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  1. Thanks all for your responses, I do have plants but they're still growing in after a recent re-scape. I also have quite a few Amano and cherry shrimp so after reading it can be detrimental to them I think I'll avoid the risk. Helpful advice is what forums like this are for 👍
  2. Hi folks, I've seen a few adds lately for nitrate Absorbing Resins and was wondering if they're genuine or snake oil? Nitrate from the tap is around 20ppm and I'm thinking of filtering it before adding to the tank on water changes Thoughts??
  3. Very articulate answer 😁
  4. Hi folks, I have 3 female guppies who are roughly 3 years old in with my CPD's. I fancy adding some Ender's but don't want hybrids and she who must be obeyed said no more tanks. Are my guppies past it??
  5. When I say lots of algae eaters it's shrimp and Otto's with a couple of nerites that I move around my tanks as required. I do have plants but recently did a rescape and I'm waiting for them to grow in a bit more. TBH I'm happy with my schedule just curious how others manage their tanks. I do think a lot of people get stressed and leave the hobby trying to maintain 5ppm or less you see on the internet
  6. Hi all, just wondered what the general feeling was on nitrate levels. I'm getting 20ppm from the tap and go with weekly water changes which gives me a high in the tank of roughly 35ppm Other than having to keep lots of algae eaters everyone seems happy but according to the internet I'm a horrible fish keeper 👹 I'm curious to see what other people's schedules are
  7. So far I've spawned bronze, albino and black the same way. Just make sure food is plentiful and maybe some chunky gravel so the tiny fry can hide
  8. If you're looking for easy breeders other than live bearers I'd go for corydoras in a species only tank. I find that they generally leave the eggs alone as long as you provide plenty of food and the fry can usually avoid getting eaten.
  9. I usually let them sit for a few days before adding to the tank and the Shrimp love them. Guess I was a bit hasty adding them to the tank
  10. Hi folks, Quick question, I set up a 5 gallon for CPD fry and popped half a dozen cherry shrimp in to help with clean up. As usual I dropped a bit of nettle in for the shrimp and low and behold I'm seeing new growth. So just wondered what people's opinions are on whether the new leaves would sting the fry? Any thoughts Obviously my aquascaping game is on point so no need to praise me for that 😀
  11. Sounds to me like a great result so I wouldn't worry about losing a couple. I usually just grab a bit of Java moss from my main display after I've seen activity which nets me 5 or 6 fry so to get those numbers you're doing very well
  12. Thanks Zenzo, appreciate the advice. Hope to see you over in the UK soon
  13. Hi good people, Just after some confirmation of the correct dosing of panacur as a dewormer. The internet is consistent on 0.1g per gallon which I'm assuming is US gallons as we work mainly in litres over here. 3.8 litres per gallon . What I'm not sure of is when to re-dose? I'll be following up 2 weeks later and 2 weeks after that but is it a single dose each time? I've read conflicting info TIA Gareth
  14. Good to hear they're ok
  15. Thanks for the info, just thought I'd check before emptying the tank
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