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  1. Most horns are hollow at the base. Antlers are meant to fall out and regrow. Horns don’t relay grow back if if breaks at the base. That is a great idea. Let me know how it works. I made a nice rack that I think would look great as a center piece in a planted tank
  2. I I feed every day, but it’s it’s mostly because have small amounts of baby brine and I’ll put some end. This could Go a week with out food.
  3. I have remove the the eggs. I put the a net breeding box with air stone or in a tumbler. I have even floated a plactic container with the eggs and some partial water changes and stiring. I would not do that if you can help it or they lay and you don’t have those. In that tank the discus and angelfish will follow them around as she lays on the glass.. I got about 20 eggs from that tank Tuesday. It crazy. Those cories are old and don’t lay much, 11-13 years old.
  4. Gel Super glue. It doesn’t take much, pretty easy to use. It should be the gel though. Regular super glue is not good it way to runny. I wish I had taken some weeds and practiced gluing them on some branches. You definitely don’t need to but I would do some smaller pieces first. The gel super glue is the way to go I have a few fish that dig up the penny wort. I glue a rock to the penny wort until it grows to the top and then I start it over.
  5. You do need a male and female to reproduce nitrile snails. The females can lay eggs like a chicken with no rooster. She will leave al those eggs for the male to fertilize later in brackish water. As for the mystery snails https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/mystery-snails
  6. Thank you I think we all feel the same about dyeing fish. I don’t buy glow fish even though they are not dyed but genetically modified and breed the be same color as the parents. I also don’t blame my grandfather one of 12 children and whose father died in his 40’’. the Hoghose Cory is my favorite but the bearded Cory is jut cool lots of contrast of light and dark and bland
  7. The same can’t keep up I give quite a bit to the African cichlids that I never see them eat it but it’s always out it’s always gone out of the tank
  8. Yes the need brackish water for the eggs to hatch. There is a few simple ways to control mystery snail production. Keep the tanks filled as high as you can. If you have a problem with filling up you just take the egg cluster down. this tank the mystery snails have no where to lay eggs in the next the mystery snail have plenty of room to lay you can see some in the back left in the last you can clearly see the egg clusters. There are 5 clusters. I let them hatch so I can sell them. If you didn’t want more snails the eggs clutch second from the right is new a day or two old. You can just break the off and toss them out and no moss extra snails. Before I sold them I would only let one hatch a year. I did it a special way to grey the biggest survival rate. A lot of fish will eat anything that fits in its mouth and a snail falling from the top Will be eaten but they lay some many so some survive everytime.
  9. I’m no sure the two more common was Not enough sunlight and poor water conditions https://www.aquariumsource.com/goldfish-turning-white/ I will not vouch for this site but most site are Similar.
  10. Is the tail still shaped the same. I the top pic it looks a big spot is missing and the second shape looks pretty good just the color is white? Looks like you have and air stone correct
  11. Do you add a ph buffer to lower a high ph or is the ph 7 from the water source
  12. It’s a zebra it’s still a young fish but it still called a zebra fish so strips make sense Here the other thing most African cichlids can interbreed and you can get fish that look 100% one be it might be 75% and show most of it but still have a few single gene trait. At this point we should understand that these fish should not go to together. This fish can reach to at most 6 inchs
  13. It’s an African Cichlid. This fish and the discus and angelfish need totally different water. Discus and angelfish like similar water soft 6.6. The African cichlid like higher hairdressers water. 7.5.-7.8 I would not keep these together. Once he Settles in he will likely kill the discus and angelfish and rope fish over time. Probably by constantly pestering them. The African Cichlidneed temps around 76-79. So no they should not go together. I would love to show you mine but the light out at this time maybe tomorrow
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