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  1. I believe it is a colour morph; there are at least 6 different variety in the wild based on location caught and I suspect the name was identifying the location - perhaps Jamari but the primary identifying mark is they all have the black stripe through the eye. The fish has one but it is fairly faint.
  2. Well. @Torrey .. there is another explanation that is more likely. Guppies and Endlers can 'hold' sperm for quite a while; I think 6+ months so if the females have been near a male such as in the store where purchased....
  3. It might take longer than 6 weeks and you have to be careful as endlers are one of those species that er appear to change sex over time.
  4. I would not try to medicate a fish that old. Medicines can be hard on the fish organs and when it is that old the medicine might do more harm than good. I would just monitor but recognize that fish is quite old. If you had it for 11 years and it was full grown at purchase it could easily be 12+ years old. I had a 5 year old swordtail die recently; i wasn't happy about it but they do age out over time. One of the reason is started keeping clown loaches; I should age out before they do.
  5. If they are sub adult i wouldn't worry. She might be trying to drive him away looking for a mature male but it shouldn't be a big deal. It helps if the aquarium is well scape. Also if you plain to breed them they will require ph below 6.5 and relatively soft water - they can lay eggs in other conditions but the eggs won't hatch.
  6. Your choice. It won't kill them to put them in the 10 but they can swim quite actively when they are in the mood - also they are extremely fast much faster than most common small fishes (like guppies, molly, ... )
  7. Fishes don't make friends in human sense. It isn't abnormal esp if they are young. Btw your aquarium should be at least 82 for the rams.
  8. bioload isn't the problem. The problem is tank size - it doesn't really offer enough room. Yea you could put in 5 or 10 but they really do need a large aquarium for swimming.
  9. How large is the aquarium and what is their approx age ?
  10. I'd go for a group of sparklers myself in a tank of that size.
  11. Most of the beneficial bacteria is in the filter; but tap water won't hurt it unless you like leaving it soaking in hot water for a few hours.
  12. Ouch - no need to shout ! More seriously how do you deal with summer for a 'cold water' aquarium ? Having once lived in your neck of the wood wouldn't the aquarium be mid to upper 70's during summer ?
  13. Sorry for your loss. You actually did quite well if the temp was really that warm in the tanks. Good luck on plant recovery.
  14. yea. If you want to breed them then avoid tetra in general. pencil fishes are recommended. What I would suggest since breeding is not important are 15 kubotai rasbora (these are not yellow but rather a very attractive green and unlike neon are always in motion); you could get some cw123 which are cory with yellow tipped fins. Being a fish from Peru they like upper 70's or even low 80s. if you skip the cw123 then i would suggest pygmy cory which are not the most attractive but a rather interesting fish and again small. I would consider some oto IF you have a reliable source as they can be a bit fragile. In general i would make your cockatoo the centerpiece and put smaller fishes around them.
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