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  1. I am going to have a breeding tank for shrimp and bristlenose is there anything else you would add? Will have dense pockets of vegetation.
  2. I have a 29g planted tank, it only has ottos, corydoras & 1 baby super red BN. After adding new fish this tank broke out with fungal infections. A combo of Kanaplex & API furan-2 knocked it out. But at the end of treatment my pleco started showing signs of something odd on her head. Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrates: under 20ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Chlorine: 0ppm. GH: 150ppm. Alkalinity(KH) 60ppm PH: 7.6- Temp 76°-78° I'm going to upload a photo of the tank & then of her progression. This has happened over the period of 4-6 weeks. I don't know what it is or how to treat it. I keep posting on Fishlore & nobody is responding! & I am starting to be consumed with worry & panic! the last photos are from today. Is this a parasite, fungus, bacteria? HITH?
  3. Looking for some advice on Siamese flying fox and bristlenose pleco behaviours. My new SFF seems to gently "nibble" the pleco, it all appears quite friendly for now and no aggression has been shown. Both are quite young animals. Im not sure if hes sizing him up for a possible snack at a later date (highly unlikely) or being friendly due to lack of other tank mates (theres only those 2 plus a few cherry shrimp in the tank at the moment while I decide what to stock it with long term, and the tank establishes) He could also be nibbling the possible aufwuchs on the plecos body, I'm not sure what the go is. Any help appreciated thanks.
  4. I have a clown pleco and a super red long fin. I have lots of wood, rocks etc. for them but It seems that all they want is green beans. I gave them blanched zucchini and they don't care for it. I have tried various wafers and they won't even touch them. I put all the food in before I go to bed when the lights are off. When I check in the morning, the only things on the wafers is the pest snails. Should I try raw veggies instead? What else can I try?
  5. Hey, I've bred bristlenose a few times in a 20L with swordtails and other things 2 or 3 times now in a community setting. I put a flashlight to the pleco cave and saw eggs, this time I moved the cave full of eggs to a bare bottom 10 gallon tank so I could check out the action! Now you guys can too. I'll continue to post updates, but this is what I could never really quite see without a dedicated tank. Meet some wigglers... Day 1 Day 2 And no my youtube is not monetized or anything, I just honestly find this cool and none of my friends do, haha. Today is day 3, and all of them are in the furthest back corner and I can't get a solid video or picture, I'll try tomorrow and look at the stache on this pleco. Wow I don't think I've made a forum post since back before you could even embed video. This is cool here's a quick vid of the 20L of the conception, got 3 female bristlenose and this one ugly male shown above, probably about 40-60 swordtails of varying generations, as well as 2 to 3 different generations of pleco cruising around the bottom. All run on a single co op sponge filter and at room temp/no heater.
  6. Hello everyone! I am wondering if Bristlenose and Otocinclus catfish could live together?
  7. hi! i got a 1.5 inch pleco around 3 months ago and will get 3 more of the same size soon. any idea how long it will take for them to start breeding/ achieve maximum size? thanks!
  8. Hello all, Had a nice surprise and discovered my plecos had bred and had babies that are now free swimming without me knowing about it. Question for the group. There are still some in the cave. Should I try to relocate those to a breeding box within the tank to target feed or let them to be free and munch on a very established tank that I will heavy feed. Tank mates include: bristlenose parents and an albino, pair of kribs and 10 day old fry, 5 red venezuelan cory cats, some cardinal tetras, a female apisto, and amano shrimp. Any help appreciated.
  9. I have a LF super red pleco in the QT tank. He will be ready to come out soon and enter the 40 Gallon tank. I had a cave in there but he didn't see interested in it at all. He prefers to suck the small piece of wood, sponge filter and walls. I was hoping he would use the cave and I could just pick it up and move it. I have an ACO cave in the 40G ready for him should I try that one? its a different style than the cheap water spike I was using. so.. How do I get him out? I am afraid to use a net. Any recommendations would be REALLY appreciated. He is not skinny but is not really interested in eating anything I give him. I am hoping that once he is in the larger heavily planted tank he will be much happier. See 40G pic below
  10. Hey Folks, I currently have an endler breeding tank. It is a 20L with and under gravel filter. It just has El Tigre Endlers and a pair of juvenile Super Red Bristlenose Plecos. It has a heater, but the Endlers don’t need a heater. I have read multiple places that Bristlenose Plecos can go relatively cold as well. Is this the case? I would love to take the heater out because I have several unheated fish varieties I want to try out and It is 1 less thing to cause complications. Is there a difference between super reds and stander BNs? Thanks, Derek
  11. Yum yum in the tum tum. Just noticed you can see what's going on in there.
  12. What are your experiences with keeping a bristlenose pleco in a tank with Amazon swords? I heard that they will rasp at the leaves, but I also heard that if fed enough plant material (veggies, Repashy) the damage is minimal. I'm ok with some nibbling, but I'd like to know if my swords are in danger of being destroyed. I feed Soylent Green, but I'm happy to switch to other foods. I can also just keep my bristlenose in a sword-free tank, but I originally got it to go in the 75 that I just recently moved my giant sword to.
