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  1. Welcome Having young kids myself and being in within a couple hours of this store i may need to make a day trip to check it out. I have been wanting to go to boston with my 4 year old anyway.
  2. I Look forward to your journey and to see how the tank turns out welcome!
  3. Im sure its much different then anyone listens to as thats the vibe i usually get but my favorite band for the past few years has been sleep token. The vocals and lore of this band makes it more then just music if you truly get into it and i always recommend them to people who are open minded with music
  4. Ya for sure i showed up on there fish delivery day last week just to scope the place out to see if it was worth getting fish there and he was all excited/disappointed they just got 6 lemon Oscars in which are beautiful fish but they weren't looking good to him. (looked fine to me) but he was explaining about how he is going to treat them to get them better and then put them for sale. Sorry this thread seems to have gotten off topic a bit lol
  5. Its for sure hit or miss between petcos and petsmarts. I went to the petco near my house recently and looked at all of the tanks and spoke to the person in charge who seemed to really know what he was talking about and almost made it his passion to take care of the fish and tanks. I for sure dont mean to bad talk any of them and hope none of this comes off wrong.
  6. @mynameisnobody I never thought of that since it is white it would show every spot of anything. Kinda like how i regret having a black car in the winter lol
  7. I've always wondered what the back would look like if i just sprayed it with frosted glass paint.
  8. one final update before i start my journal on the fourm about it the tank seems to be doing great lots of growth on the plants. This weekend i will be going to get some fish from the local fish shop. thank you to everyone who helped me with my issues. Also unfortunately none of the fish that i had are left by middle of last week the last one had passed.
  9. My method unfortunately was to listen blindly to what petsmart told me only to realize the next day there was a problem. Then i came on here and found all these nice people who explained it to me the proper way and I'm now at the point where i think this weekend i will be ready to get a couple fish.
  10. I got one of those from the local fish store and just considered it a free upgrade lol. Interesting how you can see its little trail in the window haha.
  11. Not today but yesterday the new sponge filter material and inlet sponge came in so i modded my filter and added that to the tank.
  12. Those fish are beautiful. Eventually when I get a 75 gallon I would love to get something like this for it.
  13. I found aquarium co op from the YouTube channel searching after I got a tank and had issues with it. So far everyone here was extremely welcoming and helpful
  14. My first official good sign today the fake moss covered driftwood I have has a bunch if seeds in it of something. But if you look closely I can see new growth on them.
  15. That's what it seems like to me. I took some water to the fish shop as well and they said the water looked good as well.
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