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  1. Thanks, I’m going to put in order
  2. I have 6 or 7 Australian rainbows I’m going to breed. I was thinking of getting a breeding trio from imperial tropics, or ordering some from Dan’s fish. The Boesemani’s I have now are in my main planted tank, so I figured I’d leave them there, and order some breeders I’ll have to do some research and see if there’s a way I can tell
  3. I’m not sure, I was at a LFS around 4 years ago and they were labeled boesemani. Is there a way to tell.
  4. That’s how the females I see on other post or pictures look like.
  5. Ya that’s what confuses me, every one who has a picture of female its yellow with black stripe down the side. They spawn my big male head will turn almost white, while the smaller I think is female will be side to side with him, I also put a mop in and found eggs.
  6. I wanted to start breeding my rainbow fish, could someone please confirm that I have 2 males and 2 females. Every time a see a female boesemani rainbow it looks yellow. They do spawn every morning, I want to remove the big male and the two I think are females, too a breeding tank for a week or two. Thank You
  7. Thank You for sharing your settings. I’m placing a order for now, I have 24/7 hcl sitting in a closet, I love the color of the finnex I just hate the time control
  8. You use the nicrew timer/dimmer on your finnex planted plus, I thought about trying just because I hate the 3 hr ramp time
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