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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone! So awhile ago my friends forced *cough* I mean encouraged me to play the Wordle, so I thought'd I'd start a daily fish Wordle for the next week or so if anyone is interested in playing (feel free to post results!). Here's the one for Friday April 29th: https://mywordle.strivemath.com/?word=xskwl
  2. Hi, so I was thinking recently of getting a brand new tank to stock with some fish, and possibly some inverts (like a lobster, or maybe a few squid), however can't really settle on a type. I'm wanting something fairly large, while also being somewhat manageable. I was thinking perhaps of getting an M4A2 Sherman, although I'm not sure if it has enough space. (picture below) It doesn't have a tone of swimming room, so perhaps I could stock it with a small school of neon tetras? Or I like the idea of a really big sized school of common plecos in it. Not quite sure yet, any suggestions welcome! I could also try going an alternative route with a different design that is roughly the same size, however I've heard that ACO might start shipping the type of tank pictured below within the next few months, and I could try waiting until then? Thanks! Bit late to post, but happy April Fool's! (Hope you had a good one!)
  3. Hi everyone, I noticed that a lot of people here are from either the aviation community or the rc hobby, so why not have a thread in the forum about it? If you would like to you can post anything related to aviation &/or radio controlled planes, quadcopters, cars, crawlers, boats, etc here. Things like updates on projects, stories, etc are also welcome!
  4. Hey all! As a mental health professional, I was curious about what the world thinks about fish from a biopsychosocial standpoint and found an article a couple years old: https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/article/fish-have-feelings-too/ I'm curious what y'all think! Do fish have feelings? How do you know?
  5. Hi everyone, just out of curiosity who does everyone hope is going to win, and if you want to why?
  6. Hey guys, just for fun, what would be your Aquarium Super Power if you could choose to have one? Mine would be Algae Inhibition: Every single fish tank I set up will never see a hint of algae. That would be quite awesome to say the least. Brb, daydreaming. Would love to know yours! Cheers, Chris
  7. I am wondering if I can get a nice cherry shrimp farm in my empty five gallon tank. I have a seeded sponge filter ready, but I am not sure on how to do it. What plants are recommended? Also, what is the best food for them, and how do you get to breed them so fast? I saw a post with hundreds of cherry shrimp and I want to get that!
  8. Hi everyone. So, I siliconed an old gumball machine. There is a minor leak, but I am in the process of fixing that right now. Anyway, I am wondering if you guys have any plant and creature suggestions. I was thinking a single nerite snail would be cool, but I still don’t know what else could possibly work. The glass probably holds 2.5 cups of water, so it is very small.
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