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  1. https://www.2hraquarist.com/blogs/algae-control
  2. Check out CO²Art. Pro-SE Series Complete Aquarium CO2 System with in-tank Flux_ Diffuser WWW.CO2ART.US Pro-SE Series Complete Aquarium CO2 System with latest in-tank Flux_ diffuser is a compilation of our most popular...
  3. I just set the extra one up. What light intensity should I start with? I had the single light at 75%
  4. Seachem Equilibrium is solid. Very affordable too. I can hit 5 to 6GH, 4KH and be right at 200 TDS.
  5. This 👆 And you can clip the nice lush tops, replant and discard the lower ugly portion.
  6. I have a 48inch Serene on hand. Would adding this accomplish medium high requirements?
  7. I'd imagine I follow the 55 gallon recommendation as they are the same height?
  8. I bought a 48inch Fluval 3.0 for my 75g. I'm switching over to a higher tech tank. Is this single light enough for medium/ medium high requiring plants? It says it's 71 PAR at 18inches. Thank you,
  9. Hygrophila Polyspermy and Frogbit come to mind. Hornwort has too many negatives in my opinion.
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