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  1. Good question. Well, first off, if you’re already really familiar with some less traditional species — perhaps like Scorpionfish, Gobies, loaches, etc. — then you’re prepared for how they like to live in the tank. These are often still, tucked-away shy guys. To enjoy them you have to sit still awhile and watch attentively. They’re also vulnerable to slow starvation if kept with fast, hungry minnow species that gobble up food before they can manage a turn. To bring out their best colors, lighting needs to simulate the seasons. They’re photosensitive, triggered by Trans-Appalachain seasonal cycles. In spring, they’ll color up if kept this way. This also relates to breeding. It may be necessary to simulate “winter” for a few weeks — less light, less food, cold / ice water temperature drops. And for the absolute best, a selection of some live foods is advisable. I’ll be treating mine to black worms in the near future. So, I guess… I mostly mean that they’re not as easy as adding a few pinches of flake food every day.
  2. One of the adventures I’ve begun this year as an aquarist is exploring temperate (non-tropical) aquariums. In particular, I’ve been exploring some U. S. Native species, rarely available at local pet stores. For one example, is the small, friendly Banded Darter (Etheostoma zonale). I got attracted to these for their beauty, but also because they live right in streams where I enjoy fishing. Here’s a couple videos of mine… And here’s feeding time… I will say that you’ll need to refine some of your expectations to fully appreciate these fish if you’re new to U. S. Natives. But it’s a good adventure!
  3. No idea…. I just used “LeafSnap” app to make these guesses…
  4. The bottom one looks like… The top one looks like maybe…
  5. Here’s my little boy’s betta from awhile back.. He loved that Betta. Til the day he swung a bat in the room and shattered the front. 🤦‍♂️
  6. Little lost-n-found Pleco in shiner tank spotted for first time in weeks today…
  7. Ok… in your tank? My reason for asking: if it’s a sneaker female, then of course we wouldn’t expect to see a bubble nest. If you pickup a female to place adjacent, he might perk up. Mine sometimes built under a floating dried Catappa leaf.
  8. Yep. That’s a common cross. Not an OB, and depending on your African Cichlid community, generally not sought out. We got disqualified for submitting this pairing for BAP… But it was fun! And my LFS wanted them.
  9. Got a photo to share of the non-bubble nest builder?
  10. Once you cross them, they shoot out all sorts of colors. Probably not technically a true OB. Has it always presented black, or only recently? It could be a young male “bearding.”
  11. I think your situation may call for aggressive nitrate-using plants. My nitrates remain high in this super-overstocked Growout tank. I use Pothos in the two HOB filters, and Guppy grass (along with Java fern) in the tank. High nitrates aren’t the end of the line for most fish, though if they can be cut back, that’s advised.
  12. Here’s a video my son made of a pair we kept a few years ago. Some tips here to help sex them — easier to watch and see than for me to describe…
  13. This work is incredible! Love Tennessee Aquarium for making and sharing content like this. Tangerine Darters caught and bred then fry released as “virgin” for mussels to lure and multiply. Just fascinating relationship…
  14. That’s not good! I bet the seal on your fridge is bad. If you keep Artemia cysts in the plastic zip-lock bag, it’s probably not a major issue. But if you empty them out into the can, I’d be very concerned.
  15. If you’re finished playing with them, I’d definitely sell for that price. You’ll want to agree to terms before bringing them in.
  16. Here’s another look at the Rainbow Shiner fry, all doing well. Three batches together. Larger ones do not _appear_ to be predating on smaller fry. All eating finely ground flake food — I prefer feeding two Bug Bites recipes = Color Enhancing + Spirulina Formula.
  17. 5x hungry Banded Darters at breakfast call…
  18. Nice haul!! I’ve found that selling plants is key to recovering expenses at club auctions.
  19. Here’s the rabbit hole… https://www.planetcatfish.com/catelog/numbers.php?mode=l&thumbs=16 Maybe a Clown Pleco??
  20. Nice work! Thanks. You salty folks are chemistry legends.
  21. I found this. You’ve probably already been over the material, but looks like one key product is:
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