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  1. I have been using the fluval e series 200w so far so good
  2. You could get a big sheet of styrofoam from home depot to sit the big tank on. My brother in law broke his in the back of a van he had the second and third seat down but put the tank on a seat belt buckle.
  3. Mine came with those in Jan. don't know how long they have been out I also like the cap that stays on. I have hard water so when I clean them with my tap water I take a paper towel and dry the inside. I bought some glass ones but don't like the screw on cap they came with.
  4. So far I have only looked at the 70 and I see a lot of comments about the pump not starting back up. Not a priming issue but a not spinning issue.
  5. Would like all thoughts good and bad on this hob. I have had it with my Tidal 75. This will just be a backup for my 407. Mostly just course sponge and floss to polish no bio. I have read that if you keep your water level up it will self prime. Can anyone confirm? What about bypass nothing can be as bad as the Tidal Has anyone had to make a mod and if so why?
  6. Could you just run the filter without the skimmer and intake tube? At the most Tywrap a course sponge over the impeller area.
  7. Look for a place that offers a refundable water damage deposit and make sure the floor will hold the tank before you sign on the dotted line.😉
  8. +1 with Pepere all the spare parts I bought plus the red cover that snaps over the impeller and the 4 orings for the aquastop assembly. I keep a hob just in case. All my 407 media will fit in the hob. You might have to do an extra water change.
  9. 29/30 is my max,,, which is why I've been so pressed on this. I could *maybe* go up to a 40 if it seems like the best thing. But this is all theoretical at this point. But going back to what I mentioned on the OP, was that proportionally a 30Long for a short-body FH is the same moving room as a regular sized FH in a 75G. Why is this your max?
  10. Sure you can but if you really want it to last try this. Food saver vacuum good for ammo also. I have the larger one but this will do for small jobs https://www.foodsaver.com/food-vacuum-sealers/handheld-vacuum/foodsaver-v1100-cordless-handheld-food-vacuum-sealer-black/SAP_2159391.html If you don't want to crush it use a rigid container if it does not matter use a bag.
  11. I agree with Tony s where are the nitrAtes? It may take longer for these guys to show up on your test. I think you are close. Wait a minute I see you did a water change maybe that is where your nitrAtes went. Did you test before or after the water change?
  12. Follow the instructions to a T on all the test. When testing the nitrAtes you need to shake that # 2 bottle for at least 1 minute even longer if it is cold. It separates while sitting and does not mix very well and use a timer. If you think you miss counted one (full) drop start over. Just my 2$ ( inflation)😉
  13. Well thanks this filter was a gift so at this point it is just something to play with it is not the main filter I have a 407. I'm changing the top tray out to pot scrubbers going to do all 4 one at a time a few week apart and keep the big prefilters. Might use the tidal for a hospital tank. I do like the idea of having a backup HOB. Do you know of a good design. This is a 75 gallon tank one Oscar one Pleco no plants. They are going in a 125. But my wife wants the 75 gallon for smaller fish.
  14. Ok I'm trying to understand the idea of removing the basket. Now I can build a 1/2 inch plastic stand off and cut foam to fit tight. I can't picture how the water is going to get under the foam. I thought the water runs down that large notch area on the front of the basket? Or is that notch a bypass channel? I can not get the water flow direction in my mind. Can someone explain this? I would love to try it.
  15. Both😀 So if you have plants is there no need to feed ammonia? What feeds the bb to get the cycle going decomp?
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