  13. I have finally got the time to set up my 40 gallon tank! It's going to be a bit hard to catch anything out of this tank but I couldn't resist trying to scape the tank. Super happy because this is my biggest tank so far! I scaped it with some Manzanita and Malaysian driftwood. Also used river rock because I just had it laying around. For the plants, I used crypts, amazon swords, java fern, java moss, crinum calamustratum, and some java moss. I tried to do a breeding tank so I chose the albino koi guppies and lemon blue eyed bristlnose plecos. Thanks for looking, tell me if I should add anything, I would really appreciate any feedback
  14. Hey all, Ive just had a successful spawn from a pair of BNPs!!! Im very excited, its my first ever spawn. Im not too sure when the spawn happened, but the male has been fanning for about 4 days I think now. I just have a question in regards to pulling the eggs. The pair are currently in a 2ft tank with shrimp, and Im wondering if I need to pull the eggs? Will they likely be predated upon by the parents? Im doing lots of research so I can be prepared to try and raise them up, however, I am not determined to raise every single baby. I'm more looking at trying to raise a few. Advice and personal experience would be really appreciated because, as I said, this is my first ever spawn! Thanks heaps, Jeremy
  15. Hello, so at the moment ive got a 20g planted, with more plants on the way, as well as lots of driftwood and rock slabs. It houses 1 betta and a small group of Emerald cory. Also ive got a small clown and small bristlenose pleco in there. Im reading up on housing plecos and hope to keep them together as im only allowed one tank at the time. Would this work long term for maybe a year or 2 before I can get a bigger tank?
  16. Hi everybody! I have a 20 gallon tank and had some bristlenose plecos in it. I was wondering how much water I should change if I had shrimp. I have heard that shrimp like small water changes but these bristlenose plecos are poop machines! Does anyone have experience with this combo? How much water should I change and how often should I change water? I want to try to breed both of them and keep both species happy. Thank you
  17. She seems healthy and active however she seems to love climbing down the sponge filter tube. I’ve seen where some of the bristle noses live in pretty fast moving water. Anyone else have this going on?
  18. Over the last two weeks she seems to be getting wider and wider. She hasn't been eating and has very little movement. She seems to be panting and looks in distress. The male hardly every comes out from under the big cave but they've had babies in the past. Any suggestions on what I can do? She's in a 40 high with 1 medium and one small discs and her male counterpart.
  19. Hi, I have two orandas and saw Corys recent video about goldfish tank mates. I would like to add my bristlenose to that tank. The tank is unheated and at room temperature, so about 67 degrees. Will that work for the pleco? Seems cold to me. Has anyone done this safely? What has your experience with this been? my tank has lots of hiding spots too. Thanks
  20. Hey all, I have stared getting interested in keeping some pleco’s. Currently I have a 20 gallon long with a single Betta. I am planning on maybe getting some Kuhli loaches ships weekend. I want to try breeding some Plecos at a future date, so I would love to get a pair growing and acclimating to my water. I only have the one tank. My question is, will the Plecos be ok in this setup? Any issues with Kuhli loaches or Bettas? Any help is appreciated. thanks, Derek
  21. So I have a 33 gal with plants and driftwood that I'm slowly stocking. Currently I have 6 pepper corydoras, 2 guppies and a male betta (temporary). The corys are amazing for clean-up but I'm noticing some algae (not out of control) that I'd like an algae eater to feed on. I've been flip-flopping between a group of otos and a "super red" bristlenose pleco available from a local hobbyist. Oto Pros small size would be able to temporarily help out in 5 gal if algae if necessary without bothering shrimp won't uproot plants (+++) Cons not colourful more delicate need group? Bristlenose Pros Colourful Only need 1 Hardier Cons Plant disturber (---) Heavier bioload? What are your thoughts? Have you had issues with the BN uprooting plants? That con carries a lot of weight! Would LOVE Hillstream loaches but most places say they need 55+ gallons. Some pics for added benefit
  22. I was watching a video recently in which info about Bristlenose Plecos came up and it was mentioned that they are notorious for eating sword plants even if fed well. I was considering adding some to my current planted tank however I have 2 well established compact Amazon swords. What is your experience with the Bristlenose Pleco? Have you ever heard this before?
  23. Any tips for getting Bristlenose out of a planted tank without tearing it down?
  24. Oh look I found another rabbit hole to venture down! I recently inherited about 40 of the little buggers, all ages and looks to be 3 species. I know I have Albino Bristlenose, and a pair of super reds. But what are these two? All help greatly appreciated. TIA I found this site but man there sure are a load of different varieties. https://www.planetcatfish.com/ Edit: I just realized there is a bunch of red light in these pictures. Thing #1 Thing #2
  25. I’m new to fish keeping and currently have one aquarium with guppies. I am interested in breeding bristlenose and would like to set up my second tank to do so. It is a 20 tall and currently has 4 plants and a couple mystery snails in it while I finalize what to stock it with. Everything I have read/heard says that bristlenose should be kept no higher then 7.8ph, especially when trying to breed them. My water out of the tap has a PH of 8.5 and GH of 300. I’m concerned that any bristlenose I bring in will will either a) not survive or b) not thrive and breed. I’m looking for input on whether or not this could work with my water conditions or would the bristlenose fall apart and not thrive?
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