Thank You, Dan T.
  23. Okay, so I read the thread with the person about two weeks ago that had some baby snails. Here's my problem. I am a very new fishkeeper. I just started mid september. I have three grown mystery snails in my 40 gallon breeder tank, along with some pepper corydoras and some small shrimp when they want to appear. Friday I saw I had one new clutch of eggs! so excited! My husband is a bit hesitant because he doesn't want our planted tank to become overrun with snails. (As it is, we have some bladder snails I am constantly killing or removing from the tank that we got from not planting the plants right away that we got from AC. We left them in their rock wool containers and I am convinced that is the culprit for the pest snails.) Here's my question. This morning, I saw I have ANOTHER clutch in my tank. I don't really want to remove the clutch, killing the snails. What do I do with all of them? I don't mind if my already present pets eat them for nutrition....or I can maybe sell them? Is there a school of fish that would eat the eggs, leave the grown Mystery Snails alone, as well as my plants, corydoras, and shrimp?
  24. I am trying to add few nerite snails to my 55 gallon tank. how many is recommended size. i have few guppies and tetras. 2 or 3? please recommend.
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