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  1. All interesting points. I'm mainly concerned because I've ordered a few Amano shrimp and ideal parameters call for 80 deg. max. so hopefully they can tolerate a degree or two. What do you shrimp experts think? I won't maintain the higher temp.
  2. Good info thanks, it looks like 86 degrees is critical according to Cory. I'll have to watch that whole video when I can spare more time. Thanks again!
  3. Should I be alarmed that my tank temp. is reaching 81.5 degrees in the summer? This is in Michigan and no heater is running. Is anyone else experiencing this? It's exceeding all of the recommended max. temps for my fish and I'm concerned about stressing them out. What do you fish keepers do in the south? Just sayin' ???
  4. The instructions do state that it can "negatively affect beneficial bacteria which remove ammonia and nitrite from water." I'll keep an eye on things and hope for the best since I'm not familiar with the product. Thank you for your response,
  5. ParaCleanse states that it "may" affect ammonia & nitrite (Bio) levels in the tank and I'm asking if someone more experienced has an explanation? I've done the first dose last evening and I plan to test the parameters tonight. Do you think it will destroy the Bio or should I just give the tank a shot of Stability to bolster things back up? I'm going to follow Cory's directions but he doesn't mention the affect on the Bio. Thanks for any help, Gil Rochester Hills, MI
  6. Well that makes sense. I'll have to search here for clubs in the Detroit area. Thanks Katie
  7. I Love the Blue Ram's and would like a few for my tank but I will NOT buy any from the big box stores. I suspect the LFS in the area gets them from the farms. Does anyone know of a good domestic source?
  8. Ok, here's a couple pic's but it's got a ways to go yet. Amazon Sword on the left, Java Fern's, Anub petite, Val,, Crypt. Parva, Wisteria, Crypt. Wendtii and Pink Flamingo. The Flamingo melted ..... waved goodbye ........ and vanished within the first 24 hrs! SAD, I killed it! I glued it to the back of the rock in the foreground. A couple days ago I spotted a tiny RED thread peeking up from behind that rock, OH MAN! It's BACK in all it's RED glory. I didn't move the rock & just let it be. Patience paid off! Anyway, by Christmas this tank should be doing well, (Knock on wood)
  9. Ah, "polysaccharides" it's all good .......... whew! Thank you for the feedback. This whole bio cycle thing has been interesting. I'm over thinking it I guess and need more patience. Thanks again!
  10. I'm noticing a wispy white web type substance (pre brown algae?) in my newly set up tank of about two weeks now with plants and a couple hardy Zebra Danios. It's beginning to form on small spots on the hard scape deco and a couple plants. I've been letting the tank "season" with Stability & Prime. PH = 7, Ammonia = 0, Nitrite = .5, Nitrate = 40 (I should probably do a water chg.) I've ordered Easy Carbon ...... Does this sound familiar to anyone? Should I be concerned? Thanks for any help
  11. Haven't been able to post since my Xfinity has been down for the past 3 days due to the storms up here in MI. Thanks for all the responses here. I ordered the "ETEKCITY 774" from Amazon for $23 in the mean time and I'm really impressed with it. It turns out that only one of the floaters and the digital sticky thing matches the temp gun. So my two tanks are at 79.5 deg. and that's with the heaters NOT coming on. I think a degree or two cooler would be better but we don't keep the air conditioning running all summer. Thanks everybody ...... I'm gonna go make some tea now 😉
  12. Hello everybody, first post. Got back into the hobby after ...... well ...... most of a lifetime. Yep, anybody else remember when those shiny metal frame tanks that would start the dreaded "drip...drip?" The hobby has come a long way since we used to make light fixtures from a chunk of roofing gutter and a couple of bulb sockets from the hardware store. It's good to be back, a lot has changed in the hobby but some things haven't changed like thermometers so I'm going to head over to "General Discussion" and post a question there. Thanks Y'all!
  13. Do you trust your thermometer? I don't! I suspected something was off when I setup my quarantine tank (5 gal.) with a new heater and a floating thermometer and nothing was even close to lining up temp. wise. I set the heater for 78 degrees and the thermometer registered 84 degrees! What the heck! The heater manufacturer claims an accuracy of +- 2deg. so I had 3 old glass floaters left in a box from back in the day and I dropped them in the tank too. So now I was getting readings from 70-84 across 4 different floaters! Nothing was matching up! I had purchased one of those fancy stick on black digital thingies (I hate those things, you gotta use a flashlight to see them) and stuck that on too. That one actually agreed with the heater! Go figure! I've ordered a new floater here from the Co-op and hope it's a good one. So I guess the point here is do you trust your thermometer? How do you verify the temp? It goes without saying how important this is. Any suggestions or recommendations? Temp gun? I'm just getting back into the hobby and I don't want to start out by cooking anything. Thanks for any help.
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