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  1. Noticed this zebra danio had a weird blister looking bump on its mouth yesterday and wanted to know what type of medicine to give it
  2. So, I have noticed an odd behavior in one of my danios, and I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this before, or has any insight on this. Backstory: Tank is a 55Gallon approximately, and currently houses 8 zebra danios, 11 cardinal tetras, 2 young (pre-breedable/sexable) bristlenose plecos, 2 nerite snails, and a few snails that probably snuck in on some Co Op plants. Ammonia/Nitrite both have been consistantly 0, nitrates were between 10-20ppm, and have been declining since ich, and feeding has been reduced. Tank has been treated for visible ich for the last 5 days, (caught very early, 3-4 visible spots on a few fish, mostly the cardinals but there were a few on danios, I have no way of knowing if the danio in question was affected.) and today will be the last day, as I've seen no visible signs, unless I see something tomorrow morning. Danios seem to stress a little when I added the meds, as they went from basically being all over the place, to all of them at once the first time I added it, second day about half of them schooled, the rest were completely oblivious, and remaining days, they might have schooled for a short period, then went back about their lives. From what I can tell, danio X is a male, please correct me if you know me to be wrong. The Spawn-Camping: So the best I can describe the behavior is that he is camping in this one spot, and chasing (almost) all of the other danios away. There was one time I noticed an exception where he and an apparent female, seemed less like they were chasing, and more like what I witnessed in an example egg-scatterer breeding behavior video, where they were moving in more of a dance, circling each other and even touching a few times, though they were away from his "camp," but not super far. it seems like he may have been either eating something coming up from the rocks, or attempting to, maybe...? (i've been staring at him quite awhile today, I might be making things up in my head.) From the research I have done, I didn't find anything substantial about danios being territorial, nor any kind of egg-guarding behavior, in fact I presume they will eat their eggs, due to their general derpiness. I have no reason to believe he is ill, or that something is wrong, when I shined a flashlight in to see if I noticed anything in the cracks, he fled pretty quick, and has been very energetic in chasing the trespassers away. Any insight or theories, or potential experiments to find out more would be greatly appreciated. I am really enjoying danios, and their general crazy derpieness, they may get their own tank when I get my angelfish, as I suspect they will annoy the hell out of my angels! My theories are: Guarding terretory Guarding eggs Guarding something delicious that is HIS! Just being VERY committed to being a derpy danio I shot 2 videos of the behavior, a 5 minute real-time video, as well as a time-lapse over 2-3hours while I was doing other stuff. Real-time: Time-lapse:
  3. I have a Zebra danio that looks noticeably slimmer than my others (fish on the right). I was watching him today and I also noticed that he doesn't eat and he seems to be struggling to swim (ie he is nowhere near as active as the other ones). He has a buddy (fish on the left) that seems to stay close by him and sorta nudges him around as well. My water levels look good and all the other fish appear normal. Is he just old?
  4. This weekend we went shopping to select the first fish to introduce to our tank. My daughter picked some glo danios. We were excited and I didn’t take a close look at the fish. After we put the fish in the tank I noticed one fish had a cloudy looking eye. I’m worried I may have brought a sick fish home. Today I noticed some of the danios have red gills. Is this normal? Other then the red gills and the one with a cloudy eye they seem to be behaving normally I saw on Petsmart’s website, their glo danios have super red gills. I’m wondering if I should introduce meds or aquarium salts?
  5. Hi everybody! I got repashy super green for my otocinclus but it seems like my zebra danios are scarfing it all down. I even fed them before and I waited until the light was off for bed time to put it in. Does anyone have any tips on how to get some food to my otos without my danios sniffing it out like it’s the last time they’ll ever eat? 😂 thank you!
