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  1. Hey guys, I live in the Seattle area. I recently found some snow white bristlenose plecos from a neighbor and I'm getting ready to buy a dozen to start a breeding project. Has anyone worked with these? He says they seem to die really easy? Joe
  2. I have a 29g planted tank, it only has ottos, corydoras & 1 baby super red BN. After adding new fish this tank broke out with fungal infections. A combo of Kanaplex & API furan-2 knocked it out. But at the end of treatment my pleco started showing signs of something odd on her head. Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrates: under 20ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Chlorine: 0ppm. GH: 150ppm. Alkalinity(KH) 60ppm PH: 7.6- Temp 76°-78° I'm going to upload a photo of the tank & then of her progression. This has happened over the period of 4-6 weeks. I don't know what it is or how to treat it. I keep posting on Fishlore & nobody is responding! & I am starting to be consumed with worry & panic! the last photos are from today. Is this a parasite, fungus, bacteria? HITH?
  3. I was watching a video recently in which info about Bristlenose Plecos came up and it was mentioned that they are notorious for eating sword plants even if fed well. I was considering adding some to my current planted tank however I have 2 well established compact Amazon swords. What is your experience with the Bristlenose Pleco? Have you ever heard this before?
  4. Last night I had to move my 4”ish male bristlenose and I used a fine net. His bristles right at the corner of his mouth got tangled. (are these bristles or more like a barb?) I had to cut him loose with sissors, it had to be stressful for him beyond what was needed. How do you move them? Maybe a corse net with bigger holes? I think trying to catch one in a cup/ container would be almost impossible. And maybe this question applies to all catfish or fish with bigger spine and fins? I’ve had bristlenose and catfish get a little tangled before but always got loose fairly easy. I seen this guy this morning swimming around but he ducked into a cave before I could get a good look at his fins.
  5. I have a pair of longfin lemon blue eyed pleco. Babies are mostly lemon or peachy but about 10 are pure white. amelanistic I’m guessing??? Are these the same as snow whites? I couldn’t find much info on Snow White ancestry. Thanks for the help
  6. He’s been fanning for a couple days now so I set it up!!! 😁 then got to thinking “did I pull them to early?” Feel like might have pulled to early, how long do you wait to separate the male from babies when breeding bristlenose? Got a little worried because this is an Oscar tank with a catfish as well as the two parents the father is a chocolate and mother is a albino. Will the albino babies be more prone to have albinos when they breed? Because when I sell them I will be honest that their mixed. If you breed two albinos your not guaranteed all albino correct? I have another batch from these parents about 1/3 is albino this batch seems about 1/2. babies just fuel my desire to do more, get more tanks, buy more equipment, ect with that being said my wife will probably freak out when I tell her tomorrow. Yes tomorrow I’ll just enjoy tonight. 😂😂😂
  7. I just both these two fish, a male and a female bristlenose plecos. I asked for the biggest ones they got. I chose a pretty big male but they didn't have any common bp females of the se size. This is the biggest I could find. I want to attempt breeding them, but I worry that the female will be too small. Any thoughts. They had a female from the yellow variety, but they are twice as expensive and I didn't want to mix the common with the yellow. Here is a photo straight out of the bag
  8. My young (less than one year old) bristlenose plecos laid a few eggs. The albino male guarded the eggs and when they hatched I took the cave out and poured the contents into a 20-gallon tank that is overrun with algae and has a few otos in it. There were only 12 to 15 fry. Now they are more than a week old, but they look black or dark gray. There are two females that could have laid the eggs - one albino and one super red. I suspect it was the red female that laid the eggs, but I'm not sure. Are week-old albino bristlenose fry supposed to look dark-colored?
  9. Two days ago I was at my LFS. I saw a grown bristle-nose pleco and I wanted to buy him straight away, together with a bigger female to try and breed them. I went to look around for a bigger female but couldn't find some the same size as him. Side question: will bigger plecos be more likely to breed then smaller ones? Anyways, I saw the male eating a dead fish. I pointed it out the a worker who took the dead fish out. I didn't want to buy the male because I don't have the space to quarantine him, so I told the employee that I will wait a few days. The question is; Would it be ok to buy the fish, in a couple of days so a week has passed and introduce him to the community tank? All the other fish in the tank looked healthy and the store has automatic water change, so I thought that I would buy him after I made sure he survived for a week. Is this a rational decision?
  10. All old people are required to share photos with everyone of their new grandkids so I thought I would….😁 Longfin lemon blue eyed bristlenose pleco had a good hatch so I worked hard to grow biofilm and infusoria in the tank. I was looking today at the few early escapee BN fry and found 5 free swimming CPD roaming about the tank 😁
  11. Anyone breed these I brought off aqua bid and some have brown/blackish spots on them. With this go away with time I’d say 4-6 months old. These low quality is that why uniformed red all over. Or maybe my lighting half my tank have red leds turned up and other side blues turned up just experimenting with plants.
  12. I’ve never seen Plecos go at it this frequently. Must be doing something right…. But sheesh!! Gone be a TON of them in here. This is the third batch of eggs in just about 45 days… Maybe it’s all this I’m feeding…
  13. Any idea what this brown spot is on my bristlenose pleco’s back? It just kind of appeared about a week ago. It doesn’t appear to be getting any larger. Included an image from my macro lens. All other fish in tank healthy. He appeared to be scratching his back this morning. First time I’ve seen that happen. 80 degrees 0/0/20 (ammonia, nitrite, nitrates) pH 7.2 kH 2, gH 10
  14. After acquiring the almost adult pair back in I think March/April, I finally have super red babies! I believe this is the first batch and there were roughly 20-30 in the cave. I put one in a breeder box to save and let everyone else loose. Lots of algae built up in the tank to feed all the babies. I believe they’ve been out of the cave for ~4 days now, I think they’re almost at the 2 week old mark. Photos are from the first few days I found them.
