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Found 10 results

  1. So I was recently going through the Home Depot website and decided to try searching "seiryu stone", I came up with these results: Home Depot seems to be selling the bulk amounts of stones that Lowes was, although from what I can tell some of them are a bit more expensive. I've also noticed them selling other hardscape such as ohko/dragon stone as well as others. If you search "lifegard" on the Home Depot website you get a bunch of options in terms of hardscape for pretty good prices. Hope this helps!
  2. OK, so I’m setting up at 55, and I have the most gorgeous rocks I’ve ever seen. They called him sponge boulders, but they are extremely hard rock that is partially lava rock, partially some other rock, and a lot of crystals. The crystals don’t appear to be water-soluble at all, so I am going to set up the placement of the rocks before they go into a salt bath so I can work on the base+ substrates while they soak. Pictures will be left to right from above, then the front. I tried to make the big rock on the left-hand side where you can see it from three directions because it has great features on all three sides and the top, and the rock on the right side has stuff on the front and side. A couple of the other rocks could be flipped or turned, but I’m not an artist, so I am open to suggestions
  3. Hi, so I was wondering if it would be dangerous, or hurt a hillstream loach if I were to put ohko/dragon stone into an aquarium since the edges are sharp and they might try getting algae from the rock? I've seen some people saying it's fine to put kuhli loaches with ohko stone, and the two species seem share the same behaviour of scavenging around on the bottom from what I've seen on YouTube? Thanks!
  4. Hi everybody, I wanted to set up a 20 gallon long with Multi's. I wanted to try and add some big rock structures as like an aquascape. Is this ok for the multi's? I've seen a lot of multi set ups and they usually don't have rocks. Just want to see if I can, also, if I can't, why not?
  5. I'll be featuring this in my new 29 gallon tank. It's about 10x7x2.5. I'm thinking of putting Anubias Nana Petite on the top.
  6. @Cory I hope it's okay to share this. Lowes sells rocks. You have to search for Garden Rocks.
  7. Soooo what's the deal with using river water/rocks, driftwood, debris, silt, media for cycling??...I live on a nice river here in northern California.. Full of trout and a type of bluegill, also two fatty salmon runs a year and huge steelies! The water is good and clean. Been drinking it 30years..I waz at the river, fishing and waiting on my new 20gallon to cycle (done the normal way)and got to thinking...anyway I'm new so any info would be great stay healthy. Cw
  8. What are the best rock or stone to put in a lightly planted tank with some plecos,platys, guppies and Cory's that will not affect the ph.
  9. I love big rock decorations in my tanks. They get brown and green growth all over. Should I be taking out rocks to clean them? If so, how often and with what do I clean them? Thanks.
  10. Hey All, thanks in advance for advice/help. Pretty new to all this. I am curious what to do to store bought aquarium rocks before adding to my tank. I believe they are slate rocks and I have about 10lbs I'm going to arrange in a cave mountain. Just rinse in freshwater? Vinegar rinse? Boil? Or not worry about it? I can't get a good definitive answer looking online or in the Co-op videos. My tank... About a year old 45 gallon with substrate base and live plants. Large variety of about 20 fish in the tank.
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