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  1. Hi guys I've been browsing through this forum for a few months now and gotten a lot of inspirations and insight from other members of this community. Just looking through some of my old photos, I was pleased to see the progression of my tank and wanted to share my journey with this tank and possibly update this post as I have some bigger plans in my layout in the near future. To keep the introduction short, around this time last year I got back into taking care of fish after a 10 year break and Ive been extremely delighted to see much more plants and fish that are easily available now. I'm guessing the tank I have is marketed as a 65 gallon tank although I'm not too sure since I found it in the place I was renting a few years back. The dimensions are 36 inches long, 29.5 inches tall with a depth of 15 inches. I kinda hate how tall it is but free is free, hopefully along the way with any ideas or help from others I can show how I work around its height. I keep a pond outside I started last summer with koi and I threw guppies in there as a fun side project. I started this tank sometime late September as temperatures were getting too cold for the guppies and was only meant to be as a holding place till spring begins to warm up. To me, a bare tank kinda looks like an empty canvas with endless opportunities and if you can guess, I got a little carried away. September 25th, 2020: This is the earliest picture I have that has a record of date November 14th, 2020 December 10th, 2020 December 14th, 2020 January 12th, 2021 When summer begins to roll around and I get to throw these guys back outside I plan to do some big changes, time permitting. I really do welcome suggestions from anybody, I get a lot of joy tweaking and making adjustments to this tank and look forward to seeing how this tank evolves.
  2. Hello all, I have an empty 60 gallon sitting around and I am thinking of getting it set up into a Central American cichlid tank if possible. I currently have a 150g South American community, a 60g Asiatic community and a 30g Lake Tanganyika community (micros). I know CA Cichlids are known for their tenacious aggression and breeding, I have had some in the past including firemouths, Honduran red points, salvinis and of course convicts. I know a 60g is not a large tank and it has a rather small footprint being a "Tall" tank. Am I limited to only getting away with the CA cichlids I have kept in the past, or is there a possibility of making a larger CA cichlid work in a 60g tank such as a, Texas, Carpinits, Jack Dempsey, Cuban, or a Nicaraguan? If so would it be a solitary tank, or could I get away with a breeder pair? Is there an option for a decent sized CA cichlid in a 60g with other smaller CA cichlids I've kept in the past or livebearers? I greatly appreciate any and all responses and shared knowledge and experience on this matter or any other suggestions of stocking species, Thank You!
  3. My former boss has offered me a 65-gallon tank, all fitted out, with a bunch of cichlids. It used to belong to his son, who passed a couple of years ago. He's been keeping it up, but doesn't enjoy it and can't find anyone to take any of it off his hands. He hadn't offered it to me before now because he thought I was going to do a saltwater aquarium. Seriously, that is so far out of my league! So, is this something I could handle? I've never had anything larger than a 29 and know nothing about cichlids, not that I know all that much about non-cichlids. I'll be on-calling for him again on Monday, and I'd like to be able to discuss this intelligently. Back to the couch to deal with the side effects (fairly mild - headache and low-grade fever) of either the flu shot or the booster. AC YouTube videos coming up.
  4. Any suggestions on a good light for a heavily planted 65 gal tank.24 inches deep I believe. I have a finnex 24/7 that I run on full intensity and a nicrew planted plus on full but I don't think I'm getting the penetration I need.How about the 36 inch fluval 3.0 ? Or any other light.