  6. Here's Bucky( after Bucky O'Hare) right now I have him in my 5 gallon that I am preparing for my shrimp. Within a week or so I will be moving him up to a 10 gallon and getting him in getting him 2 more friends he's a glofish Danio and the reason I got him solo is because he was so little in the tank with all the other ones and he was the only one that was missing part of his fin I've had him for for 5 days now in part of his fin is already starting to grow back. I've been fattening him up blood worms and bug bites he is so tiny
  7. Hello, Im new here and am recently returning to the hobby. In the past, I only had cichlid tanks. I am now a father and would like to have a peaceful community tank. I did some research and set a 55 gallon tank up. My first fish were Long Fin Zebra Danios and Neon Tetras. From the research I did and the advice from the pet store, I thought the Danios would be peaceful. The Danios seemed to be very aggressive and constantly chased and nipped at the Tetras and eachother. Is this normal behavior? There were 10 of each so I thought that would be enough for them to have the schooling behavior they needed. If there is nothing I can do to settle them down, I will either have to set up a new tank or give them to someone who can have them in a tank to themselves. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you!!
  8. Hey everyone. I have 6 zebra danios, 6 corydoras, 8 dwarf chain loaches and 3 hillstream loaches in a 40 gallon. I recently added a third hillstream loach (a female) to the tank. I looked into the tank and saw blood on her fins! Something had been taking a bite out of her. Then, I kid you not, I saw a zebra danio bite her. She sticks on the glass and is very docile compared to the other two hillstream males (which are also a little bigger). I immediately took the zebra danios out (they're food hogs and have been a real problem for me). My question is this: should I put her in my 10 gallon with the celestial pearl danios to recover or just leave her in the main tank? I'm worried because I keep seeing the dwarf chain loaches going up to her. I don't think they're biting her, but I'm freaking out. I had no idea zebra danios would do this. They seem to leave the other hillstream loaches alone, but I really want to have a female in the tank. The males will fight sometimes, and they seem better with the female around? It's my favorite fish and I want to do whatever I can to protect them. Anyway... thanks in advance for your advice. Also, is she a goner!? 😢
  9. I have several zebra danio in 10 gallon tank. I'm not sure of I should use my spong filter or hang on filter for these guys. Hang on moves a good bit of water. Any help is appreciated
  10. One of my zebra danios scraped the scales off her back when she got stuck today. She is in a community tank and seems to behaving as herself except I can see her scales are missing on her back. I am not good at getting photos of my crazy danios. Should I medicate her and if so, with what? I have stress coat in the tank from last water change and am doing a change today. All I have at home is sulfaplex - I have shrimp in my tank now, so I don't think I can use that. What should I do for her to help her heal and not get an infection? Thanks
  11. Came from petsmart with it, just on one side. Have 11 other danios that are fine. They are all in the QT and I've done aquarium salt, the med trio, and two doses of general cure. The water isn't the issue. Any thoughts on what it is and if its curable or is it more of a scar situation?
  12. Nitrates: 40ppm Nitrites: 0ppm GH: 300ppm KH: 0ppm PH: 6.3 This is a 55 gallon setup with around 100 zebra Danios. It's been setup for over a year. The other day while doing a water change I noticed 3 Danios with bloody red gills and labored breathing. I watched closely for 24 hours and lost one. At that point I started a round of salt medication. 3tbs per gal. The following day I lost another. Any recommendations or experience with gill flukes? I have read up a little bit on the flukes and not quite sure how my zebras came down with it. I have seen that praziquantel is a popular treatment for such an issue. Being that I don't have any on hand, I was thinking of using another antiparasitic med such as levamisol. I just happen to have a ton of it on hand. Would you keep up with the salt treatment or switch to anti parasite meds, and has anyone had experience getting rid of flukes with levamisol? I would love as many opinions as possible so I can weigh my options.
  13. Hello, I have been observing my danio for about a month or so now after noticing that it has a lumb on its left side. Nothing changed until a few days ago when I saw that lumb has gotten bigger and there are no scales around that part anymore. The underside also has some fairly big red spot and one red line in the center. The danio is still very active and respond to movement fairly good but has been breathing a little faster than normal now. I am suspecting that it in some form of internal parasites but not too sure. Here is the URL to the video, Not sure that this disease is IMGUR.COM Imgur: The magic of the Internet
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