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  1. Exactly -- soaking the carpet in my living room seems to defeat the exact purpose of a leak test, ha! Oh, interesting! Thanks for the link on the pump! It is currently on the garage floor, full of water...so now we wait.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback, everyone! @TJ _isme, thanks for your input on draining...that was the piece that wasn't intuitive to me, since you can't just turn a large tank over on its side and dump. I'm unsure what a submersible pump is, so I will have to look that up; all I have are the gravel vacs/water change hoses. @madmark285, from my untrained eye it doesn't look too sloppy, but not a bad idea to seal the bottom... @johnnyxxl, yes filling it up a few inches at a time and checking for obvious water beads seems like the way to go. I did see a Big Al's Pets video that said this. Did you fill your 110 all the way up, @face? How did you empty it, then?
  3. I've never leak tested any of my smaller aquariums prior to setup, but I have a new 60 breeder that I would like to test (because...Aqueon). Since it's too large to easily put in a bathtub for this, I will probably find a level spot outside. I am assuming I fill it all the way up, right, to check all the seams? If so, it will be too heavy to test up on a sturdy table (to easily siphon it back out with gravity's help), so should I just leave it on the ground and siphon it slowly that way, until empty? I feel silly for asking this, I've just never done this before - and with such a large tank it does not seem obvious or easy. Some YT videos I watched only did this for smaller (max 20g?) tanks. Thanks, fish friends!
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