  5. Hello, My name is Mike Gast. I currently have a 65 gallon Balloon Mollie, one dwarf bristlenose pleco, one longfin pleco tank setup and some cory cats. The tank has been going for over a year now and the livestock has been doing excellent. Along with the mollies and plecos I have mystery snails, nerite snails and some zebra thorn nerite snails. In the last month or so I have been adding live plants to the setup. I have three Anubias, three amazon swords and some Vallisneria. My current substrate is medium to coarse river rock. Doing some research, the river rock can be a challenge to handle plants. The plants I have in there besides the three Anubias are planted in the clay pots. I want to move to a better substrate so I can put the plants in the substrate instead of the clay pots. More background or information on my tank. When I started adding plants I removed the carbon from the filter and only run floss for polishing, I have a filter bag of crushed coral to help buffer the water for the livebearers. I have two large sponge filters operating in the tank as well. As of this message my tanks parameters are as follows 60-80 PPM NO3 5-6 dKH 7.8-8.0 PH 16-17 dGH - I know this measurement is a combination of magnesium and calcium moving forward would it be wise to check separate parameters? Tank temperature - I try and stay between 75 and 77 I upgraded to a 46 watts 6500K Fluval 3.0 light just this week. I have the planted tank program running for starters. This should give me good medium light. Watching some aquarium coop You Tube videos I am trying to determine the best substrate mixture. The last video I watched a seachem product came up called Grey Coast which I believe is more geared towards marine tanks but I liked the buffering aspect for calcium and alkalinity for the livebearers and snails. My first thought was a 50/50 mix between the grey coast and some Flourite or Flourite red. I was going to give 2 inches of depth in the substrate. My initial plan is to keep adding medium light plants both that feed from the water column and plants that feed from the substrate. I understand over time the nutrients will need replenished like with roots tabs and such. Also would this be a mix to move forward with eventually a more advanced lighted tank. Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks again, Mike Gast
  6. pH 8.3 Nitrates 10-20 Hardness 150- 300 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 120-180 Water Temperature above 78 "new" 65 gallon tank. Got this 65 gallon and established canister from offerup. I dont try to change my water parameters. Before we got the rummys and cardinals, the tank was occupied by a dozen ember tetras, 8 platys, 1 betta, and a couple guppies, and had gotten over a battle with ick where 1 platy was lost. after building a new stand, I moved the tank, and ditched all the old substrate and added most of the plants in the picture. The tank was then set up the way you see here. Cardinals and rummy nose added, a dozen-ish of each, and a handful-ish of new guppies. Since the tank is very new, I did not quarantine the new 2 dozen cardinals and rummys. The rummy nose were voracious eaters and the cardinals were also putting on weight for a week or 2. All the while, I am needlessly turning up the temp shooting for 80 degrees, unbeknownst to me my IR temp gun is reading about 4-5 degrees lower than the actual temp of the tank. ALL of the tetras (rummy, cardinal, and embers) got ick. Only the tetras. Eventually I got a cheap sinking thermometer. The rummys were really suffering from the ick. A few of them would keel over when they stop swimming and then right themselves as they began moving again. Highest temp I read with the cheap thermometer was 84. I sent the temps back down toward 78. Treated with super ich cure in the DT for a few days and no improvements, only decline in the rummy nose. Did I give my tetras ick by stressing them with a temperature increase over the course of a few days? Is it possible my betta is stressing the fish? I do not notice aggression towards the tetras during the day, only the guppies and platys, but I am now concerned about night time activities. Lost nearly all rummys, embers are still trucking and begging for food, the cardinals are doing decent. All tetras and male platys and random guppies are in the 10 gal QT now. Treating with ick x and salt (1 Tbsp per 2 gal). Thanks for the tips.
  7. I got my new tank in the house finally! My plan is to have a big school of 1 kind of fish in the tank as well as a group of cories and a pair of dwarf cichlids too. I’ve always wanted to have emperor tetras but my wife likes diamond tetras better. What do you all think? Emperors or diamonds?? Im also thinking of about 30-35 or so. Does that sound like a good amount? Thanks!
  8. Starting to get some great pearling with chains of bubbles in my 2 month old planted setup. https://youtu.be/Smfw1Xz67TU Brown algae bloom from initial setup is almost under control <crossing fingers>.
  9. Hi all new to the hobby(tank has been up for just over 3 months) and new to the forum. Been watching youtube co-op for a while. I have a 65 gallon freshwater heated to 78 degrees also live plants not sure what is there, should have paid attention when the wife was picking the ones she liked. Bottom is plant substrate under aqurium gravel with some sand in spots. The tank has some drift wood and rock. The back is clear with gray wall behind it and it has a 36 inch aquasky 2.0 led. I have a smaller canister filter , small sponge filter and small power head. Currently there are 1 betta, 12 endlers, 3 fancy guppies, above all are males, 8 leopard corys, 6 green tetra, 3 otos, 2 plecos, 6 kuhlis(these are probably a bit out of place but I love them and hope they are not over stressed they seem good) , not sure how many cherry shrimp, 3 rams horn and a mess of snails. Snails are do to last couple plants I bought and lack of paying attention/cleaning them well before adding to the tank. Look forward to being an active part of this forum and asking what im sure will be silly questions(already have a few lol). Sorry for the run on but wanted to be more detail then hey I got a tank with stuff and fish. Thanks to all in advance.
