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  1. I feel your pain I lost my Oscar while doing a wc went to the sink to turn the water on. He hides when I work on the tank so I didn't miss him until it was to late. Now I don't take the lids off until the water is down a foot or so. RIP Oscar Myer
  2. I don't think it would be over kill I love mine. I drain 35 to 40 gals. every week to ten days. You may need to tweak it a little I bought the 25 foot and cut 5 to 8 ft. off. The bottom of my tank is level with the top of the sink and I run the hose along the back of my couch so the water flows down hill all the way. This saves alot of water no need to run water while draining. The higher you set your tank the faster it will go and if the hose goes down to the floor then back up at the sink the slower it will go but it will still work.
  3. I'm starting to like those also might mix them together. Do they ever have flowers?
  4. I think he thought I was looking for a 4ft tank. I was trying to tell him to go for a longer tank for a river look. I've never heard of a 90p and thought he was trying to pick one or the other. Now I'm confused but that is easy for me to do. Now where was I oh ya looking for a tank 😁
  5. Woops wasn't trying to call you out. Glad I didn't ask the wife for the wok. I think I will soak them and hose them down my concern is pesticides with store bought potted plants. Thanks
  6. I'm not sure what there turnover is GPH. I have a 407. You need to know how much you want to turn your tank over with your bioload if in doubt I don't think you can go wrong with the 307. I couldn't begin to figure out your bioload I've never kept a bunch of little fish just a couple of big fish but pigs when they eat and poo so still a heavy load. I turn my water over 4 to 5 times a hour. Don't go buy what the box says they are always OVER rated so I go to the next bigger size than what I think is needed. Just my 2 cents EDIT Pepere posted while I was typing and he has the 207 so I would use his info. if I were you
  7. Like Pepere said it will cost maybe not to bad if it is just one led and a air pump. But I think the cost of a new light that already does it all might be cheaper
  8. Thanks to all of you Guppysnail You want 5 leaves. The two closest to the cut get removed. The cut should be at a spot that is already sprouting seeker roots. Not to sure about this?? The youtube I watched they were in a pot of dirt and the guy pulled them all out and then pulled them apart from each other hosed them down to get all the dirt off then stuck eash one in there little holder. I think you might be talking about ones that are a vine is that correct? You can rinse them and wok for a day or so to release the dirt. Not sure what wok them means. I like the look of the tank on the left plants going up the wall. That is where I will mount some 4ft.x4ft cedar lattice panel AllFishNoBrakes Holy porthos BatMan. mynameisnobody OK I will keep on with normal water care. My tank is getting pretty stable Started in Jan. cycled at end of April. Lost my first Oscar he went overboard while I went to start my python I thought he was hiding as usual during wc. After I filled the tank I found him under the stand. Got another two weeks ago. Now I don't walk off until the water is half way down. Thanks for all the help guys
  9. I have my hob plant holders. From what I can tell it looks like I can get the plants at walmart lowes home depot. Then seperate them wash off all the dirt stick just the roots in the water. If that is wrong let me know. Now what do I need to feed them if anything that will not hurt my pleco or Oscar? I'm do for a water change for nitrates should I wait and let the plants work on them they are at about 15ppm. Is it just that simple. I've never grown live plants. My main concern is to not put anything in the water that would hurt the fish. I'm mounting some lattice work on the wall for the plants to climb on. This is from a google search While pothos plants can grow underwater. Mine will be out of the water just the roots in the water they are not aquatic plants. Most aquarium plants do best in water with a pH between 6.5 and 7.8, a general hardness of 50–100 ppm, and alkalinity between 3° and 8° dKH (54–140 ppm). Pothos plants, however, prefer a slightly acidic pH of 6.1–6.5, but can tolerate values that are slightly above or below this range. My pH is steady at 7.6 I don't want to move this just for plants. Thank for any imput.
  10. Yes I have a 48in. 75 gallon one Oscar one Pleco with a river look ie brown and off white pea gravel logs silk plants but no live plants Oscars ( mine but not all) tear them up and drag them around. I am starting some porthos in hob holders.
  11. OK thanks I just wanted to know how they worked. My light already restarts does multi timers and or colors. But I will keep the smart plug in mind for other things Thanks for bringing them up.
  12. I see how many gallons is that and how does the size compare to the 40gallon? For a river look I would want the longest one.
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