  15. I would like to breed some common bristle nose plecos. I already have two females (fully grown and at breeding size), and am planning to add a male soon. I have 2 caves and one coconut shell, as well as rocks and driftwood. I have tried breeding plecos in the past without much success. I know there needs to be a cave, driftwood and the plecos have to be fed veggies. I did all this but never had any success in the past. I would feed them algae waffers every night and veggies(mostly zucchini and green beans) twice a week. I never had any breeding behaviour. Is there something I'm missing? Any advice would be appreciated
  16. Hello all, I have a bristlenose pleco that is being a bit of a problem child. He (he is starting to grow his bristles) is getting aggressive with my bronze corydoras. He usually chases them when I feed the tank, but as soon as he starts eating he stops caring so much that they can even eat the algae wafer that's in his mouth. He also puffs his spikes out and chases them when I put in some zucchini for him, which the corys show zero interest in. I've been noticing a few split fins in my corys, and I have had one in a hospital tank recovering from an eye injury/infection and fin rot which I now think I can blame on the pleco. Has anyone else experienced such aggression from a BN, and do you guys think I might just be a puberty thing (like I said, he's just started growing in his bristles) and he'll settle down soon?
  17. I went to do water change this morning and part of the cartilage on my BN wing is missing/broken off? (Right wing against glass) It was not like that when I put him to bed last night. His girlfriend is fine everyone else is fine. Nothing in tank except maybe got stuck somewhere could do this. tankmates CPD NEOCARIDINA MYSTERY SNAILS BLADDER SNAILS param 0/0/15 kh/gh hard beyond api drop chart ph 7.6 i did an extra big wc this morning and intend to do so ongoing to keep bacterial load down while healing no sign of infection or redness huge normal piggy appetite and friendly behavior he came straight to my tongs for his zucchini and green bean the question…will it grow back? He swims fine so it does not seem to hinder him
  18. Left lights on late tonight. Found this going on... for the first time in awhile, I’m thinking: NO! STOP IT! I mean... I love baby fish! But... this tank 🤪 already has 300+ fry growing in...
  19. I have two longfin lemon blue eye bristlenose pleco. Although not new to fish I am newer to keeping two pleco in the same tank. This is the first time I have had more than one in a tank at a time. Got these cuties in February about 2 inches long give or take. They looked young. I didn’t care if they were both male both female or a breeding set. I’m equipped with tanks a plenty to support the fry. i believe they are a breeding pair. He is getting his whiskers she? Is getting a much rounder belly than normal. I’m guessing them to be 8-10 months old. he has started furiously grooming not just hanging out in 2 caves one on each side of the tank both in her? hang out spots. She? Never goes in caves has zero whiskers yet. i found tons of stuff on how to breed them I don’t really care if they do or dont. But no info on…What are their behavioral displays/ interactions when they may be ready. I know males groom caves. What also are the female behavioral signs? would be nice to know so I can rearrange other tanks as needed ahead of time or swap some filters into an unused tank etc etc thanks for your help in advance 😁
  20. Will two BNPs be suitable tank mates for an Angelfish? I'm planning on using this piece of driftwood and Anubias Nana Petite for foliage to provide the BNPs with wood to graze on.
  21. I tried aquabid for first time lfs tired sick fish I figured getting direct be better and boy I’m happy. so I’ve had them 15 gal fluval water Parma perfect. From I think name sdaquatica 8 super reds 2 inch long, 30 cherry shrimp, 20 zebera snails. so they been in quarantine 2 weeks there very active healthy. Do I really need to trio these or can I just watch them 2 months? Idk how shrimp and 1.5 to 2 inch bristlenose would handle treatment. but there vigorous that’s also another question, they eat ALOT I mean WOW I’ve been feeding them zucchini and French cut green beans and the eat 24/7 till there’s nothing left usually 2 days worth. and then I don’t feed them for 2 days because I don’t want them to explode!! so can anyone help me out and tell me how much to feed these guys? And how you would handle quarantine? I have wood for them in there also I read they eat that also idk.
  22. Baby Bristlenose Plecos are riding the Zucchini Train!
  23. Just did a water change and dumped in a bunch of BBS. This tank was African Cichlids until recently. Now it’s housing 250+ EBAs and 50+ BNPs. Measured parameters for BAP submission yesterday. Nitrates were unbelievably high. I’m changing water more frequently now. What’s everyone’s go-to plants for fastest nitrate uptake? I’ve got Pothos growing out of the HOBs and Java fern + Java moss growing in the tank. Are stem plants better / faster in your experience?
  24. Well, the Bristlenose Pleco Fry in my 55 gal have blown the coop, and are like little wiggly pieces of shrapnel all over the tank. So this eve, I prepared a first for them: boiled zucchini discs. First, I cut out four thin slices of zucchini, and start water boiling. Once water is ready, I plop in the slices minus the rind. Now I let them boil until it seems like they’re not really floating anymore. Then they go into a measuring cup of tank water. These get dropped into the tank next, wherever there room. After a little while, a few Plecos find the zucchini pieces Once lights go out, the other fish Fry in here (electric blue Acaras) settle down to sleep. But Plecos can stay active in the dark. But so do snails... so the race is on! Who will get to the zucchini first??!!
  25. I am going to have a breeding tank for shrimp and bristlenose is there anything else you would add? Will have dense pockets of vegetation.
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