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  1. Two minutes with the Banded Darters (Etheostoma zonale).
  2. Opening admission: I don’t have the answer! But a couple months ago, I visited a small aquaponics operation up in PA. I learned that the key missing ingredient for their plants (mostly lettuce) was iron. Their water was tinted very dark - like heavy in tannins - and the farmer told me that was due to the iron supplements. The fish used for nitrate fuel were tilapia and some blue gills.
  3. Congratulations! Love seeing little Mbunas grow and thrive. My son got it in his head to breed Auratus a few years ago. Kind of intense fish! But beautiful in their own right. Here’s the video of his work…
  4. Yes, that’s sometimes a drawback with botanicals if your water is soft — pH drops can be more precipitous. However, as you say, with crushed coral, you’re going to do well I think. We’re rather lucky to have wild alder cones available where we live.
  5. I think this is different than Maracyn. The Fritz product treats Fungus. Maracyn (also API E. M. Erythromycin) treats bacterial infections.
  6. I’d sure love to see some photos of your group. They are beautiful, and your tank(s) are exceptionally excellent! I love the Apistos and Rummynose mixed in. Superb arrangement.
  7. You might want to hear from @Streetwise about the potential benefits of going with some more natural aesthetics. I wonder if some Catappa leaf litter would be good for neocaridinas?
  8. Shipped 65+ Endangered Goodeids (Xenotoca doadrioi) to a good seller today whose experienced native fish keeping customers will make excellent buyers. I still have a dozen left that will eventually replenish my population. It was just too insane for me to keep 75 fish in a 20 gal long. Plus, I think it’s cool to help out good businesses that sell specialized fish to experienced customers. I suppose if I had a great business sense, I’d try to turn a dime selling more online. But this arrangement made sense. They sent me a bunch or Darters. I sent them a haul of Goodeids.
  9. Wow! If really Otocinclus cocama, then I suggest you go buy a bunch right now! That’s an endangered fish. Better in your care than the tank of a noob.
  10. My thoughts are those of a shrimp novice, so don’t put too much stock in what I say. From what I’ve observed, shrimp do well in very established tanks where micro-life has gotten a running start. Maybe there’s some old substrate you could reuse? Or move from a current tank / replace in order to set this new tank off to a nice start? My neocaridinas love Java moss. I like the look of the “Christmas tree” moss in particular. I have also found my shrimp are partial to some floating plants. With such a small tank, you’ll be limited… but give some Frogbit or Water Lettuce a look. Not sure what you’ve got in store for filtration, but a small “bacto-surge” sponge filter could work beautifully. Shrimp love hanging out on sponges eating misc from the surfaces. Dont worry about keeping the tank utterly algae-free. Just use a credit card to skim off the glass as desired. Color is really a personal call. But generally speaking, I’d suggest deciding on one color you really like, and sticking with it. When different neocaridina shrimp are crossed, the results — though sometimes fun — are more often pretty uninspiring. Call me a square… but I love the bright red cherry shrimp. Never boring. And they stand out wonderfully against greenery.
  11. I highly recommend following @Streetwise for everything Walstad.
  12. On a roll! Two Aquarium scenes / two movies / one week... Not exactly the most peaceful moment . . .
  13. Banded Darters chowing down on frozen bloodworms this evening…
  14. From Seachem… Last line indicates the two are _compatable_. As for what you _should_ do, I recommend using Prime when you perform a water change.
  15. Fish Folk

    Itchy gills

    I think it’s possible that your transition of filters knocked out your beneficial bacterial colony. I would call your LFSs, and ask, “Do you run sponge filters in any of your freshwater tanks?” If yes, ask if they’d allow you to buy a _new_ sponge off the shelf, swap it for their cycled sponge, and take that home. Alternatively, FritzZyme 7 may help boost beneficial bacteria.
  16. Fish Folk

    Itchy gills

    How long has the tank been set up? What size is it? And what sort of filtration are you using?
  17. Fish Folk

    Itchy gills

    Beautiful fish. What are your current Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate readings? When you change water, do you use Fritz Complete?
  18. Sorry for your Cory troubles. The problem may result from some low quality water and / or injury. I’ve found API Fungus Cure to be good for treatment. If you have a cycled / established quarantine tank, use that. This medicine uses Victoria (Malachite) Green, and will stain your water and silicone. API E. M. Erythromycin will also treat “cottonmouth.”
  19. Young Rainbow Darter (male) finishing up blood worm this morning. Two young male Rainbow Darters in a staring contest. Telltale orange on tail circled indicating their sex.
  20. Excellent idea - shipping eggs. Look into how successful Rainbowfish eggs ship internationally, or Killifish eggs. That should be a good benchmark.
  21. I remember seeing the “toilet tank” on a video of the Wessel house.
  22. You may be right! I was thinking of that too.
  23. Someplace on the Forum last year, I thought someone had started a thread about aquariums in movies. Was just rewatching “The Love Bug” (1968) and noticed a funny Goldfish tank scene… I have a theory that maybe this tank was made from an old gravity glass / visible gas pump. Or perhaps some oddball glass cylinder attached to an antique car.
  24. Just wanted to show that at least _these_ Darters (Rainbow & Banded) _do_ eat frozen bloodworms. Rainbow Darter eating bloodworms… Banded Darter eating bloodworms… To be fair, it is a slow process. They’re certainly _not_ voracious yet like many other fish.
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