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  1. About an hour ago some guy started a conversation just to troll and be confrontational with people. That was 0530 my time, which I’m guessing would be 0230 for the mods if they also live out by Seattle., just checked back and it’s already taken down about an hour later, that’s a very quick response for the middle of the night, thanks to the people who keep this forum fun.
  2. Hard to tell from the picture, but are his pectoral fins torn up or just folded in? Could it be an aggression issue
  3. I agree looks like a lyretail sailfin molly to me that was probably selectively bred
  4. In a 20g a pleco would probably clean out all the food your oto’s need, 3 or in a 20 is already a lot. Cory recently put out a video about Oto care where he talked about how many times people over stock their otos and they start dying off one by one. He only keeps 6 in the 800g.
  5. I bought one of this cheap airline connection kits off Amazon and it had these pieces with it. Can anyone tell me what they are/do.
  6. 2” styrofoam board, siliconed in layers and to the back glass, carved they texture in with a 3/4” spade bit, and covered it with drylok colored with acrylic paint
  7. In an empty dish with no water, they also enjoy duckweed, plant clippings, and ramshorn snails.
  8. I wanted to set up a short journal for my 90g tank set up. It’s not a Biotope but will mostly focus on CA cichlids, with a couple odd balls thrown in. I’ve traded in a few fish since my last post and lost one to a “decoy accident”. The current stocking is 2 Nicaraguan Cichlids, a Flier Cichlid, and a Sengal Bichir. The next fish I get will be a HRP, 1-3 Firemouths, 1-2 Topaz Cichlid (if I can find them) and some plecos. I am not sure how I feel about the driftwood right now so please give me some opinions. I also will get more anubius eventually.
  9. Some options that I would try: Single short finned betta, bristlenose/clown pleco, kuhli loaches, cherry shrimp, a pair of apisto, Bolivian ram, bamboo shrimp.
  10. This sounds very cool. Hillstream loaches would be very cool to see in there. I also really like Buffalo head cichlids, which I have heard like high flow and will hop across the bottom of the tank
  11. Thanks, I have some plastic pieces meant to cover that gap somewhere in the depths of my shed. I’ll have to launch an expedition to find them.
  12. I bought a little senegal today, kind of on a whim and something dawned on me as I watched him swimming around. I know that Ropefish, eels, and other like bodied serpentine fish are notorious escape artists, do I need to worry about this Sengal getting out? I have a glass lid with the typical 2” gap on the back.
  13. Some people are very against hybridization because it can dilute the blood lines in your community if you sell/trade them. I’ve only really seen people get up in arms against it in the Cichlid community and I think guppies have a pretty low expectation of pure blood line unless you are special ordering them. I’d say just do it and if you ever do sell/trade just make sure you express they are mutt gups.
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