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  1. To be honest, I'm a little surprised at all the love for "normal" fish that have been in the hobby for decades. I suppose there has to be a reason for their enduring popularity! I was expecting more Double Bumblebee Upside Down Whiptail Stream Darter type stuff. 😁
  2. Mine like to pick at anything on the surface. If she's in breeding mode, she'll test bite every big leaf in the tank...
  3. Thanks again, Roy! I'll hit you up for Gh booster recipe when the Equilibrium runs low. Already have DTPA Fe on the way...
  4. Far left & closest upper right stems have grown in an almost 360° spiral! The others have a normal medium tilt towards the light. Leaf size is consistent & at regular intervals. PAR is pretty low. (25-45) My theory is that they go for the "sunrise" ramp low light (separate fixture towards front of tank) & adjacent window light and then turn towards the main light (middle of tank) when it's on. So far, i haven't seen any deficiency info that would explain this consistent growth with normal size/color leaves. I don't really mind if it's still healthy. Anybody have a similar experience?
  5. That's a awesome rig! Pardon my naivete, but is there room for a CO2 container under there, too?
  6. @Seattle_Aquarist Apologies for the less than stellar photos: Most recent adds of std Java on big rock have new rhizome buds, both near & far. I'd consider these plants still in transition phase. Small pebble has baby Windelov doing nicely, also Long suffering Windelovs both have new leaves at both ends of rhizome. Still with translucent tips are they do when recent. Bigger leaves are at far ends. Took a bit less than suggested measure of Equilibrium to reach 6Gh this last water change.
  7. Interesting! I've never kept Mollies & didn't know they were good at clean up. 👍
  8. I think your "problem" is also in the first picture! 😁 My angels love to pic at anything on the surface or nearby. However, it could be a nutrient deficiency. Just in case, toss it a root tab. They're hungry beasts.
  9. 1. Correct, just rinse in water. 2. T shape is control valve as you guessed. Doesn't matter which way you flip it. 3. The check valve IS directional! If there is no arrow showing air flow direction, blow into both sides. The "easy" side goes towards the pump. 4. Order of install is important. Control valve goes after pump (say 6" away), then check valve as close to the water level as possible being a nuisance. This was if the pump goes off, it will siphon minimal water if any at all.
  10. @EricksonAquatics Toss it a root tab every 6 weeks & it'll be taking your lunch money in no time.
  11. For reference, that's a 100ga tank with "dwarf" lily in the center. At the time i didn't know it should be trimmed to stay small...
  12. Dwarf sag does fine in my low tech tank. Does like a root tab now & again. Pearlweed did not like being shipped & is very fragile. Planted portion got mowed down by Corys doing there normal rooting about. Should probably float it a bit to develop roots. Dwarf Lily is a beast & should be trimmed unless you want big pads on the surface & flowers. Kinda nice, but takes up a LOT of room.
  13. Difficult to photograph at the moment since they are still smallish & towards the back. I'll try next low tide (water change).
  14. 10 day update: Wow! Didn't expect results this quickly. While my Anubias had been coming back nicely upon restarting the fert schedule, I've seen a noticeable uptick in root production! Plus every plant is producing new leaves nonstop. The BIG difference is in the ferns! Several new leaves & rhizome/bud growth on the long suffering established Windelov variety & buds on most of the new standard type. Hard to spot new root growth since they are all black. While not exactly speedsters, this is borderline explosive growth for ferns in my tank/water! The stem plants & swords seem unphased, but christmas moss growth has increased as well. Can't wait to see what they look like in 2 months! Huge thanks to @Seattle_Aquarist for his sage advice!
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