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  1. I'm never sad when I receive a Co-Op box...lol. Clear tape is fine also, bit this does look great if you are going to use branded tape.
  2. @Dean’s Fishroom I use your brine shrimp setup that you used to use with the 1L: Essentia water bottles and the Co-Op brine shrimp eggs. The results are amazing! I have about 6 aquariums, so that gets me through 2 days of feedings. Keep up the hard work!
  3. Thanks for the help everyone. He's pretty and we also have a female, so we'll probably keep them and see how things turn out.
  4. One of my sons got a tiny feeder guppy by accident when getting some other fish at our LFS. It's been a month or so and now it's coloring up. Is this a mut guppy or any particular type of Guppy?
  5. I was thinking of putting this in the back of either my 29 in an Easy Planter and\or my 14 gallon cube (15 in tall). I was wondering how tall it will get?
  6. 😁 My 6 yr old son saw that in an LFS and wanted it, but he hasn't seen Star Wars yet...lol. I was impressed when he picked it out.
  7. Thanks. I'm looking to stick with a common variety, and I guess I should have asked, what's the tallest of the common Aubias?
  8. I have a 29 gallon that I want to put an Anubias in an Easy Planter. It's going in the back cornet to try and hide the heater and an airline. Which one of the Anubias is the tallest?
  9. I literally just added my first background to one of my tanks last night. It made a huge difference. Take a look at the picture. I bought blackout window film and it is very high quality. I plan on putting this on all of my aquariums. Here's what I ordered.
  10. Exactly what he said...lol. My ambient temp is about 73 or so. I thought originally I had to be only about 4 inches away and I was close to 90. Those lights get pretty hot. I end up being about a foot away, maybe 14 inches.
  11. What's your water temp? I keep mine about 80° and I use @Dean’s FishroomFishroom method in this video. I also only use 1 tsp of eggs, 1L of water and 2 tbsp of salt. You are close enough with your recipe where your eggs should be hatching if your temp is ok. To a certain limit, the lower your temp, the longer it will take your eggs to hatch.
  12. I use a construction type clip-on lamp with the silver housing and a 60W incandescent bulb. You could also use a flexible desk lamp. I figured out that I needed to be about a foot away to keep the water at 80°.
  13. Using the small vial of eggs I got the first time from the Co-Op, I didn't see nearly that many shells. I guess that's what they are talking about when they say 90% hatch rate. Huge difference! Great job @Cory!
  14. I hatching my 4th batch of BBS and my first using Aquarium Co-Op Brine Shrimp Eggs. I'm about to drain them, but I've never seen such a thick layer at the top before. Are those all of the shells?
  15. I haven't done a GH test in a few months and I don't remember what my GH was. I do know that I have hard water and that seems to be the consensus as to why the black spots are there.
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