  10. Good afternoon all, I would love some thoughts on additional fish for my tank. Thanks in advance! I have an established 65 gallon tank, Ph 7.4, heavily planted, fluval 407, with 30% water changes every other week. Current stock (lost some fish a while back when the city, unbeknownst to me, dumped a ton of chlorine in the water so that’s why some of these groupings are a off). Neon Rainbow 2 Bosemani Rainbow 3 Turquoise 1 Julii Cory 5 Rummy nose tetra 9 (spawning, but the big guys eat them up) Honey gourami 1 Bristlenose pleco - 2 Variety of nerite and mystery snails 12 I was thinking of adding 6 more rummy nose tetras and then perhaps another larger fish or two - Denison barb, rams, etc. I welcome any ideas you have on a good group of schooling fish or another centerpiece piece / pair of fish.
  11. A nice-sized spawn from a pair of wild types. Tank is a 65-gallon.
  12. I have a 65 gal hex freshwater aquarium that I am trying to switch over to live plants. I am trying to get jungle Val to grow and need to replace the bulbs on t8 18 inch florescent hood light. Can someone recommend bulbs that would work the best in this setting. The lighting just isn't strong enough to get to the bottom of the tank. The hood has 3 t8 18 inch bulbs. Any recommendations?
  13. I've kept aquariums since I was in high school which means I've got closer to 20 years of experience than I'd like to admit. I've kept mostly swordtails in the past, I bred xiphophorus montezumae and traded them in for plants to cover costs for my first few years, but ended up losing the line when I moved once. I've always meant to get back to them, but haven't been able to source them when I've looked. Recently I've been keeping South Americans, which has been an adventure with my "liquid flammable rock" well water. My main display is a 65 with German Rams, Angels, and Bristlenose in it, a few stragglers from over the years, and a variety of plants. My 3 year old has a guppy tank that he loves, and I just started a Multi tank in my 2 year old's room. I tend to try to setup my tanks to maintain water quality with minimal changes because I need to run R/O with GH booster for the South Americans, and have to rest water for 3 to 4 days for any of my other tanks. It seems to be going fairly well, my rams are pushing 2 years old now with monthly water changes at most. I'd like to start into a marine tank next, it just seems like fun.
  14. Hello all. I'm new to the forums here and just wanted to say hello before I bombard you with some questions. I've been into Aquariums for awhile now, thanks to finding Cory's videos that brought me back to the hobby I have been away from for some time. I'm not a newbie but I'm also not Elite Fish Fu Master as some of you are. I have a few tanks that are doing quite well but there is always that want and need for something bigger and new. I'm running a 10 gallon and a 20 Long but lately I've wanted to go big. The wife out of her loving heart decided to allow me to get another tank.... GASP I know. So back to the point. I'm looking at the Aqueon 65 Gallon Aquarium. The thing that has me scared is the reviews on the site (Petsmart sells a tank/stand combo). It looks like it's a leaky tank. I was wondering if anyone has this tank and how it's held up for you? I live in a apartment at the moment, thus why my concern of the leaky reviews. I've been eye balling this tank for a long time and want to jump on the buy but I also want to save swimming time for the beach or pool if you know what I mean. Would reinforcing the silicon with an over lay be the way around this? I'm still pretty much sold on this tank and most likely will take my chances on it which I'm pretty sure it will be fine. Also have another question about this set up. Would a larger single filter be fine for the volume or would you recommend two small filters. I will be going HOB the filter. I know I've heard it would be better to have 2 smaller filters for a 55 Gallon due to it's 4 foot length but this 65 comes shorter length with wider sides and taller height. Filter I'm thinking of it's either a Penguin 375 pro or a Tidal 75. Other then that, I've got pretty much everything else nailed down to want I wanna do. Thanks for letting me pick your fish brains and allowing me to be part of this community.
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